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You may know me from Glee, which has been called the gayest show on television. You know, I’m sure they mean that in the best way possible.
Naya Riveranote

  • Will watching Finn sing in the shower.
    • And Finn watching Sam do the same thing.
      Finn: "I would've joined in with a kick-ass harmony, but... the dude was naked."
    • How about that other time Sam happened to be showering and Kurt walked in for a chat?
    • And last but not least the hilarious scene in the sixth season when a bunch of the male cast members are peeping around the locker room hoping to randomly discover a new Glee Club member. It works.
  • Puck staring at the Glee kids jealously while they perform with Finn.
  • Finn being more concerned with Puck's reaction than Quinn's to him grinding with Rachel, etc.
    • Or Kurt slapping his butt? Squee was had.
  • Finn is always very sweet to Kurt in particular. For example, he doesn't want to throw a slushie in his face, and when he assumes Kurt is asking him to the prom he politely declines. It might just be that his character is very nice compared to his Jerk Jock friends, though.
    • Then there was that one time Finn reprimanded Puck for pushing Kurt.
  • In "Wheels" Puck explains his reason for fighting with Finn as "I just really like Artie, okay!?" It was a lie, but that won't stop the shippers.
    • Of course, Puck and Artie later do become friends.
  • Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) and Will during the entire episode 19 ("Dream On").
  • Episode 23 ("Audition") brought in (possible) Glee clubber Sam. Puck comments on how big Sam's mouth is, asking "How many tennis balls can you fit in there?" Sam then quips, "I wouldn't know, I've never had any balls in my mouth... have you?" Puck then gives a rather... big smile. Granted it was probably him approving of Sam, but still, this IS Puck we're talking about.
  • In the same episode Finn heard Sam singing in the same way Will heard Finn sing for the first time last season.
    Finn: "Normally I'd come in with a kick-ass harmony, but the dude was naked."
    • The vast majority of Finn and Sam's conversations seem to occur in the locker room, with at least one article of clothing. Good example: the start of "Never Been Kissed", where the two boys take baths in nothing but their underwear next to each other... and promptly start talking about their sex lives.
    • Of course, this quote from "The Rocky Horror Glee Show":
      Sam: Just be you, and the sexy will flow through.
  • Finn singing to Kurt. The song, and Finn himself, absolutely gushes with affection.
  • That one bit, where Puck is talking to Sam while Sam does up his pants? Neither Puck nor Finn were looking at his face.
  • During the scene where Quinn kisses Finn while Sam watches, Sam seems rather excited for someone whose girlfriend is kissing another man. And not only is he staring at Finn the whole time rather than Quinn, he even looks somewhat turned on by him.
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  • After watching "Never Been Kissed" at the end of the boys' mashup. Where does Finn put his hand during the group hug? That's right, Puck's ass.
  • Finn sings a love song to Kurt in "Furt". Granted, the intention is completely platonic, but that won't stop the shippers.
  • Finn and Karofsky share a lot of lingering glances and physical contact in "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle."
  • While Brittany and Santana are singing about how they might have feelings for each other, Sam leans over to Artie. Oblivious of the girls' UST, he says "Our girlfriends sure are close. I wish we could be that close."
    • The look on the face of the somewhat more aware (and rarely Ho Yayed) Artie in response to this is PRICELESS.
    • Sam is pretty excited about getting Schue's phone number at the end of "Blame It on the Alcohol".
  • At least one moment for just about every character:
    • Finn: Finding Sam singing in the shower.
    • Rachel: Her talk with Quinn from "Sectionals"
    • Quinn: Drawing pornographic pictures of Rachel on the bathroom walls as well as by sleeping with Santana.
      • “I’ve seen it happen with people I knew growing up that hated each other, and then years later you go home and you see them walking down the street and they have babies.” - Dianna Agron on Rachel and Quinn. Seriously.
