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  • Black Fire, White Ice. It starts out serious enough, but then when Baron starts talking, it goes to hilarious. After making a spectacle of himself (as usual), Sasha goes and insults his manhood. Cue the Shout-Out and squeeling fanbase. "Aw Hell naw!" So now Baron has Jack go on his way to pick a fight with "Barbitchka". Just as we leave, we're left a pure gem.
    Jack: She's all yours Baron...If you have the endurance.
    Cue Sasha and Mathilda glaring.
    Baron: Wait a minute... Motherfucker.
  • What about a moment so funny, even the normally stoic JACK cracked up? After beating Big Bull, we get this exchange:
    Jack: Good. I'll be going then...
    Big Bull: -With the wind at your back, brother!
    Jack: ...Brother?!
    Big Bull: Yeah! This fight was your induction into the brotherhood!
    Jack: "..."
    Big Bull: No need to say anything! You just think something, and I'll get wind of it! (Leaves) So long, Brother! May your horns grow long!
    Jack: ...(Cracks up, and chuckles) The fuck?!
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  • They Came From Underground, a song about the game's mutants.
  • The Baron boasting about how his firepower is more than enough to take down the Kraken. Jack's response?
    Jack: "This is me not giving a shit!"
    • Even if you aren't laughing at that, Mathilda is.
  • First cutscene for the White Side half of the campaign mode. The Bar-Bot jumps the bar in slow motion and flips off Leo as he's leaving. When Leo looks back, the Bar-Bot suddenly becomes sheepish.
  • Also on the White Side is Edgar Oinkie. This greedy little tub of lard is worth chuckles, especially when fighting him in China Town. Nikolai's treatments just add to it.
    Nikolai: Bah. I will catch this greased pig.
    • Oinkie's squealing and whining goes well with Leo's snarkiness.
    Oinkie: Woah woah woah! Time out! Time out! That's two against one! No fair!
    Leo: I'm guessing we're not counting your small army.
    • Indeed, Oinkie is a very good source for nonsensical, but hilarious quotes.
    Oinkie: (when performing certain attacks) THAT'S NOT KOSHER!
  • A bit of a meta one, but there's an item in the game that makes you invisible. Enemies will then walk around and not even notice you. You can sneak up behind one and grab them to perform a "stealth kill". Watch as your still invisible character loudly swings the poor sap around and slams him into the ground, and none of the other enemies even care.
  • The beginning of The Wounded Beast. The Baron makes a minor spectacle of himself as usual, and stylishly whips out his Killer Weapon, declaring that he's gonna help Jack find Max. Jack just turns silently and turns him down with "I work better alone." Cue Baron's disappointed face as he silently retracts his Killer Weapon. Made even better by the whoopie cushion-like sound effect that accompanies it. You can just hear the Baron's ego deflating.
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  • Any mission that uses the song "Fast Lane" ends up coming off as one. For example, one of Jack's missions brings a gameplay shift from "post-apocalyptic brawler" to "post-apocalyptic kart racer time trial." Meanwhile, Leo gets to hijack a helicopter drone with infinite missiles and unleash any stress he's been undergoing upon the unsuspecting mutants and drones below.
  • When preparing for a multiplayer game or practice session of said multiplayer, when selected, each character will break out of what they were doing somehow and and do something Badass. All except Mathilda, who is cleaning glasses. When she is selected, she puts a glass she was cleaning on the shelf, while the camera zooms in on her (damn fine!) ass. Without any warning, or even flinching, she backhands the camera out of nowhere, causing a crack to appear on the screen. Probably one of the more literal instances of Breaking the Fourth Wall.
  • In the Butcher's Banquet mission, Rinrin and Big Bull both decide to help Jack fight Zero's new robot, to his cynical bewilderment.
    • The best part is that after Zero gets beaten, he goes along with Jack's 'super friends' nickname. And then Rinrin tries to start an argument with Big Bull over who helped Jack more.
  • In Round 10 of Survival Mode's third stage, there are five Gargoyles that need killing. This wouldn't be too notable, if not for the fact that they have the colours red, blue, green, yellow and pink. They all come together to perform a "Super Sentai" Stance complete with background explosion! Sound like anyone you know?
  • After the Black Side mission 1-3, Jack calls off his fight with the Baron after Amala calls him with information about the BPS Strike One. As Amala describes Sasha to Jack, this exchange takes place:
    Amala: She was only on the force for two years before being selected for her current post.
    Jack: Hmph.
  • When Big Bull executes a mutant, he uses a drill from his right arm to mutilate it until it explodes. The head of the mutant then ends up in Big Bull's hand, which he nonchalantly tosses over his shoulder like something he's lost interest in.


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