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Rachel's biological father is black.
Since one of Rachel's fathers is black and one is white, it's supposed to be obvious which one conceived her. But her biological mother is probably white, and there's a limited number of genes that determine which race you appear to be — there have been many cases in history, and some in fiction, of blacks passing for white. It's possible that Rachel is half-black and half-white, and she just happened to inherit pale skin and straight hair from her mother. Since having Rachel be "black" opens up so many possible stories, this goes from possible to likely. She's darker than Shelby or her white father, which increases the chances that she's part-black.
  • I actually thought that was a bad case of But Not Too Black.
  • In The Rhodes Not Taken, April mentions that she gave birth to a set of mixed-race twins. If you believe that April is Rachel's biological mother, this could mean that Rachel is not only half-black, but has a twin floating around somewhere.
    • Jossed in 1x19 when it's revealed that Shelby was her Two Dad's egg donor.
  • Additional possibility of a Chekhov's Gun in "Mattress" where Rachel is shown as a member of the school's Black Student organization. Although it was presented as just a sight gag showing crazy Rachel being in as many groups as possible to get into the yearbook, it does provide addition support for this WMG.
    • Even if the white one was her biological father Rachel would probably consider herself "half-black" anyway.
  • Do we know that either of her fathers is white? She is adopted, it's possible neither of them is her biological father and they're both of other races.
    • In the pilot she said that they mixed both of her fathers' sperm in a "turkey baster" and used a surrogate, so that she doesn't know which of them is her biological father. It then shows a picture of them in her locker and one of them is black and the other is white and looks of Jewish descent like her.
      • Uh, considering that Rachel compares her nose to Barbra Streisand's, it's pretty clear that Rachel indeed knows that she is ethnically half-Jewish. So, either she knows that her birth mother is Jewish, or she's actually aware that she has the DNA of her Jewish father.
      • Well, traditionally a person is only considered a Jew by birth if their mother was (although Reform Judaism counts the father). And from a politically correct point of view Rachel has no mother, she has an egg donor.
    • Jossed: her fathers from the pilot have been replaced by two white actors.
      • Not Jossed: One of her fathers is being played by Brian Stokes Mitchell who is African American, but so light-skinned as to easily be mistaken for white. It is very likely that he could have a completely white looking child who identifies as half-black.
      • That doesn't explain why the picture in her locker in the pilot episode has two different people. Did she just take a picture with some random, interracial couple?
      • I thought it was on this page, but it might have been on the headscratcher's page but this was discussed to an extent. Lots of things change between a pilot and actual production, including cast and characterization. The men in the pictures in her locker were never really meant to play Rachel's parents on a permanent basis (at least one of them was a model and not an actor, I think) and the parts were simply recast. They're still her fathers in-universe, but now they're played by different actors.

The entire series is from Rachel's unreliable point of view.
Rachel can't actually sing as well as Lea Michele, it's just that she imagines she can. She also imagines the other club members as singing much better than they actually do. She's also exaggerating the behavior of the adults. She doesn't know much about Terri, for example, so she imagines an absurd materialistic harpy. The actual high school is fairly dull, we're just seeing her fantasy version of it.
  • Alternatively, the entire series is the Alice in Wonderland / Wizard of Oz-style drug-induced hallucination of one of the characters from "Glum".

Rachel is a pathological liar.
She claims to have won her first dance competition at three months old which is as likely as Sue actually being only thirty years old. She claims to be the best singer in glee club but Mercedes and Tina are just as good as her, and even better where certain genres are concerned. She cites Finn as the most talented male in Glee but Artie, Kurt, and even Puck are ALL better singers AND dancers than him. She claimed to have given her panties to Jacob to shut him up in order to protect Quinn, but that was also proven false (she also tried to pass of a fake pair as her own). She says that she respects that Finn is with Quinn, but tries to jump his bones every chance she gets. She told the manager of the Olive Garden that Finn was disabled to get him a job. Has she said anything on the show that actually turned out to be true?
  • She joined Glee Club to make a name for herself at the school. It was one of the first things she said. And she is the best female singer in the club. She has a far stronger base than Tina, and has greater stylistic range than Mercedes. Also, most of the ridiculously high praise for Finn comes before Preggers when Puck, Mike, and Matt join Glee. Before that, Finn is the club's best bet for a male lead. Kurt's voice is way too high to be useful as a counterpoint to Rachel's, and Artie isn't able to dance (Finn isn't very good, but at least it's physically possible for him to learn). Puck is better at both, but early on he thinks he's already damaged his reputation enough by even being in the club, there's no way he would let Mr. Schue make him sing lead on a song.
    • Rachel is not the best singer in Glee. She just keeps telling people that she's the best singer in the club. Mercedes explicitly states that she is Rachel's equal in "A Night of Neglect." Rachel agrees with her. The only thing that Rachel has over Mercedes (and arguably Quinn and Santana) is greater desire to be in the forefront and more opportunities to sing lead from Mr. Schuester.
  • In the season 2 premiere, Rachel repeatedly insists that she's been trying to sabotage Sunshine's audition for the sake of her friends. She only admits that it was for her own gain after Finn gets angry at the obvious lie. I was definitely getting mentally unstable vibes from Rachel at that point.

Rachel is a closeted lesbian.
In "Mattress", Rachel proposes to Kurt that they start a "GayLesbAll", or Gay Lesbian Alliance, instead of the usual name Gay Straight Alliance. If "Straight" isn't in the title and Rachel mentions she would be the most active member in the club, she could mean that she is a lesbian. It could be that Rachel is in the closet and is trying to drop subtle hints because she is afraid to come out on her own. Also, her pursuit of many love interests could be seen as overcompensation because she thinks she should feel romantic feelings for men but doesn't. As Susie Pepper points out, Rachel always goes for guys who are unavailable or uninterested, possibly to sabotage her own chances of entering a relationship with them. Just check out the Les Yay section on the Glee show page for further proof.
  • Um, her interest in a "GayLesbAll" is because she has two gay dads, not because she's a lesbian. She also didn't say she would be the most active member of the club, she said it would make her the most involved person in the school (since she's been trying to sneak her way in to every club she can to appear involved, and now wanting to start a club she has a closer tie to).
  • Not to mention that many people, straight and otherwise, are attracted to the unattainable. Also note that just before that scene, it's shown that she'll join -any- club even if she doesn't fit. More than likely, she probably counted and checked on how many clubs other people had joined and was trying to one-up them.
  • I wouldn't put it past Rachel to pretend to be a lesbian for attention.
    • It is actually surprising that she hasn't tried already.
    • In fact, with Santana now constantly teetering on the edge of coming out, we could see Rachel try her hand at it a little bit depending on how far off the deep end the writers want to go.

Rachel is an AU version of Haruhi
  • Only in this universe instead of wanting to be surrounded by "Espers, Time Travellers, and Aliens", she wants to be surrounded by good singers and dancers (aka the glee club), and is subconsciously bending reality to make the world into one big musical.

    • Actually I thought Will was the one doing that, Glee club is his baby.
      • Will is the Kyon to Rachel's Haruhi but rather than being demanding Rachel is using her powers to influence him to do everything.
    • This actually makes sense seeing as she is an admitted Drama Addict. All the emotional drama befalling she and her glee club mates could all just be her subconsciously twisting reality about for her amusement.

Rachel's panties will be a Chekhov's Gun
  • Unless Sue got rid of them while we weren't looking, having a student's underwear in your desk drawer can't be too good for a teacher especially since the school already fired one teacher for having a sexual relationship with a student of the same sex.

Rachel will attempt to transfer to Carmel High.
If New Directions keeps pressuring her about her relationship with Jesse, she may decide to switch teams all together. She isn't friends with anyone on the team, and if it weren't for Finn and her unstoppable performance addiction she would have quit a long time ago. She's talented enough to easily become Vocal Adrenaline's new female lead, and from what we've seen of the school, VA is to them what Cheerios is to McKinley, and the school would probably let her in in a heartbeat. She'd be free to pursue her relationship with Jesse and her chances of being noticed by talent scouts would be much higher in a school renown for its show choir. Obviously, Status Quo Is God, so she will somehow be swayed from this decision, I'm guessing by Finn.

Neither of Rachel's dads know for sure which one of them is her bio-dad.
Second parent adoption for same-sex couples isn't legal in Ohio, so they deliberately didn't get a paternity test when she was born to try to enable the both of them to act as her legal guardians. The reason they know the ACLU so well is that the plan ran aground because they had to choose one of them to have their name on her birth certificate. They tossed a coin for it and put one of their names down, but they still decided not to get the test because the result didn't matter to them and, as yet, a situation hasn't arose when they needed to know for the purposes of, say, medical history.

Rachel's "mom" is just messing with her.
Rachel's dad's haven't met her yet, and she gave her agent a week's deadline, when at another point in the episode it had been stated that Sectionals was in a little over a week. I wasn't posting this, but then saw above that the writers said a while back that she wasn't Rachel's mom, so...
  • The script seemed to indicate that Rachel's dads know who she is, of course, she could go all Moral Event Horizon on her daughter

Rachel will end up getting a crush on Kurt
  • Seriously, the way she was Wangstily looking at the glee club room during "What I did for love", where we could see... Kurt.

The loss at Regionals was a major blow to Rachel's self esteem
Rachel's behavior in season 2 being so threatened by Sunshine that she set her to a crack house, dressing like a slut on a spur from a fantasy can all be steamed from insecurities brought on by a hard loss. All of last year was more or less a teenage fantasy for a someone like Rachel, the defeat and ensuing reality check has her thinking she is right back where she started before Glee Club and in order to hold on to the things she now believes she did not earn she is taking dramatic (and in Sunshine's case dangerous) action. "The only way this relationship is going to work is if we are both losers" screams of insecurity.
  • In addition (and this is my personal canon, until proven otherwise, because I genuinely liked Rachel until season two), the blow to her self-esteem was because of her mother. I mean, think about it. Shelby works out a detailed plan in order to finally meet and connect with her daughter. When this finally comes to fruition, after a tearful duet ("I Dreamed a Dream," anyone?) and everything, Shelby... promptly dismisses her for what must seem like no true reason. Rachel had no way of knowing that Shelby and Mr. Schue had spoken about the whole ordeal. Knowing all the careful planning that had gone into their reunion, the natural conclusion for Rachel to come to was that her mother had met her and simply hadn't wanted her enough to stay. Adopting Beth was just another nail in the coffin; Rachel wasn't good enough, but the child of her rival was. And after Regionals, she went back and tried to convince Shelby to come to McKinley, and was promptly turned down again. Rachel's been a bitch this season, and I want old Rachel back, but after everything that's happened to her... it's hard not to feel bad for her. Just a little bit.

Rachel will go "bad" for an episode.
And it will look like this. Regionals has had her really stressed and she can't take the pressure of being the glee club's star anymore. Bonus points if she almost-hooks-up with a Joan Jett Expy.

Rachel will knock Blaine out and get a doctor to switch their brains
After hearing from Kurt that the warblers just sing back of vocals while Blaine, unchallenged, leads in an annoying girls song... Which is, basically, Rachel`s dream.

Rachel is a Slayer.
She tries really hard to keep a boyfriend and join as many clubs at school as possible, maybe in an effort to be a normal girl? She also works out at home and claims to have been walking at three months. She was taken away from her biological mother. She has control issues.

Rachel's true love will be Love at First Punch
Rachel is a lot to deal with, and the only one who can truly be her equal in a relationship is someone who flat-out won't deal with it which will no doubt drive her crazy.
  • That would make Quinn this love, seeing as she slapped her in the face during Prom. It would explain her mild reaction to being slapped in the face and saying that she appreciated the drama

Rachel will go on to star in Spring Awakening.
Don't see why not, considering the show loves Actor Allusions so much.

One of Rachel's dads will be played by John Barrowman
If only because I want to see the two of them do a duet. I know the dude in the photo looked nothing like him, but it might have been years before and he really changed up his look. He will also make one or two Doctor Who references, perhaps in the form of teeshirts he wears.

Rachel is really a young serial killer of {Dexter} fame.
Rachel is shown to be incredibly over dramatic to the point of faking it to the viewer. Much like Vince Masuka, who Dexter feels a connection with, she can't be sure how to react to anything and sees high school as training hence why she blows things out of proportion or just doesn't react: she doesn't know how to. She's like this because she doesn't have any real emotions. Lima is a very small town and something traumatic could have happened to her fathers, who we never see, when she was a child, giving her a Dark Passenger or a "sixth sense" as she calls it. One of the reasons she's so obsessed with keeping a boyfriend? It makes her seem normal. It also explains why she dresses the way she does: with no close friends as a child, she had to learn from TV and books, where unpopular characters are shown to dress in unflattering clothes and popular kids dress like everyone else in real life. On the other hand, it can give her a way to stand out and therefore not be seen as the kind of person who does that.

The reason she wants to move to New York City and become famous? New York has millions of unsolved murders and missing persons each year and if she's careful, no one will even notice. Being famous means that on occasions she can drop off the radar in a way that a normal person, who would have close friends and a job, wouldn't be able to. The reason she knew about the crackhouse? She experiments with the druggies there and initially intended to kill Sunshine and her mother, but everyone at McKinley High can't mind their own business.

Rachel will start her own theatre group in Lima.
For one reason or another, she will not go to New York, so she will decide to bring pizazz to Lima by starting a theatre company. She'll probably invite other glee club members to join as well.

Rachel was legitimately the runner-up for Prom Queen.
Quinn said that she (Quinn) had won by one vote, but she didn't say over whom. Considering McKinley's "history of write-in votes" as evidenced by Kurt, it's possible that Rachel received a huge pile of write-in votes. Rachel said she voted for Quinn, so there's a kind of poetic justice in Quinn rigging that vote back to Rachel.

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project will be...
... Glee. Think about it, it's perfect.


Puck is a closeted homosexual and is going to come out of the closet during the series.
Think about it. One of the reasons Puck is so mean to Kurt and everyone in Glee is because he's jealous of their freedom and creativity. Puck only acts the way he does because everyone expects him to; otherwise, he'll get beaten up. He will end up coming out to one of the main characters. Then he will start dating Kurt after he does some heavy duty apologizing for always throwing him in a trash can.
  • He does manage to be near girls in the celibacy club without... popping the balloon...
    • Jossed. In episode three, it shows he's into older women like...Gag...Sue Sylvester! Although he did have a nipple ring...Maybe he's bisexual.
    • Bisexual guys wear nipple rings? Do bisexual girls wear them too?
      • It's possible he ends up having sex with Sue, given this interview and the not-so-subtle subtext of the third episode.
    • His name itself could be possible foreshadowing. Even if it isn't, there is still the opportunity for teasing by anyone with a working knowledge of Shakespeare.
  • If you think about it, it would really bring the entire Love Dodecahedron in a giant circle, starting right at the beginning.
  • Maybe his stint in juvie may force him to realize he and Kurt have more in common than an unhealthy obsession with Finn.
  • He seems to be really obsessed with the size of Sam's lips.

Puck is a closeted bisexual (of the Anything That Moves variety) and is going to come out of the closet during the series.
He will become uncomfortably obsessed with Kurt. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Puck is here as fetish material or a "fanfic fuel"

Why is "Beth" such an important name for Puck?
  • Beth is his mother's name
  • Beth is his sister's name
  • Beth is his Nana's name
  • Beth is the name of the woman he lost his virginity to.
  • Beth is the first name he came across while looking through song titles of Cd`s he had stolen during a trip to walmart.

Puck is The Trickster
  • His name is Puck
  • When in doubt, he turns to "the two things [he's] best at: lying and crime."
  • He covets the Conflict Ball.
  • He has often been known to switch allegiances, suggesting a loyalty only to his own mischief.

Puck will get an STD, if he hasn't one already.
Judging by the fact Puck has already gotten someone pregnant, Puck doesn't bother with condoms. Seeing as he has a habit of sleeping with women who probably sleep with other pool cleaners, and when Glee is back, Sue "Try living with Hepatitis, that's hard!" Sylvester apparently (see above) is going to hire him. It would also be a great opportunity for the writers to remind the audience to use contraception.
  • It turned out to be Artie.

It's only a matter of time before Puck has sex with Emma, Terri, and/or Sue.
Given that we know Puck's into older women, it makes sense that these three would appeal to him, especially since all the girls his age seem to be rejecting him of late.
  • I know there was an interview with Jane Lynch that strongly hinted there would be some Sue and Puck would have some sex time. Link, please?
    • Here you go. - "Sue does anything she wants with these kids. In one of the episodes, she has a boy from the football team rubbing her feet and cleaning her pool." If that doesn't result in Sue+ Puck sexy time, I don't know what will. Okay, so it may end in hilarity as well...

Puck has some kind of pheromone power linked to singing
Think about it. Mercedes and Rachel were unimpressed with him, until he sang at them in episode 18 and 8 respectively. Not to mention all the moms in Lima he wooed with his guitar...
  • He then uses it again in Theatricality on Quinn

Puck is of the fae.
Not a trickster, just one of The Fair Folk. Crazy hair, thinks the hairstyle is everything, is named Puck, prefers slightly older mayflies, has some kind of sexy singing mind-control power, and may be Anything That Moves. While he isn't much less empathetic or lesson-learning than the average teen soap character, it's at least not a point against being of the Fair Folk.
To link with a guess below, he is more specifically Kurt's fairy godfather and is just having fun while waiting for Kurt to find a nice mortal and settle down.

Quinn's baby will cause Puck to have a full out heel face turn.
And he might become... *gasp* monogamous!

Puck's mother doesn't care one whit about his religion.
He's just a "Well Done, Son!" Guy who thinks she does.

Puck is lying about that vasectomy.
He's only spreading it around as a rumor so that he can avoid the stigma of being "that dude who knocked up Quinn" and girls will be willing to fuck him again. He's going to knock somebody else up this season - probably someone outside the Glee club this time.

Puck will end up with everyone, guy or girl.
Eventually ending up with Puck/Bieste being the Fan-Preferred Couple

Puck and Mercedes will get back together.
With Sam and Quinn starting off strong, the writers will probably want to put him with someone, if only to make Quinn jealous. Last time Puck dated a girl for one episode - Rachel in Mash-up - it became a plot point later, in Bad Reputation. Puck and Mercedes attracted a few shippers (although not as many as Puckleberry), so it's not completely implausible.

Puck didn't knock over the ATM
It was a simple hit and run. After the crash he panicked and just drove away without noticing the ATM was still attached to the car. When he was arrested he lied and said he did it on purpose because he was embarassed that he managed to crash his mom's car while he was out picking up milk.

Puck will eventually seduce Bieste.
Thanks to his taste for older women and the look he gave Bieste at the end of "Never Been Kissed", and Bieste's self-esteem and self-image issues, it seems perfectly possible. Of course, then Sue will get her second confetti cannon back. By getting her fired. For having inappropriate contact with a student (especially one who had already been subject to such an "attack", considering what Puck said about Sandy Ryerson in "Substitute").

Puck is a Snictchild
Following on from the Puck has singing pheromones WMG, Puck is somehow related to the Howlett family. If those pheromones do exist, he and Daken seem to have an awful lot in common...It's probably a good thing he didn't inherit the claws.

Puck has been sleeping with Shelby
This explains why we haven't seen Puck really depressed about losing Beth; he sees her all the time. He doesn't brag about it because he doesn't know how Quinn would react if she found out, and he definitely doesn't want Rachel to find out.
  • Confirmed, sort of. It happens once and Shelby gives him the boot.

The hit and run (ATM/Juvie Plotpoint) is going to have repercussions
Not only will there be a small plot revolving around this incident, but there is going to be an explanation for why Puck did it. (Deeper Motivations, possibly to to do with his family.

Puck's absent father is going to come back
He's supposed to have left to become a musician, he will come back and there will be music, and then he'll leave again.
  • Confirmed as of "Choke," but he barely makes an appearance.

Puck was molested
At some point, probably early into puberty when he was starting to have certain feelings but didn't know what to do with them, Puck was taken advantage of by an older woman. She may or may not have used alcohol to help him relax the first, or first few times, and he was left with a blurry but overall good memory of the incident. It was probably a teacher, maybe at his elementary school, and there's the possibility that it resulted in his being seen as a teacher's pet, and it helped to push him into building the tough-guy image that he has, and also led to a break with him and his already shaky school-work.
  • Jossed. It was Ryder. Kitty, too, although the episode is only mentioned later in a throwaway line from Sue.
Contrary to what was implied in "Sadie Hawkins", Puck didn't sleep with Kitty
  • Let's face it, ladies man though Puck is, even he'd probably draw the line at Kitty. He clearly doesn't think that much of her. (He called her a "she-devil" right to Jake's face.) Furthermore, as much as he adores his daughter, he probably isn't looking for a repeat of the Quinn Fabray incident. He only agreed to go out with her at all so she'd back off Jake. He'll play the role, but no sex will be involved.
    • Made Harsher in Hindsight given that Kitty is a sophomore and Mark Salling's later arrest on child porn charges.

Kurt has fairy godparents.
Corresponding with the "How does Kurt pay for designer clothes?" on the Headscratchers page. Kurt has been fairly unhappy so far, due to being harassed and not finding love, etc. Because of this, he was assigned fairy godparents and is thus able to cope by getting the few things he can with his godparents without things going terribly wrong—designer clothes and a voice capable of hitting the notes in his favorite songs.
  • That also explains how he was able to convert his basement into an all-white New York apartment. Also, his dad didn't give him a car and then take it away; that was a cover story for the magical shenanigans that lead to him gaining and losing it. It was probably magically defective, and that's why he able to forgive Mercedes so easily.
  • In "Ballads" he wished for Finn to pick his name. He also wished for piano skills, considering in the previous episode he'd had to label the keys when he was practicing his high notes.
  • Think of the negative connotations of the word "fairy" and this makes even more sense. They are, in this case, fairies assigned to disadvantaged, well, fairies.
  • The fairy godparents also try to help out whenever Kurt really needs it- they got Kurt's predecessor off the football team so Kurt could become kicker.
  • They also gave him the giant sign in "Rose's Turn" and summoned the gospel choir during "Like a Prayer". They're also the reason the "Vogue" video was flawless when the other project Artie directed was a hot mess.
  • Kurt's house is twice as big as Finn's and has 2.5 bathrooms, yet both boys have to share the converted basement. Obviously the house wasn't built with only one bedroom, the other rooms were just magicked away.

Alternatively, Kurt is a lesser Haruhi.
Unlike Haruhi, Kurt knows about his powers and controls them. Unfortunately, he simply doesn't have Haruhi's strength- he can change things, but nothing extremely major-while he can't make Finn fall in love with him, he managed things like getting onto the football team, becoming good at piano, getting Finn back in "Sectionals"- it was Kurt's powers that finally convinced Finn to come to the rescue- and getting Rachel to ask him for help in "Hairography".
  • I actually can see this to an extent, but strictly in a figurative sense. Though even "Glee" pushes it to the point they're almost straying into Magic Realism. In "New York", Kurt waves his hand and seems to change the background scenery as if by magic during "For Good". Falling back on the viewer's suspension of disbelief and writing it off as part of the power of imagination. They seem to pull this stuff more with Kurt than just about any other character.

Kurt's "Aunt Mildred" is Maiden Aunt
Her name, she is a aunt, she obviously drinks a lot, but is allowed around children.

Kurt was molested at a young age.
As we know, Kurt is at least partially an Author Avatar for Ryan Murphy. As we also know, thanks to an interview with Rolling Stone, Ryan Murphy was molested at the age of eight. As we can infer from, well, watching the show, Kurt has things a lot worse than Ryan.

Psychologically, this would obviously have very negatively affected Kurt. From his desperate attempts to avoid what he saw as his father abandoning him; to his utter fixation on Finn based on an isolated incident of ostensible kindness; to his need to resort to alcohol at one point to have the confidence to be himself; to his manipulations, both successful and failed, of Rachel, Finn, his father, Finn's mother; and there's more. I'm a major Kurt fan and even I have to admit these aren't really signs of a healthy mind.

