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Heartwarming / The Letter

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  • Johannes Schröcken is happily married to his husband and unquestionably loyal
  • For all his faults, Luke Wright is genuinely fond of his goddaughter Kylie. Likewise, Kylie's great adoration towards him is simply adorable.
  • The friendship between Isabella, Rebecca, Zachary and Ashton
    • Rebecca's mother-henning may annoy the others at times, but it really goes to show how much she cares for her friends and makes sure they take care of themselves.
    • Rebecca telling Isabella that she and Ashton are always willing to loan her money and help out with her finances if she asks them too.
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    • The brother-sister relationship between Isabella and Zach. Isabella considers him the big brother she never had, and Zach very much looks after her in every sense of the word. He is the first one to willingly hear her out and give her the benefit of the doubt when Bella tells him, Ash and Becca about the letter and what she saw, as well as stand up for her when Ash and Becca dismiss her claims. If Isabella also survives her chapter, she runs to Zach's apartment after she escapes the BRC office. Zach lets her stay the night and insists she take his bed, assuring her it's no trouble.
    • If anyone or more of the group dies, the others are greatly affected by the loss. The impact is just as great if Isabella is alternatively rendered comatose or Zach is arrested.
    • The option for Ashton to comfort Isabella as she tells him about her father's passing.
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    • Isabella rescuing Ash from Johannes and telling him he's not alone
  • All the potential romantic relationships one can pursue

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