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  • Charmed:
    • A subset of fanfics are known as "Chris revelation fics", which alter how his true identity is revealed, invariably in ways which increase the drama and/or angst level compared to canon. "Almost obligatory" for a writer in the fandom to have written such a story.
    • There's a related subset of Fix Fic stories, often the same fic or a sequel to one of the above, which allows Chris to in some way survive the end of the sixth season.
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    • Charmed has a large subset of fics where Paige meets Prue, whether as a ghost, through some sort of time travel, or in an AU where either Prue didn't die or the sisters found Paige earlier than they did in cannon.
  • Back in 2005/2006, probably a good fifth of all Criminal Minds fic involved Reid being kidnapped and tortured. It was so common that people wrote parodies of it. Then the show itself used that plot, and it became less popular in fanfiction.
  • Friends:
    • It has a ton of Season 6 Alternate-Ending fics when Monica believes Chandler's Zany Scheme and leaves him. (Which the audience were led to believe had happened.) They usually involve Chandler going to find her again or falling into deep depression until she comes back.
    • 'Kid Fics' are a genre on its own. The series ended with all the characters starting families so there are lots of stories about the friends raising their children together or even their children growing up, moving to the city and drinking lots of coffee themselves.
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  • With Jeeves and Wooster being such an innocent series, there's a good handful of fics involving Bertie discovering the concept of sexuality.
  • Heroes:
    • Mohinder/Sylar fans have The Road Trip. It's amazing how much fic there is set in those, what? Three days? Of course, give the nature of their relationship, if they ever secretly had sex, that's when they did it.
    • Fandom happily took Matt and Mohinder raising a kid together and ran with it.
  • House:
    • If you're a fan who likes House/Wilson and dark Wilson, it's almost obligatory for you to write a post-"Wilson's Heart" fic where Wilson loses it after Amber's death and takes it out on House, who is either so brain-damaged or so guilty that he doesn't fight back.
    • There's plenty of fics where House's vulnerable/hidden decent moments get dragged out into the public, almost always including Tritter knocking his cane out from under him.
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  • If you write for How I Met Your Mother and you like Barney/Robin, you have written an episode tag to "Benefits" and/or "Sandcastles in the Sand". Almost every fic since the series finale has been a Fix Fic for it.
  • Laverne & Shirley:
    • Several dark stories focus on an elderly version of one of the protagonists dying and the others reminiscing.
    • Some fanfics ship the title characters, usually with one or both finding out she's bi or a lesbian and wondering if it means their friendship will end. Some even have them get married.
    • If Laverne isn't shipped with Shirley, she's usually shipped with Lenny.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: It's not entirely surprising that many, many Alex/Olivia fics write the missing scene from "Ghost", because the preceding scene deliberately written like that to cheer the shippers up, and then left it nice and ambiguous what it was that they were doing, all by themselves in a hotel room after a meaningful conversation about being someone you're not. Hoo, boy...
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.:
    • There's a trend of prejudice!fics in which Illya, during his early days in New York, is loathed and blatantly discriminated against by Americans (usually including his fellow U.N.C.L.E. agents). Napoleon is the only person who is nice to him at first.
    • Illya is not canonically married, but actor David McCallum kept his wedding ring on during filming. This has led a number of fanwriters to produce stories that explain the ring in-universe. The explanations themselves vary widely, from a sentimental heirloom, to the sign of a secret, forbidden marriage, to a plastic trinket he wears to mess with people.
  • Merlin:
    • The fandom is very fond of stories that have the title character reveal his magic to Arthur and/or the rest of Camelot, intentionally or otherwise. These are mostly written since the series has Status Quo Is God in full effect in regard to this, until most likely the eventual Grand Finale (nearly everyone who finds out about his magic tend to end up soon Put on a Bus or dead). After the Grand Finale, the number of Fix Fic explodes due to Arthur's death.
    • The fandom is excessively fond of Modern!AU fic, generally Merlin×Arthur in either high school, university or work depending on the age of the writer. This also exploded after the finale due to Merlin-waited-for-Arthur-for-a-thousand-years becoming canon.
