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  • Kevin gets one when he orders an annoying English acting coach interrupting Josh and Amanda's sketch by giving them tips to leave the set.
  • Kenan Thompson going from being a cast member on a preteen Saturday Night Live to being a cast member on the real deal. While Kel Mitchell not joining him is a let-down, the fact that Kenan Thompson was the first (paving the way for Taran Killam, who went from being a semi-frequent Amanda Show cast member to a barely-used MADtv cast member and finally, an SNL cast member who has a decent amount of screentime — and is considered a bright spot in the post-Bill Hader/Andy Samberg/Kristen Wiig/Jason Sudeikis-era of the show) should count for something. It's like seeing your childhood friend go from being the class clown to being paid to do it professionally as a TV star (which is exactly what happened here).
    • Even more awesome: Kenan Thompson is now the longest-running cast SNL cast member and is an executive producer on All That’s eleventh season. And while he wasn’t cast on SNL yet when he guest starred in season 7, he gets to come home again with an episode in season 11.
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  • Kel's rap performances.
  • Katrina Johnson's impersonation of H. Ross Perot was good enough to beat out Dana Carvey, in some viewers' eyes.
  • In one Super Dude sketch, Super Dude is weakened by one of Milkman's weapons. After that, one of Super Dude's friends wrestles the weapon out of MM's hand and gives it to Penny Lane, who promptly returns him to normal. But Milkman's minions also have squirt guns filled with milk. So just when they're about to squirt him, Miss Fingerly immediately jumps in and shields him from the attack before sending said minions packing. The awesomeness comes from the fact that in the end, it was Super Dude's friends who helped save the day.
    • The de-aged Super Dude kicks Milkman in the shins before being locked in a locker by his minions.
    • In another sketch, Superdude appears on Okrah, and naturally Milk Man shows up to attack. After dousing Superdude with milk, he starts bragging about his plans to commit crimes—and that's when Okrah herself (played by Kel) decides to take matters into her own hands, marching over to the villain and beating him up with her microphone. The diversion buys the Explaining Girl enough time to run a squeegee over Superdude, cleaning the milk and allowing him to save the day. Score one for Okrah!
  • The Wizard of Cos. One of the longest sketches in the original run, includes Josh in full prosthetics as Mr. McToad and a couple of songs.
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  • Lori Beth Denberg substituting for Danny in the 100th episode’s Vital Information sketch, and again in the season 11 premiere with her successor Reece Caddell.
  • Mavis and Clavis built a sports car in under 45 minutes and from scratch. All in a woodshop class in a school they initially mistook for a strip mall.
    Josh: I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

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