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Fan Fic / Pretty Cure Balls to the Wall!

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Pretty Cure - Balls to the Wall! is a Pretty Cure fanfiction and a fanseries by Snark. The story follows a Pretty Cure duo with a Sun/Moon theme (and an eventual Sixth Ranger) in their battle against Adolf Hitler and his army of Moon Nazis, the Fourth Reich (yes, really).

On 30 April 1945, Hitler, the Lord of Darkness, was found dead, having committed suicide alongside his wife, Eva Braun. Or so the world thought. In fact, it was not the body of Hitler at all that was discovered, but that of a double. The real Hitler had left this Earth long before. In 1943, the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele, and a team of Nazi superscientist had discovered a new powersource, one with infinite potential; the Star Keys, powerful artifacts that would allow their wielders to harness the limitless power of the stars.


Desiring this power, Hitler set into motion his greatest plan; he would leave Germany in the hands of a trusted body double, and journey alongside a trusted group of followers to the darkness of space to secure the Star Keys. From their base of operations on the Moon, Hitler and his minions learned of the Garden of Stars, whose inhabitants lived in peace while guarding the Star Keys. Without mercy or remorse, Hitler and his Moon Nazis attacked the Garden of Stars, all but destroying the once idyllic paradise. However, before he could steal all the Star Keys, he was faced with a power the likes of him had never seen; the Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure. After many great battles, Hitler finally defeated the Legendary Warriors, but by the time he had done so, the surviving residents of the Garden of Stars had escaped, along with several of the Star Keys.


As fate would have it, Fuupy and Buupy, holders of two of the Star Keys, made their way to Earth, where they encourntered two girls, Hanamura Hayase and Kaneda Kaede. With no other alternative available to them, Fuupy and Buupy granted the girls the power of Pretty Cure, giving birth to a new generation of Legendary Warriors. Now, as Cure Luna and Cure Solar, Hayase and Kaede defend the world against the dread forces of Hitler and the Fourth Reich!

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