  • Mork & Mindy: Around the time Mork's actor, Robin Williams, died, it became common for a while to kill off Mork in fanfiction too.
  • Strictly speaking, most Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanfics by far work the same, namely the same as the show itself. The only difference is that instead of movies, Joel/Mike and the bots riff on other fanfics. Or sometimes they riff on spam mail or whatever the author deems good riffing material. In other words, next to all Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanfics are MSTings.
  • Power Rangers:
    • There are stories that feature Tommy post-Zeo have two options: tackle the reason for the infamous "Dear John" Letter that caused Tommy and Kimberly to break up, or completely ignore it. Fans have since gotten very tired of new stories that choose to tackle it, to the extent that even season 12, Dino Thunder, which brought Tommy back as an active Ranger, completely ignored his romantic past. Stories that feature Kimberly have no choice but to tackle it. An equally captivating problem for the fans is that of Tommy and Kat, as a Flash Forward episode outright shows them as eventually marrying, which makes the lack of any mention of her and of any implication of Tommy's romantic life from Dino Thunder a complicated issue for 'ficcers to address, as most take the earlier episode as gospel truth.
    • There's a common Fan Fic cliche of creating a invoked Mary Sue female ranger who joins the team at a latter date (or inserted in the beginning as a Remember the New Guy? fashion) and falls in love with one of the rangers (usually the Red Ranger of the chosen series). As the years went on, it became common to make said Mary Sue related to one of the rangers of the earlier teams (usually Tommy and/or Kim) and have the team fawn all over her and comment on her "ranger heritage" or her "natural talent". It's common for invoked Mary Sue characters to be a part of every proceeding Ranger team from that point onward (or if enough years have passed, their child will take up the mantle).
    • There's an increasing number of fics concerning Rangers from a previous series going on trips to scope out the newest team. Sometimes there's only a year apart, sometimes they're members of the original group. A lot of the time they seek out the teams with similar themes, and often they'll dispense advice and brag about how cool the new ranger in their colour is.
  • Due to the nature of the show itself, Quantum Leap fan fics are Crossovers more often than not. The idea is always to have Sam leap into a fictional character from an entirely different franchise, even if it's a cartoon animal. And since Quantum Leap runs on Hand Wave, there's never a reason why Sam couldn't leap into a particular character, so Quantum Leap can technically be crossed over with anything. In fact, the majority of Quantum Leap fanfics comes from other fandoms.
  • Fans of The Sarah Jane Adventures like to have an earlier incarnation of the Doctor, usually the third or fourth, although any will do, show up at Sarah Jane's house.
  • Sherlock:
  • Sliders: Many many many fanfic authors have written essentially the same Fix Fic for all the changes made from season three onward: after the Season Five ends with a Cliffhanger series finale that never got a continuation, Rembrandt lands on what we've thought was their world since "The Exodus," and finds out it's really the similar world form "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome," an episode which ended with the team unsure that the right version of the Professor is who came with them. He finds they did get the wrong one, gets the original Professor back, he figures out how to fix Quinn, and every member of the team who isn't of the original cast settles down or dies horribly depending on how the writer feels about them, and pretty much in precisely that order. It's to the point that if you can find a fanfic about the season five cast that isn't a "ditch them and bring back the season one cast" story, you are truly a god of the search engine.
  • The ending of the first season of The Society has led to a plethora of fics about Grizz leading a revolution against Campbell and Harry, being chosen as the mayor of New Ham, and getting back together with Sam in pretty quick succession.
  • Stargate-verse:
    • Fic dealing with Don't Ask, Don't Tell is common in slash.
    • Fics dealing with the military's policy against fraternization are common on the straight side of things, such as Jack/Carter fics.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: The Original Series:
      • Any Kirk/Spock author worth their salt has written at least one, if not several, fic(s) featuring the duo in a cave. The "Kirk and Spock are in a shuttlecraft together, it crashes on a godforsaken planet, they hide in a cave, and Spock goes into Pon Farr" plot has even become a Dead Horse Trope in the fandom, parodied by Genre Savvy fans with the "rude person" meme.
