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Bert Convy: We have "Unexpected", "Spontaneous", "Laughter", "Joke", and "Moment" on the board. I never thought you'd get that last word with one clue. How funny is that? What do you think the puzzle—(all sound effects play simultaneously) Oh no. (Face Palm) I did it again, didn't I? What was the answer?
("Super Password" cover slides away to reveal "Funny")
Bert: "Funny"? Okay, fine, give me that tape! (stagehand throws a roll of tape at him)

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    All Versions 
  • Any time a password is accidentally blurted out as a clue.
    • Unless it happens in Super Password's Ca$hword or end game, in which case the contestant misses out on the jackpot.
    • On two occasions, a clue-giver said the password of "Cigar": once on the Plus premiere and another time on Super.
  • Every time the word "Orgy" shows up in Alphabetics or Super Password's end game.

    Password CBS (1961-67) 
  • May 29, 1962 (nighttime): Jack Benny gives the first clue for the word "Miser" - "Me!"
  • March 10, 1963 (nighttime): During the intro, Bill Cullen introduces himself and says that "we're all here to pass Playword". Announcer Jack Clark laughs at Bill's gaffe, then introduces the show as Playword himself.
  • March 26, 1964 (nighttime): The password was "Comic", so comedian Alan King says "Me!", however, the contestant says "Ham". Cue Alan King dying of laughter.
    Allen Ludden: Stop the clock!
  • November 23, 1966: During one episode, Frank Gorshin (who played the Riddler in Batman (1966)) got "Bat" as his final word in the Lightning Round. "Curses!"
  • 1967: A female contestant gives the clue "Secretary" for her male celebrity partner, and he correctly guesses the password of "Lap".
  • 1967: Peter Lawford is giving clues in the Lightning Round when a lightbulb audibly (and loudly) breaks. He promptly stops his train of thought to comment, which brings the round to a screeching halt...
    Peter: Dr. Reason A. Goodwin just shot himself!

    Password ABC (1971-75) 
  • December 1, 1972: The Odd Couple episode where Felix and Oscar play Password.

    Password Plus (1979-82) 
  • On the first episode, Allen asks a contestant, "Would you like to do it?" before clarifying, "I mean play Password, that is!"
    • Later on, that same contestant curses after accidentally blurting out a password.
  • Just after winning $5,000 in Alphabetics, one champion tripped in the "hole" in the middle of the set (a small pit behind Allen's podium to make him not appear as tall) as she was walking to her seat. Allen even points out the purpose of said hole when she recovers.
  • Offering her guess to a Password Puzzle, a contestant asked "What are gymnastics?", causing Allen to quip "This is not Jeopardy!" He then turned to the board and asked, "Is it Jeopardy!?... oh, no, is it 'gymnastics?'"
  • July 1980: In a week featuring Marcia Wallace and Richard Paul, the first two clues for one puzzle were "Flying" and "Disney". Then Marcia and Richard got a look at the third word... "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".note  When displayed at the bottom of the screen, despite being rendered in tiny font, it still went on for a line and a half.
    Allen Ludden: Marcia, pass or play?
    Marcia Wallace: I never liked any of you. [smirks at the camera] I want you to know that at this time, I never liked you, Bobby Sherman, [turns to Allen] I never liked you, Allen, I don't even like Betty White! [audience laughter] I don't like the audience... [to her civilian partner] And I'm not nuts about you either!
  • December 23, 1980: In one round, Tom Kennedy couldn't stop laughing after Dick Martin's reaction to giving "French" as a clue for "France". It took nearly five minutes for everyone to get back on track. Betty White even got in on the humor by quipping that Allen Ludden (her then-husband, who was ill at the time) should trust that his show was in good hands.
  • February 1981: Kennedy reveals a password too early, prompting Gene Rayburn to "take over" as host of the show. After Kennedy explains what happened, he tells Gene "Sometime I'll come over and destroy your show for you, too!" Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when he actually does appear on Match Game as a panelist later that year.
  • 1981: The password is "Chrysler". The celebrity gives the clue "Iacocca", but the contestant mishears it as "Ayatollah" and guesses "Khomeini".

