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  • "Buttons" for Lissa, as a result of her unusual hat.
  • Masked Marth has been dubbed "Charth" in some circles.
  • "Edgey" for Virion, thanks to his pronounced resemblance to Miles Edgeworth.
  • NoNo for Nowi, based on her Japanese name Nono.
  • After the revealing of his English name, the great conqueror Walhart took all of about two seconds to be forever known as Walmart. Photoshops of the man himself into actual Walmart locations inevitably followed.
  • Gerome's Domino Mask, black color scheme, grim disposition and Guttural Growler voice have lead many to call him "Batman". Or "Char" if his father passes down blonde hair. Quite a lot of Nightwing as well.
    • Bonus points if Gerome's father is Henry, who can pass down the skill Vengeance, or anyone else who can give him the Dark Knight class.
  • "Prince Morgan" and "Prince Inigo" if Chrom is their father. Less so "Prince Brady", "Princess Cynthia", and "Princess Kjelle", as those names see much less frequent use.
  • Prince Marth, due to character limitations, was localized as "Pr. Marth". Generally he'll be referred to as anything else that contains those two letters; the most common interpretations are Professor Marth and President Marth, but imagination has been people's only limit - there have also been Public Relations Marth, Prudish Marth, Prosecutor Marth, People's Republic of Marth, et cetera.
  • "Darth Validar" for Validar, for obvious reasons.
  • "Disney Princess Henry" has managed to catch on with Tumblr, possibly on account of his association with crows.
  • Those critical of other fellow fans of reducing male!Morgan's whole personality and value to his affection for his mother have given this shallow interpretation of Morgan the nickname "Mama Avatar's/Robin's Pet Poodle". In contrast, the less maligned girl!Morgan is nicknamed "Daddy Avatar/Robin's Right-Hand Kitten".
  • The younger and more moe body/face Builds for the Avatar, which evoke the looks of pre-teen/young teenagers, are nicknamed "Shota Robin"/ "Shotar" / "Shotavatar" and "Loli Robin" / "Lolivatar" / "Lolitar", respectively.
  • Basilio L. Jackson/Basilio Fury for obvious reasons. A Scary Black Man who happens to be a Bald, Black Leader Guy? Check. Eyepatch of Power? Check. Badass? Triple check. Once seen, it can't be unseen.
  • Fluttershy for Olivia, due to being a Shrinking Violet whose color scheme involves yellow in the body (well, clothes) and pink hair. Make her an animal handler, or Fluttershy a dancer, and she'd be a very close humanization. It also really helps that one of Olivia's reclassing options happens to be Pegasus Knight.
  • "Chromvoy" for Chrom. In the late game when Chrom's limited class-set makes it hard for him to keep up with the second generation units you're probably fielding by then, some players keep him out of combat and only use him to restock on broken weapons.
  • RNG Goddess for Anna, because she's everywhere at the same time and in every time. The fandom had made this joke before, but Anna's incarnation(s) in this game really kicked it up a notch.
  • Walhart got nicknamed Batou due to looking oddly like the character, with bonus points for having the same voice actor in English, Richard Epicar.

  • The game's downright bizarre renditions to Armor Knights, like Kellam, have been dubbed "Shellfish" or "Shellfish Knights".
  • Similarly, the Cavaliers have gotten the nickname of "toilet knights" due to the odd design of their armor.
  • Thanks to the fact that Frederick is commonly believed to be the only character who can survive the earlier parts of Lunatic (and Plus) mode (he isn't, the Avatar can do it too thanks to their Veteran XP boost once they abuse the ability to walk on water to cheat multiple kills in the prologue), the early stages of the mode are called Frederick Emblem: Awakening.
  • Rally-Bot: a unit (usually a guest Avatar or Spot Pass character, due to their access to the most classes) equipped with 5 "Rally" skills. They act purely as a Support Party Member whose only role is to provide stat boosts. Pretty much necessary in Apotheosis.
  • The game as a whole has earned the nickname Waifu/Husbando Emblem for the marriage aspect.
  • Due to the many, many references to pies, especially during Chrom and Sumia's supports, many fans have called the game Pie-er Emblem A-bake-ening.

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