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Funny / Ally McBeal

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  • The fight in the unisex bathroom involving Georgia, Ally, Nelle and Ling. Ally manages to climb at the top of one stall door and she jumps down onto the girls, looking like a vampiric gargoyle. The crowning moment is Elaine walking in with a camera and video-taping them.
  • Overlaps with Moment of Awesome: in one episode, Ling delivers her closing argument in Chinese, claiming that what she's saying is an old expression. The subtitles reveal what she really says:
    "It really doesn't matter what I say here, because none of you speak Chinese. But you can see from my sad face I'm sympathetic. You hear from my tone it's appropriate to feel sorry for me. As I drop to a faint whisper, you'll feel the sorrow yourself. I'm going to finish now, pretend to cry."


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