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  • In the minigame Sonicola, Eggman shakes a can of soda and leaves it in a vending machine. If none of the players pick the can he shook, the minigame ends with a scene of Eggman seething at his failure. Kung-Fu Jesus put it best when he and his fellow goons got this outcome:
    "Oh my God, we foiled Eggman's stupid plot!"
  • One Mini-Event has your character coming across a strange structure in the desert... which falls on top of them.
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  • One Mini-Event involves a slot machine... which can randomly explode.
  • This line as Sonic and the others arrive in Maginaryworld.
    Amy: Forget about Sonic! Just look at my clothes!
  • Some of Lumina and Void's angsting is pretty over-the-top, which makes it unintentionally funny.
    • And from that particular scene, the weird black light that surrounds Void as he turns into his One-Winged Angel form comes out of his crotch. A literal Groin Attack, if you will!
  • Some of the mutual-failure conditions in certain mini-games can invoke this. In Egg In Space, for example, if none of the players find the switch to Eggman's rocket, Eggman will escape from his prison while mocking you, leaving the entire group beside themselves.
  • Gamma's board victory quote is "Frog capture complete!"
  • Playing as Super Sonic can get hilarious really fast when you realize that for all of the unstoppable power and arrogance he's shown before, he's still just as susceptible to the slapstick hijinks as everyone else.
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  • If the number the AI chooses is larger than the number of spaces it takes to reach the Precioustone, they will turn around and go the opposite way no matter what.
  • On Hard Mode, the AI will often go to where the Precioustone will appear next rather than where it currently is. This makes them easier to deal with than on Easy Mode, where they go straight for the Precioustone that's out on the field.
  • One Mini-Event has you tossing rings into a lake to get a reward. Sometimes you get nothing.
  • The Mini-Event involving a huge door will have your character crash into it at top speed in an attempt to open it. This fails, and the game shrugs it off and moves on.
  • The game's way of showing you who placed where when a map is completed: The player in 4th's character simply ignores the spring launching the other players forward and decides to jump the gap, leading to their character falling into the SUN. The player in 3rd is not given a boost pad and simply slams into a metal bar, and usually the player in 2nd simply isn't as fast the player who won in 1st and is left behind. On a rare occasion however, the supposed player in 1st trips over, and the player that was supposedly in 2nd runs over their body and into the light, where their body is stretched bizarrely as they slowly disappear whilst giving their victory quote.
    • Additionally, there are a few rare variants on some of the scenes to help mix things up and keep players on their toes. For example, the spring section may sometimes bait-and-switch the players by having the character who jumps only barely make it across by the skin of their teeth while the true fourth place character plummets out of the sky from what one can only assume was a misfired spring. Additionally, the final section may involve the second place character clinging onto the first place character's legs as they shuffle on in Visible Silence.
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  • One of Gamma's pictures is of him drinking cola in Sonicola, with the caption "Gamma's Impossible Mission!"
  • One of Amy's photos is of her mid-flip, with her panties in full view. The caption says "Amy shows off her Hammer Jump! (Hey! Stop taking pictures!)"
  • If one of the players lands on the red ring spaces enough times, Eggman decides to make the red ring spaces bigger. He instead accidentally makes the red ring spaces smaller and the blue ring spaces bigger.
    Lumina: Hey! Eggman made a mistake! You'll be receiving more rings when you land on ring spaces.
  • One of the Forcejewels is the Carbuncle, a disguised fairy that eats the other Forcejewels in the inventory of the player who possesses it. Once there are no other Forcejewels left, it resorts to eating itself, hence the message that says "The Carbuncle ate itself."
  • Any time Tails lets out an exuberant "Yee-haw!" in the "Bomb Relay" Mini-Game.
  • If the result of a Mini-Event is moving somewhere on the game board (such as petting a Winged Unicorn), the character who triggered it will be dragged flailing to the center of the screen.


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