  • They are, however signs that he's a perfectly normal teenager.
    • ...not really. I'll admit, it is a teen drama so these kinds of machinations are bound to be a part of the plot, but that doesn't really mean "perfectly normal" by default, either.
  • Hope they don't go this route, as he is the only gay regular character, and it would bring the unfortunate implications that he isn't really gay, but only deeply traumatized by that.
    • Agreed, this is MAJOR Unfortunate Implications. I think Kurt is just an overdramatic teenager. He doesn't have anything wrong with him.

Kurt's actually transgender and just hasn't figured it out yet.
Ok, so there's a 0% chance the show will actually go there. This is WMG, bear with me. So much of the way he acts seem to be less about his sexuality than it is about gender presentation and rejecting traditionally male activities. Granted, he's the Token Gay, so of course they wrote him as flamboyant as possible, and it's fine if that's who he is, but think about it. He wants to sing songs that were written for women. He tries to join the girls' team when the Glee club splits up for the song challenge; apparently not even as a self-concious joke about his sexuality, but just because he preferred their company. When he tries to act straight to make his dad happy, he seems less like a gay kid trying to fit into the "boy" culture he grew up around than a girl in stereotypical boy drag who has no idea what she's doing. His dad says that he was asking for female clothing (shoes) from an extremely young age, which is typical of trans kids. His obsession with fashion goes much deeper than that of most gay men I've ever met, but seems just about right for a trans girl who's been kept away from girl stuff and is now immersing herself in it. And since admitting his own sexuality has been so confusing and difficult for him, it makes sense that it would take him much longer to come to terms with being trans, if he was. (I'm using the male pronoun because it's not canon.) Just me, or no?
  • That... doesn't really make much sense. If he doesn't know he's a girl, * why* he would act like a girl wanting to be a boy? He was raised as a boy. And he's a flamboyant gay, which in television equals to acting like a woman 99% of the time, being more feminine than them even.
  • "Guy? I'm a guy." Kurt identifies as male, he just likes to hang out with the girls because they're nicer to him and they share common interests. The girl's songs that he's wanted to sing have nothing in the lyrics that have to do with the gender of the singer, they're just in a better range for his voice. Also, while he is clearly into feminine things, I think he exaggerates it on purpose, building up this cold fashionista facade as armor. He knows he's different so he's going to play it up to the point of making people uncomfortable. For example, when he's arguing with his dad and he tells him to leave so he can do his skin care ritual, that was less about his skin and more him using his effeminacy as a weapon.
  • It's not just you. Kurt could just identify himself as male because that is what he sees in the mirror. Sexuality is different from gender, I agree, but people can battle with identifying their sexuality for years too before finally understanding. It's a process. For now Kurt may be content to be a Flamboyant Gay but in time he may realise that his body is not what makes him happy. I doubt the show would go there either, but no, you're not the only one who sees it.
  • I get that too, but it could be a number of other gender/sex options too (genderqueer, or he could have a transvestism fetish, or what have you). Wouldn't be surprised if he eventually identified as female in show or not.
  • There's already too many people in the world who think gay and trans are the same things. If this show went there after consistently labelling Kurt as gay, they would just be adding to that confusion as well as upsetting all the people who are trying to stop that confusion. Plus Kurt is Ryan Murphy's author avatar and Ryan Murphy is a gay man.
  • I actually had a WMG that Kurt was a trans guy, but that would be even more Unfortunate Implications-y.
    • I don't think Kurt being a trans guy would be Unfortunate Implications - you hardly ever see gay or feminine trans guys (unless you're using "trans guy" to mean Mt F, which is improper).
  • Hmm... I'm trans and I just don't see it. I think Kurt is genderqueer at the most, but to me he just seems like a really really fabulous cis guy, especially since he's never been shown to have any problems with his body, which is the main tip-off, not being flamboyant.
  • As to him looking like a lesbian when he tried to be straight, that could just be because he was overcompensating. Happens to a lot of gays who try to go in the closet, they don't have natural masculinity, they overcompensate, and they end up looking like a fool.
    • Sorry, did you just imply that... lesbian women are all butch and gay men are all "naturally feminine"?
      • No, they implied — or outright stated, actually — that some gay men who are Camp Gay by nature have a really hard time acting stereotypically straight because they exaggerate what they think are masculine traits and wind up overcompensating. Which is absolutely true, it happened to my best friend.

Burt Hummel runs a meth lab out of his house.
The reason that the Hummel residence supposedly only has one bedroom is because Burt is secretly using the other one to mix crystal meth, which he deals. This explains how he can afford to pay for Kurt's ridiculously expensive designer wardrobe, and casually hand out $300 to remodel the basement room.
  • Or you know, he is the owner of an auto-repair shop, which while blue-collar, is a very lucrative business.
    • That still doesn't explain the bedroom shortage. I think we might be on to something with this one...

Kurt's mother died in the same car accident in which Artie was paralyzed
In 'Wheels', Artie says his accident was when he was eight, which, assuming he's sixteen (as the characters all seem to be), makes his accident eight years ago. In 'Home', Burt says Kurt's mother died eight years ago (Kurt says differently in 'Ballad', but let's go with the more recent one). We do not know how Mrs. Hummel died - okay, I don't have a lot of evidence backing this up, but still - think of the major angst potential.
  • I heard that Kurt's mother died when he was 6. If it was 8 years ago, he would've been 8 also, but the accident was 10 years ago...
    • There's a continuity error. Kurt's mother is said to have died both ten and eight years ago.
      • It's not necessarily a continuity error. People often round or speak generally about numbers when being exact is not needed.
    • Or Burt was right when he said eight years and Kurt was wrong when he said ten. Kurt was just a little kid and just doesn't remember as well as Burt.
    • I don't think there was a continuity error either. My mom died 8 years ago, and for a long time I told everyone it was four years. When you've dealt with something like that, the years blur together.

Kurt's real name is Dominic Hughes.
And his dad is Jimmy Hughes. The "accident" where his mother (and brother) died wasn't an accident at all, and Jimmy had to put him and his son on a witness program. He, of course, doesn't remember much of this time, as his father has tried to pamper his every desire, and has been blinded by his less savory actions, because he's overcompensating.

Kurt, and not Blaine, will be the one to pull a Jesse
He'll join Dalton Acadamy, get Blaine to fall in love with him, and convince Blaine to jump ship with Kurt when he goes back to New Directions.
  • Confirmed at the beginning of Season 3 when Kurt pushes for Blaine to join him at McKinley until Blaine finally agrees to do so. Although this doesn't seem to in any way have been his plan from the beginning, so maybe it's a little bit different.

Kurt's not a cheerio anymore
Kurt is Quinn's best friend's best friend; it's probable he knew she was trying out again and didn't want to end up in a cat fight with Santana and Quinn.
  • Well he definitely isn't now. Or does Sue's contract account for Cheerios changing schools too?

Kurt is going to die
He has already received a threat to his life (Foreshadowing). He actually seems to be improving his demeanor since the introduction of Blaine which seems too good to be true. The show is in need of something for sweeps/finales and what better than a Dramatic End that also reminds us of the Unfortunate Implications that homosexuals in midwestern America aren't supposed to come out of the closet? The introduction of new characters at the beginning of the season tell us that the show is looking for new characters for writing fodder, and to make room some of the cast are going to have to graduate, go to prison, or DIE.
  • Jossed. Finn died.

Kurt is already dead and doesn't realize it
Originated here Karofsky didn't only threaten his life. He actually killed him. Blaine is an angel who came into Kurt's life just before he died and is sticking around. Since Kurt transferred to Dalton, only Will and Rachel have seen him while they were alone, and got help from him. No one else saw him with them, so it could be interpreted as them finding solace in the memory of their friend.

Kurt refused to play Frank N. Furter in the Rocky Horror episode because he wanted to be Riff Raff.
He had no problem playing Frank, and only reacted uffishly in response to another student crudely typecasting him.

Kurt refused to play Frank. N. Furter in the Rocky Horror episode because he didn't want to support the Depraved Bisexual/Depraved Homosexual stereotype.
He can't say Stop Being Stereotypical to a fictional, satirical character, but he can at least refrain from playing said character.

Kurt refused to play Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show because he's a countertenor and the role is a baritone.
I mean, Riff Raff's the high tenor part in that play. Frank was played by Tim Curry, a baritone.

When and if Kurt and Blaine become a couple, Blaine's pet name for Kurt will be "Baby" (in reference to their song)...
As a result of which, Blaine will propose at the end of Senior Year with the song "Happy Together".

The reason Kurt is so outrageously Camp Gay is, partly/subconsciously, because his mother died and he's trying to deal with his grief.
This isn't really a WMG as it is a (very, very likely) connect-the-dots. Kurt and Burt are both still deeply affected, and what do you do when you're grieving? You remind yourself of the person through any way you can.
  • His dad knew he was gay since Kurt was 3 and all he wanted was a pair of sensible heels, his mother died when he was 8. So uh yeah
It's unlikely Kurt's obsession with fashion and elaborate makeup routine were things he got through the Internet or socializing—not with his semi-outcast status and certainly not the sheer level he's taken it up to. His mother was probably very fashionable and makeup-savvy herself, which would also explain why Burt puts up with it as much as he does (and makes it a strange hybrid of heartwarming acceptance and "there are not enough hugs in the world for these two"). Kurt, being an only child and gay, would have spent an awful lot of time around his mother asking lots of adorable questions.

After she died, Kurt spent so much time lying around huddled in her old bedroom that Burt got rightfully worried and had to force him to stay out for a while. Even after he stopped needing that particular reminder of her, Kurt still had to fill the void she left behind and could only do that through two things: Makeup and shopping.

Kurt's mother's name starts with a K.
"Kurt" was his parent's Portmanteau Couple Name and it just stuck.

Kurt's mother's name was Elizabeth, and that's why he signed his name "Kurt Elizabeth Hummel" in "Duets".
Um, no. It's a joke/reference to The Producers.

Kurt will propose to Blaine on the Nationals stage in season 3
Since Ryan Murphy apparently wrote "Funeral" and killed off Jean Sylvester because his father had died. Murphy got engaged recently and New York - where Kurt seems certain in the season 2 finale he and Blaine are heading after high school - just legalized same-sex marriage. You all do the maths. I could also see Kurt/Blaine's wedding happening at the end of season 4 as a Grand Finale for the original New Directions, reunited one last time, and ushering in the new New Directions. With flash forwards of where they'll end up in the future.

Kurt is a huge Beatles fan
  • He's already sung "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Blackbird" in two separate emotional crises. Also, why else would he have the Warblers sing "Silly Love Songs" at Breadstix for their "Lonely Hearts Club Dinner."

Kurt's mother was a Disney Princess
It's fair to say that Kurt has certain traits that did not come from his dad. It's also fair to say that Kurt has certain traits that defy probability. But all of them would fit perfectly with the protagonist of a story from the Magic Kingdom! Think about it. Kurt has whistling duets with his pet bird. He can organise weddings, music videos, and Prom outfits to a professional level with an alacrity that seems to warp time itself. He makes his own clothing, in addition to cleaning, cooking and otherwise helping out his widowed father, all while getting excellent grades at school. His worst enemy is a Stalker with a Crush; meanwhile, he meets a charming, handsome, gallant young man from a wealthy family, and they fall madly in love with each other, thus turning Kurt's life around. And that's not even taking the regular heartfelt musical numbers into account! Sure, the world is much harsher than it would be in a Disney movie, but that's because this isn't one. Essentially, Kurt's life is like what would happen if Enchanted had a really, really bleak sequel.
  • To make it even more awesome, he's a direct descendant(grandchild? great grandchild?) of Tiana

At one point, Kurt tried to commit suicide.
In a conversation with Will, Burt says, "Your glee club saved my son's life." Also, one of his tool boxes has a yellow ribbon on it, which represents two things: support for the troops, and teen suicide awareness. Considering his character, it is scarily possible that he may have tried to kill himself at one point, most likely pre-series.
  • Confirmed, sort of, in "2009." While he didn't actually try to commit suicide, Kurt was extremely depressed and contemplating suicide enough to pick up one of Emma's pamphlets.

Kurt Hummel is the real father of Quinn's baby
Okay, hear me out on this one: a recent study by the University of British Columbia found homophobic discrimination is linked to higher rates of pregnancy among homosexual teenagers. This is a little fishy, but let's run with it anyway.
  • The study's findings were essentially that gay teens were getting pregnant/impregnated because they were trying to fit in with the straight majority.
  • In "The Rhodes Not Taken," when Puck tells the Glee club that Quinn is pregnant, Kurt looks shocked and a little bit anxious. But when Puck tells them that Finn is the father, Kurt laughs out loud, and then proudly announces the news to Rachel.
  • At the end of "Throwdown," during the Keep Holding On number, Quinn and Kurt spend an unusual amount of time staring lovingly into each others' eyes and dancing together.
  • During "Wheels," Kurt and his dad discuss Kurt's sexuality. Kurt says, "You don't have to worry about me getting anyone pregnant," and then laughs. * This would also explain why Mercedes harshly tells Puck to back off in "Ballad." She's just looking out for her BFF. "You're the baby's daddy," she tells Puck, "but it takes a hell of a lot more to be a father, and that role has already been cast."
  • Of course she tried to "save" him from homosexuality.
  • This would also explain the furious dry-humping during Hair/Crazy in Love.
  • But didn't Kurt mention in "Hairography" that it was the first time Quinn ever talked to him? Unless they only previously communicated with e-mails and written notes....this theory is pretty much debunked.
    • That scene could easily be seen as a "Why hello stranger! * wink wink" conversation.
    • It should also be noted that talking doesn't have a whole lot to do with the act of baby-making.
    • It's possible that Kurt lied about that to protect Quinn. If he just stepped back and pretended that their relationship hadn't happened, it would have made Quinn's life a little easier, and they both would have appreciated that and understood the reasons for it.
  • It should be noted that Quinn is the one who tries to hook up Mercedes and Kurt, telling Mercedes "You've gotta scoop that." When Mercedes says she doesn't think she's his "type," Quinn assures Mercedes that Kurt is quite straight.
    • And Kurt happens to know for a fact that Finn is attracted to loose women.
  • It probably involved Crossdressing from one or both.
  • Officially canon.
  • They've been partners in most of the dance numbers lately, and even shared a cute little embrace-thing in "Hello Goodbye." This is my new Fanon, I think.
  • But in Laryngitis, Kurt says he's never even kissed a girl. Most people would assume that also means he hasn't slept with one either. That being said, this one's pretty much jossed.
    • If I recall that exchange correctly, it went like this: Sue: "Have you ever even kissed a boy?" Kurt: "No." Sue: "Have you kissed a girl?" Kurt: "No." Kurt doesn't say he hasn't even kissed a girl, he just says he hasn't kissed a girl. Kissing isn't strictly necessary for baby-making. Also, there's always the chance that he's lying: one would imagine that if Kurt and Quinn had had... something... that resulted in Quinn getting pregnant, Kurt would like to keep it as quiet as possible, especially when the blame's already on another guy. Hence, when Sue asked him if he's kissed a girl, Kurt thought about the affair with Quinn (which might or might not have involved kissing) and answered "no", because he didn't want to even remotely admit to having slept with Quinn.

Burt will die of prostate cancer in time for sweeps
Leading Finn to realize that his purpose in life is, as Kurt's brother, to ensure that Kurt has the money for NYADA. He works at a tire shop in new york to keep Kurt in his fashionista garb. Finn finds this infinitely rewarding (or has an episode every 4-7 months to get pissed at his lot in life until he sees Kurt needs his help.

Kurt is a Puer Magi.
At the start of the series, Kurt meet Kyubey. He been wishing to come of the closet to his dad. With this as a motivation, he contracted with Kyubey, and made this wish "I wish to able to express my true self."

Kurt doesn't really like Sam
He wants to sing with him to ruin his reputation so neither Brittany or Santana will ever date him because he is a big Brittana shipper because he really wants there to be more out people at McKinley.

Brittany is, or at least is inspired by, Brittany from Daria
They're both blond and incredibly dumb cheerleader with a golden heart and no last name. Think about it.
  • But...but... the one on Daria had pigtails!
  • Brittany from Daria had a last name (I think it was Taylor) and they are both takes on typical dumb, blond cheerleader stereotype.
    • It was revealed in Brittany/Britney that Brittany's full name is Brittany Susan Pierce.

Brittany hates Rachel.
Rachel is really the only character Brittany has said anything bad about in the second half of series 1 "You look terrible, I look awesome." "Her clothes make her look homeschooled."
  • Well in Lean on Me they were hugging and grinning, so if she does, she's not doing a great job of it.

Brittany has an eidetic memory.
She's just really, really bad at putting things together. That's how she's passing Spanish easily, yet has No Common Sense to the point of being a The Ditz.
  • She was shown cheating off Quinn so obviously she's not passing Spanish easily.

Brittany has an Immunodeficiency disorder
In "Bad Reputation" she mentions taking all of her antibiotics at once. It's a well known fact that antibiotics and similar meds can cause people to act a bit loopy, and if Brittany is always on them then she's always going to be slightly "off". It would also explain why she's friends with Peggy; both of them have disorders that hamper their daily lives.
  • It's mentioned in that same scene that she was on meds because she had a cold.
    • Actually, she said she took all her medication at once because she had a cold.
  • The side effects of too many antibiotics are diarrhea, hives, and a yeast infection. She also wouldn't have been prescribed antibiotics for a cold, because colds are caused by a virus and don't work. Brittany probably had some kind of STD that started with "flu-like symptoms," but didn't understand the difference.

Brittany forgets her middle name because...
Because she tries to forget being in the constant shadow of Britney Spears. That S. is very important, and maybe Brittany's blissfully unaware life is a bit more blissful when she forgets (or represses) her middle name!

Brittany is crazy, not stupid
Or a mixture of both. If she's really as stupid as some of her dialogue implies, she'd be almost unable to function in everyday life. She'd certainly forget or screw up her moves in Cheerios and in New Directions dance numbers if she were that stupid (unless she's some sort of dancing idiot savant, which seems unlikely). Some of her dialogue really does come across as symptomatic of various mental disorders rather than stupidity. She claims her cat is reading her diary and that she has been probed on an alien spaceship, which are paranoid delusions. Furthermore, she seems to have tremendous difficulty in asserting herself or even communicating effectively in stressful situations. In Britney/Brittany, she can't effectively tell Carl not to put her under the gas with Britney Spears playing, and it seems to be quite a struggle for her to articulate her objection to doing a Britney Spears concert to Will. In general, she seems to be constantly bewildered by the world around her, and unable to bring herself to influence it. This seems like a form of solipsism or autism, with a touch of delusional paranoia. Santana keeps her grounded in reality and acts as her voice when she wants to change something.
  • According to The Other Wiki, Heather Morris plays Brittany as "literally insane", so I think you're on the ball there.

Brittany is sterile.
She frequently has sex with boys but has no understanding of contraception. The simplest explanation of why she hasn't become pregnant yet is that she can't - she has some medical condition that prevents conception.

Brittany really is pregnant.
It's very unlikely that somebody who is famous in the school for having a lot of sex would not know one of the most important consequences about it. When she told Santana, she told her it in confidence and wanted to tell Artie in private. However, after seeing how panicked he was about having a child, she decided to tell everybody about the stork. She knew they'd believe she thought it was real, because she is at least aware of her stupidity. That's also why she turned down Santana; Brittany still feels obligated to Artie because she's carrying his child.

Brittany and her family are cat breeders.
Brittany says a lot of crazy things. I mean, a lot of crazy things. But many of them revolve around cats. Her cat reads her diary, she watches ghost whisperer with it, and it even managed to crash the family's car. This indicates she has at least one cat. However, come "A Night of Neglect", she turns out to be an expert in Cat Diseases. Its unlikely she learned all of them from taking car of one cat, and if she comes from a long line of cat breeders then this information could have been passed down for generations and she probably had to learn most of these things at a young age.

Brittany outed Santana on purpose.
Brittany knows that everyone considers her a complete idiot; when Artie called her dumb, she said that he was the only person who'd never called her that before. After years of hanging out with Santana, she's finally developed a devious streak of her own and learned to use that to her advantage. She deliberately outed Santana, then came up with a ridiculous alternate meaning for "playing for the other team" knowing that everyone would believe she was stupid enough to mean it. Now Santana might be more willing to come out and openly date Brittany, since people are already speculating about her sexuality anyway, and she's not mad at Brittany for outing her because she thinks it was an honest mistake.

Brittany and Santana will sing "not gunna get us" by t.a.t.u while on the run from a walking zombie Artie
That Mercedes hallucinates after being forced to give up tater tots, It'll span the entire episode. Artie chases Santana while singing "Dead" by My Chemical Romance. A zombie Tina may duet "Bring Me To Life" By Evanescence with Mike (no one else appears in the episode.

Roughly 1/10 of Brittany's insane dialog is actually sarcastic.
Her interactions with Santana seem to suggest that she understands sarcasm, so maybe a few of her lines are subtly making fun of herself and others. This line in particular stands out in my mind:
Mr. Schue: (writing "LOVE" on the white board) I've got one word for you...
Brittany: (raises her hand) Is it "love"? I'm totally gonna graduate now!

There are some others that could go either way as well, though:

Holy: You know why I know that?
Brittany: You're psychic.


Mr. Schue: What's your favorite song of all time?
Brittany: My Headband.

Keep in mind, she didn't actually see Rachel sing My Headband. Related to that, her homage to My Headband, My Cup, may have been her extending that joke. Santana never laughs at Brittany's strangeness, but if she was making a joke, Santana would be the most likely to catch on to that first, and she could barely hide her laughter during My Cup.

Brittany suffers from Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Take a look at That Other Wiki and you will notice several of the symptoms of that disorder fit Brittany a little too well.
  • A better WMG, and related to her knowledge of cats: Toxoplasmosis.
Brittany's parents slip her birth control
They know she sleeps around and figure they can't stop her so they just put the pills in her breakfast or dinner. Maybe they drop them into her mouth while she sleeps and when she's away they have someone else do it.

Brittany is the mastermind controlling the series
Firstly, go read some of the Fridge Brilliance here.

Now, she's in Shue's class, so probably knows about his interest in music. She nearly got Beiste fired for inappropriate actions towards a student, so she could have set up the former glee coach being fired and knew Will would take over. Then, because she has Santana wrapped around her little finger, she managed to get into the glee club by supporting Quinn and forming the Unholy Trinity. She purposefully flunks so badly that she has a 0.0 GPA - even idiots can get a 1.2 from the occasional D - so she can sit on peacefully in the background, observing and scheming. When she needs to pass a Spanish quiz (with no affect on the GPA) to stay on the Cheerios, though, she somehow manages - she probably noticed the feud from Sue's end and figured with a sudden Spanish quiz that Will would actually let people fail, just to annoy Sue. The rest of the time she makes her attempts at cheating blatant so she appears as Too Dumb to Live.

Her outbursts are all inconsequential so as to appear stupid, and accidentally promoted her intelligence by knowing that a mallard is a male duck. Ballad and mallard are only slightly homophonic, she had to think it up quickly and couldn't come up with anything closer.

She really wants Santana to come out, but wants her to be comfortable with doing it, so first she "accidentally" outs her "unintentionally" (everyone does seem to know, though...). Santana feels like protector of Brittany, Brittany probably began to pander up to her in Cheerios, acting The Ditz, until Santana naturally assumed the position, so feels like convincing Brittany that their relationship isn't cheating is protecting the girl she loves and who she knows loves her from feeling guilty about cheating on Artie. Brittany making Santana feel the need to do this allows her the chance to come to terms with being gay and prepare to come out in private, all the while encouraging her (Santana) to do so to make sure she thinks about it and forcing her to spend more time making sure it's the right time by refusing to go out with her publicly.


Santana is in love with Rachel.
  • She is often staring at Rachel, they appear to be disapproving and/or angry... but now that we know how "close" she is from Brittany, there is a whole new level of meaning to them.
    • Well this could be plausible, considering that in Blame It On The Alcohol, when Rachel and Blaine are performing "Don't You Want Me Baby" Santana is drunkenly declaring "I want you, I do."
Santana's influence will eventually turn New Directions into a Big Dodecahedron O' Polyamory.
Unlikely, but this way everyone but the active proponents of monogamy (who may be as few as Quinn, or nobody) will be happy.

