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"Can you sing me a song?"

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • Konoe and Tokino's friendship, as it's one of the few good things that Konoe has had since the start of the game, and kept him going after he was cursed. It's a purely innocent friendship that doesn't need to be romantic to be heartwarming.
  • Regardless of who you choose as Konoe's love interest, all three comfort him after he breaks down from seeing what had happened to Karou. Asato hugs Konoe and licks the tears he would shed; Rai keeps Konoe warm with his tail and lets him hold onto it while Konoe vents out his emotions; and Bardo embraces Konoe, telling him that it's alright to cry before giving him a kiss.
  • All three of Konoe's love interests, in their respective routes, compliment Konoe's tail and show a particular affection towards it, which is pretty sweet since Konoe is extremely insecure about how crooked it is.
  • Sure, while you know what happens next, it doesn't change the fact that the moments Shui and Leaks shared as friends are genuinely heartwarming.
    • Despite being a private person, Leaks isn't angry and is appreciative instead when Shui cleaned up his house while he was away, even accepting his offer to help him clean from then on. It's small, but still sweet on Leaks' part.
    • Shui expressing his plan to take Leaks to Ransen once he becomes the chief Sanga, so that the other cats would see that he isn't the villain they perceive him to be. While Leaks doesn't care about what others think of him, he still appreciates the thought, even though he never admits it.
    • No matter how you perceive their relationship, Shui tells Leaks that he loves him as a dear friend, and it's obvious that Leaks never had someone say that to him before.
    • While Shui plays a tune to a sleepy Leaks, he tells Leaks that he should take it easy once in a while. Leaks immediately agrees that it isn't so bad, as long as Shui is there with him.
    • After Shui sang a piece he wrote for him, Leaks decides to thank him by giving him a ring, even telling Shui that he wants him to take the gift. Shui returns the favor by giving him a ring of his own. The gesture is ultimately platonic, since Shui has a wife, but it doesn't downplay how touching this scene is.
      • Leaks even noted to himself that he personally wanted to make Shui happy, that he wanted to make someone else happy, which is clearly a first for him.
    • Also tragic, yet years after their friendship met its end, Leaks realized that he never really hated Shui and had always loved him, which Konoe could feel as Leaks' vessel. In turn, even after all that Leaks had done, with cursing his own son being one of them, Shui doesn't hate Leaks and only wishes to stop him.

    Asato's Route 
  • Asato giving Konoe a flower simply because he thinks that the flower, and Konoe by extension, is pretty. Konoe deeply appreciates the gesture.
  • Asato confessing his love to Konoe once and for all.
    Asato: I want to be yours. No Kira, no anything. I just want to be yours.
    • Konoe's reply puts the cherry on top: "Then you're mine." Even before that, there's Konoe subtly showing Asato how he feels by intertwining their tails together, which is a sign of romantic affection.
  • At one point, Asato asks Konoe if he would stay by him, even though he might become something despicable in the future. Konoe answers that no matter what form he takes, as long as he's the same cat, he'll be by his side. And he really means it, since when Asato had turned into a beast and had not yet transformed back into a cat, Konoe thought that it would be fine for them to live in the forest or away from other's eyes, if that's the only way they can be together. He even tells this to Asato in a short story set after their ending.
  • Kagari's love for Asato, which is very much like a mother's for her son. It also explains why she wants to kill him: she would rather do it herself than have another assassin finish the job; since their village won't stop pursuing Asato while he's alive.
  • Like with Kagari, there is Kaltz's fatherly affection towards Asato. For understandable reasons, he never got to raise Asato as his own son. But even then, it's clear just how much he loves him, from wishing that he would overcome the darkness lurking within him, to risking his own life to bring Asato back to his senses.
  • Even though Kaltz knows that Konoe is indirectly responsible for why Asato is slowly becoming a monster, he doesn't resent or blame Konoe in any way, and expresses hope that he and Asato make it through together.
  • At the end, Asato returns to Kira and expresses to the village elder that he knows he is an outcast and is hated by everyone there, but Kira is still his home and he still wants to be a part of it while continuing to explore the world. The elder eventually lets him stay, telling him that they cannot accept him yet, but will no longer reject him. Considering what we first see of how Asato is treated in his home village, he had come a long, long way. What's better? This still happens even if his route isn't taken.
  • The drama CD taking place after this route shows snippets of Kaltz's past as a Meigi cat, and his relationship with Kaya. You don't hear much, yet it's obvious that they really love each other, to the point that they would rather flee their homes and be together than stay loyal to their villages and stay apart. Of course, it becomes tragic when you know that their relationship doesn't last, and Kaltz becomes a devil afterwards.

