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Fridge / The House in Fata Morgana

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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Bestia's "speech" is originally shown as all Xs when he talks, supposedly in some bestial language or gibberish, but it is in fact him speaking his native tongue (Japanese), which very few peoplenote  would have known in 18th century Europe. As he learns (or remembers) more of the local language, the Xs are replaced with comprehensible text.
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  • Yukimasa's sprite is briefly shown before Bestia's when he murders the merchant, giving the impression he is the murdered merchant. This in fact a Red Herring showing that Yukimasa remembers who he is when he meets another human, however he quickly reverts back to the "beast".
  • During Door 4, the backlog gets screwed up, showing obscured names, conversations that didn't happen between the characters, and large patches of censored dialogue. This is to show that this particular story was a fabrication.
  • In a moment of Foreshadowing from Door 2, when the White-Haired Girl says her name and it is censored, the censored name has eight Xs, i.e. Michelle, while in the very next line The Maid (Giselle) refers to her as a censored name with six Xs, i.e. Michel. However, by Door 3 both the WHG and The Maid refer to the WHG as Michelle (with 8 Xs), indicating that Giselle had lost her mind by this point and accepted Morgana's gaslighting that her memories were those of the WHG's.
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  • At the start of the third story, the hitherto neutral Maid tells you that she has a particular loathing for the mansion's master in this era. This is a peculiar sentiment in the end, as while a deeply flawed man, he makes a genuine turn for the better and is portrayed more sympathetically than the monstrous Yukimasa or the treacherous Rhodes family patriarch. Where might this Irrational Hatred stem from? He's married to whom the Maid presumes to be her Eternal Love, "Michelle," and the latter's third supposed failure to recover her memories causes the Maid to finally abandon any hope that she ever will.

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