Santana was originally boffing Brittany as a power trip, but The Power Oflove turned it into a giggling WAFF-fest.
No evidence, but it sounds about right, especially since the BrittanyXSantana thing only became overt after Quinn left Cheerios and stopped being Santana's chief.

Santana's parents will be one of two extremes
1. Doting Parents turned her into a Spoiled Brat.This is the more likely direction to go in. She's used to getting everything she wants, all the time, which is why Quinn's status as head cheerleader drives her berserk.

2. Her parents are neglectful/completely absent.This is a little more far-fetched, but wait for it. She dresses and acts very provocatively, and even said herself that she never says no to boys. She got into physical fights with both Mercedes and Quinn. She's disrespectful to Will and Emma but slavishly obedient to Sue, who is verbally and emotionally abusive. She got a boob job so that, in her own words, people would pay more attention to her. She has only one true friend, who is a complete ditz but very affectionate. The only times we see her laughing and happy are when the Glee Club is performing all together, as a family. Clearly, this girl is acting out because she's desperate for the attention that she never receives at home.

Given the kind of show Glee is, the odds are very high that, should Santana's parents ever show, they'll be option #1. But, for a little bit of taking-things-out-of-context evidence that could support either theory, in "Funk," after Sue abandons the Cheerios to their own devices for a little while, Will finds Santana in the hallway...sobbing "Daddy, Daddy," to herself.

  • Actually it seems more likely to be #2, especially since the writers have hinted that Santana's coming out story won't be as easy as Kurt's with the parents reaction.

Brittany and Santana are hot for Emma, and OT4 BritXSantanaXWillXEmma.
They chant "more, more, more" regarding Emma taking her (over)shirt off, before Will's clothes were even addressed. Brittany and Santana (or at least Santana) liking Will is canon.

My personal Fan Wank that makes Santana being a lesbian actually make sense...
Santana never actually seemed that in to the guys she was screwing, but she did always exert a lot of power over them. I myself am a lesbian, and back when I didn't know I was attracted to girls yet, I would look frantically for evidence that I was in to guys because even though I didn't know I liked girls yet, I felt like I was different because I never seemed to crush on guys. As a result of this, sometimes I would end up acting ludicrously controlling over my guyfriends, because, not knowing what a crush actually feels like (I got crushes, but I kept failing to recognize them), I mistook the thrill of being dominant over somebody for a crush. I theorize that Santana went down a similar logic fail, because she always seems to be oddly dominant over the guys she screws (for reference, she doesn't act quite that dominant over Brittany, her actual crush).

This is supported the most obviously by her sex scene with Finn. She says to him, "It takes until about the 20th time for that feeling of accomplishment to kick in," and she seems entirely unenthusiastic about having sex with him. You may be thinking, "But what about Puck?" If she's making up her attraction to guys in her head to feel normal, she would have an easier time convincing herself she likes Puck because she admires his baddassery and thinks of him as a friend. This combined with the dominance she exudes over him would be enough to convince her she likes him, since she's unaware of what liking somebody feels like. However, she doesn't seem to have any actual feelings for him; She dumped him in a heartbeat when she found out his grades were slipping, and she's not fooling anybody about it ("You're getting naked with Puckerman.")

You may ask, "So why does she have sex with so many guys if she doesn't actually want them?" Again, it's a power thing to her. Santana doesn't have too many real friends (hense why she gets upset when she finds out she wasn't invited to the meeting of Glee club girls for Kurt's sake), but she's popular, and she'll do almost anything to keep that popularity up. Plus, her sleeping around would help to keep her in the dark about herself, as she doesn't want to acknowledge that she's a lesbian.

As a disclaimer, I'm not trying to suggest there are No Bisexuals in the Glee-verse (or real life, for that matter); Heck, Glee has a canonically bisexual character right next to Santana. However, Brittany seems to be genuinely interested in the boys and girls she hooks up with, whereas Santana seems to be using men for a power trip, and so she can stay snugly in the closet.

Santana is the reason the Troubletones lost Sectionals
Or more accurately, the ad that outed her is. She's now relatively well known and recognisable as a lesbian in what has been shown time and again to be a conservative part of Ohio. When you consider the reasonings various judges we've seen throughout have given for awarding teams as winners it's quite easy to imagine them rejecting the Troubletones on the basis of Sanatna's sexuality couplled with the tango in 'I Will Survive/Survivor'. Especially when on paper Sectionals seems like an easy win for the Troubletones.


Finn will stay in Lima after graduation.
Quinn comes out of her accident brain-damaged and needs someone to stay and look after her, and someone needs to run Burt's auto shop while he's off being a congressman. If Rachel doesn't get into NYADA, she'll stay with Finn and help, but otherwise, jealousy may ensue and the wedding may be off.

Finn's father is still alive.
Only 98 soldiers in the US Army were killed in the Gulf War. Allow for the fact that Finn's father would have to be a non-Hispanic white man of the appropriate age and the number gets even smaller, to the point where inserting a fictional person into the list gets pretty awkward. Obviously Finn's father survived the war and abandoned his family, and Finn's mother made up a story about him being killed.
  • Inserting a fictional person into the list is rather easy since the show is fiction.
  • However, it should be noted that the Gulf War ended early 1991. This makes Finn no younger than 19 at this point if his father had actually died in the Gulf.
    • Writers Cannot Do Math. Distressing since this is basic arithmetic we're talking about.
    • Maybe he's Eric Weiss and had to abandon his family for national security reasons. Carole probably told Finn the Gulf War story because that's what the government told her.
  • Probably jossed as of Yes/No.
Finn is worried that he might be gay(but he isn't)
I'm not a shipper or anything, so this isn't a theory to support a Finn and Kurt pairing or whatever, but there's some obvious hints that Finn feels confused. Look at how he acts whenever someone brings up something like homosexuality, such as the other football players. He has a look of...shame on his face. And in Preggers, Kurt tells Finn he wants to ask him something, to which Finn replies "I'm flattered, but I already have a date to the prom. But thanks though, I know how important dances are for teen gays". Of course, Kurt was going to ask him about football. He seems extremely uncomfortable around Kurt in the B9 leading up the the fag remark in Theatricality, but what if he wasn't uncomfortable because Kurt had a crush on him? He obviously suspected it given his Preggers remark. What if he was uncomfortable because he thinks he might have feelings for Kurt, or just homosexual feelings in general?
  • If this is true, it would be pretty awesome, as this kind of storyline(a teen doubting their sexuality) is always used on girls

AdventureTime takes place inside of Finn's head.
Since Finn's known to be lost in his own world at times, it would only make sense he entertains himself when he's not in school or in glee by imagining he's fighting monsters with a talking dog.

Finn will join the Bullywhips
He's become more and more protective of Kurt during season two's Back Nine, but he never got a chance to defend Kurt from the student body's viscious joke in "Prom Queen". Furthermore, he probably feels guilty that part of it is his fault, because he wouldn't defend Kurt in the fall. So he'll join them in order to protect Kurt and to help assuage his own guilt. and he'd also look badass in that uniform.

Finn will be removed as leader/male lead of New Directions in season 3
With the added competition of Blaine and his likely transfer to McKinley? I don't see Finn maintaining the lead anymore. Him holding it as long as he has seems pretty baffling since he really isn't all that talented compared to some of the other guys. I think Jesse pointing that out in "Funeral" may have been some Foreshadowing.

Rory will Single White Female Finn Hudson
Their Portmanteau couple name will be Fior(y), after a Sailor Moon villain obsessed with Darien.

Finn will meet a gay soldier in the army
Glee would want to keep up with the times given the repel of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", and if would give Kurt and/or Blaine someone to flirt with if they break up.

Finn was murdered.
The writers originally were going to make Finn's death caused by an OD but then decided to change it. They then left all cause out of "The Quarterback" focusing on his life instead of death. It's because his death was a murder which is much more tragic and disturbing.
  • He was murdered by the cheating Warblers that he exposed.
    • Or, he was murdered by a jealous Jesse St. James who predicted another National's win by the New Directions, coached by Finn.

Finn died a Heroic Sacrifice
A fitting end for his character arc (even if far too early) - the boy who was always scared of being useless gave his life to save somebody else's.

Finn actually is the father of Quinn's baby
Ejaculation in a hot tub can actually lead to pregnancy, and the timing of when Beth gets born doesn't rule her out as Finn's daughter. True, Puck was the one who actually had sex with Quinn, but that could have just made her quicker to assume that he was the father when he actually wasn't.

The entire story is in Finn's head as/ after he dies, and he is his father
As "Finn"'s father is dying or after his death he imagines up a perfect world for his son how he wished his own life had gone. (how else is a sophomore first quarterback?) As he abandoned "Finn" and his mom soon after he was born in 1994, he knows nothing about his son and so can't come up with (like in dreams) an original name or face so gives him his own. He imagines that "Finn"'s mom will tell his son that he died in the Gulf War - which he signed up for in his late twenties and survived. He originally had the perfect happy ending planned for "Finn" and Rachel, but his mind took over and tragically smites him by forcing him to imagine that his son finds out how he actually died - that he died of an overdose - and then by having him sign up in his footsteps before dying at 19, even younger than himself. He refuses to accept this idea, even in his dream, so keeps on imagining the lives of who he now considers his friends forever whilst having none of them acknowledge how his son died and having their characters change during mourning - which is kept as short as possible.
  • So Finn died of overdose at about 30? (totally missing the point, but it is written in there)

     Mike and Matt 
Mike will have to be the one to push Artie around on the football field
Because it's more dramatic that way.

Matt is Gay

Pretty much anything that is said about Mike above applies here, and again, Matt was the one that scored the second lowest (only above Rachel), possible because people don't know... what he is doing.

  • Original poster of the "Mike is gay" WMG. While it could be that they're both gay (and a couple) it's worth nothing than in "Bad Romance", Mike was the only male (besides Will... and Artie) who was cheering. In "Express Yourself", he was sitting with Kurt, while the others kept a distance from each other, and was kinda neutral about the performance.
    • I was pointed out because of the Glist thing and for pure guessing sake xD
  • Unfortunate Implications aside, I must say that from personal experience a large group of gays guys in a group like this is Truth in Television xP.
  • Fans usually pair him with Mercedes, this could be used to make a joke of her Fag Hag nature.

Mike will form a friendship with Blaine this season
They have significant others who hang out pretty regularly, and are also in the school musical together. I believe there were spoilers about Mike getting support from an unexpected person? Blaine might be there for him regarding his problems with his overbearing dad. On a more Meta level, Blaine needs more characterization outside of his interactions with Kurt, and Mike just needs more characterization. Two birds, one stone. More food for thought: When Blaine auditioned for West Side Story, he went from Tony to Officer Krupke and Bernardo, and didn't even attempt to ask for Riff. Perhaps he already knew Mike was auditioning for it and didn't want to get in the way? Also, Last Friday Night. Friendship moments galore.

Artie is going to have a leg amputation at some point, probably the last season.
He's still fixated on someday being able to dance. Getting in a funk about, for example, a car or stage accident his leg into his wheelchair to the point it can't be repaired and then being pulled out of said funk (by Tina, assuming things don't change too much by then) would allow him to move on.

Artie will make use of a prosthesis such as the E-Legs to walk
He will then improve upon the device to make a suit of Powered Armor and become a superhero.
  • In "A Very Glee Christmas" he uses a ReWalk. It's not a permenant solution, but it does give him options.

Artie's actual position on the football team will be similar to Becky's job in the Cheerios
In that he's pretty much a support member and is there because Coach Beiste's seems to have a soft spot for underdogs who never give up. Later on his position will be legitimized when it's discovered that he has a good head for strategy and helps write the new playbook for the football team

In the show's Distant Finale Artie will be the director of a massively successful version of New Directions.

Artie asked Sugar out because really believes that she really has Asperger's.

Artie will come out as bi and is in love with Blaine.
  • He has made at least two bi throwaway lines in the past, and has always admired Blaine's talent. Maybe he wants to admire Blaine's "talent" in another sense...

The playboy Artie in "Tested" was actually Queen Chrysalis.
After being blown away from Equestria by Shining Armor and Cadance's combined power, Chrysalis ended up transcending time and space and landed in the human world — the real one, not the Human Equestria universe. Set to take over this new world, Chrysalis planned to choose a random helpless human to capture and take their place, and the human in question ended up being Artie. However, after catching chlamydia, Chrysalis gave up on her plan and decided to find a way back to Equestria, but not before spreading the disease to the real Artie to not raise any suspicions.


Sam is going to end up with Kurt...but only after dating Quinn.
This article mentions that Quinn and Sam are going to sing Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz's "Lucky" together. This seems like a big clue that the two are going to fall in love. But this is Glee—nothing is ever that simple. Quinn wants to be at the top of the social ladder again, and dating the new quarterback could help her get there. Sam also cares a great deal about fitting in, and possibly has a big secret to hide, so the relationship would be mutually beneficial. Quinn might even knowingly agree to be his beard. Their duet is just part of the act. Eventually, though, Sam will realize that being true to himself is more important than being popular and end the charade. Then it's only a matter of time before he and Kurt get together.
  • Sam might also try to see guys on the side, and Kurt will have to decide if I'm a Man; I Can't Help It worth compromising his principles.

Sam will fall victim to Bigorexia (Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder)
This was hinted at in the Rocky Horror episode, and Chord Overstreet has stated in interviews that he spends a lot of time shirtless in upcoming episodes. This is definitely something Ry-Murph would build a story arc out of.
  • Sub-WMG: Sam left his old school because of the stigma of having been institutionalized or mercilessly teased/shunned as a result of being a guy with any sort of eating/purging disorder in addition to the "normal" exercise.
  • HINTED?! I thought it was made very, very clear he's manorexic.

Sam is bisexual, didn't want to out himself to the new school at first, then didn't want to ruin his chances with Quinn (who he really does like) if he thought she might dump him for being gay.
He isn't using Quinn as a beard, never had a "sexuality crisis", and still has a chance for Ho Yay moments (as Platonic Life-Partners), if not a full relationship, with Kurt.

Sam really did surf.
He just stopped surfing once he became obsessed with the gym and put lemon juice in his hair to make up for having gotten less sun than in previous summers.

Sam used to beat up gay people.
Sam confessed to having a "secret he was ashamed of", and just dying his hair seems a bit lame. Being gay is too obvious. But there's another possibility: Sam used to be a homophobic bully at his old school, the same one Kurt's transferred to. The bullying got him expelled due to the zero-tolerance policy. Now he's reformed, is sincerely ashamed of how he behaved, and goes out of his way to be tolerant to gay people. And of course Kurt will eventually hear about "Sam", the jerk with brown hair who kept shoving gay kids into lockers...

Kurt will end up with Sam after he returns to New Directions

The show has been hinting at Sam having some homoerotic tendencies for a while now (e.g. the "balls in his mouth" comment, the joke to Artie about their girlfriends being great friends and "we should be that close, too," etc.). And we know that Sam was originally supposed to be the Kurt boyfriend character until they decided that he should end up with Quinn, but Ryan Murphy has said he's bored of Sam/Quinn and they broke up with "Comeback." His relationship with Santana is not likely to last now that she's admitted that she doesn't love Sam and wants to be with Brittany, and is just waiting for her to break up with Artie. With the increasing clues that Blaine has no interest in Kurt beyond friendship and that Kurt is probably going to be back at New Directions very soon (some spoilers I saw about the Regionals episode said just this), maybe Sam will come out of the closet and he and Kurt will end up together? Maybe Santana's coming-out will inspire him to be honest about his sexuality, too.

Sam is the guy who trips over nothing after the performance of Toxic.
Though we only see his back, the guy who falls over himself is blond, wearing a football jacket, and looks like he has a Bieber cut. Who else do we know is blond, described as having hair like Justin Bieber, and is frequently found wearing the McKinley football jacket? Hmm...

Sam used to be a complete stereotypical nerd
He still acts like one to some degree, since he's fluent in Na'vi (which would be the 21st century version of being fluent in Klingon) he's seen Avatar a bunch of times and is proud of it, and he's constantly doing celebrity impersonations. At his old school, Sam used to be the nerdiest of the nerds and was likely teased for it. He probably also Used To Be Fat. However, he got tired of being bullied, so he got his eating disorder going on, bulked up, and joined the football team when he changed schools. He tried to change his nerdish ways, but he's still a complete nerd at heart. Which is probably why Quinn fell for him, since they can both relate to being former outcasts.

Sam will date Rory.
The sheer volume of Ho Yay every time they so much as be in the same room together is some major Foreshadowing.

[WMG: Sam is Obfuscating Stupidity in his relationship with Brittany]]His sudden shift from average intelligence to being almost as dim as Brittany is rather jarring. Sam possibly began pretending to be as unintelligent as she was in order to help her feel like she wasn't alone - and in the process fell for her. Except now he can't come clean about not being that stupid, because then she wouldn't be able to trust him and she'd dump him.

Sue and Lady Elaine are really the same person.

Sue and Sandy are going to become a couple.
In one episode, Sue mentions how Sandy tried to write a scene into Cabaret with him dressed as Cleopatra.
Sue: "I was first aroused, then disgusted."

This may mean that she has feelings for him. It's possible that they'll become a couple with the gender roles switched, with Sue being the masculine part of the couple and Sandy being the feminine part.

Sue is a roleplayer.
In the pilot, Sue mentioned people playing "trolls and druids" as a low-status group, and it's easy to understand why role playing games would be looked upon as nerdy and unfashionable. But she's careful to specify live action trolls and druids. Obviously she's a hard-core tabletop role player, and is pouring scorn on the pathetic LARP geeks. Anyone unfamiliar with role playing games wouldn't use that phrase.
  • Not really; people can pick up lingo pretty easily especially if it uses standard English and/or means exactly what it says on the tin. Live action is also a term that is used outside of role playing such as in movies. It's not really that much of a stretch that Sue, a fairly intelligent women, would pick up on a term and figure out what it means or that she might have come across it outside of context of a role playing situation. Not to mention that she probably at least gets to know what each club is about to better buy them a cat and then punch them in the face.

Sue used to be a man.
Think about it. She doesn't menstruate, she told Terri she doesn't have a uterus, and in the most recent episode, Kurt said he stumbled upon her hormone pills when he found her video. I think Sue had a sex change because she had girly tendencies as a child. The reason she's so butch is because she just had surgery recently before the series started and is still not used to acting feminine.
  • Sue said she had an elective hysterectomy to lose weight for a cheer leading completion, which would account for all of the above. And wouldn't be possible if she was biologically male.

Sue's sister is the cause of her... Sueness.
Just think about it. We know that Sue lies and exaggerates almost every time she speaks, has a obsession for attention and victory... and also a special needs sister. Their parents probably had to focus on the disabled child, while Sue was ignored; this left her craving for attention and success. Sue might even have hated her sister when they are young and her behavior today is a form of compensation (plus is probably the only person in the world that truly likes Sue).
  • Alternatively, she's the cause of her Sueness because Sue was her protector when they were young. She's so amazing at verbal abuse because she learned how to dish it back to the bullies who would pick on her sister, is obsessed with having the spotlight on her as a leftover of her drawing attention away from her sister, and her need to win stems from needing to validate for the the bullies how much better she was than them, as well as trying to make her sister happy.
    • Sorta confirmed. Sue talks about how she adored her older sister and was truly surprised and shocked that people would bully and pick on her.

Sue is putting the Glee Club through a Secret Test of Character
She knows that the glee club doesn't have the strength to succeed unless they are pushed towards it. In "Journey", she tells Will that she respects what he's doing (and saves the glee Club for another year), but we all know that she's still going to continue harassing the club. She has provided good advise in several episodes, such as "Vitamin D" when she tells Will to stop making the kids compete against each other. Every time she tries to trick one of the kids, they learn from it and become stronger. This would mean that everything she does is also a Batman Gambit.

Sue is a real person, trapped in the TV show Glee.
That's why she's so angry all the time, has the weakest singing voice, and treats everyone so badly. They're just TV characters, so why not insult them to their face and push them aside? That also explains why she's so obsessed with destroying the Glee Club - she knows they're what the show is about and if they break up, the show ends and she's free.
  • Or, alternatively, she could realize that she's there as a plot device; if the Glee club ever DOES get broken up, bam, the game ends and the show canceled.

Sue is the Gleeverse counterpart/ a parody of Ann Coulter.
Just how much do they have in common? Both conservative, politacally incorrect, tough-talking, scary Republican broadcasters. Both female, six-feet tall, unmarried blondes who are loathed by many and yet adored by their fans. Are both also considered "hot" by a majority of said fans and are likely within only one or two years of one another in age. That really is a lot of similarities.

Jennette Mc Curdy will join the cast in Season 3 or 4, and end up being Sue's daughter.
They already did the reverse on iCarly, Jennette can sing, and dance, and act, and iCarly might be finishing up in time for her to audition for the show for Season 3, and it will almost certainly be done in time if she joins in Season 4.

Sue is going to pull a Magnificent Bastard moment at Regionals
Sue will pull some rule loophole out that brings Kurt back into New Directions at Regionals, providing them with just enough to put them over the top. She will say it is because she wants Kurt back in Cheerios next year.

Dr. Shane is Sue's psychiatrist.
In Born This Way, Glee will introduce the recurring character Dr Shane. I'm predicting he will be a psychiatrist for Sue after her punching the governor's wife. They will also start an affair. He is going to be played by Charlie Sheen.
  • Makes sense. I'm sure they both have tiger blood in their veins.
    • Jossed. Dr Shane was Emma's psychiatrist, and the character has not recurred to date.
      • NOT SO FAST, BUCKO!! Charlie Sheen's has a new series premeiring on FX called "Anger Management" where he plays an anger management therapist. Not who needs anger management counseling more than Sue??

Sue is responsible for the Bully Whip uniform.
Dave temporarily drove Kurt away, and Santana quit the cheerios for Glee, putting both of them on her s-list. The jacket is neutral, but the beret is awkward and hilarious. ItÂ’s almost like Sue approved of the club but also said, "But IÂ’m not through punishing either of them, yet, and therefore, demand they wear this uniform I designed. The beret is not optional."

Sue is asexual and hasn't come to terms with this fact
She probably hasn't even heard of asexuality. When someone figures it out and helps her come to term with it, it will be a major Pet the Dog moment for her.

Sue's childhood heroes were Statler and Waldorf.
They inspired her to become the insufferable, hilarious troll that she is today.

Sue's childhood villain is Sylvester the Cat.
No matter how many times she wants to stop the Glee Club, she'll always failed for laughs.

Will's glee club teacher was murdered.
The show needs a lurid storyline to replace the two pregnancy arcs, and it's somewhat unusual for a woman to die at the age of 60. Obviously she was murdered, and any of the adults could be suspects.

Will and Emma's relationship will suffer the exact same problems as Will and Terri's
  • Emma says that she understands Terri's actions in lying about her pregnancy because Will is a lot to lose. She knows that she's pretty much stolen another woman's husband and will become just as possessive and jealous as Terri was which may cause Will to seek out Terri for understanding, comfort, and perspective which will just cause the whole cycle to start over again.
    • She does seem to acknowledge he's repeating the same patterns, though, because she says, "How is you compromising yourself for my crazy any different than you compromising yourself for hers (Terri's)?"

Bryan Ryan and Will Schuester had amazing angry sex right after the Dream On debacle
All that sexual tension had to go somewhere, and it further helps explain Bryan Ryan's sudden change of heart.
  • ...angry?
    • Not the original poster but during the episode it would have been hot Foe Yay sex. I can picture them having sex and Will still asks straight after if Bryan's changed his mind about Glee Club, Bryan says no so Will would get frustrated and storm out. After Will watches Bryan's debut performance it would have been celebration sex though.
      • Fun part is that Bryan has been the character that shows the most chemistry with Will.
  • In my mind, Bryan Ryan will come back and he'll be the Team Dad to the Glee Club whilst Will is the Team Mom

Will is trying to live his dream through Finn
Will sees a lot of himself in Finn and the show used to have them having parallel story lines with the pregnancies. Now, we know Finn is not the best singer in the glee club, and that everyone should have an equal opportunity, and even when he has been called out on this several occasions (It's close to becoming a running gag) he keeps giving most of the solos to Finn. One of the reasons is that, when he believes someone is a good singer, he tends to ignore everything else(Like what happened with April Rhodes) and he personally recruited Finn. The other reason, revealed later, is that he wasn't number 1 in his Glee Club, and is kinda resentful of that, therefore, he gives Finn most of the solos because he has, subconsciously or consciously, associated Finn with himself.