      • Kirk/Spock fics set immediately after "Amok Time" are extremely common, using the idea that the shock of "killing" Kirk didn't stop Spock's pon farr so much as postpone it. And now that he doesn't have a wife to mate with...
      • The invoked Mary Sue plot. At one time, the term "Mary Sue story" referred to the specific plot parodied by A Trekkie's Tale. This plot was once very common, but is now largely forgotten. The character in the story would be recognized as a Mary Sue by modern standards, but it's much more formulaic and Trek-centric. The 1992 book Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth defines it as follows:
      "Mary Sue is the youngest officer ever to serve on the starship Enterprise. She is a teenager, tall and slim, with clear skin and straight teeth. If she is not blond, Mary Sue is half Vulcan, her ears delicately pointed. But Mary Sue is not just another pretty face. She is usually highly educated, with degrees from universities throughout the known universe in all fields of technical and cultural studies (or an equivalent head of her class in Starfleet Academy). She can mend the Enterprise with a hairpin, save the lives of the crew through wit, courage, and, occasionally, the sacrifice of her virtue. If the formula is strictly followed, Lieutenant Mary Sue dies in the last paragraph of the story, leaving behind a grieving but safe crew and ship."
    (How pervasive is this pattern? Several of the licensed novels have followed it.)
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has the Trill zhian'tara ritual, where the personalities of a joined Trill's past hosts are placed into their companions.
    • If Deanna Troi is featured in a Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfic, she'll usually either be whiny and/or disliked by Picard and the rest of the crew, a parody of herself with her love for chocolate cranked Up to Eleven (sometimes due to PMS or pregnancy), or described poetically, only to have her die.
  • Supergirl (2015):
    • In nearly every fic where Lena and Clark meet, they have a Friendship Moment where they remember Lex from before he went crazy and killed a bunch of people. For years Clark was Lex's only friend, and Lena always looked up to Lex as her cool older brother. Not many people have kind words regarding Lex any more, but Clark and Lena still manage to share some.
    • In the first season, the Fan-Preferred Couple was Kara/Cat; since Cat didn't know Kara was Supergirl in canon, the vast majority of shipping fics started with her learning the truth. From season 2 on, the Fan-Preferred Couple became Kara/Lena, who likewise didn't know, and likewise typically learned at the beginning of the fic. One twist was that it was often revealed that Lena had known the whole time. One extremely specific scene that reoccurs with some frequency is Lena delicately removing Kara's glasses to signal the identity reveal.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dean and/or Sam is turned into some kind of monster; one of them isn't a Winchester, so they can be paired safely; a character from another fandom turns out to be their sibling; female equivalents to the brothers are introduced/the brothers are genderswapped, usually because of witches; Dean is also one of the special children.
    • A demon summoning calls forth a character from another fandom who does not behave the way demons in Supernatural usually do. Ex: An attempt to summon "the Morning Star" results in Dawn appearing, dressed up like The Devil for a Halloween party. Or cultists call upon "the Yellow-Eyed Demon" and get Crowley. (No, not the one in the show.)
    • One of the Winchester brothers gets turned into a dog, usually Sam.
    • If you ship Dean/Castiel and are willing to write a sex scene, you've written a fic set after the brothel scene in "Free to be You and Me" or during the overnight time jump in "Heaven Can't Wait".
    • The Impala becomes human, usually now resembling Ian Somerhalder.
    • For some reason, End verse and 'Terrible Life' verse mashups (usually featuring Dean Smith or Sam Wesson with either future Dean, future Cas, Lucifer, or some combination thereof) are surprisingly common.
    • "Kripke Started It"—a crossover à la the episode "Changing Channels", wherein Sam and Dean get dropped into another TV show—was pretty common for a while.
    • Fics about what happened when the brothers were kids/teens (wee Winchester and teen Winchester, respectively) are an unending source of angst, as are any fics involving Sam's Stanford years that don't alter the events of the pilot.
