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Funny / Ladykiller in a Bind

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  • Early on, the Beast notes the Beauty has two suspiciously short fingernails. When the Prince questions the significance of thisnote :
    The Beast: If I have to explain every aspect of queer sex to you, we're gonna be here a while.
    • Similarly, we also have The Beast noting that, despite being a lesbian, she doesn't really like beer that much, which is also something that The Prince doesn't understand; The Beast insists that she also doesn't have the time to explain what lesbians like, but it IS a thing.
  • In one scene, the Boy spills some coffee on his dress, and gives a Gosh Darn It to Heck! version of a Cluster F-Bomb. If the Beast teases him to say a real swear, he gives more of the same, prompting her to ask if he's fucking with her.
    The Boy: Yes, I am fucking with you.
  • In the Framing Device the Prince warns the Beast that if she had raised too much suspicion among the Prince's classmates as to her being an imposter, they would have tied her up and imprisoned her in the cargo hold of the ship. Given the type of game this is, you might be tempted to get caught intentionally just to see if anything kinky happens. Alas, all that happens is that the Prince gets annoyed that the Beast isn't taking things seriously and is making things up to annoy him, given that if that had happened, the Framing Device couldn't happen. The player is then given the opportunity to reload the game and try to play it right.

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