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Roaring ❤ Hearts Pretty Cure is a Pretty Cure OC fanfic created by Caits Meow, which features a motif of constellations, light, and music.

The citizens of the magical kingdom of Illuster enjoy a peaceful existence under the watchful eye of the noble Queen Lucinda and her two daughters, Princess Nerissa and Princess Celes, thanks to the kingdom's magical Rainbow Melody, which protects Illuster from outside harm and resonates with the Roaring Sparks - the embodiment of a person’s emotions, dreams, and willpower - its inhabitants carry within their hearts, granting them increased vigor and health. However, these peaceful days are about to end abruptly.


On the day of Nerissa's 14th birthday celebration, the Rainbow Melody suddenly loses its power. Immediately afterard, an attack is launched from within the castle by the Void Clan, a group that seeks to create a world without will, dreams, or emotion and is led by Sardonyx, a woman who holds a grudge against Illuster for unknown reasons. In the ensuing chaos, the Roaring Sparks of Illuster’s populace are blackened one by one, transforming them into mindless monsters.

Before she can succumb to this fate herself, Queen Lucinda orders her daughters, Sirius, head librarian of the royal library, and Amber, bodyguard to the princesses of Illuster, to flee to Earth, along with the Celestial Orgel that once held the Rainbow Melody and the kingdom's four sacred Roaring Medallions, tasking the group with the restoration of the Rainbow Melody and with it, the hearts of Illuster’s people. Unfortunately, the Celestial Orgel, two of the Roaring Medallions and Princess Celes are separated from the group during their escape attempt.


Now stranded on Earth, Nerissa and Amber take on the identities of junior high school students Nanami Nagisa and Kohaku Shishioh in order to blend in with the general populace as they commence their mission to restore the Rainbow Melody and save Illuster. Their task is complicated by the presence of the Void Clan, who have followed them to Earth in order to both pursue their own goals and defeat the remnants of Illuster once and for all. Thankfully, Nanami and Kohaku have the ability to fight back this time around by using the Roaring Medallions to transform into the magical warriors Cure Delphinus and Cure Leo.

The story is in-progress and can be read on on Ao3 or on


This fanfic contains examples of:

  • Adults Are Useless: Played straight for the most part, with the most competent members of the cast being all of fourteen years old, but Tsubasa Aozora, the owner of the Shooting Star cafe where Nanami and Kohaku stay and the two's first Secret Keeper is a definite aversion. She's even capable of holding her own in a fight to an extent.
  • Aliens Speaking English: But of course. It's hand-waved early on as the result of magic before any pretense of explaining it further is summarily dropped.
  • Always Identical Twins: Mostly played straight with Yuu and Tsukiko - the two have different eye and hair colors but share the exact same height, build, and facial features.
  • Anatomy of the Soul: Roaring Sparks, the crystallized embodiment of an individual's dreams, emotions, and willpower. Corrupting sufficiently bright ones to create the Monster of the Week forms the Void Clan's modus operandi.
  • Beach Episode: Episodes 15 and 16, which take place primarily on the Himi family's private island.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: "Pretty Cure! Roaring Rebirth!"
  • Dark Magical Girl:
    • Tourmaline and Selenite, the Void Clan's resident Creepy Twins, who decide to spy on the Cures as transfer students starting from episode 6.
    • Episode 8 reveals another DMG in the form of Princess Celes, who began serving the whims of the Void Clan after enabling their invasion of Illuster in the first place.
  • Elemental Powers: Both sides possess these. The Cures use water (with a side of Petal Power) and lightning, respectively, while the Void Clan members use fire, earth, wind, and light.
  • Elsewhere Fic
  • Empty Eyes: All of the Void Triad have these as a way to draw attention to their inhumanity. Their eyes are a bit more normal-looking when they're posing as normal humans, but even then, they're noticeably dull.
  • Final Boss Preview: Sardonyx shows up to handily defeat Pretty Cure in episode 12. Were it not for some last-second intervention, she would have easily taken out the heroines prematurely.
  • Good Hurts Evil: The Void Triad is unable to touch the Celestial Orgel for this reason. However, this stipulation does not apply to Princess Celes, even after her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The Hoshikawa siblings officially have one in episode 16, after ten-odd episodes of character development.
  • In the Name of the Moon:
    Delphinus: Guardian of the ocean that blooms with life! Blossom Knight, Cure Delphinus!
    Leo: Guardian of the wind that sweeps through the plains! Tempest Knight, Cure Leo!
    Both: The two of us are Pretty Cure!
    Leo: Those who cruelly meddle with the hearts of others-
    Delphinus: We'll put a stop to your actions at once!
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: The Melody Arms, which give Delphinus and Leo upgraded versions of their solo finishers.
  • Monster of the Week: Utsuroid, beings created by corrupting the Roaring Sparks of unlucky targets.
  • New Transfer Student: Four of them - Nanami and Kohaku in episode 3 and the Hoshikawa twins in episode 6. The sheer weirdness of this many transfers in such a short frame of time does not go unnoticed by a handful of characters.
  • One-Gender School: Sorairo Academy, an all-girls' school. It has a Spear Counterpart in Nagareboshi Academy, an all boys' school, but the latter is far out of focus due to the nature of the series.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Yuu and Tsukiko Hoshikawa, aka Tourmaline and Selenite. Yuu is tactless, asocial, and borderline emotionless (at least in her civilain disguise), while Tsukiko is friendlier, sociable, and more emotional, although she's still pretty subdued.
  • The Reveal:
    • In episode 8 - Celes was responsible for the events that led to Illuster's corruption and is now operating on the side of the villains.
    • In episode 10 - Illuster is ignorant of the existence of The Kingdom of Crystals, Sardonyx's doomed homeland. The Void Clan's invasion might have been misguided.
    • In episode 12 - Sardonyx targeted Illuster after her homeland fell to a similar affliction. Every kingdom that is affected in this manner is forgotten by all but those who inhabited it. And Celes destroying the Rainbow Melody was a result of a terrible mistake on her end, not any sort of malice.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: Nanami and Kohaku, who become the story's Official Couple after episode 15. Supporting characters and resident Beta Couple Yuzuki Himi and Robin Asahina also fit this trope.
  • Sibling Team: The Void Triad is comprised of three siblings - elder brother Agate and his younger twin sisters, Tourmaline and Selenite, who serve as Sardonyx's enforcers.
  • Story Arc: Several.
    • Episodes 1-5 form an introductory arc, establishing the story's premise and the main characters, culminating in Nanami and Kohaku addressing an important matter lying between them and becoming partners in earnest.
    • Episodes 6-16 comprise the Hoshikawa siblings' redemption arc, starting with Yuu and Tsukiko infiltrating Sorairo Academy and culminating in the siblings' Heel–Face Turn.
    • Episodes 17-22 form an introductory arc for Cure Pavo and Cure Lepus, as the Void Clan begins to undergo some dramatic shifts in organization.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: The initial duo of Cures possesses this dynamic - Cure Leo tends to use her powers to create energy blades and favors close-up attacks, while Cure Delphinus favors ranged elemental attacks.
  • Theme Naming:
    • The Cures are named for constellations, while the villains are named after gemstones. Many locations around Seizato possess astrological or sky-themed names as well.
    • As far as supporting characters go, Yuzuki's (temporary) Girl Posse possess names note  that are puns on "Girl A, Girl B, and Girl C" along with primary color surnames, while the Hero Club's surnames note  contain the characters for one, two, and three.
  • Those Two Guys: Misaki Saegusa and Taeko Ichizaki, magical girl enthusiasts who quickly become fixated on Pretty Cure. The two officially form a Power Trio with their friend Sakuya Futaki, but since he's a boy, and Sorairo Academy is a One-Gender School, he winds up Out of Focus compared to his two compatriots.
  • Title Drop: Occurs as part of the Cures' combined attack:
    Our radiantly roaring hearts shall become the light that pierces the void!
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Several examples.
    • Nanami and Kohaku play with this a bit. Kohaku is a tall, short-haired, and tomboyish bodyguard, but she is also fairly timid under pressure and not particularly take-charge. Nanami, meanwhile, is a petite, long-haired, and feminine princess who displays a fiery streak under pressure and is considerably more strong-willed.
    • Resident Beta Couple Robin Asahina and Yuzuki Himi play this more straightly, with Robin being a loud and athletic Butch Lesbian and Yuzuki being her calmer and more refined femme counterpart.
    • Misaki Saegusa and Taeko Ichizaki also count - Taeko is a short-haired and athletic tokusatsu fangirl while Misaki is an aspiring net idol with an interest in fashion.
  • Transformation Trinket: The Cures' CD player-esque Roaring Compacts.
  • Trapped in Another World: Nanami, Kohaku, and Sirius' situation after Illuster is taken over. Restoring and returning to their home kingdom forms their core motivation.
  • Undead Tax Exemption: Nanami and Kohaku and later, the Hoshikawa twins are all subject to this. It's hand-waved as Sirius and later, Agate 'pulling some strings' and never explained beyond that.
  • Victim of the Week: The creation of the Monster of the Week necessitates one. For the most part, every victim is or goes on to be a recurring character, although there are exceptions here and there.
  • Villains Out Shopping: The Void Triad do this constantly, helped along by two of their members posing as normal schoolgirls. Agate in particular becomes a frequent Shooting Star patron after falling in love with the coffee in episode 5.
  • Wonder Twin Powers: But of course. Notably, the Cures can't pull out their combined finisher until episode 5 due to the unaddressed issues between the two of them leaving their hearts out of sync. Yuu and Tsukiko, who are literal twins, also demonstrate this as villains. It carries over once they become Cure Pavo and Cure Lepus.
  • World of Silence: The Void Clan's endgame would create a multiverse of silence.


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