    • The person responsible for the creation of the Omegaverse in fiction came up with it for a Supernatural fanfic. The concept has become extremely popular in other fandoms, especially the CW's The 100 as of late. The basic concept though very rarely the same twice:
    • Sam as the Boy King of Hell or Dean turning into a demon while in Hell were pretty popular for a while. The season 9 finale spawned a wave of fics involving Sam's demon blood addiction coming back full-force now that Dean's been demonized.
    • AU fic branching off from anywhere in season 4 and 5 focusing on the idea of building up Team Free Will and saving the world that way; the main group is usually Sam, Dean, Cas, and Gabriel, with Bobby and Crowley as backup and Jo, Ellen, Ruby, Charlie, or Balthazar as allies depending on who the author wants to have survived or be redeemed.
    • On a more meta level, writers' room crack involving the No-Homo Intern and Gilbert the Shipper!NSA Agent is rapidly becoming a thing. With a large array of particularly Nice Hats.
  • Teen Wolf:
    • Human!AU fics are very common. Werewolves don't exist, and the characters are all connected in some other way instead, like attending the same university/working at he same coffee shop/accidentally getting married in Las Vegas. As a nod to the canon werewolves, many Human!AU fics include actual wolves in some way, especially if Human!Derek is a main character in the fic. Sometimes he just mentions that he likes wolves, but quite a few fics have him studying wolf behavior or working with them in some capacity.
    • It's quite common for fics to have Derek's family still be alive, sometimes because it's actually necessary for the plot, but at least as often simply because dead people are sad and the fic is an attempt to write something Lighter and Softer. To explain them being alive, the author either just ignores the part of the origin story where Kate set their house on fire and everybody died, or alternatively mentions that she tried to set their house on fire but failed or that she succeeded but everybody managed to get out in time.
    • Increasingly, fans are making a plot point (or entire story) out of revealing the truth about werewolves to Sheriff Stilinski. Expect comments to be made (probably by Stiles) about how Stiles' relationship with his father has been suffering because of the necessary lies.
    • Many stories feature Magic!Stiles or Magic!Lydia (warlock/witch, werecat or werefox, demon, psycic). If it's Stiles, he may have been whining about being a Token Human. If it's Lydia, it will explain her immunity to the Bite.
    • Stories where Stiles cross-dresses have become increasingly popular after it was revealed that he was still in contact with a group of drag queens he briefly encounters in a gay bar a few episodes before.
    • Fics where Derek rebuilds the Hale house are very common.
    • Remember that one single time in Canon when Derek came into Stiles's room through the window? Yeah, the fandom took that one and ran with it. A good 80% of Canon based Sterek fic will feature Derek entering and/or exiting Stiles's room through the window.
  • Top Gear crack fanon considers the Stig an alien with Reality Warper powers. This means that "the Stig did it" is an incredibly common explanation for wackiness in crackfic. Sometimes Top Gear Dog or May's cat gets the blame.
  • Twin Peaks: Post-season two fanfics (but written before "The Return") tend to have Audrey going into some sort of law career. Bonus points if she goes into the FBI like Cooper.
  • Odds are, any White Collar fic will either have some sort of Ho Yay between Peter and Neal or at least some Neal whumpage. Based on these, it's hard to believe Neal can cross the street without a) breaking something b) getting kidnapped or c) getting some sort of disease of illness that requires Peter and Elizabeth take care of him.
  • The X-Files:
    • The "Skinner finds out about Mulder's and Scully's relationship" stories. (Which is kind of odd, considering he dropped hints several times in the last two seasons that he already knew about their relationship. Then again, so did everyone else...)
    • It's common to have fics about Mulder and/or Scully being sick with either a cold, the flu, pneumonia, or a stomach bug, though Mulder's had chicken pox in at least two fics. In these stories, they often either try to work while sick or one takes care of the other.
    • Some NSFW X-Files fanfics involve Kinky Spanking, usually with Mulder spanking Scully or Skinner spanking both protagonists. Some even involve underage fetishism!
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: Even though Word of God has long since confirmed it, since the script writers never let the Unresolved Romantic Tension between Xena and Gabrielle grow publicly beyond that, fanfiction is the only place those two can have a real relationship.
  • Victorious:


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