Will will turn (temporarily) to the darkside by the season's end
How many f*ck-ups of Rachel's and plots of Sue can he really take? And in "Mattress", it's shown he can be pretty intense when something as bad as Terri faking her pregnancy. Therefore, he could possibly ban Rachel from Glee club and possibly do something really big to Sue, like maybe turn her sister against her, thus turning him into a quasi-Sue. The other kids of GC will give him a bit of a What the Hell, Hero? speech, but the damage will still be heavy. There could also be a rendition of "No One Mourns the Wicked" from "Wicked" with him, Rachel and Sue and the GC as backup singers for a Heel Realization.
  • In the first episode of season 2 he does team up with Sue against Coach Beiste, but has an attack of conscience when he realizes he actually hurt her feelings and is also hurting his kids in the process as well.
    • I know, but that could be fuel for the fire.

Will actually is attracted to Shannon Bieste
And once they start dating Emma will become incredibly jealous and start going back to her old behavior.
  • The summary for "Blame It on the Alcohol" suggests that Will and Shannon start hanging out and having fun together outside of school, of course the producers also say that Holly Holiday is coming back and she and Will might have a little lip lock. Maybe they're trying to set up another Love Triangle for Will?

Will is a Time Lord
Not sure what his TARDIS is, though. He spent 100s of years learning all about music and songwriting from across time, and can perform any song ever officialy released ever. It also explains why the kids can learn new songs so quickly: he gives them psychic headbutts!

Terri is pregnant as a result of her one night stand with Will in Substitute.
It's either the Inverse Fertility Law or The Baby Trap all over again. The character isn't going anywhere, it would ruin Will's hope of a collected and smooth road to sectionals and regionals, and of course Babies Make Everything Better. Hilarity Ensues.
  • This seems extremely likely. Especially since Will has a new lover in the form of Holly, and Emma still has feelings for him which is putting a strain on her marriage. Bringing Terri back to stir the pot seems like something the producers would do.

Terri will suffer a lot as a mother.
Combined, Quinn and Finn would probably do a better job parenting than she could. Not contributing her own genes is probably the best thing she could ever do for her (adopted) daughter. Plus it would be hilarious.

Terri will be a surprisingly good mother.
Counter-guess to the above. Having a child will make her smarten up and stop acting so selfish, even if it's not biologically hers. She also has Will as a guide, who is much more mentally equipped to handle parenthood. This show seems to enjoy bringing in evil characters and redeeming them—since Terri is a major player, it's likely she'll eventually soften up as Quinn and Puck have done (and Sue may be in the process of doing). It would also set up some tension and contrast between her and Kendra, as Kendra is clearly an incompetent parent.
  • Also, being happy with motherhood might counter Will cheating her.

Terri will be a terrible mother at first and become a surprisingly good mother later.
Third option to the above WMGs, Quinn's baby will set Terri up for Character Development. At first she will be a bad mother, or at least she won't like motherhood, but later she will develop a bond with the child.

As a "bonus", when she finally starts to love the baby, Quinn and/or Puck will want it back.

Terri will be the new Cheerios coach.
She's an ex-cheerleader, she's worked with Sue before, and she'll do anything to stay in Will's (curly) hair!

Terri will try to kidnap Quinn's baby
  • Quinn and Puck will finally come together and either decide to keep the baby or give it up for adoption. But then Terri rears her ugly head and tries to claim the baby is her's, believing it will help her win Will back.

Terri will try to seduce Finn for some reason.
Just look at the way she looks and imagines Finn in "Funk".
  • Word of God is that she thinks of Finn as her second chance. She crushed the dreams of a boy in Glee Club who showed promise and ended up ruining his life. She wants to redeem herself by nurturing Finn's dreams and talents.

Emma is a sexual abuse survivor.
Think about it. It explains why she's avoided sex for this long, her obsession with cleanliness, and her anxiety.
  • Didn't she state in episode 2 that it was because she fell into a run-off lake at a diary lake? Though, there could be more than she's telling us...

Emma is the daughter of Charlie from Heroes
In the series finale, Hiro finds out that Charlie was sent back in time to World War II, where she married a man and had four children and seven grandchildren, only one and two of which were shown. Now, this is a very old theory, but a cute one, especially since Jayma Mays plays both Emma and young Charlie. It puts her germaphobia in a whole new light if there's something extraordinary about it.

Emma is asexual.
Everyone thinks that Emma won't have sex because of her OCD, and that's sure to be some part of it. But the main reason that she didn't have sex with Will, and won't have sex with Carl, is that she's only attracted to them emotionally, and not sexually. But because asexuality isn't exactly the most common subject in popular culture, and even when it is heard of it's usually misunderstood, it's not unimaginable that she doesn't even realize she's asexual. And this would be a great topic to put into the episode Born This Way.


Tina is a cutter.
She is ALWAYS wearing arm warmers. This show revels in tropes/stereotypes, so it seems likely that the vaguely goth girl self-harms.
  • Tina bared her arms during the dance scene with Kurt. Kurt or Britt probably would've noticed.
  • On the other hand, given that she apparently likes Artie, and his reaction to finding out about the fake stutter, maybe she'll try to give herself a real disability out of desperation?
    • Being a cutter isn't a disability, it's a 'symptom' of a mental illness, which we have absolutely no reason to think she has. Except for her "crippling shyness", which could be perceived as Social Anxiety Disorder, but then I highly doubt she could perform (somewhat obscenely, even, at times) without having a panic attack.

Tina deliberately blew the final note of Tonight to lose the solo.
Tina was clearly uncomfortable with having the solo and wanted Rachel to sing it. At the time she was still faking a stutter, so a similar passive-aggressive stunt wouldn't be out of character. And we've seen Kurt do exactly the same thing.

Mike and/or Tina are crack users or dealers.
This would explain how they knew Sunshine was sent to a crackhouse. They claim they learned because the Asian community is tight knit, but Filipino and Chinese or Korean communities are generally very distinct.

Tina is pregnant.
She has been dating Mike for over a year now, and she implied that they were having sex while filming "Fondue for Two". It's not out of the realm of possibility that she has an Asian bun in her oven. With him being a graduating senior, Tina is trying to keep her pregnancy secret from him so that he won't feel obligated to stay behind. Basically, she's learned from Quinn's mistakes.

Tina is somehow related to Andrea Cohen of Vocal Adrenaline.
Though neither one knows it yet, which is why they didn't acknowledge each other during their visit to recruit Dakota Stanley. This will be a plot point at some time or another.

Tina will develop a crush on Blaine, because he's part Asian.

Tina has a TBI from the events of Props.
Tina was underwater and unconscious long enough to have an elaborate fantasy sequence that lasted about half the episode (over 20 minutes). If you're unconscious for longer than 5 minutes without being in a medically induced coma, especially since she couldn't have been getting air given that she was at least partially underwater, you are at risk for losing brain cells. This also explains why her personality shifted so dramatically at the beginning of season 4, spending most of the next two seasons alternating between Santana-levels of bitchy and crying her eyes out at the drop of a hat.

If not a TBI, Tina has a developing personality disorder.
See the above WMG; Tina's behavior cannot possibly be natural, but she does show signs of it as early as the season-1 Madonna episode, where she snaps at Artie, although at least then she had a reason.


The "My Life Would Suck" number was Mercedes' fantasy.
It's somewhat implausible that the club would organize an elaborate musical number right after an exhausting competition, and that Will would kiss Emma. But what really puts it in the realm of fantasy is Santana doing the squat-thrust dance move from "Bust Your Windows". She's never actually danced like that - we've only seen Mercedes imagining it. Which means she must be imagining this too.
  • Well, Will did kiss Emma, so at least a little bit is Jossed.

Mercedes will subvert her role as Sassy Black Woman and end up being Spoiled Sweet and/or the Only Sane Man.
There will be a prefunctory episode on the Blues where everyone in New Directions is assigned to find something Blues-worthy in their life and use it in their performance. Mercedes will become insecure over her role as Sassy Black Woman because she finds her life is completely void of Bluesy angst; She has plenty of emotional support, her home life is in order, her grades are perfect, and her family's affluence keeps her from worrying about money. She will regain her status as lead belter by singing a song secretly dedicated to another character who genuinely has a terrible problem and, for their own reasons, can not reveal their troubles publicly.

Mercedes has a brain tumor, or similar illness
And is the cause of her halucinations, the first was the dancing number after she broke Kurt's car windows, the second was when she started to starve, and the third was in The Subistitute episode.

Mercedes will join the football team
Mercedes will see that her life has revolved around Kurt for too long, and she'll try to define herself outside him and the glee club. Since she already tried the Cheerios and that didn't work, she'll instead use her talents for the football team. One, since their Ain't No Rule about Artie joining, she'll probably have a good chance as well. Two, she probably can bond with coach Beiste, both being intimidating women who just want to be loved. Three, she can confront Karofsky for bullying Kurt and chasing him out of the school. Four, the best way to find a boyfriend is to go in the lion's den. Finally, it would be cool to see how the girlfriends/bed partners of the jocks would react to that.
  • Sort of confirmed. She joins it as an 11th-Hour Ranger, but it's only temporary. Now Lauren, on the other hand...


Quinn has amnesia from her accident.
She thinks her name is Lucy and forgets she has a daughter.

Quinn will convert to Judaism to be with Puck.
Arguably Unfortunate Implications (only vocal Christian character converting) but if she ends up with Puck - and especially if they keep the baby - seems like the only plausible way his mother wouldn't disown him.

Artie and Quinn will become a couple.
  • She's through with both Puck and Finn for different reasons, and Artie is a genuinely nice and understanding guy who know's what it's like to be given a rough hand. There are small moments between them that suggest this isn't outside the realm of posibility: First there's "Wheels" where she refuses to take any of the money from the bake sale to pay for her sonogram because although they made enough so no one would miss it, it would still be stealing from someone who has become her friend, plus she was one of the first and most enthusiastic ones to congratulate him at the end of "Proud Mary", then there's the moment in "Ballads" where she is genuinely surprised and happy to be paired with him, and in "Sectionals" she is dancing with him during "My Life Would Suck Without You." In fact, after the events in "Wheels" she seems to be his new de facto partner in many of the numbers, considering that the glee kids help come up with their own choreography there could to be something to this. Also, while teen pregnancy isn't a disablity it is something that she can't "just turn off" and will most likely affect her for the rest of her life, the same as his being in a wheelchair.
    • Alternately, the pairs at the end of the "My Life Would Suck Without You" will be the couples that form in the second half of the first season and into the (possible) second, with the exception of Tina and Kurt, for obvious reasons.
    • At the end of "Dream On", as Tina dances with Mike Chang, Quinn rubs Artie's shoulder to comfort him.
    • Everyone pairs Quinn with the most random people because she's nice to all of them. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe Quinn is just the nicest character in the cast? No, not really. Arguably, Brittany is sweeter, but Santana has such an influence on her that it doesn't really get to show as much.
    • This is actually likely now given that Quinn has regained her popularity and Artie is looking for some way to get Tina's attention again. What better one than dating the head cheerleader?

Quinn's mother caused her water to break.
Stress can cause premature labor. Q. E. D.

By the end of the series, Quinn will have lived in everyone's house for some period of time.
Four down (including her own), eight to go! Of course, this doesn't count adult characters and kids being added next season, so the writers have to step it up.
  • Everyone except Rachel, that is. They can leave that one to real life – and the shippers.

Quinn is secretly gay
That's the logical result if you take that study cited above (Kurt's folder) about "higher rates of pregnancy among homosexual teenagers" and apply it just a little differently. She'd obviously be deeply in denial about it.
Quinn is the "new" conservative character.
  • Neither Sunshine nor Sam seem likely to become this character. Given what Quinn said to Sue at the Cheerios auditions, it looks like the creators just decided to scrap the character and instead write her attributes into Quinn (which somewhat makes sense, since we already know Quinn to be very religious and that her parents are politically conservative).
    • Based on the press release for "Grilled Cheesus," the character is either Coach Beiste, Sam, a one-off character (who likely won't be a member of the glee club), or an old character (such as Quinn) who's views are coming to light.
    • The character seems to have been split up into Quinn (in the season premiere and "Grilled Cheesus"), Sue (in the Rocky Horror episode), and mainly Karofsky.

Quinn is a Slayer
  • She's very much a feminist, she's always wearing a cross necklace, and she's athletic. Quinn is even reminiscent of Buffy: a blonde, shallow cheerleader who goes through enormous character development.
  • She also seems to be really wise, which may have to do with the precognitive abilities that Slayers have. I think it's more likely that she's a Potential Slayer though.

Quinn is a Puella Magi
That's the real way she made her transformation from 'Lucy Caboosy' to the Quinn we see now. She didn't diet and get plastic surgery, she made a contract with Kyubey.
  • This could even explain why she didn't keep Beth. She would already have trouble keeping up with Glee club and dating while fighting witches [[Spoiler: /demons]] let along taking care of a baby on top of it.

Quinn has post-partum depression.
Post-partum depression happens to women who have just given birth, which mostly comes around about three months after the birth itself (re: the start of season two). Studies have shown that women under twenty (Quinn is around seventeen) and/or those who go through unplanned pregnancies or did not want the baby (self-explanatory) are more likely to get it, which is only pushed more if they have an unstable/shaky relationship with the father (not really, they just haven't been talking a lot, but still) and/or they have little support from friends/family (her father kicked her out, her sister was nowhere to be found, and her mother was only there for her just as she was about to give birthnote ). Symptoms include anxiety, irritability, feeling withdrawn, apathy, and problems at home/work. Sound familiar?
  • This could also explain why Quinn wants to be Prom Queen so bad. It is a distraction from missing her daughter, which is why it has grown to obsessive levels.


Quinn's sister Frannie is Frannie from Greek
Well, why not? She's an Alpha Bitch called Frannie from Ohio, and the time frame sits rather nicely.

Quinn skipped a year, and so younger than most of the rest of the glee club
1. It could easily be forgotten when she moved schools. 2. She's smart enough to skip years: Before the series/early season 1 she's obviously really intelligent to effortlessly pass classes to be a cheerleader whilst still focussing entirely on her social life and scheming, and 3. during the series she is obviously still really brainy beyond the rest of the school to be on honor roll whilst pregnant, mentally unstable, disabled, etc. As well as deciding mid-senior year to try and get early acceptance to Yale (damn near impossible as it is, with preparation) after not attending classes for the first month or so and getting it. 4. It would also explain how she is certain in her position of being the youngest head Cheerio ever as a sophomore, though Kitty is made captain as a sophomore and doubtless others have been in the past - she's the age of a freshman, or maybe younger. 5. Also gives a reason why she doesn't factor in being older than ("ignoring the age difference" - let's face it, in high school it's rare for girls to date boys in a lower grade) some of the guys she's linked with (Sam's a sophomore when she's a junior, Joe is a sophomore when she's a senior, Artie's a junior when she's a senior) as well as 6. constantly being around boys only a little older maybe hinting at why she obsessively tries to find status through much older partners (the 40-year-old skateboarder and her professor).
  • But it would also mean she was 14 when she got pregnant, and Puck was 16. Even though she was canonically 15, and Puck 16, and so underage, the bigger gap does make it seem worse.

Blaine is from an Alternate Universe...
  • Along with the rest of Dalton Academy. It is just too perfect. Alternatively, Kurt is a Reality Warper or he hallucinated it.

Blair (if he exists) will be similar to Jesse for Kurt
After Kurt meets Blair and they start to go out, it becomes evident that Blair has ulterior motives (getting Kurt to join Vocal Adrenaline, or just traumatizing him). Sam will step in and get the two apart, at the same time confessing his feelings to Kurt.
  • "Blair" appears to be actually "Blaine"
  • All of the above, but replace "Sam" with "Karofsky". He could prevent the Warblers from sabotaging New Directions in a Big Damn Hero moment because he cares about Kurt, while at the same time redeeming himself in New Directions' eyes and causing Kurt to dump Blaine for him. Then Azimio grudgingly gives them his blessing. Yes, I do realize 99% of this is wishful thinking, but a boy can dream right?

"Klaine" will have drama/suspicion similar to Rachel/Jesse
...except it will be inverted, the kids in the Warblers will think that Kurt is a spy, potentially they might even heard how New Directions "stole" Jesse from Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Jossed. No such suspicion ever arose, what with the Warblers being rather sensibler than New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline put together are loopy.

The Warblers are actually a very politically motivated Glee Club with Blaine as their 'Rachel'.
This helps explain why everyone's enthusiasm is notably muted at the council meeting and Blaine emphasizes to Kurt the need to 'fit in'. Upper Classmen control the council to stick it on their college apps. Blaine is protecting his role as lead soloist and knows that Kurt (who did tremendously well at his solo audition) is his only real competition for top spot. The other two auditioning had attempted multiple times, which fits with the social promotion piece of the puzzle which outright denies newbies like Kurt to intentionally demoralize them into submission. Once one has integrated and "paid their dues" promotion within the clique becomes possible. This is ostensibly plausible because the wonderfully developed character of Kurt cannot be absolved of conflict simply by switching schools. It just isn't done that way.

If Blaine transfers to McKinley, he will join the football team
When we were first informed of Kurt's boyfriend, we were told he'd be on the football team. This is also a major obstacle for the Klaine shippers. Since Sam is most likely going to stick with Quinn, and the Kurt/Karofsky romance probably won't happen because it's creepy, the best bet is left for Blaine to be his BF. If he joined the football team, it would match with what we were told earlier on.
  • It's already been established that Blaine likes sports and is quite knowledgeable about football.
  • Adding to this, he'll probably be either a wide receiver or a runningback (my money's on the latter). He's not big enough to be a linebacker, he's not tall enough to be a quarterback or a tight end, and pretty much no TV character ever played on the defensive side of a ball.

Blaine didn't have friends before Kurt and his friends.

Everytime we see Blaine hanging out outside of Dalton, it is either with Kurt or Kurt and his friends. We never see him on casual outings with any of the other Warblers; they only spend time together at rehearsal. This would also explain why he fell so in love with Jeremiah, especially since Kurt did the same thing to Finn. It's probably the first time someone has look at him as a person and not a key to a goal.

  • Maybe the problem is Kurt? They might not like him, and Blaine and Kurt main topic seem "gay, gay, gay, gay and a purse fell from my mouth". Though it is possible that they don't like Blaine enough as friend exactly because the excessive camp talking.

At some point, Blaine will get punched in the face.

Blaine will follow Kurt when he transfers back to McKinley.
Here's how "Original Song" is going to go down: Kurt is going to feel increasingly uncomfortable at Dalton; he's not fitting in and he misses his friends at McKinley. It's been confirmed that Pavarotti dies, and, seeing as it was something of a metaphor for Kurt fitting in at Dalton, Kurt's going to realize he needs to go back to his friends. He's going to make a grand speech to Blaine, about how he needs to be back at McKinley but he loves Blaine and deeply regrets leaving him. The last scene of the episode will be New Directions hanging out in the choir room after welcoming Kurt back, when Mr. Schue comes in with a knowing smile to announce a new transfer student wanting to try out for glee. In walks Blaine (who, remember, was established in "Silly Love Songs" to be fond of big romantic gestures to people he's not even actually dating). The last shot of the episode is Kurt starting to tear up.

Blaine is actually Harry Potter
AVPM was produced in the year 2009. Harry proclaims loudly and often to be twelve, and his birthday is known to be July 31st. The musical was performed in 2009 but it must have taken place in the past tense, meaning it describes the 07/08 school year. If that stretch can be made, then Harry would be turning 16 in July 2011. We know Blaine is a junior. Most juniors would be turning 17 in July 2011, but its not hard to imagine that Blaine could have skipped a grade. The bullies he was fleeing from? Draco Malfoy, armed with the dancing skills he learned from the centaurs. This would also help explain the fact that Jeremiah insisted Blaine was underage despite the fact that age of consent in Ohio is 16.
  • While this is an awesome theory, I have to mention the one thing wrong with it: Blaine's parents are alive.
    • Blaine could be adopted.
      • And the Scarf of Sexual Preference sorted Harry into metrosexual.
    • Maybe his sexuality got switched with Ron's somehow (hey, weirder things have happened)— it was bicurious, and after BIOTA...
      • People can change, and Harry was eleven when he got sorted. How many people have their sexual orientation all figured out before they go through puberty? As Dumbledore says, maybe they sort too soon.
    • You have no idea how popular a theory this is. Glee/HP has probably the most number of crossovers on Fan featuring Harry with at least one other magical person (sometimes Remus or Sirius has his guardian, or sometimes Teddy as his adopted son) moving to Ohio to find a "normal" life, meeting Kurt and either joining New Directions or working at McKinley HS.

Blaine will meet Bryan Ryan
At least briefly, when he inevitably returns. They will argue the merits of internet musicals.

Blaine tries to humiliate anybody who he feels has done him wrong
Oh, the revalation about him being beaten up at prom once makes his character so much more disturbing. Ever since that he's been envious of other gays who "got off without a hitch". Its buried deep, so it only comes out if he dislikes somebody, and he's been nice to Kurt because he likes him throught the series, whether they're B Fs or not. So, let's start with Karofsky: Blaine tried to make him come out in the middle of the school, where anybody could see. Obviously a poor decision for somebody who is a violent closet case. But Blaine is protective of Kurt, so he wanted Karofsky to suffer, and tries to make people see that he's gay so that he too is humiliated. The there's Jeremiah. Jeremiah turned Blaine down, and Blaine was so scorned by such action that he organized the GAP Attack under the guise of an Anguished Declaration of Love, but in reality the entire plan was to get Jeremiah fired. In short: If Kurt ever does something to piss off Blaine, HE SHOULD RUN.

Blaine's father is a Jerkass
He might not be overtly homophobic, but we're already getting hints he might not be such a nice guy. Blaine's dad could also be a foil for Burt.

Burt becomes a Parental Substitute and Papa Wolf for Blaine
In light of him being the boy his son loves, a possible Jerkass for a dad and maybe even Jerkass family.

The guy Blaine went to his old school's dance with will show up in Season 3
As either someone who comes between Kurt and Blaine, a love interest for Karofsky, or both.

Blaine will cheat on Kurt.
Apparently they are planning to introduce a character named Sebastian, who is a male Santana and has his eye on Blaine. They've already set up Kurt's jealousy over Blaine being offered the lead in West Side Story because he's Straight Gay. This could easily evolve into a wedge in their relationship and could make an opening for Sebastian to try to steal Blaine, particularly if problems with Kurt drive Blaine to drink since Blame It on the Alcohol showed that Blaine's inhibitions go way down when he's drunk.
  • I hope they take the opportunity to explore polyamorous relationships.

Blaine was held back a year
The atmosphere between him and Kurt in S2 implied that at the very least they were in the same grade. Also, he was almost always addressed as Junior Warbler Blaine. Now from what we've seen of him other than pining over Kurt, he has had a few moments where he wasn't being too bright (trying to force Karofksy out of the closet in public, immediately thinking he and Jeremiah were an item). It's possible that he was held back a year and is therefore still a junior.

Blaine is Benjamin Button
Getting younger every year.

Blaine is a Doctor Who fan.
So far in Season 3, he has TWICE worn a bowite. That'sit, really, but it fits his character.
  • Blaine prefers the Eleventh Doctor, Kurt is a Tennant fanboy. They watch it together every week and argue.

Blaine's parents are under the floorboard of his house
That's why he's was able to transfer to McKinley and why his parents weren't around his house during "Their First Time." His father harped on his sexuality one too many times, and his mother was complacent for one too many times, and he goes off.
  • Jossed as of "The Wedding." We meet his mom.

Blaine will become an alcoholic
In two episodes we've seen that Blaine can't hold his alcohol, and yet he continues to drink. He's probably one of those people who are afraid to deal with the problems in his life, so he'll drink to handle them.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing! God forbid what happens if he and Kurt ever break up. It'll be Bambi all over again.

