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  • His and Carrie Underwood's "Obamacare By Morning" song at the 2013 CMA Awards. Especially the lead-up involving a Take That! to Miley Cyrus.
    • Later, at the same show, he "accidentally" sends Keith Urban a sext, instead of sending it to his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley.
  • "I'm Still A Guy" is just one big Funny Moment, especially if you know the story behind its being written.
  • In the otherwise mostly-serious "Letter to Me", about what he would put in a letter to his past self:
    And when you get a date with Bridget, make sure the tank is full
    On second thought, forget it, that one turns out kinda cool…
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  • "Don't you think it's time for me to end this song? (beat) …Me neither!"
  • His bit during the opening segment of the 2014 CMA Awards on the P.P.T.S.D.note  that Nashville was going through due to Taylor Swift moving to New York City.
  • The music video for "Southern Comfort Zone" lists things involved in making it at the beginning and end. It includes "a tractor," "6 jackets," and "one very friendly Maasai giraffe".
    • The beginning opens up on what appears to be a farm. Then an elephant wanders on screen. Bonus points for pairing it with the word "shocking."


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