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  • AJ is teaming with CM Punk to face Kane and Daniel Bryan. She is accidentally tagged in to face Kane. What does she do? Skip around him like a school girl and then jump up and lock lips with him for about two minutes.
    • The "jump up" part is quite literal because Kane is almost two feet taller than AJ. For the first few seconds when she gets accidentally tagged in, she and Kane are standing facing each other and, considering she's theoretically being expected to fight him, the size difference is is just... absurd.
    • Kane's reaction makes this hilarious. He tags Bryan in... rather forcefully... and then just walks out of the arena. It gets even better when one sees how his expression changes from 'Bring it on!' when she first walks in, and then abruptly changes to 'What the fuck are you doing?'
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    • Hell, Punk's expression was just as good, like he was thinking, 'Man, I'm her team partner and even I have no idea what the fuck she's doing.'
    • If anything, what happens after Kane leaves is almost as funny. Despite Kane bailing on him, Daniel Bryan realises that now he has a matchup against a 5'2" girl and he's practically licking his chops as he advances on AJ, who's gone back to an Oh, Crap! expression as it presumably occurs to her that she can't kiss her way out of this one. As Bryan lunges for her she ducks back to the corner, tags Punk in and ducks under the rope as Bryan gets introduced to the business end of Punk's fist.
  • Most of AJ's interactions with Kane probably can fit in this category, but the funniest would have to be a backstage scene on Raw after No Way Out 2012. When AJ is confronting the individuals of her love quadrangle (Punk, Bryan, and Kane), she has a talk with Kane. Kane runs down a list of all the crazy and evil things he has done in his WWE career, before telling AJ that her craziness is too much for even him to deal with. If there is at least one accomplishment AJ can take with her from WWE, there are probably few things as impressive as being too insane and unstable for the Big Red Monster.
  • AJ interrupts another match by coming out dressed as Kane and skipping around the ring.
    • Again, Kane sells this with a priceless "WTF?" expression.
  • AJ's tweets are hilarious. Examples:
    • "Just wrestled about fifteen girls in the rain in what I can only assume was someone's dream sequence"
    • "The guy at TSA said 'you have pretty hair' and let me through. Thank you for stroking my ego instead of stroking my mysterious lady parts"
    • "Been on the road for about six hours now and I'm starting to think this unicorn named Vanessa isn't real"
    • "Fun Fact: asking for a wedding dress to be ready in one day will in turn cause all bridal shop employees to congratulate you on your pregnancy"
    • "Embarrassing moment of the day: Stood up and smashed my head into a barbell at the gym, then proceeded to shout "SORRY!" to the barbell."
    • "I'm in an exit row and the flight attendant asked me "How old are you sweety?". Having a great day so far."
    • If there's anything I've learned from seeing Tensai in lingerie on Raw, it's that everyone on the roster has better cleavage than I do.
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    • "Raw tonight starring Ziggy, E, and myself. One of us will bring the sexy, one of us will bring the cleavage, and one of us will be me."
    • "Thanks for the bday wishes. But you didn’t get me anything but intrusive questions about my personal life, so basically you’re all my mom."
    • "I just went from complete silence to singing "HOT POCKETS!" out loud. I don't know what just happened to me."
      • Hilariously, this one actually got a couple of responses from the official Hot Pockets Twitter account: "We go from complete silence to singing your name at least twice a day. #dreamgirl" and then "Must mean you’re about to bring the heat".
    • "I tried acupuncture for the first time and now I have to go cry in a ball for twelve days."
  • Derrick Bateman and Maxine full on making out inside of the ring on NXT while Titus O'Neil covers AJ's eyes at ringside. Hilarious in Hindsight, considering that full-blown makeout sessions inside the ring sort of became AJ's hat later.
  • "A frantic AJ Lee and her friend Big E. Langston leave Smackdown in a hurry" on YouTube. note  - basically 63 seconds of AJ having a Villainous Breakdown being Played for Laughs.
  • AJ Lee, CM Punk, Fandango and Kofi Kingston take on Nerdist in All-Star Celebrity Bowling.
    AJ to CM Punk: No spanking!
  • In the Divas Halloween Battle Royal AJ is dressed as Kitana from Mortal Kombat. One of her initial moves? Trying to do Kitana's fan lift on Tamina. She, ah... almost gets it.
  • Kaitlyn, Kane and Bryan talk smack about AJ backstage. About a minute later, AJ walks in, overhears them and leans against the wall, listening as they keep obliviously talking shit about her. Well, until Kaitlyn calls her crazy, of course...
  • AJ makes out with Daniel Bryan at Smackdown... and then about ten seconds later, she runs after CM Punk and makes out with him too. Then she skips away without a word of explanation, leaving both men staring after her, utterly baffled.
  • AJ on why Vickie Guerrero hates her: 'What did I do to her? What, I stole her boyfriend? I do that a lot, OK? It's nothing personal.'
  • This bit from one segment of NXT:
    Matt Striker: What's your talent?
  • This article, where AJ rated her kisses with various superstars:
    • On Bryan: "The thing that really haunts AJ, though, was being one “I do” away from becoming Mrs. Daniel Bryan at Raw 1,000. “I almost married that,” she said in disbelief. “I almost married that beard. That could have been my beard for life, which is something I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about. Often.”"
    • On Kane: "Whether we’re talking about the in-ring kiss or the kiss in the romantic, beautiful setting of the boiler room at No Way Out, I'd describe the kiss as tasting like fire, brimstone and the ingested souls of tiny orphans, in a good way. A really good way.”
    • On Cena: “You know, kissing John Cena felt like kissing America and every action hero ever,” she explained. “It was awesome, but he’s just a little vanilla for my taste. I like ’em a little different, a little weird. Clearly.”
    • On Ziggler: "Apparently, saved the best for last, because when we asked AJ to describe snogging The Showoff she unleashed a breathless barrage of sweeping hyperbole so rapid-fire that we’re not quite sure what she was trying to say. We think we heard something about the ocean breeze, choirs of angels singing and the phrase “heat from my undercarriage” thrown out there at some point, though. We can’t be sure."
  • Every interaction she has with Paige where the two of them are pretending to be friends. It's so obviously fake that it's just hilarious.
    • Special mention goes to when Paige was giving commentary during one of AJ's matches. After the match ended, AJ skipped over and sat on the announce table.
      AJ: Hey, Paige.
      Paige: Hi, AJ.
      AJ: How you doin'?
      Paige: Good, thanks.
      Long, awkward pause
      AJ: Well, bye!

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