Blaine had to repeat freshman year
After he was beaten up at his school dance, he was in the hospital/at home recovering and missed too much school to complete the year.

At some point, another character will address Blaine as Mr. Anderson.
Because it would be awesome. Even more so if it was Sebastian "Smith" (Smythe).

Blaine and Kurt will sing "I'll Cover You" from Rent.
It'll be the second song that goes with their voices, after Baby It's Cold outside.
  • It'll be in a flashback, as a mash-up with I'll cover you, reprise
Blaine suffers from some level of clinical depression.
It's been implied that he did not have much of a support system growing up and always felt like he wasn't "good enough". Now that he has cheated on Kurt he once again thinks they were right. He always manages to screw up everything good in his life. So he hates himself and starts on a downward spiral that no one notices because no one ever takes the time to actually listen to him when he tries to talk about his problems.

Blaine is based on some straight guy from Ryan Murphy's past and Ryan Murphy is living out some childhood fantasy with the Blurt storyline
When Kurt first spots Blaine, he thinks he's straight. It's later revealed he's gay although he fits in with straight people better and acts more straight than Kurt. Kurt takes a long time to get Blaine's attention romantically which might parallel some experience Ryan Murphy had with some experience Murphy had with a straight friend. Only Murphy crosses the line into fantasy when Blaine finally falls for Kurt after a fantastic display of Kurt's artistic talent. Then the relationship shifts drastically to Blaine having a greater dependence on Kurt then vice-versa. Blaine's obsession over Kurt after they break up to the point of desperational suicide and having stronger feelings for Kurt than any character has for anyone else on the show is part of Ryan Murphy's fantasy to be loved and obsessed over.
  • Well Ryan Murphy did write The Break-Up, the episode where Blaine begs Kurt for forgiveness after cheating on him.


Sebastian lives in a trailer park.
Kurt and Blaine are going to end up at his house and find out it's actually a trailer. He's going to have an embarrassing father who's fat and smelly who probably, for one reason or another, couldn't go to college or even graduate from high school. Sebastian got into Dalton on a scholarship, and the reason he's so obsessed with rising to the top is so that he can escape from his past forever.
  • He mentions his father being a state's attorney, so hardly. Unless he was lying.

Sebastian will turns his affections to Kurt.
He'll find Kurt's snarkiness sexy and their trade of jabs much funner than anything he saw in Blaine, so he'll act like he's still after Blaine to rile Kurt up, when he's really after him.

Sebastian will be expelled from Dalton and forced to go to school at McKinley.
The evidence against him will be turned over to the police by the end if the third season, and the ensuing fallout will see him kicked out of Dalton. Considering how much he loathes public schools, having to complete his education there, surrounded by people who despise him, is the kind of punishment he deserves.

Sebastian will become The Atoner.
He's already showed signs of this as of "On My Way" by apologizing to the New Directions and dedicating the Warbler's performance to Karofsky.

Sebastian has AIDS.
Unfortunate Implications aside, he is rather promiscuous.

Sebastian and Blaine will get together.
If Kurt leaves for NYADA and Blaine forgives Sebastian for the whole rock-salt slushie deal, this is a definite possibility.

  • As on On My Way, Sebastian and Blaine seem to have made up...

Sebastian was abused.
And the trauma from said abuse is what keeps him from having a real relationship.

Karofsky will become Kurt's boyfriend, but he won't join New Directions
There's a good chance that, if Karofsky could sing, he would have joined with Puck, Matt, and Mike (regardless of his sexuality). So he probably wouldn't be able to contribute anything to the group regardless. But he'll cheer Kurt on from the sidelines, and Kurt will do the same at his football games.
  • On the other hand, Karofsky may not have joined because as a closet case, he would be even less inclined to have anyone believe he`s gay than the straight jocks. (Also, I`m a Karommel shipper too)

Karofsky will join New Directions at some point in Season 3
Considering that his actor, Max Adler, has had First Chair in All-State show choir in New York, the producers would be insane not to use his talent. After he manages to stop worrying about what other people think, he'll join the glee club and be able to be himself in their presence. Or, he could just begin by channeling all of that angst of his into singing, and realize he likes performing.

Karofsky will audition for New Directions but won't make it in
Either because New Directions just doesn't like him, he can't escape his past and/or someone amazing takes the last spot open at the very last minute just when Karofsky thinks he's in. He won't react well.

Kurt will stop Karofsky from killing himself.
Karofsky will try, due to reasons stated above, but Kurt will intervene at the last minute and save him. Kurt will then make it his mission to help Karofsky come to terms with his sexuality, and in the process he'll fall in love with him.

The black and white jocks are boyfriends
C'mon, it's pretty obvious.
  • It would add some complexity if it turned out that what they really object to isn't Kurt's homosexuality or Finn's percieved bisexuality but being hard gays they resent what they see as effeminate behavior.
    • Or they are just that deep on the closet, you know, it is only gay if balls are touching.
      • Or they have the same attitude as Brittany and Santana. It's not gay if they don't have a relationship - they just enjoy screwing each other.
  • Well, it turns out Karofsky is gay, so this could happen - but probably not for a while, as Kurt and Blaine demonstrated.
  • Jossed as of "On My Way", where we're told that Azimio never wants to see him again after he's outed.

Karofsky will join Vocal Adrenaline in season 3
I could see Max getting to sing in the series at some point, but I think the character just got too dark to be able to fit in with New Directions. Especially with the bullying of Kurt and that being too reflective of the epidemic of gay teen suicides around the country happening when the writers started writing season 2. Karofsky transferring to Carmel and joining Vocal Adrenaline also makes sense since the majority of Karofsky's behavior, despite the apology in "Prom Queen", is predominantly in Big Bad or Big Bad Wannabe territory. He can also still be seen as an Evil Counterpart or Foil to both Finn and Kurt, respectively. Vocal Adrenaline is pretty much the Evil Counterpart or Foil of New Directions. Karofsky bullies because he's terrified that people will discover his secret and the last thing we see him do in season 2 is run away from coming out? He's shown way more negative or cowardly traits than he has good and he's still obviously scared. He could too easily relapse, forget the kindness shown him and turn away from atoning because staying good is too scary or hard for him. Also Status Quo Is God. Karofsky could get carted off to Carmel as a pre-emptive maneuver, increasingly afraid his Big Secret getting revealed in McKinley. Even if he were out in Carmel, being part of the respected and The Dreaded Vocal Adrenaline would probably protect him. This also Puts Him On A Bus to make way for the new stories and characters and bring the focus back to the regulars.
  • I really doubt this, mainly because it's been established that Karofsky is not a bad kid. He was a good student with a nice personality and good grades, but when he started having issues with his sexuality he began to become a bully. And he knows that he can trust the people who know his secret because Santana's using him to keep her sexuality under wraps, and one of the first things Kurt said was that he would not out Karofsky. Also, now that Dave's on the Bully Whips he is highly against bullying. I'm seriously confused how Status Quo Is God figures into this, since this isn't anything like the other examples the show had (like Rachel's crush on Will). It was character development, not some random thing that Dave decided on a whim. The more I read this the less sense it makes. If he wanted to stay off the gaydar, then why in the hell would he join what is obvioulsy the most well known show choir in the city? A move like that would make everybody notice, and that's the last thing he wants. No offense, but I think you're trying to make him a Death Eater here, despite the fact that Characterization Marches On and this theory is seriously flawed.
    • Actually, Karofsky is a bad kid. He's been a bad kid the majority he's been on the series. Which is canon fact, not some ridiculously reaching Flanderization a la Ron the Death Eater. He had to be blackmailed into creating the Bully Whips, that apology to New Directions was obviously scripted phony and Santana was the driving force of all of that, not him. Also, one seemingly genuine apology to Kurt does not a redemption make, not after all he's done and we have no guarantee whatsoever he won't fall back on the same behavior. Especially as we're told more than once one of the main reasons he bullied in the first place was due to fear of his big gay secret being discovered and we clearly see he's still cowering in fear as of "Prom Queen" with him running away. He wouldn't be the first character in this series either to seem to show signs of making a Heel–Face Turn one minute, only to turn back to bad behavior and for whatever their justifications the next minute. I'm not really sure where you're getting Karofsky having a "nice personality" in canon either, but are you referring to Karofsky's dad saying he Used to Be a Sweet Kid with the "cub scout" statement in "Born This Way"? Aside from my considerable reluctance trusting his opinion on anything and him trying to handwave his son's blatant homophobia as saying "Didn't we all act like that when we were his age?", if he has to go that far back to find any decent traits in his kid? There is something seriously wrong here. Karofsky - as an Ironic Echo to Sunshine transferred to Carmel in the first ep of season two - recruited off to Carmel makes a hell of a lot more sense than him suddenly growing a pair, really start atoning for the things he did and fight against the intolerance as Kurt and friends seem heading towards because that's just too damn scary for him. Karofsky has a history of falling back on the bully reputation and hiding behind a fear-mongering persona and running away to protect himself at the expense of others. Ironically, the Bully Whips themselves were basically fear-mongers disguised as guardian angels (the red costume was very literal [1]) in some farce of atonement as Santana started them in attempt to put a leash on Karofsky, considering he was still bullying as late as "A Night of Neglect", and use Karofsky's popularity to win herself prom queen, but she had to try to improve Karofsky's public image first. It's no wonder, if Karofsky was attempting to use the Bully Whips in some feeble attempt to atone without actually atoning, making a real stand or coming out, it was inevitably doomed to failure. He can't hide behind the fear-mongering in McKinley anymore while Santana, Kurt and Blaine know his secret and I don't ever see him joining New Directions with the reputation they have in McKinley. I don't see him fitting in at Dalton Academy at all, so it's down to Carmel of the schools relevant to the plot he could escape or be recruited to. Vocal Adrenaline happens to be one of the biggest, most powerful bads of them all of "Glee". Perfect for a character like him to hide behind, a means he can continue this charade of power AND he escapes McKinley before his Big Secret reveals itself. He'd even get to sing and dance, which would appease the Karofsky fans who keep begging for Max to sing. Karofsky would probably even be The Right Hand as Word of God says Charice, the actress who played Sunshine, won't be back for season 3 [2]. Carmel also isn't in the same city as McKinley, it isn't even in the same state. Carmel is in Indiana. Considering their school mascot is a bronze statue of a shark eating a baby seal and Vocal Adrenaline are absolute gods in Carmel? I'd ask why Karofsky hasn't transferred yet! He'd get to be every bit The Bully AND get to sing & dance. Maybe he'd even come out. It's not like he'd get bullied in Carmel since he'd be protected as a member of Vocal Adrenaline. I don't ever see him having the balls enough to join New Directions in McKinley High. New Directions are absolute losers in McKinley and he wouldn't want to associate with that in fear of being bullied or people speculating he's gay.
      • Um. What? OK, yes, Karofsky spent a majority of the series as a bad kid until we found out about his secret. But considering the highly homophobic atmosphere at McKinley, it's not really a surprise that he panicked and did anything he could to hide his sexuality. But just like his bullying is canon, so is the fact that he was a nice kid. His first apology might have been scripted, but the second one (the very tearful and emotional one) that he gave to Kurt was obviously genuine. Also? Him running away during the Prom King/Queen dance was perfectly sensible because coming out is fucking scary. Regardless of the circumstances. It's not a reputation thing like so many other people's problems, he is being put through emotional hell because of this. And Mr. K never said that he was only a good kid when he was a Cub Scout, he said that the change in his behaviour was recent. If he was reaching as far back as elementary years, then there wouldn't have been a point in even bringing it up. He's not going to defend his kid with "when he was 10 he was pleasant", he's going to defend him with "a year ago he was pleasant". Karofsky wouldn't be anything like an ironic echo because he wasn't bullied out of the club like Sunshine. And he really is atoning; with both the heartfelt apology and the fact that he and Santana have helped bring bullying down (or at least made a genuine effort, and thereÂ’s a million other epileptic trees explaining what the hell happened with the prom vote). Fighting intolerance wasn't scary, but coming out was. And I can very easily see him joining New Directions: he gets outed. He'd have nothing left in the school, but of course everybody in New Directions would support him because they understand at least why he's acting out, and Santana, Kurt, and possibly Blaine could vouch for how he's changed for the better. If anybody is still unsure, Rachel would remind them that the Glee club is supposed to accept everybody regardless of their faults. Hell, the things Puck did to Kurt are much worse than anything we saw Karofsky do, except for the death threat but most people are pretty sure that was part figure-of-speech and part absolute panic. Hmm...looking at that, I suppose that if the club still didn't accept him after that, then it would be more likely for him transfer to Carmel...maybe. Except Vocal Adrenaline is nothing like New Directions. He would join New Directions because they would accept and support him. But Vocal Adrenaline lacks the same acceptance of New Directions; they are 100% devoted to the talent. It isn't Carmel's loser's club, it is where all of the budding musical superstars go for extreme exposure and training. And again, running off to join a different show choir is going to attract more attention to him than joining New Directions, because a) nobody expects him to join any kind of choir whatsoever, and b) none of his friends will know why he is running off, and would become even more confused and curious. So why hasn't Karofsky transferred yet? Because it would be a stupid move. By that logic, why hasn't the rest of New Directions transferred yet? And then there's the fact that Dave would have to get his parents to go along with it. And the only way they might decide to move is if he came out to them, which he probably wouldn't do. And if he DID, then they would more likely suggest Dalton because of the zero-tolerence policy, the fact that it is closer and they probably wouldn't have to move (And just in case, Jesse's family didn't move. His parents were on vacation and he was staying with an uncle living in Lima), and the fact that Kurt went there and did great, and only transferred back because he missed his friends. Going to Carmel solely because, as you claim, he's a bad, bad person and apparently so is everyone else in VA (which is untrue, they're just really competetive and some of them dislike even that fact) is moronic. And how would coming out there be different from coming out in McKinley? He'd still lose the same friends in either place, still have to deal with the emotional ringer. Maybe it makes a bit of logical sense, but is completely out of character for him. And when I said Ron The Deatheater, I was talking about what you were doing, not the show. It's canon that he is a good kid going through some serious problems, and it's you who is claiming that he is a cowardly ass-hat who has always been mean and is irredeemable.

Karofsky was "the love of my life" Sebastian was referring to in "Their First Time"
They probably were casually hanging out at Scandals and it was fun until Sebastian became aggressive and Karofsky stopped it.
  • There's also some evidence for this. When Dave warned Kurt to keep an eye on his boyfriend, it was because he knew from firsthand experience what Sebastian is like. Also, from the looks of Scandals, its primary customers seem to be older me, meaning it's more likely Dave is one of the few people around Sebastian's age who goes there.
  • Probably Jossed ("probably" because really, there's no telling what Sebastian actually meant with that remark - he might refer to a casual shag, in which case it wasn't Karofsky, or he might just be making a joke for his own amusement on Karofsky's expense) as of "On My Way". They did meet at Scandals and Karofsky tried to hit on Sebastian, but Sebastian rejected him in his trademark gentle and considerate way.

Karofsky now goes to the same school
  • Matt Rutherford
  • Sean Fretthold
  • Ken Tanaka after he recovered from his mental breakdown
  • Harmony
  • The football player whom's mom Puck slept with
  • He goes to Dalton, obviously. :P
  • Jossed.

Karofsky will transfer to Dalton and join the Warblers.
  • After he attempted suicide and Kurt told him to find another school he will decide to go to Dalton, where he knows he'll be accepted for who he is.

[[WMG Karofsky will pull a Big Damn Heroes]]Kurt and Blaine will be out on a date, when they will be jumped and beaten. But before things turn to Matthew Shepard territory, Karofsky will miraculously make the save.

  • It was Karofsky who stuffed the ballot box to elect Kurt Prom Queen.

April Rhodes played Glinda in Wicked during one of her drunken fits.
With how drunk she got, it's not a stretch to imagine "Kristen Chenoweth" was her stage name.

April Rhodes and Shelby Corcoran will somehow meet and sing a duet
  • For obvious reasons.
    • The Glee club will be rehearsing for whatever, and both will walk in and show the kids how to do it. As both have established UST with Will, they'll fight over him in front of the whole club by singing"What Is This Feeling".

April Rhodes and Bryan Ryan dated and will eventually guest star together.
"Bryan Ryan. We went to school together, and he made my life a living hell. He was two years older, dated every girl I liked, got every solo..."Gee, who was a few grades above Will, his first big crush, and a shining star in the glee club? Oh, yeah: April. What are the odds that of all the girls Will liked, that Bryan didn't date his fellow glee stand-out? Both characters present themes of the heartbreak of broken dreams (and turned to substance abuse and promiscuity to deal with it), and if they had an in-club romance it could serve as an interesting foil to the current kids (Finn and Rachel, most likely). Furthermore, we already know Will has romantic chemistry with April and a heated rivalry with Bryan—it's the perfect set-up for the sort of Love Triangle / Love Dodecahedron the show thrives on.

    Principal Figgins 
Principal Figgins will sing.
Think about it. The whole main cast had to sing for their auditions; surely Iqbal Theba was not exempt? And we already know that Figgins has star potential because of his YouTube video. Perhaps he'll join the (reunited) Acafellas?
  • Any episode with Figgins singing with the guys would be too awesome for our brains to comprehend; therefore, no one will ever be allowed to watch it.

Principal Figgins is into bondage.
Based solely on his constant repetition of "My hands are tied, Schue."
  • Or, he subconsciously wants to be dominated or in a position of powerlessness. That's why he lets Sue get away with so much crap.

Sunshine and Jesse will date
She'll probably be the female lead in VA, creating a perfect set-up to gain feelings for him. Plus it creates drama and he could be a jerk to her like he was to Rachel, giving her a good reason to revert back to ND.
  • Jesse graduated last year. It's possible they might date if he stuck around, but I'm pretty sure he got accepted to a college somewhere else...
    • He was "accepted with a full ride to a little university called the University of California at Los Angeles. Maybe you've heard of it? It's in Los Angeles."
    • While it's still unlikely that they will end up dating, Ryan Murphy has all but confirmed that Jesse will be back this season. Probably sometime in spring, once Jonathan Groff has finished with the play he's doing in London.

Jesse is faking his Brainless Beauty-ness
I just find it so impossible that somebody who would talk about melancholia and being fastidiously groomed would not know what a recession is, and when he hits on Quinn and insults Finn in the processnote  he felt a lot like S1 Jesse. It's possible that he's lying about the whole UCLA thing for whatever reason.
  • My guess is he willing left school because at Carmel High he was the big fish in a little pond but in college he was forced to compete with kids just as talented as him, if not more so and combining that with the pressure of his studies he couldn't deal with the situation.
  • I (who am a Jesse fan) pleads Crippling Overspecialization. He knows everything about show choir (see his knowledge of Stephen Sondheim and his advice to New Directions, which they didn't take and lost), but he doesn't know much of anything else because if Carmel got "some Asian kid to take Math, English and scientific for me" why would he know anything about recessions?

Jesse really is Will Schuester's son.
Don't see why not, considering all the other stuff that's been going on in Glee.
  • Well, Brittany noticed the resemblance, and they looked at each other amused, and "long-lost relative" is one of the few plots Glee didn't do at all in the second season...

Alternatively to another WMG up there, Jesse and Quinn will date.
Both of them have been hurt by Rachel and Finn, and it would either be some sort of Operation: Jealousy where they play on Finn/Rachel's lingering feelings for both of them as a ploy to get them back or a Pair the Spares situation where they date each other out of loneliness/sadness/whatever. Or both.

Jesse will become (or try to become) Rachel's manager.
He evidently still cares about her, and since its very likely that he'll be fired from coaching Vocal Adrenaline after the Nationals loss he'd be free to follow her to New York.

    Brad the Piano Player 

Brad/"Tinkles" is the series (obligatory) Time Lord.
Because he's always "just around" and he chooses to never interfere with the strange parallel universe he's gotten stuck in. His TARDIS is broken and will take a long to repair. When the show finishes for good, it will finally be fixed, and he will go off and have new adventures.
  • The piano is his TARDIS. He just climbs out when someone needs him to play.

Brad is the series (obligatory) Doll
Imprinted with epic piano skills, but without a fully formed personality. Sue Sylvester hired him (she has the money) for his piano playing to accompany the Cheerios once and forgot to return him, hence his sort of blank slate like wandering around.

Brad is named after series writer Brad Falchuck
Don't see why not.
  • Because the actor playing Brad is called Brad Ellis?

Brad has superpowers
Teleportation powers, nonetheless.

Brad actually IS furniture
Santana did say it. A mot, he's a robot actually connected to the piano, without which he would cease to function.

Brad is a different kind of furniture
Rachel is actually a witch, and before she joined the Glee club, she used Brad as her accompanying musician.

Brad has The Plan and is running everything
He knows everything that goes on because everyone treats him as furniture, and he knows how everyone is feeling because he keeps playing their expressive songs. He manipulates them for his own amusement.

Brad is God
He's always around, just suddenly appearing out of nowhere. He's always silently observing the lives of the Glee kids. For all we know, maybe Brad is actually God. This would explain how the Glee club is able to get such elaborate sets (such as the freaking waterfall/rain storm in the school auditorium at the end of the first Holly Holiday episode).
  • Not to mention his superpower of always knowing what song to play.

Brad's Inner Voice would be Morgan Freeman
Becky has proven your monologue can be in whatever voice you imagine so I'd picture Brad's would be someone whose voice is always heard, acknowledged, and acclaimed to contrast nobody paying attention to him in real life.

Brad and Lindsay Ellis are related
Hey, if Brad could teach Cory Monieth to sing (kind of), then he could also be the cause of Lindsay's singing voice.. Why? Because they're related somehow.

    The non-existent right-wing character 
For those confused 

The upcoming right-wing character will be significantly involved with the The Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.
Possibilities include: boycotting New Directions and being won over in the end by Will Schuster and her love of singing; Kurt organizes the whole thing as a huge Take That!; the Glee Club uses it as a way to get the right-wing character to become more tolerant without necessarily changing her stance; she offers to accept a part to prove that she's willing to be more tolerant of hedonism and sodomy alternative viewpoints and lifestyles; Kurt tries to use it to "fix" her to show her how annoying it is that she keeps trying to "fix" him (subtly different from the "as a huge Take That!" sub-guess).

The upcoming right-wing character will be gay, and either self-loathing, in denial, or both.
Not that I think it would be a good move, or even likely considering the supposed reason why the writers are adding her, but if the football player is openly Straight Gay, the writers will need some denial Gayngst.
  • If this character turned into Karofsky, then you're absolutely right.

The upcoming right-wing character will have Santana as her foil.
While gay, Kurt's pretty clean-cut, and while promiscuous, Puck is only overtly sexually interested in girls and they may not even bring up his role in the pregnancy plot next season. Santana is polyamorous, grouchy, and in a relationship with Brittany, which would add up to being more offensive to an extremely straightlaced new character than Kurt, Puck, Quinn, or Brittany alone. While the others will still clash with her, it will mostly be Santana that gets most of the trouble, and may in fact have Kurt help her through the harassment (while Kurt's used to it, Santana, like Burt, is not).
  • If this character turned into Karofsky, it seems like Santana is shaping up to be his foil - in terms of their different reactions to being closeted gays.