    Rai's Route 
  • When Konoe and Rai share a room, Konoe notices that their room has a guiding leaf as a source of light instead of a lamp. It may not seem much at first, but then later in the game, Bardo reveals that their room is the only one using a guiding leaf, which could only mean that Rai switched the lighting, since he knows of Konoe's pyrophobia.
  • While also sad, there is when Konoe and Rai promise each other that Konoe will kill Rai if he completely loses his sanity. What's heartwarming about this is that this is the first time that they're completely open with one another, with no hostility or giving the cold shoulder and the like, and it starts to even get better from there.
    • Additionally, there is when Rai tells Konoe to leave him and find another Touga, since he fears that he may hurt Konoe when he loses control of himself. It's not much, but it's still quite notable, given his personality.
    • There is also when they acknowledge that they're both foolish cats, stating that it works for them since they're a pair. It may not sound like much, but it's one of their few exchanges where there's no spite or condescension; just pure understanding.
  • After a long, long case of Poor Communication Kills, Cannot Spit It Out and Oblivious to Love between Rai and Konoe, they finally confess their true feelings towards each other and consummate said feelings. While doing the latter, Rai gently calls Konoe by his name for the very first time, which is quite the huge deal since Rai has been calling him nothing but "stupid cat" the entire time. Konoe responds by saying Rai's name as well.
    • Afterwards, when Konoe tries to go back to his bed, Rai quickly pulls him back into his own bed, clearly wanting them to sleep together. Then when Konoe tries to leave again, Rai pulls him back a second time, telling him to not even think about it. Awwww...
    • Let's not forget when Konoe shows Rai that he adores every part of him by removing his eyepatch and kissing his right eye, with Rai letting him do it since it shows how much he trusts Konoe to even allow him to touch it.
  • This excerpt from the Expiatio novel, which is a re-telling of Rai's route from his point of view.
    Is this what they call love? Or is it something else? I don’t know how 'love' or 'romance' feels like. But if this is what they call love, then I must have fallen in love the moment Konoe called my name during the incident at the brothel. If this is what they call love, then the bond that binds us together must be our romance. When it comes to words— it doesn't matter what the words are. I love Konoe.
  • Ever since they became a mated pair, Konoe notes that Rai tends to groom him every now and then, and the act of grooming someone else, besides intertwining one's tail with another's, is another sign of romantic affection.
  • Expiatio also has a scene that wasn't shown in the game: when Konoe catches a fever, Rai willingly approaches Bardo for medicine despite their strained relationship, and even heeds his advice in nursing Konoe.

    Bardo's Route 
  • Bardo's Character Development in this route, all thanks to Konoe. If you play his route last, it's quite jarring and painful to realize that beneath the smile he'd always show lies an extremely pained, nihilistic and self-deprecating personality, which makes it all the sweeter when Konoe helps him get past his cynical views on life and on himself.
  • Even though Rai hates Bardo, besides warning Konoe to not get too involved, he never lashes out at Konoe whenever he approaches or talks to Bardo. In fact, when Bardo came to check on Konoe after the latter got a fever, Rai only allowed him inside the room because it was for Konoe's sake.
  • Konoe telling Bardo what he really needed to hear: strength isn't found in the ability to take a life, but in the ability to feel compassion, just like how he was always there for Konoe whenever he was in distress, and tells him that his kindness is his greatest strength.
  • Bardo confessing that he's truly in love with Konoe to reassure the latter, since Konoe believes that he's only flirting with him for the heck of it. Then when he asks Konoe if he hates him, Konoe (being Konoe, when it comes to Bardo at least) says he does when he actually means the opposite.
  • Here, all the main characters gets their happy ending. Asato makes peace with Kira and continues to explore Sisa, Rai settles his conflict with Froud and mends his relationship with Bardo, and Bardo gets past his Survivor's Guilt and his feelings of self-loathing, is relieved of his curse, and enters in a genuine relationship with Konoe.
  • The drama CD, set after Bardo's good ending, is filled with a lot of touching moments:
    • It's rather obvious that even after three years, Asato is still in love with Konoe, but even though Bardo knows this by now, he still treats him with the same hospitality, and doesn't mind whenever Konoe would go and talk to him.
    • Konoe and Bardo sharing a kadil mouth-to-mouth. It's just simply adorable.
    • When Konoe worries that Rai still hasn't forgiven Bardo for making a Deal with the Devil, Rai implies that he has already forgiven him; it's Bardo who hasn't forgiven himself yet. Considering how spiteful Rai used to act whenever Bardo is concerned, this is definitely notable. Then again, at this point, he and Bardo had already repaired their relationship.
    • There is the very brief interaction between Rai and Asato. Besides Rai calling him a "stupid cat", the hostility between them has significantly decreased, and they've managed to be civil towards each other. In fact, Asato actually helps Rai often in hunting down monsters, and from that bit of info, you can even say that they have become friends.

  • Even though the Love Love Lamento Gakuen drama CD is non-canon, with the moment being more of a hilarious one, it's sweet to hear Bardo, Kaltz, and Shui talk highly about their children (in Bardo's case, a surrogate child), to the point that they would even argue with each other over who is the best. Papa Wolf and Amazingly Embarrassing Parents (since they eventually get caught by their children) at its finest.
  • In the same drama CD, when Leaks was reluctant to participate in the school play, it only takes a bit of prodding from Shui to get him to change his mind, his reply filled with hints of If It's You, It's Okay.
  • In Chiral Cafe 2, Konoe worries that Rai and Bardo see him as an incompetent worker, but it turns out that their nearly-constant chiding of him is actually their way of doting on him and watching out for him, and they actually see him as very reliable and the person to come to if anyone has any questions.


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