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1994 show

  • The cold opening of the second episode has Kenan so nervous before the show he starts sweating like crazy. Not helping is his fellow cast members getting all psyched about performing in front of so many people in the world watching them. They tried using a sponge and a squeegee to wipe the sweat off.
  • Just about anything involving Coach Kreeton. Slapstick at its finest.
    • In one sketch, he has to babysit his grandson. When the boy wants to hear a story, Coach Kreeton reads him one about himself.
      "Once upon a time, there was a sad miserable man named Coach Kreeton. That's ME!"
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    • Earlier in the sketch, he tells his son to stop hugging him by yelling this.
      "Get off me you misfired chromosome!"
    • In another one:
      Girl: Can I go to the restroom?
    • When he's subbing for Miss Fingerly and decides to tell his life story to the class:
      Student: Coach Kreeton, Miss Fingerly was gonna teach us about the leprechaun massacre today.
      Coach Kreeton: (Mockingly) "Miss Fingerly was gonna teach us about the leprechaun massacre today." Well ask me if I care. Go on, boy, ask me if I care! ASK ME IF I CARE!
      Student: Do you care?
      Coach Kreeton: Let me see. (mimes typing up a letter and reading it) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    • When he taunts a boy (played by Leon) for playing with dolls, the boy tells him that it's Hoodoo doll that he named Coach Kreeton. Coach Kreeton doesn't see the resemblance.
      Coach Kreeton: What you say?! What you say?! (Looks at Leon, then to the doll, the back to Leon) This doll don't look like Coach Kreeton! Look, he got a tooth missing! He got a bald head! Looks like Bozo comes to the ghetto! No, don't look like me, alright! Nothing like Coach Kreeton!
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    • Pretty much the entirety of the "Hall Monitor" sketch, whether it is the way he keeps saying "Hall... Pass... Ticket... Slip..." to all the times he is walked over by all the students, including a horse and a motorcycle!
    • In the 10th Anniversary collaboration of sketches, he objects to Principal Pimpell asking him to come out of retirement and teach at Dullmont.
      "And once again, I'm sayin' 'NOOOO!' I'm not comin' back there and coachin' them demon crazy communist children! Aw, you make me mad in ways I can't understand!"
    • After successfully beating up one of his students in a wrestling match without any trouble, another student (played by Katrina) tells him that the move he used was wrong and that her dad is a better wrestler than him. Coach Kreeton tells her to bring in her dad, thinking he'd be able to take him. He's horrified when he sees an aggressive man more than double his size rushing toward him.
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    • During his blind date, his date's ex-boyfriend shows up and tries to confront him. Coach Kreeton, who has his back toward him, keeps taunting him about how short and weak the man is. He changes his tune when he realizes that he barely comes above the man's waist.
      Coach Kreeton: Listen here, shorty-worty! Let me tell you something, shorty-lump-lump! You don't—! (Turns around and realizes that he's talking to the man's stomach. Slowly raises his head to see the face of a rather large and angry man) DAAAAAAAAH!
  • An early Ms. Fingerly sketch where the students are taking a test and one girl keeps cheating in different ways (looking over someone, asking someone, using a telescope because a student was covering her answers, using a ham radio, and finally asking Abraham Lincoln himself). Ms. Fingerly had enough and took her to the principal's office. As soon as they leave, the students start asking each other for answers, asking Lincoln, and using the radio.
  • Anything with Superdude, especially when his one weakness, dairy products, came into play.
  • All of the absurd pieces of advice from "Vital Information for your Everyday Life" sketches. For example:
    Lori Beth Denberg: If you're doing your homework and it's too hard, don't go up to the teacher and say, "This homework is too hard! Now give me a big wet kiss!"
    • "This is no way to treat the world." *punches a globe*
    • "If you're a girl and your bra is too tight, you're uncomfortable. If you're a boy and your bra is too tight, I'm uncomfortable."
    • "It's rude to run around the forest screaming 'ME HATE THE TREES! ME HATE THE TREES!'"
    • "It's a good idea to leave milk and cookies for Santa. It's a bad idea to give him liver and elf juice."
  • Speaking of “Vital Information”, Danny Tamberelli had a few good ones as well when he took over for Lori Beth in Season 5.
    Danny Tamberelli: If you set you mind to it, you can do anything. If you set your socks on fire, THEN BABY, YOU’RE GONNA DANCE!
  • "Miz Piddlin almost let her maniacal rage get the best of her!"
  • A highlight of "What Do You Do?", a parody of Figure It Out, comes after Coach Kreeton correctly guesses the first contestant's talent ("Kayley licks lobsters."). Kayley would have won a dollhouse if she stumped the panel, but since she failed, the dollhouse gets crushed by a wrecking ball.
