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This game and all Sonic games after it (minus Sonic Mania) takes place in an Alternate Continuity.

  • Partially jossed with Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Generations, which either imply or outright state that the Classic and Adventure games are in the same general canon. Although this could be a red herring on the part of the storywriters.

The E-100 Series use technology developed by NERV

  • Specifically, the EVA units and E-100 Series both utilize the same tethered power supply and three-minute battery backup. Eggman's improved on the design by allowing the E-100 models to replenish their power supplies and even overcharge it by using the power supplies in his other creations. Gamma restoring its energy reserved by destroying Eggman's machines wasn't a mistake, its entire series was built from the ground up to do that.

Big the Cat was originally planned to visit Lost World, possibly as his first stage.

  • Big's initial cutscene shows him at his hut in the Mystic Ruins, which is practically right next to Lost World, and that temple is exactly the type of place you could imagine Froggy running off to. Also, after this cutscene, you find yourself in Station Square, not the Mystic Ruins where you'd expect, almost as if the developers cut out a section of the story there.

  • What design feature do all of Big's levels have in common? Water, obviously. In fact, he goes to every Action Stage with water...except Lost World, that is.note  Lost World has a room that's filled with water, and it's huge. Obvious place for Big to fish for Froggy.

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  • Have you ever noticed every Action Stage is visited by exactly three characters? Well, except for one that is. Which one? Yep, you guessed it.

Cream became friends with Tikal.
They both are closely related to Chao. And when Cream appears in DX, she's usually dropping off a key to a part of the Mystic Ruins. Maybe Tikal helped her find the keys.

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