The upcoming right-wing character will be * gasp* just a character with different viewpoints.
She won't try to "change" Kurt, just disagree with him (love the sinner...). She will be allowed to be an actual character as opposed to a Take That!. Because that would be pretty darn refreshing.
  • You know, most LGBTIQ people don't consider "love the sinner, hate the sin" to be that much "better" or less hateful than blatant, all-out homophobia. We're not stupid. You're still telling us (even if you're not forcing us) that we should change a very intrinsic part of who we are to fit within your narrow religious code, even if you're trying to hide behind a veneer of faux-concern. As a bi woman I don't understand what's so "refreshing" about that. What would be refreshing is if homophobia were portrayed as what it is - hate - and we didn't act as though it's not as bad if you have religion backing you up.
    • That's not what I'm saying at all. The thing is, we've already had tons of cracks at the right wing and talks about homophobia. The problem I have is not "defending homophobia," I find it terrible too (My best guy friend is gay). I just feel like this character sounds like one more "lookie at how unreasonable and mean those conservative Christians are!" (Quinns DAD, anyone?) character. Even if Kurt is a huge flaming stereotype, who at points even I, as a heterosexual girl, find a tad much, he is still portrayed 99% of the time in a positive light. I don't agree with the "hate the sinner" viewpoint myself...but I don't hate those who do. I'd rather you not mind homosexuality, but if you do, please just act polite to those who are. That is where I stand.
  • Doubtful, what with the statements that she will be really vocal about her homophobia and that she and Kurt will "butt heads" frequently, and the writers' need to make Kurt out to be a martyr (see: Theatricality). Now that he's over his crush on Finn, Kurt needs a new source of Gayngst. Besides, nearly every character in this show is Anviliciously stereotyped - of course the Christian girl has to be a closed-minded, over-the-top preachy fundamentalist.
    • In all fairness, Word of God has also said that said character would be "sympathetic", so actually, both interpretations can be true with come character development
      • The question is, will she be sympathetic in that her views will be treated with respect, or will she be sympathetic in that her views will be portrayed as completely wrong, but with a Freudian Excuse (say, homophobic/Fundamentalist parents)?
      • No - the real question is, should prejudice be treated with "respect"? I like to think most viewers don't think so.
      • This, exactly. The idea that they might make homophobia out to be "just another viewpoint" should be offending people more than the idea of making the right-wing girl a one-dimensional stereotype (like, what, every other character on the show? Why do we suddenly care only when it's Christian people who are being stereotyped?) Luckily, I think that Ryan Murphy is unlikely to sugarcoat homophobia. They'll probably portray her sympathetically in other respects - as they should - but I can't see him portraying homophobia as anything but just plain old hate. (If you're reading this, Ryan Murphy - do the right thing, don't disappoint me!)
      • I'm honestly more troubled by the fact that you seem to think that anyone who has any sort of issue with homosexuality for any reason (even when that reason is rooted in deeply held religious beliefs) is "prejudiced" and "homophobic". If you spend enough time with someone, getting to know them as an individual, you can find all sorts of reasons (and not just race/age/nationality/sexual orientation) to "butt heads" with them.
      • Anyone who "has any sort of issue with homosexuality" is prejudiced. That definitely makes them biased, and I think the majority of Glee fans would agree that that bias is inherently wrong. I grew up in a conservative Christian home; some of my own family members genuinely believe that homosexuality is a sin. I understand where they're coming from, and I sympathize with them more than I would if they were just homophobic jerks, but they're still wrong. And I'm not sure what you're getting at with that last point; if Kurt and the Christian character butt heads over something besides his sexuality, then her issue is with Kurt, not with gay people in general, and this whole debate is irrelevent.
      • I certainly hope you aren't implying that your family's views are somehow less legitimate because you happen to disagree with them. Forcing a religious person to compromise their beliefs to conform with the rest of the group isn't much different than attempting to force a homosexual to be heterosexual. I honestly don't see any reason why Kurt and this character can't have a frank, honest discussion on homosexuality without it getting preachy. I personally think it would be a nice touch and a good break away from the "homosexual as the eternal victim" cliche. Because while I can't speak for anyone else on here, I happen to think that portraying any group of people as those who can only be picked on and made to suffer... well, more than a little patronizing.
      • Try looking at it this way: If Ryan Murphy announced he was going to add a character who was openly racist, would you argue that that character's views should be treated with respect? Would you want to see a scene in which she and Mercedes have an honest discussion of racism where no one is presented as right or wrong? Because to me, homophobia is no different from racism. Condemning someone based on who they date is every bit as stupid and harmful as condemning them based on the color of their skin. I have more patience with my family because I know that they're from a different generation and that their beliefs are rooted in their religion. But I've done a lot of research, and I'm convinced that their reasoning isn't sound. A growing number of Christians, myself included, believe that Jesus would have had no problem with gay people. (There's no way I can dive into that whole debate here; just Google "homosexuality in the Bible" if you're interested.) So, frankly, when it comes to this particular issue, I do think my family's views are less legitimate than mine. Again, that doesn't make them bad people, and I'm certainly not going to force them to compromise their beliefs. But I don't buy that being prejudiced against the LGBT community is just another viewpoint that's as valid as any other. Oh, and I completely agree with you that portraying all gay people as martyrs is patronizing. But Kurt is no martyr. He's just as flawed as any of his straight classmates, there's more to him than his sexuality, and when he does get bullied by homophobes, he fights back.
      • And some of Kurt's flaws can make him come across as a Depraved Homosexual. An honest, frank (but rational) discussion might do some good to dispell that. As for the Christian character, I think that even if she's believes that Kurt is a sinner (and he is. As you noted, he certainly isn't without flaws) if she's a rational person, she'll just need to be reminded that she herself is also a sinner. We all are. Of course, if she could be reminded without making her out to be a total hypocrite would be nice. I just think it would be nice if Kurt and the character could simply talk it without anyone freaking out... kind of like what we've had here. Of course, homosexuality is such a polarizing issue that it may not be possible. Someone in the audience (on either or possibly both sides) is likely to get offended. You did raise a good point about what would happen if an openly racist character were on the show. I did my best to put a lot of thought into how to reply and I didn't even consider that. And yes - Kurt's homosexuality is only one aspect of his character (That's kind of what I meant when I said "You find a lot reasons to butt heads with someone when you get to know them"). Likewise, the Christian character's views will only be one aspect of hers. If they can realize that, maybe they can be friends. Who knows? Maybe she'll even be able to help him get closer to his future boyfriend. This has been a very interesting discussion and I think I've learned a lot. I can say some pretty rude things unintentionally sometimes, so I'm grateful that everyone's been so patient. Thank you!
      • I don't think anyone is saying that homophobes are inherently hateful people. There are a lot of good people who have fucked-up views on certain subjects. We're just saying that homophobia is not a viewpoint that should be seen as "equal" to support for gay equality. And as a bisexual woman, I'm really sick of this insistence by certain people here that we need to be a little more tolerant of people who are not tolerant of us. Let's get this straight right now: Homophobes are not the victims here. There has yet to be one news story out about a student who killed himself because his gay classmates were teasing him for being homophobic. I've yet to hear anything about homophobes not being allowed to get married or adopt children. When any of those things start happening, let me know and I might reconsider. But right now, your insistence that we need to be nicer to homophobes and treat their hateful opinions with "respect," rather than hoping they change, is patronizing. And part of the reason I know this is because I do have anti-gay friends, who I like and agree with on other things, and I am sick to fucking death of having to hide half of myself around them.
      • I would just like to add that homophobia isn't a subjective opinion like "I hate vegetables" or "red is my favorite colour", homophobia, is by definition a form of irrational hatred, prejudice and DISCRIMINATION to a group, someone can be homophobic without going Ax-Crazy towards every LGBT person that they encounter, this doesn't make they form of homophobia okay. And to finish: the homophobe, the LGBT people and the world have nothing to lose, and only to gain if homophobia ceases to exist.
      • Agreeing with the above. It's not an opinion that homosexuality hurts nobody and is morally fine, it's a fact. The fact some people are of the view that this is not true does not make them right. I mean, aside from being self evident, there's also the studies that have been conducted into it, the idea of whether or not it's detrimental in any way. The resounding answer tends to be 'no'. Fact of the matter is, I've never victimised somebody with my queerness. But a homophobe victimises queer people by being of the irrational 'opinion' it makes them lesser. The former deserves sympathy. Why should the latter?
      • What if you personally believe it's wrong, but you treat people equally and with respect even if they are? Of course, that wouldn't make for good TV.
      • Understand this: That it doesn't matter how much homophobic someone is, just the fact that is homophobic makes it wrong (there are levels or wrong of course, but they don't make it acceptable). I also fail to see how someone could "treat people equally" while thinking that some people are doing something wrong, it sounds greatly hipocrite.
      • Then it's still assholish. You're basically saying 'I think a major part of your identity is inherently immoral for no good reason, but I'll tolerate you anyway'.
      • Somebody's religion isn't a "good reason" for them to PERSONALLY believe something's wrong? (Yeah, this is going off the Glee! topic... but anyway, the girl's probably going to be portrayed as wrong...)
      • You can personally believe whatever you want. Nobody is going to put a gun to your head and force you to accept homosexuality, but no one is forcing you to condemn people who haven't wronged you either, just because your beliefs are different from theirs. You have no reason to tell a gay person his lifestyle is immoral, just as you (hopefully) wouldn't tell a Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist their beliefs are wrong if that's how you feel. There's a street called respect, and I believe it goes both ways.
      • Yes, religion doesn't justify homophobia. There are tons of Christians out there who are not homophobes (my dad is a pastor and he's one of them). There is more than one way to interpret the Bible, and specifically, there is more than one way to interpret those handful of obscure Bible verses which appear to condemn homosexuality. (And same with other religious texts.) People have used the Bible to uphold racism and sexism as well - is that okay now, too? If your friend said he thought Black people were inferior based on his religion, would you just accept that as just another viewpoint?
      • And it isn't a two-way street, or even close to one. No gay person is out there saying that homophobes should not be allowed to legally marry, or that homophobic soldiers should be discharged from the military. But homophobes are doing that to us. We are victims, they are oppressors, and there is no way you can seriously flip that role in any context. As for this idea that there's some big distinction between people who beat up others for being gay and people who just keep their homophobia to themselves - there is, but not as much as some here like to think. I think something a lot of straight people fail to realize is that we don't just want to be tolerated; we want to have all the same rights and privileges straight people now enjoy. That means that as a bi woman, I would like to be able to gush to my friends about girls the way I can about guys. I can't do that with people who think my relationships are morally wrong. I want to be able to have a lavish wedding with all the family invited regardless of whether I marry a man or a woman. I can't have that if my choice makes a bunch of my relatives upset. And at the end of the day, while my anti-gay friends might not voice their bigotry out loud to me, when it comes time to vote on whether people like me have the right to get married, to serve openly in the military, to teach in public schools, to have health benefits, to be protected under hate crimes statutes, or whatever, they're going to vote no on at least some of these. Which means their choices do affect my life. While I respect them as people, I'm not going to respect their hateful views, no matter what bullshit "justification" they have for them. Because by denying my right to be treated as a full citizen, they're not showing me any respect, so why do I owe them any in return?
      • How about we cool our heads and remember that this is a theory page, not a forum or debate about anything? Good grief, this is Tvtropes people. If this keeps going it'll just be a vicious cycle that continues on forever. Just respectfully agree to disagree and move on.
      • Religious debate always becomes a pissing match. This is all a moot point anyway, since it doesn't seem like this character ever made it past the drawing board.

The "Homophobia is just another viewpoint" argument further up the page will make it into the show
After the character is introduced it becomes clear that she's homophobic, somebody will get on her case about it. She'll claim it's just a viewpoint, so they shouldn't argue, and the other person will give counterarguments similar to those seen above.

Samuel Larsen's new character is what this character was supposed to be
It didn't work for Season 2 because they changed course with Kurt's storyline (they originally wanted him and Sam to be together and them to be "out and proud," for example, but wanted to do a Ripped from the Headlines thing after the "gay bullying epidemic" that year) but now they've decided that they can try it again since there's a new teen same-sex couple in town in the form of Brittany/Santana. He's a Christian, he was homeschooled and he "struggled" with whether or not Santana should be able to get a "vocal valentine" from the God Squad for her girlfriend, Brittany, but while that's resolved maybe he'll get some other chances to butt heads with other members of glee club, which we all know he is joining sooner or later, on different issues.


Somewhere out there, a few Glee fans are joining their school glee clubs.
It's the effect of The Red Stapler; their reactions, however, may end up as one of these options:
  • They see it's nothing like the show and quit.
  • They find it So Okay, It's Average and stay.
  • They absolutely love it.

Everybody on Glee is gay.
It seriously makes sense.

Everyone Is Bi. (Or at least everyone who isn't Kurt, etc.)
Why not?
  • Certainly, they seem to be in Fanon.

The reason Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Artie didn't make it on the Glist...
Is because Quinn actually LIKES them and considers them her friends. Rachel, Finn, Puck, Santana, and Brittany all betrayed her in one way or another, and thus she made up the Glist to ruin their reputations. Mike and Matt, being friends with both Puck and Finn are fair game for humiliation as well. As for Jesse, well, Jesse's just a smug jackass she doesn't like and Rachel's boyfriend.
  • Seems pretty reasonable actually since she goes out of her way to help Mercedes overcome Sue's image-crushing and encourages her to try a relationship with Puck (and forewarning her that Puck's just using her). As for the others, she probably just hasn't had a chance to do anything for them.

The whole series is a fantasy world of Sean, the paralyzed football player, from "Laryngitis"
He even said that he regrets not joining his school's glee club when he had the chance, so he used Finn, who he met just before his accident, as his avatar to live out his dream and created everyone else from general personas (ie, Puck the jockjerk, Mercedes the sassy black girl, and Kurt the flaming but charming gay. He even put a disabled person in there who's more mobile than him as a goal for him to aspire to). He made what he thought was a logical transition from football player to show choir member, starting to focus less on sports and more on singing. The main theme of the series/fantasy is people fulfilling their dreams, what Sean never got to do.

This explains all the automatic musical accompaniment, the great costumes, and the instant dream-like backdrops. The songs, all covers, are him imagining scenes to songs on his iPod. Dances are what he imagines when he's going through painful physical therapy.

Rachel is his dream girl, and all the Finn/Puck/Jesse conflict is just to make things more exciting. He imagines Finn and Rachel visiting him as he gets increasingly more lonely, and his comment about how he has a shot with Rachel is a nod towards him knowing Finn will eventually get the girl because it's his fantasy. He still wants Rachel with his entirely mobile avatar, but he indulges his own loneliness by pretending Rachel is giving him singing lessons.

  • Alternatively, the series is how he imagines everything that happens in Glee Club... well, happens. Rachel is visiting him and giving him singing lessons, and tells him "what happened on the week". That's why Finn and Rachel take so much importance in her tellings.
    • Alter-Alternatively, he * is* Finn and the entire series is a coma halucination, the musical numbers might be his mind's reaction to people actually listening to music near him.

Jacob really does care for Rachel.
  • At first glance, it seems like he's only after her for her body, but when he tells her about how Sue made him post about Quinn being pregnant, he seemed genuinely sorry for betraying Rachel, meaning he might have never meant to post it in the first place.

Sunshine will be the new conservative character. Rivalry will turn Rachel into a Soapbox Sadie
  • Both her and Charice come from the Philippines, which is still very conservative on Gay Rights. Charice has also been very open about her Christian background and her recent baptism. Gay / Liberal Glee viewers will probably be less offended by a non-white, non-american character espousing these beliefs. Charice also avoids offending any conservative Filipino fans and might even court a Periphery Demographic. If she does become flagrant about it, she'll most likely spar with Rachel instead of Kurt. The writers can chalk it up to petty rivalry and Debate and Switch the whole thing.
    • It's also a possibility that Ryan Murphy said he was going to do this, but decided against it at the last second, which is why Sunshine was abruptly Put on a Bus.

The new character who is supposed to be Mercedes' boyfriend is Matt
After feeling unappreciated in New Directions he decides to change to Sam/Blaine's school, where he joins their glee club. Kurt, before meeting Blaine, overhears Matt singing and decides to rat him out to New Directions. Mercedes goes to that school and confronts him, only to end up dating him.

Holly Holliday was born in a town that celebrates Christmas every day.
  • You know those cheesy Hallmark Movie Christmas specials? The main character of said Christmas specials is usually Holly or the main character has a baby girl and names her Holly. Considering that there are places named "Christmas" or have names with a holiday theme, i.e. Mistletoe, Santa Claus, etc., this idea is very likely. Also, think about her childish personality. If she was born in a place that celebrates Christmas every day, she never really grew up.

Anthony the wide receiver is gay.
He had a bit of a fey/coy look on his face in the direction of Mercedes and Kurt, rather than the smarmy or shy look that actors usually give to attraction shown by a heterosexual male, and while Kurt asked him if he was free for a date on Friday because Anthony was black, Anthony said yes because Kurt asked him if he was free for a date on Friday. Also, there is a certain Incredibly Lame Pun that one could make, were one feeling crude about it.

Burt and Carol Altared the speed.
Burt's condition is actually pretty bad, but the two of them know that they're in love and just wanted to get married ASAP instead of waiting until it may be too late. That's why the wedding happened so quickly.

The new character Strando will turn out to be a love interest for Mercedes
Would give her a chance to be on-screen more and avoid a Token Minority Couple.
  • Jossed. He was a two-line wonder in "The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle", and hasn't been seen since.

Trent has feelings for Blaine.
No, I'm not a deranged Yaoi Fangirl. While watching "Original Songs", I noticed that Trent seems oddly protective and defensive of Blaine, agreeing with everything he says, supporting all of his ideas, and even calling the Warbler council a kangaroo court when they oppose one of Blaine's ideas. At first I dismissed it as them simple being good friends off-screen, but then I noticed that Trent is almost always staring at Blaine, even in scenes where all the other Warblers are focusing on something else, and despite constantly agreeing with Blaine's every action, he doesn't seem happy when Blaine picks Kurt as a duet partner. Maybe the staring thing is just a strange quirk of the actor playing him (Darren fan perhaps?) but if not, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was hinting at a subplot in future episodes.

The Dalton sister school (Crawford something) will show up in the next season.
And for extra WMG, Rachel will have some kind of Les Yay storyline.

Beth will end up looking like Quinn's Lucy Caboosey persona.
And she'll see a picture of Quinn and Puck at the height of their high school lives, just to drive it home.
  • Well, she still has a good chance of turning out like Puck since he didn't go through what Quinn did.

Furt had already been voted Prom Royalty and would have won if Finn hadn't been kicked out of the dance.
Here's how I figure it: Finn got more votes than Karofsky (from Finn+Kurt and Finn+Former Head Cheerleader/Lucy Caboosey) and Karofsky got more votes than Puck (from Still-a-Jock+Scary Cheerleader). Kurt got more votes than Quinn (from Finn+Kurt, "ha, let's vote the gay guy queen! Just For the Lulz, he'll never win!", and the occasional misguided/meant-to-be-impartial vote), Quinn got more votes than Santana (from Finn+Cheerleader/Lucy Caboosey), and Santana got more votes than Lauren Zizes (from Still-A-Jock/Scary Cheerleader). Puck and Zizes were dead last because Puck's not in good enough standing to get votes from the sincere people and the anti-prom people wouldn't vote anyway (at least, not for him) and Lauren lost out on the One of Us votes thanks to the Lucy Caboosey smear campaign giving those votes to Quinn. Take Finn away, and what do you get? Karofsky winning by default, with Kurt already beating Quinn by a probably-narrow margin.

The 'make Kurt Prom Queen' wasn't intended as a cruel prank, it was a hit at one of the other candidates.
Somebody who really hated one of the candidates (let's say that for the purpose of this example, our mastermind is Tina and the candidate is Quinn) decides to rig the votes so that the winner will be someone who really deserves the title of Prom Queen, and not someone like Quinn. However, Tina doesn't think that any of the other candidates deserve it much either, so she decides to give the title to someone who she feels deserves it, even though he wasn't even running for Prom Queen- Kurt. However, it backfires when he doesn't take it as a compliment, and she ends up feeling like a heel for screwing with him- though at least part of the plan worked.

If Daniel Radcliffe was ever casted in Glee...
No matter whether they meet or not, he will be shipped with Blaine, and the Portmanteau Couple Name will be Pottercest.

The Warblers got the score that they did in Sectionals because they were trying to be too modern, and came across as uncouth.
The group's chair committee was aruing toward (supposedly, and comparatively) slightly stuffy, old-fashioned songs. When the group stood against their decision to just put Blaine up front without trials, they may also have used the increased input they gained to request a newer-styled, hotter song. As it was, the song just ended up looking unfortunately risque and undiginfied (especially compared to their uniforms), the same problem had by the the inner-city team with the yellow dresses and panty shots.

If they ever introduce a transgender character, Brittany will ask them if they're a vampire.
Transgender, Transylvania, you know Brittany's going to mix them up.

In "Dream On", the angry woman who sang "Big Spender" for her audition got the role of Javert.
That's why neither Will nor Bryan Ryan got the part; they didn't show the appropriate range in their audition songs (and Bryan Ryan sang the especially high parts). Granted, she didn't show the skill for the part, but this is a show that was being worked out over the director's lunch half-hours.

Sugar doesn't have Asperger's.
She's just a brat. Asperger's Syndrome is very rare in females, and real Aspies usually act nothing like that. Brats, however, do.
  • That's not a WMG, that's pretty much canon.
  • Actually, it isn't "very rare" in females, it's just less common, and partly because it manifests itself differently in girls and for a long time doctors didn't realize that and so a lot of girls who had it weren't getting diagnosed. Sorry, I know that's slightly OT but had to say it.
  • "Self-diagnosed Asperger's." This is not a thing, you cannot diagnose yourself with such a pervasive and serious disorder as Asperger's, but you hear it a lot on the internet as an excuse to be an asshole. I agree with above, this is not a WMG, it's essentially stated to anyone with a passing familiarity with autism or psychology.

Sugar's dad will be a major backer for Burt when he runs against Sue
His daughter wants to sing, and he won't make her think she has to hide her voice (like she would with private lessons)

Alex will play the Warblers new lead.
He'll try to steal either Kurt or Blaine from the other (probably leading to the first/only gay kiss of the season)
  • Half jossed as of The First Time. The Warblers new lead is Sebastian, not played by Alex, but he is trying to steal Blaine from Kurt. And Kurt and Blaine did plenty of kissing in the episode!

The Troubletones will ALL join New Directions
  • Brittany: I dobut she'll want to be away from her friends for long
  • Santana: She might as well be Brittany's tail
  • Mercedes: Will resist the most, but ultimately join
  • Sugar: She just wants to belong according to Pot O Gold
  • Unnamed Cheerios: Glee's new generation along with members such as Rory, Unnamed Indian Girl, and Character Of Samuel Larsen

Rory is Kurt and Blaine's kid
...from the future
  • First: I love this theory d('.')b Second: I propose that Sugar is Brittany and Santana's kid from the future and used Brittany's time machine to get to the present. (It's a common theory, I know, but it's so cool it deserves mention here.)
    • Well then we better mention the common idea of having Harmony be the daughter of Finchel.
      • From my experience, the "Harmony is Quinn and Rachel's kid from the future" mindset is more common than that. People like to joke that Jesse was the surrogate as well.
    • If that's the case, then Wade has got to be Kurt and Mercedes' kid (by in-vitro donation). Maybe she asked them for advice because they were her parents, which led to them naming Mercedes' male kid after Wade's/Unique's original name?
    • On top of that Sugar and Rory disappeared because they had succeeded in their goals. Rory for some reason wanted Kurt not to get into NYADA (even though he did anyway) and Sugar needed to get Brittany into college.

The future Indian character is already a member of the Troubletones
We haven't gotten a good look at any of them, their numbers have increased between "Mash-Off" and "Hold On To Sixteen", and they seem to be a fairly multicultural group. It stands to reason that one of them is Indian and will join New Directions in the next semester.

Asperger's Syndrome will be treated seriously and Sugar will get her comeuppance...
When she actually is diagnosed and she realizes the gravity of it. That, and it'd be nice to have another disabled memeber. If you look at her actions she does actually look like she has it. Or she'll get some other disability.

Bryan Ryan will become Vocal Adrenaline's new coach.

Jessica Sanchez's character will be from a rival Glee club

Kitty will have a Heel–Face Turn after realizing that her manipulation of Marley went too far.
  • For all of Kitty's Alpha Bitch behavior, the one thing we've never really seen her do is physically harm somebody. She gives slushy facials, but those are more humiliating than actually harmful. (Excluding the rock-salt laced one that Blaine got in Season 3.) On the whole, Kitty is more manipulative than violent, so it seems like a safe assumption that hurting Marley physically wasn't her intention. (She probably wanted to make her so thin that she was physically unattractive and/or expose her vomiting/laxative use to the student body in order to humiliate her.) And Glee does like to make use of both Rousseau Was Right and Even Evil Has Standards pretty frequently...

