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  • Pretty much any time the main character describes Mitsuhide:
    (Oh look, a snake got in.)
    (Mitsuhide's a monster. Some kind of supernatural being that feeds off of trolling people.)
    I described Mitsuhide to the innkeeper — 'pretty much the shadiest guy you'll ever meet' — and she pointed me toward his room.
    (You mean the guy with the front page entry on the wiki for Historical Japanese Coup D'etats is involved? Quelle surprise!)
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  • Pretty much any time Sasuke confuses the Sengoku-era people around him with modern-day lingo:
    Sasuke: I also recommend acquiring some chill. Finally, if you make her cry, I'm calling off our friendship.
    Yukimura: You're what? Also, what's 'chill'?

    Kenshin: Care to test that? I have an ache deep inside me, dragon, hungering for our rematch, longing to thrust my sword through your--
    Sasuke: Lord Kenshin, TMI! Besides, we're wasting time when we have a mission.
    Kenshin: Sasuke, why do you keep using these strange words? Move.
  • Pretty much any time Sasuke and the MC meme with each other, especially on his route.
    Sasuke: Friends don't let friends go without ground spikes.
    MC: Sasuke, stop trying to make ground spikes happen. It's not going to happen.
    Sasuke: Gasp. Ground spikes are not dead! Ground spikes are life.
    MC: ...I think we need to stop before we get much more obscure!
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  • Pretty much any time Ieyasu and Mitsunari interact, with Ieyasu coming up with a creative insult about Mitsunari only for said insult to bounce right off Mitsunari's snark-proof hide.
    Mitsunari: Lord Ieyasu and I often share recommendations as fellow book lovers.
    Ieyasu: Don't put me and you and love in the same sentence. I'd rather share a hobby with the book moths.
    Mitsunari: I find them vexing myself. You have an endless capacity for kindness to befriend them, Lord Ieyasu!
  • Masamune deciding to troll the MC a little bit when she asks him how he lost his eye:
    Masamune: My eye? I ate it.
    MC: WHAT?!
    Masamune: I woke up one morning feeling hungry, wondering how it would taste. Your eyes look pretty tasty too, come to think of it.
    MC: You can’t have my eyes!!
    Masamune licked his lips, and I was both terrified and a little turned on.
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  • Mitsuhide replacing Masamune's water with sake, causing Masamune to become falling-down drunk after a single sip and mistake the MC for a pillow. It becomes even funnier when you reread the scene from his perspective, where he starts calling Mitsuhide "Tricky Pillow" and the MC "Cute Pillow" and then "Pretty Futon" in his head after getting drunk.
  • In Ieyasu's route, all the other Oda warlords figure out at the same time that Ieyasu has a crush on the MC...except for Mitsunari, who just expresses bewilderment at why everyone else is giving Ieyasu knowing smiles.
  • The MC trying to explain Christmas to Yukimura in an event story:
    MC: You know, in the future we have this really great holiday in winter called Christmas.
  • This exchange from Hideyoshi's route:
    Ieyasu: Some of us are trying to drink tea in peace.
    Hideyoshi: We could put this matter to rest if you'd back me up against Masamune.
    Ieyasu: ...Swwy my mouf if swuddenwy fwul of hweet bunws.
  • Also from Hideyoshi's route, the MC unthinkingly patting Hideyoshi's head during their UST phase while he's dozing because he's done it to her so many times before. Her internal dialogue absolutely makes the scene:
    (What do I do next?! How do you gracefully withdraw from a head pat? Too sudden and it looks like you have a phobia. Too slow, and you're forward. I need a plan of escape!)
    (Idiot hand! I already told you, he's not into us — I mean me! What does Hideyoshi think of me now? I'd rather be in the sister-zone than be Grabby Hands Spaz Girl.)
  • This wonderful exchange between Kenshin and Ieyasu from the latter's B-Day Fest story event:
    Kenshin: Happy birthday. I brought you a gift. It's death.
    Ieyasu: Wow, thanks. And I thought I already had everything. But your death is a pretty nice surprise. I'll take it.
  • A lot of scenes in Hideyoshi's B-Day Fest story event qualify, but special mention goes to Nobunaga giving the MC an impromptu piggyback ride through the crowds gathered to greet Hideyoshi.
    By "get on," Nobunaga meant his shoulders. I was lifted in the air before I had time to evaluate the wisdom of this strategy.
    MC: (If Sasuke was jealous of me riding with Nobunaga, wait till he hears I rode on him! Wait, that sounds so wrong--)
