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"He must have looked like the creepiest receptionist in town", indeed.

Visual Novel


General/Common Route

  • The way Asato's sprite slowly slides out from the screen while he asks Konoe if he's hungry.
  • The Running Gag where whenever Asato shows his affection towards Konoe, either Rai, Bardo, or the demons compare Konoe to an animal trainer and Asato to a well-trained slave/pet, which always ends with Konoe telling them to cut it out, or Asato showing murderous intent.
  • Every time Verg and Kaltz bicker. More specifically, every time Verg picks on Kaltz, with Kaltz getting ticked off.
  • Rai pointing out to Konoe about him having No Sense of Direction, followed by the devils' and Asato's reactions to this.
    • It comes to a full circle in Bardo's route when Bardo also figures it out, much to Konoe's irritation.
  • When Bardo is reluctant to tell Konoe how to sneak into the library, Verg loses his patience and threatens to electrocute Bardo, leading to Kaltz and Froud scolding him since they were supposed to appear as cats in costumes. It Makes Sense in Context, but said context is lost on Bardo, who asks them if they're street-performing cats. Everyone's reaction to his assumption is nothing short of priceless.
  • In both Bardo and Rai's routes: during dinner, Rai suddenly acts all huffy and hastily returns to his room... because he burned his tongue from drinking soup. Froud and Verg weren't helping by poking fun at him, and even though Kaltz meant well by offering ice, it's clear that Rai's pride was heavily wounded, especially since he's the only cat in the room who can't eat hot food.

Asato's Route

Rai's Route

  • Konoe attempting to pounce on a tail plant (a long, fuzzy plant) after his instincts got tickled, ending in one big Epic Fail.
  • When the entire gang discusses about Leaks and the two songs connected to the premonition of The End of the World as We Know It, there is this little gem.
    Konoe: They yearn for each other and cry... What does that mean?
    Verg: That the moons cry? Like, waahhh!
    Froud: Ahahaha, you really are a dunce.
    Verg: The hell?!

Bardo's Route

  • The Flat "What" Konoe makes in the beginning of Bardo's route when Bardo jokingly asks if he's interested in him.
  • When Bardo asks Konoe to write a sign for him, Konoe is worried if he'll do a good job, but Bardo assures him that it'll be fine. He writes the needed words, and when he shows it to Bardo, Bardo painstakingly tries to compliment his efforts, before eventually resigning and saying that it's really bad.
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  • Bardo and Konoe sharing what was an emotional moment... which ended with Konoe throwing a book at Bardo and storming out the room because Bardo can't refrain from teasing Konoe.
  • While the scene is emotional, it's a little funny to hear Konoe telling Bardo that he hates him in such a pouty manner, when it's obvious what he actually meant. At least Bardo knows that and is only amused by his answer.
  • Konoe finding out at the end of Bardo's route that his real name is actually Cheryl.

Drama CDs

  • There's a track where Rai is awfully quiet and unwilling to speak with anybody. When Konoe tries to talk to him, he only gets the cold shoulder. When he snaps at Rai and tries to leave, Rai suddenly snaps right back and reveals that he was suffering from a sore throat, which is why he refrained from talking. Awkward...
  • The non-canon Love Love Lamento Gakuen drama CD is hilarity galore:
    • Kaltz, Shui and Bardo initially brag about their sons' (or son of a friend on Bardo's part) skills and good traits, but it soon turns into a heated battle about which one is the best, right before Leaks shouts at them to shut up.
      • There's also something plainly hilarious about Leaks calling the trio "idiot dads/parents".
    • Everything about the third track, where the characters have to act out a play about Snow White, with Konoe as the eponymous princess.
      • Leaks is cast as the evil stepmother. Needless to say, the part fits him perfectly. A little too perfectly, in fact. And beforehand, there was Leaks threatening Tokino when Tokino expresses how he's perfect for the role, since he always spends his time "doing weird things in the chemistry lab".
      • Tokino freaking out when he thought Bardo got the role as Snow White, right after he previously expressed that he's curious about seeing what that would look like.
      • Asato repeatedly failing to understand that it's all just an act, which ultimately leads to him ruining the play when Rai (who replaced Bardo as the prince) was about to kiss Konoe.
    • In the final track, the devils (except Kaltz), who are high school seniors here, approach Konoe and have a petty squabble over who gets to dance with him. Well, at least they're not competing over who gets to eat him.
  • Rai, in all his seriousness, and of all people, offers some good moments of hilarity in the crossover drama CD Chiral Cafe 2. He even goes and scold almost the entire cast for eating and cooking hotpot the wrong way, much like an over-nagging mother would.
  • Convenience Store Lamento, the crossover drama CD with Togainu no Chi, offers a lot of priceless moments.
    • In general, all four cats are not really good at their jobs that you have to wonder how they even got said jobs in the first place.
    • Kaltz is immediately refused by Asato twice (for different reasons). And at both times, Kaltz is so stung by the rejection that a storm forms around him and the temperature subsequently drops to sub-zero levels.


  • An official scan showed a drunken Asato and Konoe straddle Rai and cuddle his tail, respectively. Konoe really can't get over how fluffy his tail is, huh?
  • In the CHiRAL Night 10th Anniversary event, which features a crossover between the characters from all four games, the cast of Lamento always stick out like a sore thumb due to their feline traits, with some characters even wondering if it's a kink of theirs or if they're cosplaying, with them not knowing what the others mean.


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