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Even with the game in development stages, it's never too early to plant some Epileptic Trees!

Madworld was just a screenplay Amala made after the events of Max Anarchy.
Amala is an aspiring writer while in her work of aiding the Chasers. She decides to write a fictional story basing many of the characters off of the people in Jack's adventure.
The Blacker Baron is a clone of the Black Baron.
In the same way Kojack was a clone of Jack. Apparently they fiddled around with his genes to prevent him from being too similar to the original.
  • Annnnd Jossed, if the developer's blog has anything to say on the matter.

Kreese Kreeley will come out of retirement.
It would be the perfect time for him to show off his skills and experience in the DeathWatch games. (And to see if all of the injuries he suffered really do exist, too!)
  • Personally, I'm hoping Platinum games will issue DLC which let's you play as either Kreese, or his co-host, Howard "Buckshot" Holmes, in a way similar to the "White Side" and "Black Side" of the main game - of course, this being Howard and Kreese, I'd expect it to be a goofy misadventure all throughout as opposed to the "serious" main campaign.

Bayonetta and Sam Gideon will appear in the game.
Considering that both Bayonetta and Vanquish are made by PlatinumGames, there shouldn't be any reason why the two couldn't appear in the game, at least as guest fighters. Both of them have some pretty badass moves on their movelist; Bayonetta has her hair and can shapeshift, while Sam can boost around and has all his martial arts and weapons.
  • Bayonetta does appear in-game... As a pre-order bonus.
  • Still leaves room for Sam. Just remix the Decoy battle theme and there you go.

The Black Baron had extra lives.
This would explain why he's still alive after all of his deaths at the hand of Mathilda, and after his fight with Jack. Only after his humiliating defeat to Jack did he consider bulking up a bit, becoming a cyborg like Jack, and reinventing his image as "The Blacker Baron".
  • Which could explain why he's now the Blacker Baron, as he's possibly using "black" as a synonym for "cool", and the Blacker Baron is most definitely cooler than the regular Black Baron.

Leo works for the government only because his family shelled out the cash.
The whole reason the events of Madworld taking place was because of Leo's family trying to recoup losses from their company, which may or may not include the virus that was released upon the entire city. Due to the biologically induced genocide upon a US city for the purpose of showing it off to possible international buyers, the government must have been gunning after Leo's family. Leo himself was killed by Jack, all that was left was his father as a fall guy.

Grieving over the death of his son along with the threat of being executed from treason, Leo's father decides to give his son's body to the government of an experimental cyborg program capable of reviving the recently dead in exchange for merely life imprisonment. Suffice to say, the experiment worked like a charm. However, since Jack also works for the government as a Chaser, the people behind the Leo's program wisely decided to wipe out all memories involving the events of Madworld from Leo's mind. What they could not get rid of is an instinctual hatred for Jack, thus setting up the possible rivalry in Anarchy Reigns.


Raiden will be playable, or at least make an appearance
I mean, think about it - it's a hack n slash game developed by PlatinumGames where every main character is a cyborg (more or less). It really seems like a no-brainer to me, especially since Bayonetta pretty much confirmed guest characters from games other than Madworld are OK.

The Rin sisters are the geishas from Madworld
One of them just happens to have the same name as one of the bosses from Madworld.
  • That, or the middle one decided to take up her title, while the oldest and youngest one were content with being "her sisters".

The reason why Max's laser blades are red instead of blue...
The cybernetics are tied to the user's brain, and by extension mental state, color coded depending on if they are unstable or stable. Unstable individuals (Like Max) is coded to have a red color instead of blue, while stable individuals (Like Leo) stays a blue color. It was programmed that way by the Bureau for the purpose of determining who is crazy or not and get them treatment before they snap or worse. Poor Max may not have been so lucky.
  • At several other scenes in the game, cyborg characters who are extremely angry get red glows in their eyes. See Jack and the Blacker Baron after the first fight with Max. Conversely, in one scene, Leo's eyes seem to gain a slight blue glow as he defends an ally while keeping his cool. Perhaps red means emotional instability, while blue means emotional restraint.
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  • This is further supported by a side mission near the end of the White Side story, in which Leo is assisted by Max, only Max looks like he does in the flashbacks and has blue laser blades, implying that Max's laser blades used to be blue when he was still stable.
    • An alternate theory: Early in the White Side, Nikolai says that Max is damaged. Notice his Positron Blades project some kind of black, shadow-like aura. The red lights could be a warning.

