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The password is "awesome". (ding)

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    All Versions 
  • Basically any time someone guesses the Password (and/or the Password Puzzle on the NBC versions) with just one clue.
  • Any contestant on Plus or Super who retired undefeated.

  • Any Lightning Round that is completed in a ridiculously short time. The unconfirmed record is ten seconds.

    Password ABC 
  • Any player who wins the max in the Lightning Round, then successfully doubles it on the Betting Word.

    Password Plus 
  • Contestant Terri Edler winning $53,800, including an Alphabetics that reached $35,000 only once.

    Super Password 
  • Contestant Natalie Steele setting the franchise record of $106,000; a record that was never broken.
  • Jim Bontempo winning $76,000, including a $45,000 end game and a record $12,000 Cashword.
  • One team twice solved the Password Puzzle with one clue on the board, consecutively.
  • This bonus round with perpetually energetic and often bombastic exercise guru Richard Simmons playing for $40,000. After he and his partner win the jackpot, rather than scream in excitement, Richard silently weeps in joy as they both hug each other. This marks what may well be the Password franchise's greatest Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

    Password NBC 
  • Any player who wins the bonus round in one go, which is hard to do because the player has only 30 seconds.