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Fanfic / Ryanasaurus0077s Pretty Cure Fanseries

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These are the Curefics of Ryanasaurus0077, set in his original, outdated Cureverse.

Per his own admission, many of them are In the Style of... something; for example:

The following are stock elements of his Curefics:

  • There will usually be a tomboy within the Cure team; if not a Cure herself, she'll almost always be a direct ally, a la the Companions.
  • There will usually be a crossdresser, often on both sides of the gender line; the male crossdresser will sometimes be interested in ballet and will often be a Cure himself, and the female crossdresser is almost always a Cure. Sometimes, there'll be more than one crossdresser on one (or, less often, both) side(s) of the gender line.
  • Expect popular music to turn up at least once.
  • There will be swearing. In the more family-friendly Curefics, don't expect things to get any stronger than the occasional "bastard" or "shit", but otherwise, expect the F word to be tossed around frequently. (He usually shies away from the C word, though, and for good reason.)
  • Attention to detail is given to certain objects, particularly if they're related to cinema.
  • Whenever an exercise video is shown, it's always the original Jane Fonda's Workout. No exceptions. The footage may come from either of the two workout segments presented on the tape.
  • More often than not, a villain makes a Heel–Face Turn somewhere in the story, usually at or close to the halfway point.
  • He really enjoys his Stock British Phrases, and he'll often employ them to remind readers that a certain character speaks with a British accent.
  • He seems to like the word "limey" too much; incidentally, he's one quarter limey himself, on his maternal grandmother's side (specifically, he has the Stratford blood flowing in his veins).
  • As of late, the phrase "verboten, nicht, no queremos" seems set to be featured in at least a few future Curefics.
  • Tropes often get subverted, averted, inverted, defied, or otherwise played with to hell and back in his works.
  • And last, but far from least, because he's an unrepentant Batgeek...

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