    • During this particular sketch, other school characters are on the panel, but so is Kevin. He's not wearing pants, either, much to the annoyance of Coach Kreeton (who's sitting right next to him).
  • One "Ask Ashley" sketch gets interrupted by Dr. Joyce Brothers, who gives Ashley some advice on holding her temper. Ashley thanks Dr. Brothers for the advice, and invites her to answer the next letter. She learns that it comes from a boy who doesn't consider turning on his lights when having to walk around during the nighttime, and gets pissed as strongly as Ashley usually does when giving advice to those Too Dumb to Live. It's always funny whenever Ashley reacts to these letters, but seeing a grown woman reacting with the same level of anger and immaturity as Ashley is gut-busting.
    • Ashley's reaction when she gets a letter from a kangaroo...
      Ashley: YOU'RE A STINKIN' KANGAROO!!!! (suddenly sounding cute again) A very special kangaroo who can write letters (gets angry again) BUT A KANGAROO NONETHELESS!
  • From the 10th Anniversary Special, one skit in particular started as a mishmash of the old skits with the new, involving Coach Kreeton, Principal Pimpell, Detective Dan, Fat Cop, Buzz and Kaffy, and Randy Quench. It starts out with Kreeton and Pimpell and then just becomes more insane and bizarre as it goes on. Pimpell even lampshades it by stating "this sketch is clearly out of control!" when Randy Quench shows up.
    • This entire sketch could be considered commentary on how the comedic styling of the show evolved between the original cast and the new cast since it doesn't become quite so convoluted until Buzz and Kaffy are brought in by Abby, quickly proceeded by Randy Quench who destroys the set with his fire hose.
  • One cold opening featured Josh describing how the kids got to become cast members. The flashback of the audition process includes Lori Beth building a card mansion, Kel eating 540 cocktail weenies, Josh competing on Nickelodeon GUTS, and Katrina pulling an 18 wheel truck!
  • One "Cooking with Randy & Mandy" sketch featured Randy getting a cavity. When a dentist showed up and told him he can't eat chocolate for two and a half months until he gets that tooth out, Randy immediately fainted. Later, Mandy pulled out his tooth to avoid the wait.
  • "Know Your Stars" could be rather funny at times.
  • The first Detective Dan sketch featured a wealthy woman, played by Lori Beth, whose jewelry was stolen from her safe. Detective Dan's response to the woman showing him her safe was broken into:
    Detective Dan: Lucky for you this safe is empty.
  • ALL of the "Everyday French with Pierre Escargot" sketches.
  • Ed in one sketch becomes the temporary Good Burger manager and ends up firing one of the customers.
    Customer (Played by Amanda): But I don't even work here!
    Ed: I know. I just fired you. Now I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
    Customer: You're crazy! Crazy, you know that!
    Ed: Well, at least I have a job.
  • Tandy Spork.
  • During the Good Burger sketch in the anniversary show, Ed shows off the very first Good Burger he ever made. which can only be described as a lump of mold trying to pass itself off as a hamburger. Bernie Kibbit is understandably horrified.
    Bernie Kibbit: WHAT IS THAT?!
    Ed: This is the first Good Burger I ever made. I keep it under my bed!
    Bernie Kibbit: THAT'S A TRAGEDY ON A BUN!
    • Bernie then has a heart attack.
    • Later, Kenan enters as Lester Oaks, Construction Worker—only to end up getting sprayed with chili. This part is also notable for the Corpsing, as Kenan and Kel try so hard not to burst out laughing.
  • The "Cooking with Randy" segment that featured Chris Farley. Just picture Matt Foley as a chef obsessed with ketchup.
  • Anything with RANDY QUENCH, VOLUNTEER FIREMAN! Here comes me! At which point he causes chaos- thanks to him forgetting his meds.
  • Fat Cop "investigating" the disappearance of Randy's fork on "Cooking with Randy".
  • Detective Dan ruining Helga's wedding.
    Helga: YOOOOUU! You have angered Helga! (grabs Dectective Dan by his trench coat) Now, you must pay!
    Detective Dan: Don't mind if I do!
  • The 100th episode features Danny Tamberelli all psyched about the 100th episode until he realize he's late. So he spends most of the episode trying to get to the studio, which includes riding a bike on the freeway. By the time he made it, he's all bruised up, his clothes torn, and it's already over.
  • A cold opening where Kel wakes up from his nap and finds his legs are still asleep. The other cast, unaware of Kel's predicament, tells him to stop messing around and get to the stage. One of his attempts at standing up has him move his legs like a breakdancer.
  • The cast is disgusted during one of the opening skits when they learn that one of the sketches is going to involve them ingesting a whole pound of raw liver. In order to get out of it, each of the cast members gives Kevin an excuse note. In true All That fashion, all of the excuses are rather ridiculous, ranging from losing their voice (despite clearly talking a second ago) to being forbidden by their mother. The latter is especially hilarious as that excuse came from the director.
    Kevin: "Please excuse Josh from the Liver sketch. He's having a bad hair day."
    Josh: You're lucky you're bald, pal.
    Kevin: Yeah, well, I had it cut this way!
    Josh: Sure you did, Kev.