Sega deliberately held back U.S. release to milk money from the import market
The game is complete albeit without the obligatory title change. Unlike most Japanese releases it also has an option for complete English interface and voices. Seeing the initial reactions on the internet Sega decided to delay official release to make some extra money from people buying imports online.

Nikolai was envious of Max
Maximillian was the head of Strike One, the best of the best in the BPS. You see in a previous mission, Nikolai proved ineffective while Max dominated the situation. There was even a grimice on his face in the aftermath. When the call went out on Max for shoot to kill, Nikolai was smiling, though Leo and Sasha didn't see it. There's plenty of tension about between Caxton and Bulygin.

Nikolai was the true culprit in Ondine's murder.
Going off on the above WMG, it's not too far off to predict that Nikolai murdered Ondine himself, and framed Maximillian for it, specifically so he could get an excuse to have him executed. He may have temporarily switched out his Tesla Blitz for Positron Blades to further implicate Max, taking note of how he said the body was cut into pieces.

And Nikolai also knew and took advantage of Maximillian's insanity to further implicate him. Maximillian, as a result of his insanity, along with his whole Split Personality thing going on, was convinced that he himself was guilty of murdering Ondine, all according to Nikolai's plan.

If Anarchy Reigns gets a sequel, Zero
will become a Legacy Character.Because it's kind of hard to return from suicide via self destruction. Bonus points if the new Zero is the former Zero's son or daughter, and wants revenge on Jack for killing him.

Anarchy Reigns' version of Frederick Von Twirlenkiller designed Garuda.
Garuda got some similarities with Twirlenkiller, and as the game has shown us, Anarchy Reigns doesn't have anything against using characters from Madworld...

Leo was abused as a kid.
When he was young, Leo didn't have much of a childhood. His parents were at best, neglectful and at worst, abusive. He may also have been bullied a lot as a kid. This led him to sign up for Police work to protect others who suffer like he did. This would also lead him to view Maximillian as a father figure after being taken under his wing, and by extension may have viewed Maximillian's wife, Ondine as a mother figure as well.

In a hypothetical sequel, we will get a Sundowner expy, or at least someone with a similar weapon.
Because, come on, don't tell me that the pincer blade wouldn't make for a kickass killer weapon.

If Madworld takes place in a world without war, Anarchy Reigns takes place in the same world after a massive war.
As such many of the characters returning from Madworld had to adapt to this new world. For instance: Big Bull Crocker became a cyborg after his body was ravaged from nuclear war. Mathilda, likewise. The Black Baron, meanwhile, used drugs and nanomachines to enhance his physical strength to combat mutants and drones, becoming the Blacker Baron in the process. Finally, Rin Rin and her sisters needed prosthetic feet after losing them to falling debris or mutants or whatnot.

Durga and Garuda aren't dead.
Garuda was only playing dead after Strike 1 supposedly killed them. Once it was safe, he took Durga to a black market hospital and got him fixed up much in the same way Durga did for him. If there's a sequel, Durga may come back with even more cybernetics than before.

all of the Rin sisters have Cybernetic feet because Chinese customs(maybe).
In past. China had women get their feet bound, because at the time. Small feet were considered attractive. so Maybe the Rin sister had it done cuz it would be easier to do than instead of doing the traditional way. Just Wondering.

Garuda is Von Twirlenkiller.
According to Garudas backstory, he used to be a Mercenary that was killed in action and his severed head was retrieved by Durga and put in the Cybernetic body we see him as. Now it could be coincidence, but Garuda shares similarities with Von Twirlenkiller, the third boss from Mad World. Some Similarities include Tornado based abilities and similar facial features. Since several other characters from Mad World make an appearance in this game, it could be possible the man Garuda once was, is the Anarchy Reigns World's Von Twirlenkiller.


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