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Awesome Music / Lamento - beyond the void

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So near, but so far away you'll forever be...
nitro+ always creates superb soundtracks, and yet they have definitely upped their ante for Lamento.

Vocal Tracks

  • "Lamento" is one of the best opening songs composed yet in any visual novel. Its Japanese version is just as epic.
  • "Verum", the theme that plays during the credits once you finish a good ending. Kanako Itou nails it yet again in this piece, which leaves you the feeling of exhilaration for completing the entire route, and personifies everything that is great about the visual novel.
  • "When The End" is an insanely beautiful ending theme, specifically for Rai and Bardo's bad endings. Everything about the song from the melody to the lyrics is perfectly composed and performed. Not to mention, the song is sung in Surprisingly Good English.
  • "Temple of Soul", a single you only hear in Rai's route and in Asato's drama CD, is backed with great vocals by Kazuhiro Watanabe and powerfully emotional lyrics.


BGM Tracks

  • "The Singing Cat", which plays whenever the Poet appears. It's a tranquil yet ethereal guitar piece that you won't want to stop listening to anytime soon.
  • "Legendary Poem", aside from the menu theme, is the first song you hear when you start the game, and always plays every time Konoe uses his powers as a Sanga. It's sung like a lullaby, and yet is both comforting and powerful at the same time.
    • "Nervus" is another version of the song, but with a violin replacing the vocals.
    • And then there is "Nostalgia", which plays the song using string instruments instead. You might find yourself in tears by the time the song ends, no matter which version you listen to.
  • "Coral Reef", a track that plays during the good ending of any of Konoe's love interests. And considering that fact, it really makes you feel that everything is alright and peaceful once more.
  • "Forget-me-not" plays during the game's most emotional moments, particularly whenever Konoe is with any of his possible love interests. Slow and tender, it really lets the emotion from said scenes be felt by anyone who listens to it. And admittedly, it immediately brings a smile to the player, since when this plays, a sex scene usually follows.
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  • "Fighting Dance" expertly combines the violin and electrical instruments in setting up a tantalizing, intense yet harmonious battle theme.
  • "Frozen Memories" gives off a magical albeit haunting feel, especially with a woman's voice wailing in the background. It makes you feel like you're walking through an enchanted forest, which is quite befitting since it also plays when Konoe and Rai cross a magical lake.
  • "Four Flames" is hella catchy, leaving behind a sense of both trepidation and morbid exhilaration. The instant you hear the first few notes play, you already know that a devil is involved.
  • "Determination" oozes magnificently with ominous foreboding, since whenever this song plays in the game, you immediately know there's chaos up ahead. It also evokes the feeling of utter despair, since it also plays in moments when things get worse or seem completely hopeless.
  • "Magician of Darkness" is similar to "Determination" when it comes to creating malignant music. But unlike the aforementioned song, which usually plays when there is approaching danger, this plays when the danger arrives, said danger being Leaks himself.
  • "Wild Dance", Kagari's leitmotif, is both melodious and adrenaline-pumping, and gives listeners a differently epic feeling during the battle scenes.
  • "Exitus", which plays during the final confrontation with Leaks. With heavy instruments playing, accompanied by a slightly distorted version of "Legendary Poem", it immediately tells you this is really it.
  • "Incursion" is a very hellish piece; the tune itself is the embodiment of dread and terror.


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