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  • In an interview, Hayley was once asked if she 'rocks' granny panties or thongs. She twittered the moment and insisted she honestly had no idea how to answer that question.
  • At a concert, Hayley invited three people from the crowd to sing along to a song. Then, one steals a kiss. Her reaction, especially when he steals another, is one of the funniest events at any live show by any band.
  • In Misery Business' video, when Hayley is singing loudly and aggressively around the band members, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene when a guitar hits her across the side of the head, before she uses the movement to launch into one her head banging montages.
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  • There was an interview where they discussed how everyone in the band had big boobs, except Hayley.
  • There was also an interview where Josh Farro claimed to be pregnant with Hayley's child. Even more hilarious when you realize the two were dating at the time of the interview. Harsh when you realize that they broke up two months after that interview.
  • And in an interview that was possibly the same as the above one, Josh began sitting on one of the two interviewers' lap, hugging them like a child. Ho Yay ensued.
  • The video for "Ain't It Fun" has the band breaking some unusual records, and the videos of the feats offer many laughs. A highlight is "Most Vinyl Records Broken By 3 People In 1 Minute": while the guys are breaking the LPs with their own hands, Hayley can barely bend them and starts questioning on how they do so!
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  • A bit subtler-"I'm Not Angry Anymore" from their self-titled is gloriously passive-aggressive, and possibly an exhausted jab at the Farro brothers for repeatedly rejecting Hayley's attempts to make their split an amicable one.
    I'm not angry anymore, well, sometimes I am.
    I don't think badly of you-well. Sometimes I do.


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