    Super Password (1984-89) 
  • December 13, 1984: In one episode with Vicki Lawrence, the other team gets the clue "Chewy". However, the stagehands accidentally pull all the clues out, revealing the puzzle answer. When the contestant tries to guess it, the stagehands have yanked the words away, revealing nothing but blank spots. Cue a brief freak-out from Dick Gautier: "There's a guy up there!"
  • December 14, 1984: Vicki Lawrence had two good ones.
    • The password is "Tramp". Vicki turns to her (female) contestant, has a somewhat mean look on her face, and gives "Slut" as a clue...and apparently didn't realize it immediately.
    • The password is "Erect". Vicki says something that's censored out, just looks to the ground, embarrassed, and the contestant gets it. Bert says "What do you think the puzzle is? And watch it!"
  • January 14, 1985: Elaine Joyce and Tom Poston make a grand entrance through a stuck door.
  • Week of May 6, 1985: Richard Kline is faced with the word "Prune" in the End Game. He gives the clues "Irregularity" and "Constipation" and is forced to pass when the contestant doesn't get it. After the round ends...
    Richard: Did you know there's a prune festival in Michigan that's followed by the world's shortest parade?
  • A Thanksgiving week 1985 episode had Nipsey Russell in the end game trying to communicate the word "desert " to his contestant partner. His clue: "Gobi." The contestant's response: "Dillis." Bert had lost it at that point, and on top of which, the contestant won.
  • September 9, 1985: In an episode where Pat Sajak was a celebrity guest, they played the Wheel of Fortune puzzle reveal cue when the first password was shown. Cue Pat staring for a few seconds and then quipping that something sounded familiar.
  • August 25, 1986: Bert accidentally destroys the Magic Toaster. This was also an early example of the Running Gag of throwing a roll of tape at Bert if someone feared that he was about to blurt out the puzzle.
    • In the same round, the word "Pop" is given as a password, and a contestant uses the clue "Weasel". The way she says the word is rather funny.
  • The password is "Whip". Someone gives the password of "Buuuuuuuullll...". White immediately thought the word "Shit" - Bert immediately realized what she was thinking and interdicted, begging her not to say what was on her mind for several seconds (she relented and said "frog".)
  • In general, almost any time Bert accidentally gave away the puzzle answer. This incident (week of March 9-13, 1987), where Bert accidentally gave the answer when suggesting a clue for the word "Flush", is perhaps one of his best:
    Bert: But "royal flush" is a perfect clue for that word! That should not be the answer to the puzzle! I protest!
    (audience applauds)
    Bert: What did you want them to do? Go for "Toilet" for "Flush"? I mean, come on! You couldn't give a classy clue.
    Gene Wood: (muffled, off-screen) You just gave away the second puzzle!
    • Even better, just after Bert gives away the puzzle, the person in charge of the sound effects plays all of them in quick succession as if to tell Bert, "What's the matter with you?"
  • July 7, 1987: Marcia Wallace says "Gas" as a clue for "Fuel" in the End Game. The contestant then gives a guess that has to be censored. They wind up winning the End Game with one second left on the clock.
  • January 21, 1988: On an episode with Rip Taylor and Patty Duke, the password was "Testimony", to which Taylor gave the rather unhelpful clue "Episcopalian". After his partner failed to guess what the password was, Bert nearly gave it away himself but was stopped at the last second by one of the production team. Then, to cap things off, Patty blurted out "Testimony" to her partner when taking her turn, which caused Taylor to hit the Berserk Button, remove his toupee, and thrust it on the desk. Bert seized it and put it on his chest.
    Bert: I've always wanted hair on my chest!
  • March 24, 1989: The Super finale featured Betty White playing what would end up being the last Cashword. Upon failing to get the word ("Shrewd"), Betty tore up the check slotted inside and threw the Magic Toaster II out onto the floor, nearly hitting a camera. Bert, apparently sensing that the show wouldn't have time to play the game again, handed the (mostly undamaged) Toaster back to her — and she proceeded to throw it again to the floor, breaking it into several pieces, to the applause of the audience (and the Mother Mackenzie machine).
  • The Password is "eats". Phyllis Diller gives the clue "Masticates", to which a contestant guesses, "Fornicates".
  • After a bonus round featuring Pat Harringon, a round in which he and his partner managed to score six words out of ten:
    Bert: You did fine. What happened—the one you came a crapper on, uh, cropper on...
    (everyone in the studio starts laughing)
    Pat: Gee, I didn't think it was that bad!
  • Unknown date: The Ca$hword was played. The first clue was 'Chinese'. The contestant didn't get it. On to the second clue...'Religious'. Again, the contestant didn't get it. Third clue...'House'. The contestant was totally stumped. Bert immediately chimed in, "Don't say anything! I have the perfect clue!", and then said "Aaaaaabe...", and the contestant responded, "Oh, PAGODA!", as the audience roared with laughter.

    Million-Dollar Password (2008-09) 
  • (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)