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  • A certain rather hammy moment occurs at the beginning of Sonic's story during its opening, and stands out from the rest if only for this one line:
    Sonic: Watch out! You're gonna crash! AH!
  • When Eggman transforms his airship to make it more difficult to get to the bridge:
    Tails: Wow! It just transformed! Did you see that?
    Sonic: [Gives Tails the biggest Captain Obvious look ever] Now how do we get to the bridge?
    Tails: I hate it when he doesn't listen.
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  • Gamma's reaction after seeing the horror of his brother being torn apart and rebuilt into a new body.
  • Right before landing or rather, crash-landing on the Egg Carrier:
    Tails: Alrighty! We're in!
    Sonic: We gotta land on the Egg Carrier.
    Sonic: What's that?
    Sonic: WHAT?!
    • The scene becomes even funnier if you have the voice acting set to Japanese.
  • After clearing Final Egg with Amy:
    Amy: [upon evading Zero after Final Egg] Whew! That was a close one! [face slowly forms the most miserable and horrified expression possible before abruptly snapping back to stoic]
  • When Big the Cat leaves the sewer via elevator, the doors would close on his tail, prompting him to go "Ow".
  • When Gamma is transported to the past in a vision, it is unable to determine its location, and states "This presents a problem." It's the delivery of the line that makes it funny.
    • Similarly, Gamma demanding Amy that she "give him the bird." Of course, he means the bird she is carrying, but "the bird" is American slang for a very obscene gesture, which makes this scene look hilarious when looked in this context.
  • Everyone's faces in general when speaking. It seems Sonic Team wasn't too good at rigging. Slightly justified by how inexperienced most 3D animation artists were at the time and the lack of decent tools, but it's much more hilarious to someone playing today than back then.
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  • Eggman's tantrum after he thinks his robots failed to get Froggy:
    Eggman: AAAAAARGH! DummiesDummiesDummiesDummies DUMMIES! None of you got the right one!
  • During Gamma's story, go walk around Station Square and talk to people. Really, the funniest part of this is just how few people seem to notice that you're anything unusual and will just launch into talking to you about their mundane problems and stuff. There are a few who notice, of course, and they may or may not be afraid, thinking you anything from a government enforcer to an eccentric rich man's servant robot to a costume (okay, that one's in Mystic Ruins) to knowing who your master is or was.
  • Believe it or not, the fastest way to clear Amy's action stages is to have her hop like a bunny the whole way!
  • Amy and Sonic are attacked by Zero, and just as Sonic prepares to battle the robot, Amy's sudden cry distracts him. His reaction says it all.
    Amy: Woah!
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  • A little bit of Hilarious in Hindsight occurs in Gamma's story. When he gets transported to the past, Tikal tells him that the Chao are being protected by Chaos, describing him as a very "gentle and loving creature." Fast-forward to the end of the game, where Perfect Chaos is destroying everything in his path, potentially murdering thousands of innocent people. Gentle and loving indeed.
  • Big the Cat's appearance in Tails' storyline is very random — charging towards Tails like he is going to run him over, only to trip and fall down. Froggy, who is being held by Tails, hops away and Big runs after him. Tails views the experience as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Big the Cat's boss battle with Chaos 6 is hilariously anticlimactic, especially after all the hell that fishing for Froggy has been before. He can pull Froggy out in an instant.
  • At one point in Amy's Hot Shelter, you go into a restroom. With multiple stalls. Apparently, even Eggman's all-robot henchmen crew needs to use the facilities too. Or maybe Eggman has such bad luck with toilets that he had multiple stalls set up just in case.
  • Selecting Super Sonic on the character selection screen simply displays a floating question mark, and instead of an introductory quote (E.G "Let's get 'em!" from Sonic) you simply hear Sonic say "HMM!". It sounds like Sonic's VA is mid-eating when saying the line.
  • At the end of Big's story, he uses the Tornado 2 to escape the crashing Egg Carrier in a quick cutscene. However, if one looks closely, he's, well, too big to completely fit in the cockpit. He's awkwardly hanging onto the plane, presumably sticking his arms into it to steer, while trying to keep Froggy from accidentally leaping out mid flight.
  • When you leave Casinopolis as Knuckles, you'll discover Sonic and Tails just sleeping it off right next to you from their own encounter with Eggman.
  • At the end of the first Tails Tornado sub-mission, the Tornado is blasted and they fall out of the sky. Sonic's reaction sound more like a extreme sports fan who loves danger ("YEAH! WHOA!") than of someone concerned for his and Tails's safety.
    • If you fail the second sub-mission, Tails will scream "Not again!" as the plane falls.
  • Sonic becomes rather hammy if he falls down a stage under normal circumstancesnote  as he yells out a rather silly "NOOGH!"

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