  • Yukimura's conviction in Shingen's route that the MC is a "vile enchantress" who put Nobunaga under her spell and might do the same to him and his friends.
  • Sasuke teaching Shingen how to fist-pump in the latter's Dramatic route. Made even funnier by his face remaining completely emotionless the entire time he's doing this:
    Sasuke formed his hand into a fist and swiftly brought his elbow toward his chest, all while remaining expressionless.
    Sasuke: You may wish to shout 'yeah' when doing it. But draw the word out when you do. Like this — "yeeeahhhh."
    Shingen: ...Yeee-ahhh...?
    I watched with a mix of amusement and horror as Shingen began confusedly miming Sasuke's instructions.
    (Sasuke, if you turn Shingen from a warlord into a meme-lord, Yukimura will never forgive you!)
  • In the first chapter of Mitsunari's route, Mitsunari is so absorbed in reading that he mistakes the MC for his pet cat and begins petting and stroking her — and the MC, much to her mortification, realizes that she's actually kinda into this treatment.
    Mitsunari: Who's being a bad kitty?
    MC: ...I am? No, wait! I didn't mean to say that!
  • Hideyoshi and Ieyasu's poorly-disguised attempt to leave the MC and Mitsunari alone together on the latter's route:
    Hideyoshi: Ieyasu? What was that thing I forgot in your tent? You know.
    Ieyasu: Your thing—? Right. Your really important thing.
    (Hideyoshi's really important thing? ...Nobunaga?)
    Mitsunari: It's unusual for you to forget anything, Lord Hideyoshi.
    Hideyoshi: Silly old me! It's so important, too! Ieyasu, do you mind if I go get it, RIGHT now?
  • The entirety of Sasuke's "Sengoku Lecture" lab series in his own route, culminating in him roping the MC into chasing Ieyasu through town with an inkstone and paper just to browbeat him into giving Sasuke his autograph.
  • Sasuke's absolutely terrible impersonation of the MC:
    Sasuke: Ahem. 'Oooh, I would just LOVE to have a delicious chestnut dumpling today, buuut I missed out on that mugwort last time!' ...I will be the first to admit, I have an inside agent looking for me in the form of your growling stomach.
    MC: (thinking) ...Oh, no. Oh, Sasuke...that wasn't supposed to be an impersonation of me, was it? It was...not good.
    It was, in fact, the worst impersonation I'd ever heard. And I started laughing.
  • While the circumstances surrounding it are far from funny, the scene in Sasuke's route where Mitsuhide discovers that the "Sasuke" he shot was actually a Ninja Log with glasses drawn on it is nigh-impossible to not have a good chuckle at.
  • The MC's absolutely twitterpated reaction to seeing Sasuke for the first time in two weeks in his route:
    MC: I'm sorry! I'm too busy bringing these beefcakes... ERR, rice cakes in.
    MC: (thinking) I mean, he was always cool. And heroic. And funny. And he's just the best! The Sengoku — no, the planet — doesn't deserve him. Look at those eyes! Look! And his nose. Even his nose is attractive! Also, if pianist hands and surgeons' hands had a baby— Have I mentioned he's super built?! I mean, I knew he could lift, but Sasuke actually LIFTS! ...Oh no. I've lost it. I've lost it for Sasuke...
  • Mitsuhide's comment on how woefully little the MC knows about Japanese history at first:
    Mitsuhide: For the record, 'Nobie' is not Nobunaga's childhood name. Though congratulations on making me want to cry with laughter.
  • On Mitsuhide's route, after Mitsuhide's Fake Defector status is revealed, Hideyoshi ties their hands together with rope to prevent Mitsuhide from running away, all while acting like even more of a worried mother hen than usual the whole time.
  • The Bait-and-Switch in the MC's narration at the start of Mitsuhide's Romantic route:
    Following the "New" Honno-ji Incident, Mitsuhide and I tracked down Yoshiaki Ashikaga, defeated him, and returned to Azuchi.

    ...Just kidding. Man, I WISH it was that easy.
  • The Sekigahara Paradox sidestory has Sasuke spilling the beans about him and the MC being from the future. The only thing the MC has to prove it is her 'History's Hottest Warlords' guidebook from the prologue, which leads to rather judgey reactions from most of the gathered men.
    MC: (All eyes are on me. Wow, now I know how it feels to have your family find your secret stash under your bed...)
    • It also mentions that Mitsuhide is number one on the Sexiest Warlords list. The sidebar includes the phrase "Espionage? More like Sexspionage!" and Nobunaga is not amused at placing second.
    • Hideyoshi tries to throw Motonari out and Motonari cheerfully prepares to take his sugar with him. Nobunaga is horrified.

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