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  • Absentee Actor: Kel Mitchell missed the first half of Season Five because he was filming Mystery Men.
  • The Cast Showoff
    • Played straight: In seasons 1-5, Kel Mitchell, repeatedly. In the 10th-anniversary special, Chelsea Brummet, Lisa Foiles, & Kianna Underwood, all at once.
    • Subverted: Every time Lori Beth Denberg or one of her characters sang.
      • Or really anybody except the straight examples listed.
  • Creator Backlash: Both Angelique Bates and Alisa Reyes expressed frustration with the fact that, at least early on, most of the sketches were catered towards the male cast members.
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  • Creator's Favorite: Kenan Thompson, Josh Server and Kel Mitchell have said that their favorite characters to play were Pierre Escargot, Detective Dan and Coach Kreeton, respectively.
  • Descended Creator:
    • In the first six seasons, writer/producer Kevin Kopelow played the show's abused stage manager in the openings. He returned as staff for season 11 and reprised as the stage manager in four of the season’s first six episodes.
    • Writer/producer Dan Schneider played the exasperated manager of Good Burger.
    • Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, executive producers for season 11, each made at least one appearance over the course of the season.
  • Dueling Shows: With The All-New Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Channel, another variety show for kids starting a cast of tweens, some of whom became big stars in later years, that used short segments with laugh tracks and musical performances. All That won out in the end because it had higher ratings, as well as two spin-offs and a movie. It largely helped, however, that Nickelodeon had largely transitioned into an advertiser-sponsored basic cable channel by the time All That premiered, while Disney Channel was still operating as a commercial-free premium channel and thus didn't have as much national distribution as Nickelodeon had.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Likely due to the musical acts, the series hasn't been able to be released on DVDs. It's even more frustrating when you consider the fact that its spin-off, The Amanda Show, has at least 3 DVD releases.
    • It's more apparent by the time it started to get rerun in both TeenNick's "The 90's Are All That", currently NickRewind, and Nick at Nite, that the musical acts got cut off. So, sadly, it also condemns some sketches leading to them and also the credits, since the cast said goodbye at the end of the musical act.
      • Curiously, a before example of this when the series was still rerun in The N (before the eventual change to Teenick), was that in one episode from season 4, the musical act of JoJo was replaced with another Vital Information sketch.
    • It's a bit weird that the first season, nor the sixth season onward, hasn't really been touched by the programming in the block as well.
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    • Both the 100th Episode special and the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special were filmed in a hour and not in the usual 30 minutes program. Sadly, the original airing of both of them had to be edited in their respectful reruns, and/or home releases.
  • Missing Episode: Two episodes from season 10 were never aired. Notably, one of the two featured Brie Larson as the musical guest.
  • No Export for You: Granted, it is from and was aired in the States, but did you know it was aired in Spain? Or in Mexico (and also great part of Latinamerica)? Oh, but heaven's forbids, only the first season (and 3 years late) was aired in the Latin American Nickelodeon channel. Maybe the series only worked in the original language rather than dubbing it... Completely an aversion of its spinoff and sister series, The Amanda Show which was aired (again, several years later from its original airing)note .
  • One-Take Wonder: According to the out-of-print official All That book Fresh Out the Box, the "Cooking with Randy" sketch with Chris Farley was done in one take.
  • The Other Darrin: In season 9, "Good Burger" was revived with the young and small Ryan Coleman as Ed. The fans did not react well.
    • Possibly lampshaded in the 10th anniversary reunion. Kel reprises Ed, who (among other things) inadvertently and horribly injures a co-worker. Said co-worker is played by Coleman.
    • Also, in the Superdude sketches, Penny Lane was originally played by Angelique Bates. However, after she left the show, Alisa Reyes filled in the role. Also counts as a Race Lift, as Bates was black, and Reyes was Latina. Later African-American cast member Christy Knowings played Penny Lane.
    • Also in the Superdude sketches, Katrina Johnson played the little Ms. Exposition and Amanda Bynes took this role after she left.
    • For the 2019 revival, Kenan replaced Soup as the announcer for the intro while voice actor Jermaine Fowler announces the sketches such as "Vital Information" and "Cancelled with Nathan".
  • Parental Bonus: The entire opening of the "Superdude at Dullmont Jr. High" sketch, where the kids watch Milkman's verdict on TV, is lifted straight from the infamous O.J. Simpson trial—right down to the forewoman of the jury mispronouncing Milkman's name when they announce his innocence. The producers even found lookalikes for Simpson's lawyers to appear in non-speaking cameos (the Johnnie Cochran is particularly effective).
