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  • Breakthrough Hit: "Misery Business"
  • Black Sheep Hit:
    • "Ain't It Fun" managed to chart in an pop environment extremely hostile to rock. The song even won the band their first Grammy.
    • Earlier on, "The Only Exception", which had been their biggest hit up to that point.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • While they still played the song live for a long time, Hayley has said she no longer relates to "Misery Business" as she wrote the song when she was 17 and has since learned that no, people really do change. She even dropped the "Once a whore, nothing more" line during concerts to reflect that.
      • The song was eventually dropped for good in 2018, with Hayley saying their final 2018 show would be the last time the song would be performed for "a really long time". According to her, she considers the song too misogynistic in its messaging. As her relationship with womanhood grew with age and she got to meet & support other women in music, she no longer felt comfortable performing the song or associating it with the band and couldn't justify including it on their set lists anymore. For a while, they were only performing it out of obligation to their fans, because they thought the fans wanted it. When Spotify put it on their "Women of Rock" playlist, Hayley requested it be removed for this very reason. Since the playlist was about supporting women, it didn't feel right to her to have a song so clearly antagonistic towards other women on it.
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    • In June 2020, Hayley made it adamant on Twitter that she really doesn't like "The Only Exception". Given who the song was about, it's more than understandable.
  • Creator Breakdown:
    • All We Know Is Falling had a bit of this: Hayley's parents had divorced a few years earlier, bassist Jeremy Davis (temporarily) left the group just prior to recording, and most of the songs' lyrics reflected one of those events or the other in some way. The album cover was meant to reference Jeremy's departure and the fact that the band felt there was something missing without him — it's an empty couch and the shadow of someone walking away.
    • When Hayley released her first solo album Petals for Armor, she admitted to going through a major breakdown after divorcing Chad Gilbert, losing a ton of weight, developing an alcohol addiction, etc. Furthermore, she revealed that her relationship with Chad was actually quite toxic in real life, and that she felt their marriage was a sham right from the beginning. Her breakdown definitely shows in the album's lyrics.
  • Creator Couple: Hayley was married to Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, and the two bands regularly went on tour together and Hayley made guest appearances on NFG songs. That's probably over with their separation, especially with the not-very-nice things Hayley has said about their relationship in hindsight.
    • In the early years of the band Hayley and Josh dated, and broke up in 2007 just as the band was breaking into the mainstream. Its believed to be the root of some of the band drama in the following years.
  • Dye Hard: Think of Hayley Williams and you'll probably think of the hair first. She's claimed for a long time that it's hard for her to remember what color her hair really is anymore. And it would only be logical that she now runs her own hair dye company.
    • Going into the After Laughter era, she bleached her hair and maintained a bright blonde tone (with occasional colored highlights; she's got a hair dye company to promote, after all). While she's dyed it blonde before, she said in an interview that she wanted to give herself a "reset" after all the drama she experienced after the Self-Titled era.
    • To mark the end of After Laughter and the next chapter of her life, she asked her hair stylist to dye her the one color she's ignored all these years; her natural hair color.
  • Fan Community Nickname: The band seems to prefer "Parafamily", as that was the term used when the fandom was nominated at the 2015 AP Music Awards.
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  • Follow the Leader: Any similar-style rock band with a female vocalist will inevitably get compared to Paramore, two examples being Versaemerge and Hey Monday. This even applies to bands like Damone, who were active before Paramore ever recorded an album. (The fact that Hayley's voice sounds remarkably similar to that of Damone frontwoman Noelle LeBlanc does not help matters.)
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The official version of "Decode" remains absent from certain streaming services, as the song was made for the Twilight soundtrack, which was produced on a different label than Paramore's. A live version found on the self-titled's deluxe edition supplants its place on services like Spotify.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: For both Riot! and brand new eyes.
  • Old Shame: For Hayley, "The Only Exception" has become this if this tweet from her ranking of Brand New Eyes is anything to go by.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Ten years after Josh Farro left the group, he made a Facebook post equating homosexuality and pedophilia, to which Hayley made a statement implying that this kind of thing is why he was kicked out.
  • Teasing Creator: The band's official social media outlets as well as Hayley starting teasing Zac's return to the band in the lead-up to recording their fifth album. Hayley started to get a little trollish when she posted videos of her playing drums instead. Zac eventually confirmed in an interview he is indeed recording drums for the album.