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  • Dean and/or Sam is turned into some kind of monster.
  • One of them isn't a Winchester, so they can be paired safely.
  • A character from another fandom turns out to be their sibling.
  • Female equivalents to the brothers are introduced, or the brothers are genderswapped, usually because of witches.
  • Dean is also one of the special children.
  • A demon summoning calls forth a character from another fandom who does not behave the way demons in Supernatural usually do. Ex: An attempt to summon "the Morning Star" results in Dawn appearing, dressed up like The Devil for a Halloween party. Or cultists call upon "the Yellow-Eyed Demon" and get Crowley. (No, not the one in the show.)
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  • Two of Dean, Sam, and Castiel have to pretend to be a couple for a case. Naturally, this will lead to these two finally resolving the major Unresolved Sexual Tension between them.
  • A character in denial about being in love with another character gets trapped in a Djinn-induced dream of being happily together with that character that forces them to confront their feelings.
  • One of the Winchester brothers gets turned into a dog, usually Sam.
  • Wingfic where one or both of the Winchester brothers become an angel.
  • Castiel's vessel is destroyed or incapacitated and he has to possess another suitable human vessel which will be either Claire, Dean, Sam, or a hot woman who inspires uncomfortable thoughts in Dean.
  • If you ship Dean/Castiel and want to write a canon-compliant sex scene, you've written a fic set after the brothel scene in "Free to be You and Me" or during the overnight time jump in "Heaven Can't Wait".
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  • Another popular plot in Dean/Castiel fics is Sam and their friends losing patience with the two of them being the only ones in the world who can't see their mutual pining for each other and conspiring to get them locked up in a room together or some other scheme to get them to finally resolve their UST.
  • The Impala becomes human, usually now resembling Ian Somerhalder.
  • John Winchester is brought back to life, leading to awkward/strained/complicated interactions with his sons. Bonus points if Dean is in a relationship with Castiel or Sam and they try to hide it from John out of fear of how he'll react to it.
  • End verse and 'Terrible Life' verse mashups (usually featuring Dean Smith or Sam Wesson with either future Dean, future Cas, Lucifer, or some combination thereof).
  • Role Swap AUs in which Dean and Sam are angels and Castiel is a human hunter (and other angels like Anna or Balthazar may also be human hunters).
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  • "Kripke Started It" — a crossover à la the episode "Changing Channels", wherein Sam and Dean get dropped into another TV show—was pretty common for a while.
  • Fics about what happened when the brothers were kids/teens (wee Winchester and teen Winchester, respectively) are an unending source of angst, as are any fics involving Sam's Stanford years that don't alter the events of the pilot.
  • The person responsible for the creation of the Omegaverse in fiction came up with it for a Supernatural Real-Person Fic. The concept has become extremely popular in other fandoms, especially the CW's The 100 as of late. A rundown of Omegaverse's history and common tropes can be found here.
  • Sam as the Boy King of Hell or Dean turning into a demon while in Hell were pretty popular for a while. The season 9 finale spawned a wave of fics involving Sam's demon blood addiction coming back full-force with Dean becoming a demon.
  • Castiel becoming human at the end of season 8 inspired a wave of Dean/Castiel fics where Dean helps him adjust to his newfound humanity and/or his more active human libido. Even after Castiel regained his angel powers midway through season 9, many post-season 9 Dean/Castiel fics will still have him permanently lose his grace for some reason or other to resolve the Mayfly–December Romance implications of their relationship.
  • Jack either not aging overnight into a teenager after his birth or de-aging himself back into an infant or child post-canon so that he can live the childhood he never got to have, letting Castiel and the Winchesters have more traditional Kid Fic plots with him.
  • Fics set during seasons 1-3 that have Dean and Sam meet and befriend Castiel earlier than in canon, usually due to Castiel time-traveling, entering an alternate timeline, or being an ordinary human who runs into the brothers by chance (and will have a better-than-even chance of turning out to be a fallen angel with no memories of his past).
  • AU fic branching off from anywhere in season 4 and 5 focusing on the idea of building up Team Free Will and saving the world that way; the main group is usually Sam, Dean, Cas, and Gabriel, with Bobby and Crowley as backup and Jo, Ellen, Ruby, Charlie, or Balthazar as allies depending on who the author wants to have survived or be redeemed.
  • On a more meta level, writers' room crack involving the No-Homo Intern and Gilbert the Shipper!NSA Agent is rapidly becoming a thing. With a large array of particularly Nice Hats.
  • The show's ending spawned a ton of Fix Fics that typically take one of the following approaches:
    • Fix the last episode by having Castiel get rescued from the Empty by Dean and/or Jack, Dean not die, and Jack agree to at least visit his family on occasion instead of taking an entirely hands-off approach to being God. More ambitious fix fics will also rewrite the second-to-last episode to have Chuck get defeated differently, such as having Amara do a Split-Personality Takeover.
    • Treat the last episode as having indeed occurred, but depict its events as all just a Djinn-created dream or Chuck tricking the characters into believing they'd defeated him when he was still manipulating them all along.
    • Treat the last episode as having indeed occurred, but write a Continuation Fic where Dean reunites with Castiel and his other friends in Heaven instead of just Bobby and Sam.