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  • Why did none of the characters actually think to fight back against the ghost girl? It's not like she'd put up much of a fight anyway. She just stood there, and occasionally lunged at the characters.
    • Well if a decaying ghost starts walking towards you, I think most people react with fear and choose the flight part considering how horrifying it looks.
  • Why doesn't the ghost kill the characters earlier? There are a couple of instances early on in the game where she just appears to scare them and disappears when she could have killed them.
    • Two reasons. The first is that the ghost can't physically interact with anyone in the presence of those who aren't cursed, protecting people like Rebecca in her car and limiting it to only visual and audio haunting. The second is that the ghost is absolutely sadistic due to being merged with Lady Charlotte's spirit. It's not enough to simple kill the victim, it has to be a drawn out and painful affair (Rose being drawn and quartered as revealed on the developer's discord, another victim being burned alive, etc).
  • The devs said that the epilogue was deliberately not stating how many years later it has been since the mansion story ended. The best answer I've gotten from them was "sometime in the future after the events of the mansion". If I were to speculate, and this could be WMG territory feels as if it's 5-10 years later. The characters look older and all. So, how many years later do you think it would be?
    • I think its at least a few years later since in Hannah and Luke's ending they are shown with toddlers.
  • My question veers into spoiler territory, so be careful. At the end of Ashton's chapter, if you choose "Disarm him" during the very final choice, Ash gets impaled through the chest by a spear-like object, courtesy of the ghost. If you check the journal after that, it shows a picture of something that looks like a harpoon. My question is: what was a harpoon doing in a supposedly 17th-century mansion? And where did it come from, anyway? Did the ghost summon it with its otherworldly powers?
    • According to the developers on Discord Ashton is killed by a fireplace poker, and we know the mansion has a fireplace.
  • Why is the ghost obsessed with Luke when neither woman whose spirits make up the ghost was attracted to his ancestor? It doesn't seem like Takako was particularly yandere for her master, and Charlotte clearly wasn't that attracted to her husband since the entire conflict started because she was cheating on him.
    • Actually I think both were attracted to him. If you get the right memory fragment, Luke states he saw that Takako seemed jealous when she saw the two of them together. And cheating doesn't mean Charlotte wasn't attracted to him as she tried to stop Eduard from leaving her. And Eduard did say he was away a lot of the time. So it's like Luke, who does love Hannah but still cheated on her when she doesn't want to have sex with him.

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