    • The fact that H. Ross Perot, best known for his unsuccessful third-party candidacy in the 1996 U.S. Presidential Election, is a recurring character. One sketch even had Kenan's bully character remark "That's the weirdo my dad voted for!" upon seeing Perot.
  • Playing Against Type: A weird example, since the actress is playing against type in her own show; Lori Beth spends much of the sketches she appears in as a blissful space case. This is not so in the "Island Girl" sketches, where she plays The Straight Man to an annoying Genki Girl.
  • Role Reprisal:
    • When Kenan guested in season 7, he reprised Principal Pimpell, Miss Piddlin, and Superdude in three separate sketches.
    • In season 11’s premiere, Kevin Kopelow, now a little pudgier and with less hair, reprised his role as Kevin the stage manager. Also, Kel returned as Ed for the Good Burger sketch, and Lori Beth briefly returned to Vital Information to end up choosing a successor.
      • In the second episode, Lori Beth returns as the Loud Librarian. However, she no longer has her whistle, and when she blows the air horn, possibly to prevent endangering actors' ears, the sound is prerecorded.
      • The third episode has Kel reprise as Coach Kreeton.
  • Series Hiatus: The production hiatus break that the show had in between what people often refer as 'The Golden Era' (1994-2000) and the 'Relaunch Era' (2002-2005) was during the TV season of 2000-2001. That period of time was filled with compilation episodes (either "Best Of" or sketches that shared a theme) to fill the time spot.
  • Star-Making Role: As previously noted, this launched the careers of Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Amanda Bynes with their respective spin-offs.
  • Stunt Casting: Danny Tamberelli was already a Nickelodeon icon (mostly from The Adventures of Pete & Pete) before joining All That in its 4th season. Notably, he was the only cast member from the Original Era that didn't have to audition. Also in season 8, Jamie Spears, the younger sister of Britney Spears was added.
    • Humorously, the writers deliberately parodied their own decision when they brought him on the show—Danny writes a heartfelt, gushing letter about how much he dreams of being on All That someday, so the cast decides to visit him to make his wish come true. His friend Christy happens to be visiting him when they show up at his house, and they hire her on the spot...then when they come back to the studio to introduce them, Leon stands up in the audience and asks if he can be on the show, too; naturally, they agree. So Danny was the one person who wasn't added to the show on a whim—he had to work for it.
  • Talking to Herself: There was one Loud Librarian sketch where she holds a speakerphone conversation with Miss Fingerly, both, of course, played by Lori Beth!
  • Technology Marches On:
    • In the 2019 revival, for the Good Burger sketches, Ed's cash register is replaced with a computerized register, ergo, making it somewhat impossible for Ed to drum on it while he sings "I'm a dude..."
    • Also from the 2019 revival, one of the kids in the "Loud Librarian" sketch is seen using a laptop computer rather than reading from a book.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • During the reunion held by The Splat at NYCC 2016, Lori Beth revealed that Vital Information was originally going to be hosted by Kel. When the show got picked up, Kel had a lot to do that particular week and Lori Beth didn't, so producers swapped them and the change stuck.
    • Kenan also revealed that Pierre Escargot was originally written as a Spanish guy named "Paco Delicious" who would sit on a porch teaching Spanish. However, due to the risk of negative stereotyping, it was changed to French and the character was rewritten.
    • Britney Spears was scheduled to perform as a special musical guest for the show's 100th episode. Due to a knee injury Spears had the time of filming the episode, Lauryn Hill filled in for her.
    • Before her untimely death on August 25th, 2001, American R&B singer Aaliyah was scheduled to be the musical guest for a Season 7 episode.
    • Emma Stone auditioned for the relaunch, but she bombed her audition because she didn't have any prepared sketch characters to act out.
  • Written by Cast Member: Though sketch comedy series as Saturday Night Live counts with a Cast Full of Writers, All That wouldn't because the majority of the cast were under 18 years old. However, during the last season of the original run of the show, Danny Tamberelli and Mark Saul DID write some of their sketches. They are even credited in some of the episodes of that run.
    • Tamberelli even added in one of his recent interviews that they were indeed getting paid for writing, especially Danny since he was almost 18 by the time, so it wasn't that sort of problem.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Superdude's equivalent of "It's a bird! It's a plane!" features variations like "It's Ishboo! It's Miss Piddlin! It's Pierre Escargot!" and once, even "It's Kenan!"
    • In the Good Burger Clip Show, Ed delivers the cast's orders to the green room. Ed remarks that Kel looks familiar, and Kel says the same of him.

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