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Where oh where to begin with this game...

  • Oh man, Leo gets one of the better lines in videogame history. Especially for a By-the-Book Cop.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max will always lead to one of these, naturally. One coming to mind is the brief continuation of the fight between Jack and Baron before the former calls off the fight.
    • Max, however, puts them both to shame. In one cutscene, he seems to demonstrate a form of super speed or teleportation (Which isn't possible when the player plays as Max) and in another he counts bullets, deflects bullets with his finger while running, and manages to defeat the three thugs without getting hit even once. A Call-Back occurs when Leo displays similar feats in the Red Side. Speaking of Leo, he also slices missiles into pieces in the same cutscene.
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  • A rather meta one, but every time an attack is used on a character that would absolutely decimate any normal human being, they get back up.
  • You see those Helicopter Drones flying in? Take them down, and you can hijack them. But not by jumping in the cockpit, oh no. You latch onto the chopper's gatling gun and go ballistic on the enemy with said gatling gun and homing missiles. Then when you're done, you're just gonna hop off of it and move on, right? Nope. You're gonna perform a FRIGGIN PILEDRIVER on it, right into a group of enemies.
  • The entire Kraken boss fight. Thought that just because this was a multiplayer-centric game that the single player was gonna be mundane? The Kraken proves you wrong, with an epic action packed boss fight with scale that feels like something straight out of God of War.
  • So you're playing Survival on the Subway map, all is going well, you have to face two super-mutants in the final wave, but what's this? Enemy reinforcements? Oh, it's just the bar-bot from the story mode. Fun fact: Bar-bot will OWN YOUR SHIT. He's basically a souped up version of a Cybrid Joe, with more health overall, faster moves, and harder hits. It's advisable to save your Rampage Mode just for him so you can stand a chance. The kicker? When his life bar gets low enough, he has a Rampage Mode of his own. If you're unprepared, well, Prepare to Die.
    • Here's another nasty surprise from Bar-bot. In Mad Survival on the Subway map, you will eventually have to fight two Max CPUs with three Bar-bots as backup. Prepare to die? More like... You Are Already Dead.
      • The true crowning moment of awesome? That's when you, the players, beat these odds.
  • In one of Leo's side missions, you are in control of a Beserker Mutant. Just mowing down everything in your path. Killseekers, BPS, a Kraken. It comes to the finale in the coliseum against Cthulu. It's a true clash of the titans. The fight ends with one last power struggle where you tear off' both of Cthulu's giant arms and rip his head off with your teeth!''
  • Everybody when they take out any of the Mutants. Watch 'em all here.


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