    Kevin: "Please excuse Alisa from the Liver sketch today. Her left arm fell off. Signed her doctor?" Well, there's your arm! (Points at her clearly attached left arm) Look! Arm!
    Alisa: Are you a doctor?!
    Kevin: No—
    Alisa: I didn't think so!
    Kevin: Well, I know what an arm looks like!

    Kevin: "Malcolm-Jamal Warner cannot direct the Liver sketch!" There's no reason. Why?
    Malcolm: Because my mom said no.
    Kevin: Now I feel bad.
  • Lori Beth as Ms. Hushbaum, the Loud Librarian. Despite the sketch being the same joke—"Ms. Hushbaum does something loud and out-of-character for a librarian, someone else makes a slight noise, she freaks out, lather, rinse, repeat"—Denberg's Large Ham tendencies and brilliant physical/verbal comedy make for a riotously funny experience.
    • It's also a prime example of how Flanderization is not necessarily a bad thing. The earliest Loud Librarian sketches largely had Ms. Hushbaum being overly loud while doing appropriate tasks, like sharpening pencils, labeling books, or making a phone call; the items gradually got stranger as the sketch went on, with something truly outlandish (a marching band, a motorcycle, etc.) ending it. The later episodes threw all convention out the window and had Ms. Hushbaum doing bizarre things like frying bacon or carving a giant stone block to start the skit off, meaning that the writers had to come up with even weirder—and by extension, funnier—bits (herding sheep, working a Test-Your-Strength carnival game, or celebrating New Year's Eve, and so on) throughout the whole thing and finale.
  • The Good Burger skit where Tia and Tamera Mowry make a special appearance. Ed freaks out over seeing twins.

2019 show

  • The first episode of the revival has new kids Lex and Chinguun halfheartedly whacking each other with foam bats and not finding it funny. Kel Mitchell drops by and they ask him how they can make it funnier. Kel explains they need to sell being hurt and demonstrates by whacking his hand with a prop sledgehammer and yelling in pain. They thank him and run off to start the show. Once they're gone, Kel continues to howl. Turns out the hammer wasn't a prop.
    Kel: Oh, I need a a Repairman-man-man for my hand-hand-hand!
  • Coach Kreeton returns to Dulmont Jr High School when the current coach (Josh Server) asks him to give his basketball team nuggets of wisdom. He becomes very irritated and confused when he learns that the school's attitude towards competition and ambition has changed since The '90s.
    Ryan: But if the other team wins, we get still get the joy of coming in second place, right?
    Coach Kreeton: Ohhh, nononononononono! You're full of wrong! See, second place is first loser!
    Coach Kreeton: Ahaha. Well, that's too bad, cuz look here! (walks up to trophy rack and grabs a trophy) They don't give PRIZES to little, pitiful losers!
    Kate: That's the trophy we won for coming in 4th place! (She, Josh, and the rest of her team high-five each other)
    Coach Kreeton: (does a dopey dance) 4th place?! What kind of backwards science-fiction world is Coach Kreeton livin' in?!


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