    • Artie: Pretty much averted, but the recipient of a lot of others' moments. However, he is the one to complete the sentence "Cutest. smile. ever." about Mr. Martinez after Rachel and Sugar with a dopey smile on his face. Other moments:
      • in "You Can't Stop the Beat", singing the line "You can't stop the rhythm of two hearts in love" with Kurt
      • in "I Am Unicorn", sighs "So handsome" in response to Will talking about Dustin Goolsby.
      • In Blame it on the Alcohol, he does a shot off of Sam after Santana and Brittany do them off one another (scene was filmed but cut)
    • Kurt: Both Kurt and Chris Colfer are openly gay.
    • Mercedes: Being sweet-talked by Santana into doing "River Deep, Mountain High."
    • Tina: Singing "I Kissed a Girl" for her audition.
      • She also seems pretty excited by having Rachel's hands on her boobs during "You're The One That I Want" in the pilot, writes the music (and possibly some of the lyrics) for Trouty Mouth Santana's "completely heterosexual song to Sam," and, when drunk, falls and laughs all over Mercedes, rather than her boyfriend.
    • Puck: Oh god, where to begin.
      • "Dude, your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?
    • Mike: His friendship with Matt in Season 1.
      • "You kind of have one move, Kurt. It's like this sashay and it's super distracting." *eyedart*
    • Will: Finding Finn singing in the shower. And all the slow-motion dancing REAALLLY close to Mike Chang (booty camp, "Make 'Em Laugh," "Moves Like Jagger," etc.).
    • Sue: Jane Lynch is openly lesbian. Also, her "Physical" video with Olivia-Newton John. Subverted hilariously when she sleeps with Bryan Ryan, as both actors are openly gay.
    • Sam: His character is practically made of this.
      • To Artie: "It's pretty cool how our girlfriends are such good friends, right? I wish you and I were that close."
    • Sunshine: Singing "Telephone" in the bathroom with Rachel.
    • April: Teaching Mercedes and Tina how to shoplift by carrying things under their skirts.
    • Shelby: Sing "Poker Face" with Rachel.
    • Also her mentioning that 'most of the show choir directors (she) makes out with are gay.' Considering that she doesn't specify the sex of these directors, and that they're both gay and willing to make out with a woman...
    • Bryan Ryan: Neil Patrick Harris is openly gay, and singing "Dream On" with Will.
    • Rod Remington: Something about partying hard with Freddie Mercury back in the 70s.
  • "Comeback" gives us Rachel and Mercedes singing "Take Me or Leave Me", Joanne and Maureen's duet from RENT.
  • The Ho Yay between Sam and Kurt in "Rumours" is an important plot point. It turns out to be a platonic friendship in the end, but it still counts as this trope. Ho Yay is Ho Yay.
  • Pretty much every scene with Will and Dustin in "New York".
    "You're tearing up. People will think I just broke up with you."
    • Also, Santana tells Quinn that she and Brittany can cheer her up. Quinn responds that "she isn't that interested in that".
    • And after Jesse tells Finn that he sings and dances like a zombie who has to poop you can see Puck reacting to that statement by putting his fist against his mouth to keep from laughing and leaning over to kind of affectionately put his head on Kurt's shoulder.
    • One performance was an all-girls choir singing "Yeah" by Usher: a song about picking up girls at the club.
  • In "Special Education", we're given two background Warblers, Nick and Jeff, who share exaggerated reactions to acing the audition, and then engage in a very bromantic manhug.
  • Non-canon example: During the second tour (Summer 2011), when performing "Born This Way", the actors would wear the same shirts they did in the episode of the same name. Dianna Agron, who normally wore a shirt that said Lucy Caboosey switched it up on the June 11, 2011, show in Toronto by wearing a shirt that was available at the concession stands that read "Likes Girls". Agron would explain later that she did it to support the LBGT community and bash homophobes. That didn't stop the Internet gossip sites from speculatating that either Agron was gay, Quinn was gay, Quinn would be a Season 3 love interest for Santana, or that Agron was delivering a Take That! to the homophobic remarks made by Tracy Morgan a week earlier.
