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"Put your weight on it, put your weight on it!"

Disco Godfather is a 1979 Blaxploitation film, starring Rudy Ray Moore as Tucker Williams, a former cop, dancing and martial arts "expert", turned crazily popular Disco DJ and club owner. When his nephew, a promising basketball talent named Bucky gets "whacked out" on PCP, Tucker decides to go after the PCP dealer himself and administer some street justice, Disco-style.

As usual, when dealing with Rudy Ray Moore, badly choreographed fights and Narm Charm ensues.



  • Arc Words: "Put your weight on it, put your weight on it!" Supposedly, Rudy Ray Moore actually trademarked this!
    • "Attack the whack!"
  • Artistic License – Law: There's no way you could trademark something as generic as "put your weight on it".
  • Dance Battler: Tucker Williams and all his friends from the Disco.
  • Downer Ending: Tucker not only fails to stop the bad guy, he gets "whacked out" himself. The only possible light spot is that Bucky seems to be doing better.
  • Genre Mashup: The film is multi-genre interface picture representing the genres of dance/music, comedy, martial arts/action, crime/gangster and cult and B-movies.
  • Mood Whiplash: After one of the darkest and most surreal endings of any Disco movie (hell, any movie!) ever, the credits roll over a still image of Tucker DJ'ing in his jumpsuit, while upbeat Disco music plays.
  • Mushroom Samba: The PCP trips are treated more like a case of demonic possession. The "treatment" doesn't seem to consist of anything more than a priest reading a sermon!
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  • Orgasmic Combat: Tucker has a fight with a bullwhip-wielding cowboy who gives us this wonderful piece of information:
    "I could've killed you back there, asshole, but this is how I get my nut off!"
  • Papa Wolf: Tucker launches a one-man crusade against Angel Dust after his nephew Bucky becomes an addict.
  • Remember the New Guy?: During the final fight scene at Stinger's warehouse, a random guy in a blue tracksuit shows up to help Tucker battle the drug dealers. The character (played by Howard Jackson) is referred to a "Special Karate Fighter" in the credits, and it's never really explained where he came from. In real life, Howard Jackson was Rudy Ray Moore's martial arts instructor.
  • The Un-Reveal: After talking to his old police buddies about his situation, one of them says that only two things can get Tucker mad. One of them is messing with his family... and we never get to hear the other.