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Roll of the Dice is a 2021 fanfic crossover by DrummondType2 of My-HiME and Dungeons & Dragons, initially just the role-playing game, but later combined with the animated series.

The first few chapters portray a series of role-playing sessions between the various HiME after the events of the series, intercutting between the gaming session and the events of the game as though they were actually happening. Later, their former nemesis, Nagi, interrupts their gaming to offer them what he calls a "gift", transporting them into the actual game itself.


Roll of the Dice provides examples of:

  • Agony of the Feet: Shizuru, who was the poster child for Brilliant, but Lazy in the original anime, develops severe blisters on her feet when they're transported to the world of the game and has to walk for days on end.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Haruka and Yukino. Nao is upset that she missed it.
  • Big Eater: Mikoto, per the norm, constantly complains of being hungry.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Referencing the audio dramas, Midori mentions that there was underage drinking going on in the dorms. Mai, Nao, and Natsuki are immediately alarmed that their teacher is aware of this fact. Naturally, Mikoto told her.
    • Another nod to the audio dramas, when Natuski is sick, Midori wants to attempt a "previously proven" folk remedy involving a green onion and Natsuki's rear end. Shizuru intervenes, despite being in favor of the treatment in the past, as she is now in a committed relationship with Natsuki and feels she must side with her, instead.
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    • One side-quest see Natsuki acquire a dire-wolf, whom she immediately names Duran. Nagi later hints when they're transported to the world of the game that it's actually the spirit of her CHILD.
    • Shizuru runs another side quest when Natsuki is sick where Nao and Haruka are given a chance to vent against a giant hydra, referencing Shizuru's CHILD, Kiyohime.
    • When Nao complains that Takumi gets to ride Natsuki's dire wolf, Natsuki points out that he's the subject of a recent heart transplant, and needs to take it easy.
  • Cutting Back to Reality: The story opens with an Imagine Spot of the in-game play, before a hungry Mikoto interrupts, and Natsuki gets up from the game to order pizza. There are several moments like this through the early chapters, until Nagi puts them in another world for real.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Shizuru does not think it wise to run movies with explicit sex scenes while Mikoto is in the room.
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    • When the team starts to run low on funds, Midori begins to chide Haruka for not allowing them to loot their fallen enemies. Shizuru comes to Haruka's defense, pointing out that Haruka would have taken hits to her stats if she played against character type.
    • When Nao complains that Takumi is allowed to ride Natsuki's dire wolf, while she has to walk, Natsuki calls for a show of hands for all those who have had a heart transplant and need to take it easy. Takumi sheepishly raises his hand. Natsuki notes that no one else seems to be raising theirs, so Takumi is allowed to ride and not walk.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: When Yuuichi joins in, he complains that their first battle is against a dragon. Natsuki asks him if he expected to be fighting fluffy bunnies in a game called Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Natsuki's character in the game is a half-human half-elf Ranger. She is later transformed into one for real by Nagi, leaving her very agitated by the sudden transformation of her ears.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Natsuki explicitly calls Haruka this, saying that the role of Paladin suits her because of it.
  • Moment Killer: When Haruka is about to kiss Yukino, Mikoto's rumbling stomach catches everyone's attention, interrupting the kiss.
  • Pineapple Ruins Pizza: During a session of Dungeons & Dragons with several of the HiME, it is revealed that Natsuki likes pineapple on her pizza. It's quite telling that not even Mikoto will touch it willingly.
  • Porn Stash: Shizuru is perturbed that her collection of lesbian romance films is treated as this trope. She points out that they are no more explicit than the romance movies that Mai and Yuuichi might watch together, to which Haruka gives reluctant agreement.
  • Romantic Ribbing: Shizuru dons an Invisibility Cloak to sneak up on Natsuki while the latter is bathing in a pond. See This Is Reality.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Shown Their Work: The gamebooks are from the Third Edition, meaning that characters who do not adhere to their alignment still take penalties to their stats, unlike later editions of the game.
  • Sick Episode: Natsuki has to sit out during one session as she has a bad cold. Shizuru takes the opportunity to get everyone to switch roles and do a side quest.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: When the story begins to incorporate elements of the Dungeons & Dragons animated series, Dungeon Master demonstrates that he's still using this technique in his role as Stealth Mentor. Natsuki thinks he does it specifically to annoy her.
  • This Is Reality: While a magical Invisibility Cloak may keep you from being seen, it does not stop you from displacing water.
  • Tragic Keepsake: The gamebooks the girls are using turn out to be mementos of the late Dr. Kuga, which Midori and Yohko found in their college dorm. When they learned it used to belong to Saeko Kuga, they gifted it to Natsuki.