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Nightmare Fuel / The House in Fata Morgana

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The House in Fata Morgana

  • Michel's existence after he dies and his earthly body is destroyed. His soul wanders around aimlessly, never at rest, for nearly a thousand years before he finds his way back to the mansion.
  • When opening the door to Morgana's past, Michel is forced to see everything that happened to her through her eyes and experience all the same pain she did.
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  • Aimee's six-month torture of Michel. Too weak to fight back, he has to resort to degrading himself just to survive. Also the fact that he goes without water for nearly a week, with no one realizing he's almost dead until it's nearly too late.
  • Nellie's insane grin (and oddly carefree behavior) after she cuts off the White-Haired Girl's hair in a fit of rage and wears it as a wig.
  • Most of the BGM from Yukimasa's chapter. There's just something... off about most of the music.
  • Morgana's fate when she was alive - even more horrifying if you are squeamish. And in Requiem for Innocence, you get to see exactly the kinds of wounds the nobles inflicted on her.
    • You get a good look at her state just before death a couple of times in the original visual novel too, rotting face, dead-eyed stare and all. By the time Michel convinces Jacopo to free her, her mind has also completely fractured, and they find her pretty much rotting while alive and having a conversation with herself.
  • The very thought of living alone for years (Michel), or in Giselle's case centuries, with nothing but a disembodied young girl's voice to keep you company, and said girl never stops talking. It's a wonder that Giselle managed to stay sane as long as she did.

A Requiem for Innocence

  • Jacopo's description of Morgana's wounds:
    Jacopo: Some wounds were older, and had already scabbed over; some were swollen, bright red protrusions on her pale skin; some were oozing pus; and others were so fresh they were still bleeding.
  • Barnier forcing Morgana to eat another slave's brother.
  • Barnier's decapitated head appearing in Jacopo's nightmares to taunt him.
  • Maria's fate, shown in rather graphic detail. And despite her best efforts, her next incarnation also suffers for the sins of others.

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