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Here's something fun: a Glee drinking game. Have the Bloody Marys ready for Monday, everybody!

Drink when:

  • You notice a trope.
  • You hear the word "seminal", "song", "Barbra", "wanky" or "glee".
    • Each time: "wanky wanky" = two.
  • The episode is title dropped.
  • Someone is drunk.
  • There's an Imagine Spot.
  • Will and Mike dance together, or with Brittany.
  • Brittany:
    • is eating (good luck with season 4!).
    • gives a one-liner.
    • says something profound.
    • says something stupid.
    • gets mad because someone infers that she's stupid.
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    • dances way better than you'd imagine her IQ would allow.
    • kisses someone.
    • avoids saying bisexual.
    • gets math wrong.
    • does... hairography.
    • tries to take over.
    • appears to be pregnant.
    • sings, mentions, "My Cup".
    • does something really heartwarming.
  • Quinn is kind to Rachel.
  • Someone other than Artie is in a wheelchair on screen.
  • Artie walks or dances.
  • Santa Claus is said or mentioned, including in songs.
  • A song is killed.
  • A song is made better.
  • A song is badly made to relate to a character's story line.
  • Journey is sung or mentioned.
    • Don't Stop Believin' is sung = one each time you hear "Don't stop believin'".
  • It's a tribute episode.
  • Fleetwood Mac is sung (both in "Rumours" and not).
  • Wicked is sung or mentioned.
    • Defying Gravity by Kurt/Rachel/Mercedes = shot for everyone singing it, including in your house.
  • Single Ladies is performed.
  • A song is sung more than once on the series (have fun getting through "100").
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  • A song is made into a duet/solo.
  • Back story!
  • Own songs!
    • "Trouty Mouth", "My Headband" sung or referenced.
  • Celebrity guest!
  • Glee member's family are shown (drink per person).
  • Someone finds out Quinn is pregnant.
  • Beth is shown.
    • You include ante-natal Beth (at least once every episode of season 1).
  • A music video is remade/mimicked.
  • Jane Lynch (Coach Sue) sings.
  • Sue lampshades something, including Fridge-wise.
  • Sue calls Kurt "Porcelain"/"sweet Porcelain".
  • Becky smashes a xylophone.
  • Chris Colfer (Kurt) sings higher than you can.
    • Two drinks when he sings in a voice which you actually wouldn't mistake for a woman's.
  • Tiny sip when you get a tiny glimpse of Kurt's teeth when he's singing.
  • Homophobia and/or discrimination are present or implied or discussed. Good luck.
  • Someone gay has a het relationship/kiss/'thing'.
    • Whenever Karofsky/Santana and Kurt/Brittany are together, drink for each of them (because here Brittany is being The Beard).
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    • Someone straight has a gay relationship/kiss/'thing'. So, for whenever you see Santana and Quinn together in "I Do" drink for both of them.
    • Two drinks each time a character's sexuality appears inconsistent.
  • Tina/Rachel is the Fag Hag.
  • Ho Yay kicks the radar in the 'nads.
  • Puck says "nads".
  • Puck is called Noah.
  • Puck plays guitar.
  • Puck's hair is not a Jew-hawk.
  • Every time Rachel gets a solo or some part in a song.
    • Two drinks every rare time she gets called out for being a spotlight hog.
  • Sam or Brittany supposedly have an interest in astrology.
  • Something becomes Hilarious in Hindsight/a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
  • A The Glee Project contestant is there.
  • Rory's accent is misunderstood or its incomprehensibility to Americans lampshaded.
    • Drink whenever you hear it.
  • "Teenage lovemaking" is about to happen/ has just happened.
    • drink each time sex is mentioned.
  • Random Cheerios! appear, somehow willing to join in with the glee club.
  • Mercedes' gospel choir appear.
  • Mercedes and Santana duet.
  • Santana's not in a WMHS cheerleading uniform, including during glee group performances.
  • The band are overlooked.
  • Brad speaks.
  • Holly or April or Terri or Jean or Jacob ben Israel are around.
  • A song is split between Lima and New York.
  • The word 'glee' is shoehorned into an episode title.
  • pedo!Will makes an appearance.
  • Songs are sung before they would have been released.
  • Finn is mentioned in season 5.
    • Two drinks if it's by Rachel.

Episode specific:

  • In "Acafellas" (S01E03) take a shot every time someone mentions "guts," "balls," or "confidence".
  • In "Throwdown" (S01E07) Sue refers to someone by not their name.
  • In "Wheels" (S01E09) you hear "accessible".
  • In "Hairography" (S01E11) you hair "distraction".
  • In "Mattress" (S01E12) people smile wide/are told to smile/sing a song about smiling.
  • In "Hell-O" (S01E14) you hear "hello" or "hell".
  • In "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" (S02E05) "pushing boundaries" is mentioned and The Rocky Horror Picture Show songs sung.
  • In "The Spanish Teacher" (S03E12) "passion" is mentioned and you hear Spanish.
  • In "Saturday Night Glee-ver" (S03E16) disco done and a song from Saturday Night Fever performed.
  • In "Prom-asaurus" (S03E19) the word "dinosaur" is said. Or sung. Or spelled out in song. Mention of Blaine and hair-gel.
  • In "Glease" (S04E06) Grease is mentioned/its songs are performed.
  • In "Glee, Actually" (S04E10) you notice an allusion/ Shout-Out to Love Actually, the Mayan Doomsday is mentioned.
  • In "Girls (And Boys) On Film" (S04E15) a song from a film is done.


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