Marley shares a father with Jake and Noah
She discovers this the morning after.
Kate is Kitty.
Other than the name? I've got nothing. But Kate could definitely be someone Ryder's already seen under an assumed name (heck, even Marley, trying to remain his friend without things getting weird between her, him, and Puckerman).
  • Jossed in "All or Nothing"
Kate is Sugar.
Mostly because she's the only character that isn't involved in some storyline at the moment.
  • Jossed in "All or Nothing"
Katie is Marley
In "Lights Out" Marley says a similar line about "Truth" that Katie used when explaining Unique's beliefs to Ryder. It would make sense from storyline perspective too, as Ryder's relationship with Katie appeared pretty closely after his kiss with Marley, perhaps she isn't completely over it yet.
  • Jossed in "All or Nothing"
Katie is the babysitter
No real evidence. Just the worst person it could possibly be.
  • Jossed in "All or Nothing"
Bree really is pregnant and lied to Jake that her period returned.
She seemed pretty on edge after telling him the supposedly good news.
Had Finn and Rachel went ahead with their original song, they still would have lost.
  • Because honestly, if Mercedes and Santana's awesome duet didn't win then I don't see how Finn and Rachel's rather bland performance would win over Sam and Quinn's.
    • They wouldn't have won because everyone voted for themselves except them. They just assumed people would vote for them.
Jean Baptiste (the character Skyler Astin is playing) will join New Directions during their nationals performance.
  • Because even if Sugar and Joe manage to make an actual appearance this season, ND are still one person down. In typical Glee fashion, he will join them for one performance regardless of the fact that he's on an opposing team.

     Future Songs 

The Cheerios will perform "Mickey" by Toni Basil.
Because it's too good a possibility to pass up. It could also be about a love interest for one of the Cheerios named Mickey.
  • Another one would be if Tina sings it, with cheerios back-up when/if she breaks up with Mike Chang. Additionally, the name can be changed easily to become "Artie", "Kurtey", "Finney", "Sammy" or... "Pukey"
    • Ultimately half-confirmed: "Mickey" was indeed sung... but by Vocal Adrenaline.
      • Sue was coaching them, and had them dressed like cheerleaders. She even shot two out of cannons.

Rachel will sing "You Found Me" by The Fray to Shelby.
The song's themes of abandonment and longing would seem to fit that kind of situation pretty well, especially if their relationship turns sour in season 2. Also, can you fucking imagine Lea Michele belting that one out?

Puck's mum will sing Kansas' "Carry On my Wayward Son".
People online (used to?) think Burt might, but while he's pretty cool with his son being gay (and doesn't think that there's anything wayward about it), Mrs. Puckerman seems to be obsessed with her delinquent son growing up to be a nice Jewish boy.
  • Or at the very least finding a nice jewish girl.

Kurt's Love Interest will sing Petshop Boys' "It's a Sin"
What other song would be able to describe their inevitable Gayngst?

Santana will sing Petshop Boys' "It's a Sin"
She will sing it when she realizes that her feelings for Brittany is not about having a warm body under her but about real feelings, and she will freak out because she thinks it would be easier to be the scool slut rather than the school dyke.

Kurt or Kurt's upcoming boyfriend will do "I'm Under Your Spell" from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Once More With Feeling."
An appropriate tribute to a show famous for its positive portrayal of homosexuals, which was uncommon at the time.

Rent Songs Will Eventually be covered.
Particularly, "Seasons of Love (Group number" or "I'll Cover You". I'd say "Le Vie Boheme", but I can't see the network getting behind it.
  • "La Vie Boheme" would be a perfect number for this show.
  • If anyone in the cast ever dies: "Without You". That's got to be one of those "all in their heads" numbers, though, as I can't imagine any choir or band (or solo singer, for that matter) singing that song to someone they knew and managing to get all the way to the end.
  • Well, "Seasons of Love" would be an excellent way to do a clipshow wrapup or introduction.
  • Partially confirmed. "Take Me Or Leave Me" was done in Comeback.
  • Two different parts of this together: when Cory died, they did Seasons of Love.

Darren Criss will sing a Starkid song or a cover of a Disney song.
In case it wasn't totally obvious.
  • With the roll he's on, "Not Alone" is probably #1 on that list.

Artie and Tina will sing "Airplanes" by B.o.B.
At some point, Tina will want Artie back after Mike breaks up with her. Artie won't want her beck because of his relationship with Brittany (to make Tina jealous). will get serious. Tina wishes she could have him back, so she "could really use a wish right now."

Mercedes or Quinn will sing "You've Got a Friend In Me" to the other.
I mean, after their friendship in season 1 played out wouldn't that be the perfect summarization of it?

There will be an ABBA episode in season 2
Mostly because "The Winner Takes It All" would be perfect for Artie or Will finally accepting. But "Mamma Mia" would be cool for Puck/Quinn, and "The Name of the Game" could work for either side of the Kurt/bf pairing, depending on if it's Sam or Blaine. And "Thank You For The Music" would be awesome for a final song.
  • Dancing Quinn
    • And whaddaya know, they actually did it. Only it's a Mercedes and Santana duet. At prom. Yeah.
  • "Take A Chance On Me" is needed as a group number.
  • "S.O.S." could be sung by Sam to Quinn, or Quinn to Finn. Or both.
  • "Super Trouper" could be sung by Lauren to Puck, about how he helps her over her stage fright.
    • Jossed.
  • But they did get a lot of ABBA done.

Artie and Brittany will sing a duet later this season.
Last time we had a missed song of awesome (Mercedes and Puck) the writers deleivered in the back 9. Artie/Brittany will probably get some shippers behind it, and they'll sing together to make up for them not in "Duets".
  • The duet in question? "Say Say Say"
    • Jossed.

Over the course of a season, the Glee Club will begin to perform several famous love songs...
...creating a Chekhov's Armory that they will pull out at Section/Region/Nationals and sing the Elephant Love Medley.

Sam will sing "Conventional Lover" to somebody.
It's an entire song based around the Geeky Turn-On concept. How can this be avoided?

They'll have a Bowie episode
Puck already mentioned him earlier, so it might be on the writer's radar. One of the girls will have "Queen Bitch" sung (or, to steal a joke from earlier, Quinn Bitch about them, Kurt will sing Fashion, the rest of the cast might sing "Golden Years", "Young Americans" or "Let's Dance", and depending on the writer, Artie will end the show singing "China Girl" to Tina.

There will be a mashup of both Pink Floyd's and Adam Lambert's "What Do You Want From Me".
And the 4 characters who have solos in it will then go on to do a mash-up of "Rose Tint My World" and "Zydrate Anatomy" from RHPS and Repo! respectively.

There will be an episode with songs about money
The proceeds from The Rocky Horror Show were originally to fund the trip to New York for nationals. Couple this with the fact that the Glee Club has an even smaller budget than last year, and it's obvious that they're going to need to get some cash. Songs would include "For the Love of Money", "Money", "Money, Money", "Money, Money, Money", and "If I Had a Million Dollars"
  • Also, Avenue Q's "The Money Song".

When they graduate, the Glee Club will sing...

Karofsky will sing "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters.
His hero being Kurt. After their kiss, he'll want to come out of the closet, but will be too scared. Kurt will try to help him out, eventually falling for him in the process.

With all the focus on minorities, they are going to sing "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q

In the second Brittany episode, Rachel will sing "Circus".
It fits. It's already been confirmed there will be another Brittany episode, and I was surprised they didn't use it the first time.
  • In the name of all that is of God, WHY are they doing another Britney Spears episode? Unless you mean another episode that focuses on Brittany the Cheerio, which I can live with.
    • Pretty much the only Britney song they've never done.

There will be an episode with songs about the internet.
This makes sense in a high school. These days, pretty much everyone is constantly checking their facebook. The episode would begin with Will innocently singing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Someone would point out the meme to him (I imagine Kurt would make a snarky comment like "You did NOT just Rickroll us.") and Will would make an assignment for them about the internet. The best part is Rickrolling will be done more often, and with Will's version.
  • YES. I wanna see Chocolate Rain, Caramelldansen, and The Internet Is For Porn.
  • Something from Auto-Tune the News could work...if they could get the right context. I doubt the show would let anybody get raped.
  • And you get 'The End of Twerk'. Yay.

There will be a Weird Al Episode
So far they've payed tribute to Lady Gaga twice, and with the recent news regarding Al's "Perform This Way" parody it's inevitable that his name will come up. The assignment Will gives to frame this is that sometimes you need to stop taking yourself so seriously and just do something silly and/or stupid for fun and to blow off some steam.
  • Jossed.

There will be an episode using songs that are intensely popular on the internet.
A more subtle way of doing the above. While original songs would be covered as well, it would be made from songs made popular by the internet, be they memetic, started on the internet, or used by a web show as a theme. Here's some examples
  • Believe It Or Not by Artie
  • Ready To Roll by Finn
  • Never Gonna Give You Up by Sam and New Directions
  • Never Gonna Give You Up/Ready To Roll by Finn and New Directions
  • Caramelldansen by Tina
  • Hare Hare Yukai by Brittany (Haruhi), Quinn (Yuki), Santana (Mikuru), Mike (Itsuki), and Finn (Kyon)
    • I have wanted them to do Hare Hare Yukai, especially the English dub. Interesting choice for Brittany, though Finn would be Itsuki because he's dubbed by Daisuke Ono.
  • Break Me OR Jar Of Hearts by Rachel
    • The latter happened at prom.
  • Baby by Sam
    • Lo and behold, it actually happened.
    • OP: Didn't think that would actually happen, I was just throwing out an example. (Crossing my fingers for Caramelldansen still.)
  • Cagayake! Girls by Kurt and the rest of the ND girls, if only because the K-On! page describes the show as Glee: The Anime. Kurt as main singer makes sense because he's the closest thing the show has to a Moe Blob.
  • I'm on a Boat
  • Kurt will sing What What In The Butt.
  • Can't Hug Every Cat by Brittany.

Kurt will sing something by Faith Hill.
Just for the hell of it, as a Brick Joke following Sam's comment in Duets about his voice.
  • Jossed.

There will be an episode based on television musicals/random musical numbers from tv.
Possible songs could be:
  • Walk Through The Fire sung by Mercedes (as Buffy), Puck (as Spike), and New Directions.
    • This would be much better if it was Quinn in the role of Buffy, it paralels better with the source show and her voice fits better.
      • Or, having already done Rocky Horror, they could do a Buffy cover or two (maybe even a Buffy episode) for Halloween next year. Santana/Brittany for "Under Your Spell", anyone? Rachel would definitely be Anya, Finn as Xander, Puck as Spike, Quinn as Buffy, Will as Giles...this would actually be pretty fun.
      • And of course Tina as Dawn just for the sake of her having another interrupted solo.
      • Murphy, if you're reading this, (which you probably are given Thriller and Baby) please get to work on this, it would be amazing.
  • FCC sung by Finn, Sam, and Kurt
  • A Mystery Science Theater 3000 Mash Up by Mike (or even the original or Hodgson) with Tom and Crow's puppets (with either the original actors or Sam and Kurt) as a dream sequence. Will consist of some of the following using these three:
    • Begins with Love Theme Final Version sung by Puck (Main Vocals), Rachel (As Pearl), and New Directions (Backing/"La La Las") if its not.
    • He Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift
    • Toobular Boobular (Then again that might not get past the radar)
    • Idiot Control Now
      • "It stinks!" =D
    • Janitor Song
    • Merry Christmas (If That's Okay)
    • Werewolf End Credits Song
  • Guy Love by Blaine and Kurt.
    • Really? The song specifically says "there's nothing gay about it". Probably Puck and Finn, or Sam and Finn.
      • They`ll just change the line to "there`s something really gay about it"
      • Original poster: It would be them denying their in a relationship.
      • Won't work. Too much context. "You're the only guy who's ever been inside of meeee!" "I SWEAR, I JUST TOOK OUT HIS APPENDIX!"
  • Then how about I'm Under Your Spell for them
  • Vale Decem by New Direction/Vocal Adrenaline
  • I Cant Decide/Voodoo Child by Sue
    • This needs to happen.
  • Who Are You by Vocal Adrenaline
  • Hurt Feelings by Will and Artie (possibly Puck)
  • [[Series/{{30 Rock}} "Leavin' on the Midnight Train to Georgia"]], presumably someone gets mad and tries to stay with family in Georgia, but decides to come back.
  • Fight by New Directions
  • Rock The Dragon by Puck
  • Dominican by Santana and Sam
  • The Touch by Finn
  • Cheer Up Sleepy Jean by New Directions Boys
  • A The Lonely Island mashup featuring Dick In A Box by Sam and Puck, I Just Had Sex by Puck, Finn, and Artie(as Akon), a bowlderized I'm On A Boat by Puck, Finn and Artie and of course Jizzed In My Pants by Finn.
  • Jossed.

There will be a Spamalot episode.
  • "The Song that Goes Like This" by Finn and Rachel
  • "The Diva's Lament" by Rachel or Kurt
    • Tina or Mercedes could work for that song as well.
      • Jossed.

Glee will eventually do an A Capella only episode
Not necessarily to compete with Dalton Academy, but as a teambuilding exercise since working out the precise timing and harmonies of an acapella arrangement can be more difficult than your standard Glee songs.
  • Or because the band kids get sick of being ignored/being bullied for helping out.
    • Ultimately jossed.

There will be an episode with songs from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
It will either a) parallel the plot of the blog or b) just use songs from it. If the latter is the case, then;
  • On the Rise will be sung with Rachel as Doctor Horrible and Finn as Penny, most likely while she follows him and Quinn.
  • My Freeze Ray could be anyone, but the sheer-dorkiness of it just screams for Artie.
  • Penny's Song would be preformed by Emma, most likely to Will.
  • A Man's Gotta Do Could either be the same set up as above, Rachel as Horrible, Finn as Penny and Quinn as Captain Hammer, or with Artie, Tina and Mike taking the respective roles.
  • Only if Bryan Ryan is in the episode.
    • Ultimately jossed.

Quinn and Lauren will sing Big, Blonde, and Beautiful
Most signs are saying that Finn is going to leave Quinn for Rachel (again). And when Quinn tries to get back together with Sam he'll refuse, because she cheated on him and he highly values honesty. So who's left to be her love interest? Puck. Convinced that she can get him away from Lauren because she's so much prettier, she'll try and seduce him. At the same time, Lauren is simply having a ball because she not only has major confidence in her appearance, but is also dating the guy she's always wanted. So Lauren's "big", Quinn's "blonde", and they're both "beautiful".
  • Jossed.

At Nationals, New Directions will do a Queen Medley to mirror the Journey Medley.
As a reference to Vocal Adrenaline winning with Bohemian Rhapsody last time, they will do a Queen Medley. It might consist of: Don't Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, We Are The Champions, and We Will Rock You.
  • Maybe in Season 3. As of the penultimate episode of Season 2, New Directions is planning on doing original songs again.
    • Jossed.

If anyone dies, it will be while someone is singing either Hide And Seek or Whatcha Say

Artie will sing I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls

Quinn will sing "Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles
In "Original Song," it's shown that she's settled with staying in Lima and getting married to Finn, and living out the rest of her days like that. This song is about how fairytales aren't really all that they're cracked up to be, and how living one is basically settling for the next best thing. Singing this song, Quinn will realize that she doesn't want to settle, and that she is willing to take control of her life and get out of Lima.

Season 3's Tribute Movie will be a Whole Plot Reference to a musical
It's been confirmed that if a tribute episode is done next year, there will only be one and it'll be a 2-hour TV movie. Why would they need two hours? In order to set up events so that they parallel the musical they're tributing, and then get as many songs as possible into it.

Their will be an episode with no musical numbers.
An inverse of the Musical Episode trope that Glee weekly bases itself on, an episode like this would be its answer to the uniqueness of other non-musical shows doing their own numbers. How would they do it? The best I can imagine is a dress-rehearsal-type episode where they can't sing the songs (at least not on screen) because no song ever gets sung twice (except for Don't Stop Believin', but that was special).
  • Can we please? That would be the perfect time to set up any drama that would take too long otherwise, not to mention give the actors a break from rehearsing, and securing the rights to the song.

There will be an episode dedicated to Television opening themes
It would be awesome! Potential songs include openings from:

They will sing "American Idiot" as a response to conservatives saying that Glee's gotten "too gay".

Kurt and Rache will sing "What is this Feeling" from Wicked
They have duetted on "Defying Gravity" and "For Good" now, so they must complete the trifecta of Elphaba/Glinda duets. It would probably be just for fun, because I can think of a circumstance at this point which would have them meaning it.

Possible ideas for the tribute movie
  • Queen (Main Song: Who Wants To Live Forever/Princes Of The Universe by Puck)
  • Wicked
  • David Bowie (Main Song: Heroes by Finn, Jesse, and Blaine in competition)
  • Reba McEntire (Main Song: Fancy by Rachel)
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Rihanna (Main Song: Love The Way You Lie by Artie, Santana, Tina, Britanny and Quinn)
  • Buffy: Once More With A Feeling (Main Song: Under Your Spell by Brittany and Santana)
  • ABBA (Main Song: Mamma Mia by Rachel and Shelby)
  • Michael Jackson (Main Song: Billie Jean by Artie)
    • Confirmed in that an MJ episode was recently done in Season 3. Billie Jean was not covered.
  • Grease (Main Song: You're The One That I Want by Rachel and Finn)
  • Disney. Preferably the Disney Animated Canon: I cannot pick a main song, so I'm just going to make up a setlist (Songs are in order of release, feel free to add)
    • Whistle While You Work/Happy Working Song by Tina
    • When You Wish Upon A Star by Brittany
    • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Disney's Signature Song) by New Directions
    • Pink Elephants by New Directions (Because what's Disney without something scary?)
    • Cinderella by Mike and Tina
    • A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by Tina
    • A Pirates Life by Puck, Jesse, and Santana
    • The Bare Necessities by Finn
    • The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers by Blaine
    • The World's Greatest Criminal Mind by Kurt
    • Kiss The Girl by Sam
    • Part Of Your World by Rachel
    • Beauty And The Beast by Mercedes
    • A Whole New World by Finn and Rachel
    • Circle Of Life by Blaine with New Directions
    • Colors Of The Wind by Tina
    • Make A Man Out Of You by Will
    • The Prayer by Rachel (who is then told that it comes from a Warner Brothers movie)
    • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Lauren
    • Friends On The Other Side by Will
    • Why Should I Worry by Blaine
  • Weird Al
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Elvis Presley
  • West Side Story is confirmed to be a production at McKinley in Season 3, so this looks like a good possibility.

If Rachel and Finn end up together at the show's end, they will finish their duet of "You're The One That I Want".
Or another song from Grease.

At some point, the club will sing the title track from Fame
This will happen either at Nationals next year, or at graduation via flash mob.

There will be another duet competition in Season Three.
In the same way that Will did another round of girls vs boys mashups in 'Never Been Kissed', he'll rerun the duets competition early in Season Three to choose the Sectionals soloists.
  • Kurt and Blaine will sing 'I'll Cover You' from Rent.
    • Which is all well and good except Blaine doesn't go to McKinley and would therefore not be allowed in the competition.
      • Doesn't go there yet. The jury's still out on whether he'll transfer in season 3.
      • But isn't he a senior?
      • Word of God said that he's one year ahead of Kurt, not that he's explicitly a senior. And they never mentioned anything about what year he was in comparison to Kurt, so they could easily retcon it for them to be in the same grade.
      • If I'm not mistaken, Kurt's a juniornote 
      • Well then most likely it's been retconned so that they're both Juniors, and will be seniors at the beginning of next season.
      • No duet's competition has happened, but it's safe to say that Blaine has transferred to McKinley. Kurt is a senior, Blaine is a junior.

There will be an episode where they recreate Notable Music Videos
Probably an assignment that Artie and Lauren (they're in AV Club, right?) get, and then they use the club to make it happen. Possible contenders:
  • "Take On Me" by a-ha. Sung by Kurt.
    • Done, but by everyone.
  • "Land of Confusion" by Genesis.
  • "Material Girl" by Madonna. Sung by Quinn and Rachel.
  • "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go. Sung by Puck.
  • "It's a Sin" by Pet Shop Boys. Sung by Karofsky.
    • Why not Santana?
  • "Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty. Sung by Artie.
  • "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson. Sung by Artie.
    • The song was performed, but not by Artie. It was a duel between Santana and Sebastian. There was a music video recreation in the episode that did involve Artie- 'Scream'.
  • "Jizz In My Pants" by Lonely Island. Sung by Finn and Sam.
  • "Mickey" by Tony Basil. Sung by Brittany.
    • Vocal Adrenaline, under Sue's control.

Sometime in Season Three, the original members of the glee club will sing a group number together.
I think it would be a perfect way to bring things full circle. Bonus points if it was "Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat."
  • Confirmed in one of the last few episodes of the season (IIRC, the finale) along with several other throwbacks to Season 1, such as "Put a Ring on It"

When Shelby returns, she will sing Fancy by Reba Mc Entire
It will either be dedicated Beth or Rachel.

There will be an episode dedicated to strong women breaking free.
I know this is kinda cliche but when you think aboout it a lot of these songs Glee has done about people stading up for themselves (One, Forget You, Rose's Turn) have all been doen by men with the exception of I think Respect. So why not? The strong women of song. I'm thinking something like Power Of Madonna plot wise.
  • Fancy by Reba Mc Entire. Performed by Rachel.
  • Think by Aretha Franklin. Performed by Mercedes.
  • Independence Day by Martina Mc Bride. Performed by Brittany.
  • Gunpowder And Lead by Miranda Lambert. Performed by Santana.
  • Undo It by Carrie Underwood. Performed by Tina.
  • Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga. Performed by Tina.
  • Schiesse by Lady Gaga. Performed by Quinn.
  • Fuckin Perfect by P!nk. Performed by Brittany.
  • We R Who We R by Ke$ha. Performed by Rachel.
  • Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. Performed by Santana.
  • I Am Woman by Jordin Sparks. Performed by Mercedes.
  • My Chick Bad by Ludacris ft Niki Minaj. Performed by Puck and Lauren.
  • Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks. Performed by all the girls, led by Rachel.

The tribute will be David Bowie
Concept: It comes time to audition for a big competition. However, Will wanted to do it differently and therefore brought in Emma, Bieste, and finally Shelby to judge. The students are allowed to pick any song and to group up with one condition: they must pick a David Bowie song, and he hands out copies of Best Of Bowie. Meanwhile, Puck, Finn, and Quinn get the chance to visit Beth.

Songs In Chronological Order

  • Magic Dance by Shelby with Bieste, Emma, Will, and New Directions, sung to Beth.
  • Fame by Artie as an audition
  • Suffragette City by Sam as an audition
  • Rebel Rebel by Lauren as an audition
  • Space Oddity/Ashes To Ashes (more the latter) by Santana as an audition
  • Life On Mars by Kurt as an audition
  • Ziggy Stardust by Finn as an audition
  • Let's Dance/Just Dance by Rachel (fails audition immediately, given second chance)
  • Changes by Rachel as second chance
  • Under Pressure by Mercedes (as Mercury) and Brittany (as Bowie) as an audition
  • China Girl by Mike (who else) as an audition
  • The Man Who Sold The World by Tina as an audition
  • Heroes by Quinn and Puck to Beth (Shelby hears it and includes it in the competition)
  • Bowies In Space by Will with New Directions in Bowie outfits (Jareth, Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, lightning bolt make up)

An episode will cover censorship
Basically as a bit of rebellion against her treatment in school Santana performs Lily Allen's F You. Sue obviously hears about this and reports it to Figgins. Nothing happens, but the group decides to rebel by doing only songs that would go against censorship, of course going against Will's wishes. So the next day Blaine leads New Directions Boys in a mash up of Basket Case and American Idiot by Green Day. You get the point I'm sure.

Hairspray number
And Schue must comment on how that musical looks like it would be fun to be in. I'm thinking either Without Love or You Can't Stop the Beat.
  • Partially confirmed. Season premiere of season 3 Rachel starts off a rendition of You Can't Stop the Beat after Mr. Shue tells them that they've still got music to make even despite the bad treatment, and there's a very fond smile on Shue's face but no commentary.

