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Heartwarming / The House in Fata Morgana

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Michel and Giselle's year spent together, where he gradually opens up and even learns to love another human.
  • The White-Haired Girl's time with Bestia, leading him to realize even briefly that he was not a beast by nature but a human man.
  • Morgana and Maria's relationship during Morgana's time. During the backstage portion, Maria even forgives Morgana for how things turned out and doesn't hold a grudge against her, saying she enjoyed the time they spent together at the brothel.
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  • The fact that both Georges and Didier were so consumed with guilt for what they had done to Michel that their souls found their way back to the mansion, despite not being summoned there by Morgana.
  • Michel discovering Morgana's remains and spending hours, even days with them and realizing that as bad as his life has been, someone has had it worse than him. Though it becomes less heartwarming when it's revealed she was using Michel for her own means, she genuinely was grateful to him.
    Morgana: You were the only one to ever have pity for me...and I shall be the only one to have compassion for you. You were the only one to stay at my side...and I shall do the same for you.
  • Maria and Jacopo's friendship in both time periods. It becomes a Tearjerker once you remember what is destined to happen to them in 1869, however.
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  • It's a bit lost on Georges and Morgana, but the crude drawing Michel scribbles on the painting at the end seems to depict himself, his brothers, the stray cat they took in for a time... and a fourth figure, shorter, feminine, with bangs or pigtails, that calls to mind Morgana herself.
  • At the end of the backstage portion unlocked at the end of the game, Michel, Giselle, and Morgana pose for a group picture to send the player off. It's rather sweet, especially to see Michel with a genuine smile.


A Requiem For Innocence

  • Barnier, of all people, gets a couple. He tells Ceren not to pretend to feel emotions she doesn't have and simply be herself; and when he talks with her, it's the only time his sprite isn't seen with his signature crazy, wide-open eyes. He also goes out of his way to protect Ceren during the revolution and admits he was a fool and a tyrant, and that he knew his days were numbered.
  • Mell and Morgana's expanded backstory on their friendship. Unfortunately, the reader knows it is doomed not to last.
  • Imeon correctly predicting that someone would appear to Michel soon to lead him out of his darkness, a task she wanted to do if she was not dying.
  • Michel remembering his promise to seek out Morgana in the present day and become her friend, a task he puts an even higher importance on than finding his brothers. And she makes an unseen cameo at the very end of the last sub-episode, as one of Michel and Giselle's new tenants.
  • At the end of the backstage portion, Jacopo, Maria, Morgana, Ceren, and Gratien all pose for a picture. It's quite heartwarming to see even Morgana smiling this time, unlike at the end of the backstage portion of the original game.
  • The final sub-episodenote , "Fragment", has Morgana accompanying Jacopo's soul to the afterlife. It's nice to see that after all the crap they've been through, she comes to see him off and allows him to pass on peacefully.

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