  • While it didn't show up on the show, the full version of "You Can't Stop the Beat" includes Kurt and Artie singing Penny and Seaweed's verse. Which includes lines like "If they try to stop us Artie, I'll call the NAACP!" (which makes zero sense, considering they're both white) and "You cannot stop the rhythm of two hearts in love".
  • As of 3.02, Mike finds Kurt's sashaying super distracting.
  • When Rory first meets Finn in "Pot O' Gold",he lights up and he immediately says he is a big fan. And watched him make out with Rachel on YouTube for ten minutes straight. He also really wants to be Finn's friend.
  • When Rory and Sam are collecting for charity in "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" Rory asks if he will be his Valentines day sponsor and help him get a few kisses.
    • Every time Sam and Rory interact is either this or plain UST
    • This Troper's father even noticed the subtext. "What, are they gay now too!?"
  • Tina gets very excited when Rachel spins past her, touching her breasts in the process. Not to mention the fact that her audition song was 'I Kissed a Girl.' And Quinn admits to drawing pornographic pictures of Rachel on the bathroom wall.
  • That talk between Rachel and Quinn in episode 6 is a goldmine for all those wearing their Les Yay Goggles, particularly the "drawing pornographic pictures" part as mentioned above.
  • In "Throwdown" Quinn and Rachel have a confrontation on the stairs, after which Quinn breaks into "Keep Me Hanging On", (complete with female cheerleaders dressed in football uniforms). This is ostensibly a fantasy sequence, but leaves one wondering why Quinn sings it in reaction to Rachel.
  • As is Rachel and Quinn's talk in "Sectionals" after [Rachel tells Finn that he's not the real father of Quinn's baby and he explodes at Quinn and Puck and storms out of glee club. It's hard to believe Quinn throws away this chance to deliver the ultimate comeuppance here (especially looking at how she treats Rachel in "Throwdown") without reading a bit more into this.
  • Quinn ends up being the one to inspire Rachel's original song. At the begining of season three, Rachel seems to be the only one concerned for Quinn.
  • Rachel's obsession with Quinn and her constant harping on how Quinn is the prettiest girl she's ever met has long crossed the point of creepiness. She's one step away from kidnapping the lady.
    • In "Power of Madonna" we see Quinn drawing a mean caricature of Rachel...surrounded by hearts.
    • Season 3 has been a gold mine of this for Faberry shippers, so much so that they crash Tumblr pretty much everytime the two interact because of all the "oddly" lingering glances between the two.
    • In "Big Brother" Quinn telling Rachel that the car accident she was in wasn't her fault followed by a hug and holding hands.
    • Rachel canceling her wedding because Quinn hadn't arrived yet
    • Quinn asking Rachel if her song was "for Finn and only Finn" that makes no sense unless she actually had feelings for her.
    • Common opinion is that if Puck and Finn weren't in the picture, Rachel and Quinn would've probably wound up together.
  • At the end of "I Say a Little Prayer for You" in episode 2, all three Cheerios lean very close together, especially Brittany towards Quinn.
  • Sue spends most of her Physical video with Olivia Newton-John giving her lingering, happy looks and only paying attention to the almost-naked male dancers when she has to. "Olivia totally screwed me in negotiations."
    • Hell, just listen to the song on it's own without the male dancers, you could get the impression that Sue and Olivia Newton-John were singing Physical to each other rather than just sharing the lines.
    • Sue's actress is a lesbian. Fantastically.
  • In "Home," Quinn reassured Mercedes of her body image by telling her that she is beautiful, and then is the first one to support her (twice) when Mercedes sings "Beautiful" at the assembly.
    • Furthered in "Funk," when Mercedes reassures Quinn about her pregnancy. Oh yeah, and they're now living together.
  • In Audition:
    Brittany: I made it up. Coach Bieste didn't touch my boobs. Actually...I kind of want to touch hers.
  • Rachel dances rather ...close to Sunshine when they're singing "Telephone." And Sunshine, at least, seems to be enjoying it. Charice has since come out.
  • Brittany and Britney Spears in Britney/Brittany.
  • "I Kissed A Girl" from "I Kissed A Girl" has this Up to Eleven with all of the New Directions and Troubletones girls.
  • In 2.22 , 'Yeah!' ,a song with pretty blatant lyrics about hitting on girls,is performed by an all-female acapella group.
  • "Hold On To Sixteen" has the girls dancing together to the song "I'm A Survivor". Also, Mercedes and Brittany holding hands. And Brittany and Santana intertwining fingers. Also, even though Rachel and Santana can't stand each other they still get along during one musical number and hold hands.
  • And there there is Santana and Brittany doing a recreation of the "Me Against the Music" music video (i.e. the one where Britney Spears and Madonna lez it up), and then Santana turns into the Britney Spears herself.
  • During the performance of "Bad" during "Michael", Artie pointing at the openly-gay, freely-promiscuous Sebastian and singing to him "your butt is mine."
  • If the rumors are true about Sam, he was originally hired on and written as Kurt's boyfriend, but then put aside when they got Darren Criss on the show - but a lot of his dialogue remained the same and they kept the character on for a season to see if they could get him to gel as a heterosexual (he didn't). As a result, the character comes off as ridiculously bisexual.
  • Another Sam example, this one in "On My Way": blink and you'll miss it, but as the Warblers take a bow at the end of their set and the camera pans across the audience applauding, Sam blows a kiss to the Warblers.
  • As of "Big Brother," Blaine now has some with the titular sibling, his brother, Cooper Anderson — and Cooper more than reciprocates. The Andercest ship started sailing as soon as it was announced that Matt Bomer would be portraying Cooper, but the episode turned everything Up to Eleven. To the point that Cooplaine has started getting widely likened to the Supernatural fandom's ever-popular Wincest pairing, both by fans and various episode recappers.
    • Synchronized-dancing duet set to a mash-up of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Rio," preceded by Cooper fondly reminiscing about their history of duets and dueling Simon Le Bon impressions.
    • The two end up going to lunch at Breadstix, the Glee universe's go-to romantic/sexual date spot, and rarely look anywhere but each other during. Blaine ends up having a voice-breaking moment of asking why Cooper only ever reminds him that he sucks.
    • Blaine sings Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" to his brother, a song to an ex-lover, featuring lyrics like: "After all of the stealing and cheating, you probably think that I hold resentment for you" and "Well I thought I knew you, thinkin' that you were true. Guess I, I couldn't trust called your bluff time is up 'cause I've had enough" — and as he sings this, Cooper watches in the background while his brother strips off a few layers of clothing and attacks a punching bag.
    • Cooper seems rather irrationally jealous about his little brother's boyfriend when he says that it wouldn't kill Blaine to stop letting Kurt pick out his clothes.
    • Kurt tries to help Blaine make nice with his brother by offering advice based on his relationship with Finn. His step-brother. …The same step-brother he used to have a massive, personal boundary-crossing crush on.
    • And, after the two of them have an angsty-staring-laden duet of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know," Cooper asks, "We're more than brothers, right?" He follows it up by saying, "We're friends, too, right?" But the squee was still immense.
  • If there is such a thing as "Inverted Ho Yay", Santana and Sebastian definetly had it during their Smooth Criminal number. To quote a commenter:
    If this doesn't make them go straight for each other, nothing will.
  • In Promasaurus, Quinn and Rachel have yet another heart-to-heart, in which Rachel gushes about how pretty Quinn is and Santana interupts to tell Quinn to "stop making out with Berry".
  • In "Promasaurus", Sam lifts Artie out of his wheelchair after their performance of "What Makes You Beautiful". They look as if he's being carried over the threshold bridal style, and the camera focuses on them until the show cuts to commercial. In the same episode, Rory holds Artie to him atop the rocking-horse toy while Joe poses with them.
  • While Sam teaches the other glee club members his new dance moves (including body rolls), Artie says that he is "getting tingles where it's only 50/50 for tingling". He points down to his crotch as he says this.
  • In "Born this Way", when Santana describes Finn's nipples as "pyramid shaped", despite having already seen them, Sam still reaches out to cop a feel, only to have Finn bat his hand away.
  • Artie's "Scream" fantasy/hallucination sequence in "Michael" features him dancing with Mike Chang, who is wearing eyeliner and tight leather pants, in an homage to the original music video.
  • Puck and Sam's actors Mark Salling and Chord Overstreet have a pretty epic bromance. There are a lot of picture of them cuddling or one resting against the other. It's bled into the show too, like when Sam actually kisses the side of Puck's head when they win Nationals.
  • In "Props", the dream version of Klaine, Mark and Cory sure were very comfortable with one another.
  • The Warblers... In general, but the performance of "Animal" really takes it Up to Eleven, rolling around in white foam.
  • Cassandra July and Rachel are soaking in this. Particularly of note are the Americano/Dance again performance and Rachel's apology in Britney 2.0, where Rachel helps July with her dance stretches in a very suggestive way.
  • Kitty when she's not being mean to Marley, has some great Foe Yay during "Holding Out For a Hero." Perhaps that's why she's so mean to her.
  • Jake and Ryder. If they weren't always fighting over Marley, they'd realize that they have so much better chemistry with each other.
    • In "Girls (and Boys) On Film", Jake and Ryder sing "Unchained Melody" together as a duet. True, they aren't singing to each other, but it's not just the song that oozes Ho Yay. During the song, Marley has an out of body experience and watches two people singing the song in front of her (they're faces aren't immediately clear). If you didn't think for a moment that Marley was imagining Jake and Ryder sitting with their hands touching intimately, you're lying. Turns out, Marley was just imagining watching herself singing with Ryder.
  • Hunter's smile at Sebastian during their Sectionals performance.
  • Puck kisses Sam's hand in Sam's performance of Summer Nights opposite Mercedes (although this is more than likely Mark doing so to Chord, not thinking about the fact that they were on camera)
  • Jake, Ryder and Sam have been having more and more of these moments lately. The performance of Old School Rock N Roll sees them recreating the iconic moment dressed only in white shirts and briefs (they put their arms around one another afterwards). In Love, Love, Love the three sit next to eachother and share a freeway high five, at the start of the same scene Sam is playing with one of Ryder's sleeves.
  • In "Love Love Love", Sam slaps Blaine's butt in a blink and you miss it moment.
  • Sam in basically any interaction with Blaine, and many with others, most often Mike and Artie.
    • Sam, while romantically hetero, seems to have a very fluid sexuality.
    • Sam isn't into dudes, but would be offended if his gay friend Blaine didn't have a thing for him.
  • In "Prom Queen" during "Jar of Hearts", Brittany is shown slowdancing with a random girl.
  • Quinn in "I Do". First she announces how she doesn't see what other girls see in men, flirts with Santana, and eventually sleeps with her. Twice. She really likes slow dancing with girls.
  • In "The Hurt Locker, Part Two" Rachel begins spouting off random trivia about Kitty in an attempt to convince her to rejoin New Directions. Kitty comments on this by saying "Are you trying to pick me up? Because if you're going lezzy for a cheerleader I think the world is rooting for you and Quinn Fabray."
  • Sue saying at the end of "A Wedding", one of the gayest episodes ever, featuring a double gay wedding, that she "ships... Faberry, can't get enough of the lesbians". 'Faberry' being the Portmanteau Couple Name of Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry.
  • Puck's genuine "you are precious" to Roderick whilst helping him off the floor and leering at him in a way that looks a lot like checking him out. Quinn at this point is also looking over Rachel.
  • Speaking of Roderick, his camaraderie with Spencer through the back half of the season is enough to get the two shipped together. It helps that they have more chemistry than Spencer's assigned love interest Alistair.


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