New Directions will reenact the Friends Opening while singing I'll Be There For You
The group will dress as different members of the cast from that opening while in the clothes from THAT opening. (This post assumes Quinn and Santana will come back, and as we know nothing about Samuel and Damian, they will be omitted.) Rachel and Mercedes will wear short sleeved white shirts and black slacksnote . Finn and Artie wear a white button down, black tie, black slacksnote . Tina and Quinn wear sleevelss white tops and black slacknote . Mike and Kurt will wear white button downs, black vests, and black slacksnote . Brittany and Santana will both wear black gowns and white shirts(?)note . And finally, Puck and Blaine will wear long sleeved white shirts and black slacksnote . Because SOMEONE was bound to say it.

There will be a Vocaloid theme episode.
Highly likely considering Miku Hatsune Toyota TV ad debut. Quite likely the Glee Club would not be happy about the idea, saying Vocaloids don't count as real singers. Songs likely to be (most likely English dubbed):
  • World is Mine
  • Levan Polka
  • Po Pi Po
  • Love is War
  • Any of the Daughter of Evil series songs
  • Just be Friends
  • Last Night, Good Night
  • Alice Human Sacrifice (with Santanna or Tina as the first Alice, Blaine or Finn as the second Alice, Brittany or Quinn as the third Alice, and Rachel and Kurt as the fourth Alice's)

Quinn, Brittany and Santana Will Sing We R Who We R.
  • Should've happened, sadly no.

There will be a Lonely Island Tribute Episode.
  • Jizz In My Pants by Finn and Puck
  • I Just Had Sex by Finn and Blaine, feat. Puck
  • I'm On A Boat by Mike and Artie
  • Who Said We're Wack? by Puck, Artie and Finn
  • Punch You In The Jeans by Karofsky

Katy Perry's 'Not Like the Movies' will be sung in an upcoming episode.
Particularly the recently-announced episode where Rachel and Kurt lose their virginity - not to each other. Katy Perry has been pretty good about letting Glee use their music, and, given both Kurt and Rachel's previous attitudes towards sex, it would make sense if one of them was completely underwhelmed and/or off-put by the experience.

Quinn will sing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato at some point.
It's perfect for her, considering that she's lost everything and she's trying to pick up the pieces.

Puck will sing Let The Monster Rise
Puck's attempts at getting Beth back will sour. And I mean end VERY VERY BADLY. This song is sung over a sequence where he gives everything up and goes back to his season 1 personality but far worse, the sequence of course ending with a shot of him preforming the line "Let the father die/And let the monster rise" showing that he's gone off the deep end.

There will eventually be a Halloween episode
It has to happen some time, they already had a Christmas and Valentines Day special.

The next mash-ups will be

International And Foreign Language Songs Will Be Done
With the Internationals rumor, and students that are Irish and Indian(upcoming), why the hell not?
  • Baba O'Reily by The Who (British). Sung by Finn
  • Best I Ever Had (Canadian Birth). Sung and rapped by Artie
  • Next Decade by Gackt (Japanese). Sung by New Driections Boys
  • This more or less happened in "The Spanish Teacher", with Ricky Martin. Songs were sung partly in Spanish.

The upcoming Indian character will sing Jai Ho/You Are My Destiny
Because there isn't really any other Bollywood song that ingrained into the minds of a Western audience.

Rory will sing "The One That Got Away"
Ryan said the winners of The Glee Project would be playing characters inspired by their own lives. Damian has commented a few times that he ended a relationship or two in order to further his career. The song is a perfect fit!

When Will and Emma do the deed, the Unholy Trinity will sing "Loud As The Hell You Want"
It'd have to be like Quinn leads, Santana and Brittany are the bears.

A couple will sing "Say Say Say"as a duet
More than likely Kurt and Blaine

The Warblers will perform Pumped Up Kicks at Regionals
It will be Foreshadowing for Sebastian pulling a gun on Kurt after deciding that if he can;t have him no one can.

Rory will sing something by The Script
I know that sounds so horribly cliched and I'm not sure how it would work out, but I would love to see that.

There will be another Madonna tribute episode in season 3 (and she will possibly guest star in it as well).
There are already rumors flying around about it, and Madge does have a new album coming out soon... and I just really want Sue & Co. to recreate the Human Nature video.
  • Some ideas for potential numbers: Puck doing "Music", the Glee Club doing "Give Me All Your Luvin", Rachel singing "Drowned World/Substitute for Love", and a "Hung Up" sequence where Mike and Brittany (attempt to) teach Finn how to dance. And Santana could do "Spanish Lesson", why not.

Seasons in the Sun will be sung in the 3rd season finale
  • Finn and Puck- My trusted friend
  • Rachel or/and Kurt- Papa please pray for me
  • Puck and Quinn to Beth- My little one

Thank you for being a friend will be sung in the season 3 finally
It's a nice song and I think it would be a sweet goodbye.

A [3] Journey song will be in the season three finally
They've had alot of Journey

If Kurt and Blaine break up...
Blaine will sing Payphone.

The economics of all forms of mechanical transport are completely different in the Glee-verse.
This is how Kurt's dad can support his Unlimited Wardrobe working as a mechanic. It's also why Terri presumably hasn't complained about being seen in Will's fifteen-year-old teal Civic, and a school district that runs at least one fairly large high school doesn't own at least one wheelchair-lift-equipped bus. Conversely, a nursing home is selling off large quantities of high-end ultra-lightweight wheelchairs (which such an institution wouldn't normally have in the first place) at tag-sale prices and the Cheerios having their dry cleaning done in Europe is merely extravagant rather than ridiculously, laugh-out-loud-at-the-very-suggestion so.
  • The whole point of having their dry cleaning done in Europe laugh-out-loud-at-the-very-suggestion so. 'Cause it's, you know, a joke. To make you laugh. Out loud.
  • And Kurt's dad isn't just a mechanic, he owns a majority share in the auto shop. It's not glamorous work, but if they're successful that could mean pretty good money.
    • Even run-of-the-mill mechanics make decent money as skilled tradesmen.

In the show's world, everyone can sing.
Two unrealistic aspects of Glee are how every random person is a good singer, and the extremely low status of the glee club. They're obviously related. The show takes place in an alternate universe where all human beings can sing at a professional level as easily as talking. That's why the glee club are such outcasts - their only talent is something everyone can do anyway.
  • Wouldn't this officially be Jossed considering Mike's performance of 'Sing!'?
    • Not necessarily. He could be Obsfuscating Tone-deafness, and if not he at least has the ability to harmonize.
    • No, since he intentionally sings it badly.
  • It's a very interesting theory, the only objection I have is: since when do people in choir not have low social status in a high school? :/ As far as I know that is unfortunate but true.
    • Not in my high school. In fact, during my high school years all the winners for prom and homecoming royalty were in drama club and/or choir, as well as the pageant we had for the senior boys. I'm not from a small town though.
      • Same here, chorus isn't a maker or breaker of popularity. Then again I'm from an upper-class high school full of Asians. Maybe it depends on the economic makeup of the students?
    • The above troper is from a small, conservative town about the same size as the one Glee is set in. The popular kids are the ones in volleyball and track for girls and football and rugby for guys; the drama/choir kids are dismissed as weirdos.
    • I am also from a small, conservative town around the same size as the fictional version of Lima, and the kids in our glee club (which I was in) were actually pretty popular. As were the band geeks, of all people.
      • I, a former band/chorus/drama club member, also hail from a town much like Lima. The jocks/cheerleaders/cool kids tried to treat us badly also. We. Did. Not. CARE.
      • I am originally from a small, poor former factory town, with an old high school that is falling apart. Many of the members of chorus/drama/show choir WERE cheerleaders and some football players. Others were drama/chorus (obviously not show choir, as that's an extracurricular) for the school credit alone. It wasn't something that designated anyone as a loser, nor as cool. It was just another group. Band, however, was full of dorks.
    • I go to a fairly small high school (1,200 kids, which is pretty small for our area) in a fairly large town, about an hour from NYC. Students here know from friends out of town that we have a fairly odd dynamic, in which drama and choir kids peacefully (for the most part) coexist with jocks, and are often friends with them (some also identify as part of both groups). Homecoming Royalty included a girl from marching band and a boy who was the most involved in drama (and the best actor) in the senior class. Being in a group like band or choir doesn't make one uncool. The only kids who are really considered losers are the ones who don't participate in regular extracurriculars, because A)People get the impression they don't care about their education or the school. B)People make most of their friends by bonding through shared clubs/groups. You don't make any new friends if you're not in them.
  • This also explains how April Rhodes has a so terrible life, despite her voice sounding exactly like Kristin Chenowith.
    • And why Shelby Corcoran would fail as an actress, despite her voice sounding exactly like Idina Menzel's. And why the AV Club can just randomly burst into song in "Rolling in the Deep."
  • Well it would hardly be a good musical if they picked people for a show choir that were -bad- singers. Besides, random people may indeed be good singers - despite popular misconception, most people are generally at least decent with training. Mostly though it really depends on the school culture and at the Glee school, guess what's their claim to fame? The Cherios which is headed by Sue who is shown to essentially run the school and community for many years; all the behavior may have been encouraged and picked up from all that. At the very least, her manipulation of other clubs and activities may simply kept all other clubs wary of each other. And in such a state of paranoia, getting the big bad to look at a weak scapegoat is a good thing - it keeps Sue off their back. As well, it may have simply been a matter of a general tread - it's not that people hate the glee club (at least initially) but that generally, people at the school that others don't like have a habit of joining glee. Over time, the idea of people like Rachael and Peppers becomes closely associated with glee - guilt by association.
  • Slight problem with this, I think Will has stated that when he was a student at the school he was in Glee and one of the popular kids.
    • And the Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline are heavily implied to be royalty at Dalton and Carmel respectively.
  • The theory I came to halfway through the show, after sitting through the horribly recorded and autotuned songs in order to see the very funny scenes in between (this almost turned me off the show, seriously), was that in the members of the Glee club's minds, they all sound like that. I mean, if you've ever sung with a group of people, you know the feeling you get when you nail a song together, but it's hard to portray that feeling on film. How this show counter-acts that is by making the singers sound inhumanly good so that those who have never experienced that can realise it. Basically the great singing is a representation of what Glee club means to them. This made the show a hell of a lot more bearable.
    • So what almost turned you off of the show was...the main conceit of the show?

The show takes place in the same world as The Plot Against America
Rachel, Artie, Tina, Puck, and Jacob all seem to have some kind of Jewish ancestry, which is a little unusual for a high school in Ohio. Obviously Glee is a sequel to Phillip Roth's The Plot Against America, where American Jews were forced out of the East Coast and into the Midwest in the 1940s by an antial blond, and the protagonist's race is never specified, so he might have spent time in Lima as a result of his parents' business there.

The show is being told to the Glee Club Member's Future children
  • That explains while all the situations are exaggerated in such a colorful manner, and explains the sudden seemingly out of nowhere character derailment. When a character changes from a sweet, well meaning friend to a complete bitch or bastard within minutes. That's another character taking over the story, decsribing the character as how they saw them at that moment.

Guesses on the group's costumes from "Theatricality"
  • Tina is already stated that her look represents the Perky part of her Perky Goth personality
  • Rachel "Kermit" look is the most obvious, the second one is probably a representation of her desire for glamour
  • Quinn "Pink spike ball" look represent her Tsundere aspect, how she can be really nasty and sweet.
  • Santanna represents her as a "black fower", pretty and also bad.
  • Brittany is obviously smart as a Lobster
  • Kurt looks is inspired by Bad Romance and represents... his Bad Romance with Finn.
  • But Mercedes is...?

In the second season, Glee will host a massive Whole Episode Flashback
We've already seen little bits of Will's past. What better way to communicate where that season is going than to show the club back in its glory days?Also the opportunity to host a Kristen Chenowith/NPH duet is too good to let slip.This needs to happen.
  • Episode 121 - '2009' - in the sixth season. Missing scenes from early on.

Someone involved with the production is One of Us and is leaking information onto Tv Tropes

Because a LOT of these WMGs are hitting pretty close to home...

  • Possibly. But it could be more that Glee is very, very Troperiffic.

The producers read TV Tropes

Inverting the above logic, the show runners take ideas from this site, and if we create a WMG strong enough it will happen. I suggest Kill (Kurt+ Will). Why only girls should fall under Will's charm?

  • Ditto. I mean, obviously Will's got this whole "girls get away" schtick down. But what would happen if Kurt followed in the footsteps of Suzy and Rachel? ...Then again, all of the females with crushes on Will have had food names... Pepper... Berry... Pilsbury... Unless Kurt's middle name is secretly "Butterworth", I don't think it'll happen.
    • Every female.
  • If this is true then I suggest a Michael Jackson episode. Or at least have Kurt perform Smooth Criminal, I don't know how it would work in context, but it could be fun.
    • I vote for Artie to rock out on "Thriller" if this happens
      • And Super Bowl Sunday Artie's got a solo in Thriller/Heads Will Roll.

Ryan Murphy is messing with us.

Orginally, he said that Kurt's boyfriend would be a new character named Sam who joins both the football team and glee. Then Chord Overstreet was cast as a recurring character named Sam, but he doesn't seem to be anyone's love interest; in fact, Chris Colfer said recently that he hasn't even read with anyone for the part yet. There are two possible explanations:

1. Murphy changed his mind and decided to add four new characters instead of three.

2. Murphy is only pretending to be casting someone new so that it will be a genuine surprise when Kurt ends up with Matt or Mike. (Yes, Mike is going to date Tina, but how long do you think that will last?)

It's not as crazy as it sounds. Remember when he said that Shelby wasn't Rachel's mother?

  • My money's on Mike. His and Tina's episode could be used as a springboard towards this. Given what we learned so far, I don't think the same could be said for Matt.
    • So we're accepting as fact that Ryan Murphy is a Lying Creator, but don't consider that it could extend to his cast and crew? It's just as possible that Chris and Chord are trying to keep the surprise that he is Kurt's love interest, or even that Murphy told them to keep it under wraps. Why does everyone assume that Mike Chang is gay, anyway?
      • First of all, Chord hasn't said one word about any of this; it's the official press release from Fox that says he's going to be a recurring character (while Kurt's boyfriend is supposed to be a regular) and only talks about his friendship with Finn. Second, it's not so much that we assume Mike is gay as we hope he is. It would mean more screentime for him, something fans have been clamoring for since day one, and be a lot more interesting than Kurt dating some newcomer who only exists to be his love interest.
      • First point: Okay, I'm wrong about that one. I thought I saw that in the original post, but on closer inspection, I see that I was mistaken. Second point: But that's just my point, it wouldn't necessarily mean more screentime for him. He didn't get any storylines in season 1 because at the start he was never meant to be anything but a good dancer that brought up the club's numbers, but he's evolved, along with Santana and Brittany (Matt, not so much from what I hear) to become someone the fanbase wants to know more about. He's getting storylines this year, he's involved in a Tina/Artie love triangle, and once that inevitably resolves to Artie and Tina getting back together they're not just going to shove him into the background again, but making him Kurt's boyfriend doesn't do anything to help his character. I actually think it would be a detriment to it. That sounds homophobic on its own, but I'm trying not to be. Hear me out: Glee has sometimes been accused of having very stereotypical characters (mainly Kurt and Mercedes). It would hurt the show to continue this stereotyping (which is the main issue that many people who have problems with the show cite) by taking the best male dancer in the group, who we only know a little about, and making him gay. It would be much more effective in breaking stereotypes for the best dancer to be straight. Finn is not a very good dancer, and Puck is too much of a Handsome Lech to be the aversion (and a lot of people think (or hope) that he's bi, anyway). Having a character who is metrosexual and not a cartoon * coughJessecough* would actually add an interesting new dynamic to the show. If it turns out that he is gay, then c'est la vie, I'll trust that the writers know what they're doing. But I really hope that if he is it isn't just to add more drama.
      • They could always introduce Sam as Kurt's love interest, and then have them break up later. Make Sam bi so that he can be paired with one of the girls. Later, after the Mike/Tina/Artia love triangle, Mike can realize he's gay and be paired with Kurt. Also, the show has been confirmed for a third season already, so it's not like they immediatly get Mike and Kurt together as soon as both of them are single. They can take their time.
      • And it's not as much that the fandom thinks that Mike is gay, it's that he fits the boyfriend tropes they were going for. He's nice, he's on the football team and in Glee. Plus, everyone already likes Mike, and the creators have said they want to focus more on the original twelve instead than the new students. It would make a lot of sense to have him take the boyfriend role. Also I've been assuming that because Tina and Mike have the same last name and are on a TV show that they're cousins, and the whole Tike thing is kind of squicking me.
  • At the Emmys red carpet show, Chris Colfer was asked if he knew who the boyfriend was going to be, and he said, "I think I do, but then they tell me that I don't." Clearly, someone is trying to mislead us. My guess is that Chris, like everyone else, assumed it was Sam, but the writers have other plans.
  • And the plot thickens...

The Glee boys will eventually form their own band.
They've already got three guitar players (Artie, Puck, and Sam), Finn is a drummer, and Kurt plays piano. All it would take is for one of them to learn how to play bass (which for all we know one of them already knows how to do, look at Kurt's covenient piano skills). All of this will happen in an episode dedicated to ... wait for it... famous boy bands (The Jackson 5, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, etc.)
  • Artie does already know how to play bass. He was playing the bass during Bust A Move in the episode Mash-Up. Just for the record.
  • Why will the guys feel the need to form their own band? Because they're sick on the tributes to female artists and feel like their contributions are being overlooked.
  • Then it's settled. Puck on lead guitar, Sam on rhythm guitar, Artie on bass, Kurt on keyboard, Finn on drums, but what about Mike?
    • Something utterly superfluous like tambourine, or possibly lead singer, now that he's feeling more confident about his voice.
    • Or something crazy like a violin or double bass perhaps. Or it'll be like the Foo Fighters, where even though Grohl is the best drummer, he's the singer. Mike will get the drums, whilst Finn or Puck get the vocals and a guitar whilst the other gets the lead guitar and backup vocals.

The no-audience preformance in "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" was a deliberate reference to Frank N. Furter's floor show at the end of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The show in the empty theater, which only benefitted the director and cast.

All the girls will be on the Cheerios at some point.
All the boys have been on the football team (even Artie, who can't even walk), and the female equivalent is Cheerios. Furthermore, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Mercedes have all been on the Cheerios already, so all that's left is Rachel and Tina.
  • To further add to this WMG, both girls would want the popularity boost, possibly to impress they boyfriends/ex-boyfriends
    • Rachel never joined the Cheerios, but Tina (and Blaine) did.

Each season is told from the point of view of a different character; in particular, Season One is told from Finn's POV, while S2 is Karofsky's.
This is a bit odd, so bear with me. In Season One, most, if not all, of the episodes focused exclusively on problems involving Rachel, Finn, and Quinn. Since Finn was wrestling with ideas about them for most of the season, it makes sense. S2 focuses ridiculously on Kurt, which would make sense coming from the guy who's dangerously obsessed with him. Like the WMG above, this accounts for the character derailment and ridiculous things going on - Finn is rather dumb, and obviously likes Will a great deal, so he would cast Terri in a terrible light. (Also would explain the show's fixation on sex, since Finn has major issues with it.) Karofsky, on the other hand, barely knows anyone in Glee club who isn't also in football, so he would imagine half of the club as schizophrenic crazies who drool over Britney Spears. Might also explain why Dalton is bordering-on-ridiculously tolerant: Karofsky imagines that a school like that would be the only place Kurt would leave McKinley for.

Kurt was never meant to be elected Prom Queen.
A few people voted for him as a joke, and a genuinely mean one. They told their friends, and they voted too. Eventually it spread throughout the school, but everybody thought it was just a joke and that they'd be part of a small group voting for him. Furthermore, some people may have wanted to vote but didn't like any of the true contenders. So they voted for Kurt, thinking it wouldn't majorly effect the result. That's why everybody was silent when the result was announced; nobody expected it to happen, and nobody realized how traumatizing it would truly be for him. It also explains why they applauded him when he came back; there weren't that many people who had any animosity against him, so they were cool with him returning and accepting the crown with pride.

"New York" was all from Kurt's point of view.
Think about it: at the end of the episode, he's seen telling Blaine the story. This could be true for the rest of the story too. In short, the entire episode is Kurt telling Blaine the story of what happened.
  • This would also explain why Finn and Rachel didn't notice the guys singing "Bella Note," or why there was no sound when they kissed; neither of those things actually happened, but Kurt thought it would be more dramatic and interesting if they did.

Kurt was voted Prom Queen as an Anti-King prank
Obviously, Puck and Artie weren't voted Anti-Prom King because they failed to spike the punch. Someone else tried to win by stuffing the ballot box with votes for Kurt; this would explain why only two or three people cheered when he won, and almost everybody cheered when he made his speech. The majority of the school, like the audience, realized that it was cruel—or at least thought it wasn't fair to the girls who campaigned.
  • This makes wonderful sense.

Samcedes is a secret because...
  • Both are aware of Santana's jealous streak, and unaware of her sexuality. Mercedes got hell from her during her brief fling with Puck, and is afraid of something similar happening since Sam and Santana also dated.
  • Either his or her (or both) parents are racist. It's something that the show has yet to cover, and obviously would set up a lot of drama and aesop-ness.
  • They think they're being savvy by keeping it a secret, thinking they'll be like Tina/Mike and prevent all the drama all of the other couple get, but instead are Wrong Genre Savvy and keeping it a secret will amount to even more drama.

Glee is seen from other student's perspectives
Glee has been known for it's odd narration. And by odd, I mean they abuse or ignore canon, the characters can be OOC from one episode to the next and they have musical numbers in the gym. Why and how do they get away with this?

It's not from their perspective or even third person. A kid at McKinley is seeing this and hearing this, which is why everyone is so stereotypical or even just plain annoying. The reason the plot is so convoluted is because the kid in the halls don't really care about the facts, s/he's just observing. Finn's leadership abilities when he thought that a girl can get pregnant via ejaculating in a hottub? He's blabbing to someone when the kid hears him. Brittany being stupid but an idiot savant about cats or her weird saying? People are overhearing and playing telephone until it ends up being "I bet the duck's in the hat." Everything is accounted for.

The entire series is being told by multiple characters at once.
The final episode will reveal that the entire series is being told to the future generation of glee club members by several of the older characters with everyone talking over one another and constantly interrupting each other in the same hyper-fast and very conversational style used in the Previously On… voiceover at the beginning of each episode. The reason for plot holes and character derailment is because they're only getting several of the big moments in the club's history and are forced to fill in the blanks for themselves.

Alternately, at least half of "The Glee Project" contestants will appear in Season 4
The creators know many of the contestants personalities and styles, and it would be easier than looking for at least twelve new people.
  • Alex's character is shown at the end of a promo for season 4 with Britanny mistaking him for Mercedes. This was hinted at with him mentioning about possibly changing schools in the season 3 finale (or pen-ultimate episode).

Glee takes place in the same universe as Seinfeld
Both shows take place in a cartoonish world where the wackiest, most insane things happen. Meanwhile all the characters are lovable caricatures because All Myths Are True when it comes to humans, in other words: All Stereotypes Are True. This zany, cartoonish world is a feature of both shows, and it is therefore possible that they inhabit the same universe.

The Mottas are paying the unnamed members of the Troubletones to be in the club
Money is obviously no option for them, and Sugar is very much a Daddy's girl. "Daddy, can you tip off some of the cheerleaders so that they can sing and dance with me?" "Of course darling!" Now, whether any of them have decided that they enjoy being in a Glee club and aren't just there for the money any more remains to be seen.

McKinley High is actually an insane asylum
We're just seeing it through the eyes of the inmates. This explains the inconsistent characterization - they've either got Multiple Personality Disorder or it's them through the eyes of a different inmate. Matt Rutherford didn't transfer schools, he was cured and released. Sam had been transferred to another facility but it was decided that his treatment was better served back at McKinley. Sue used to be the head nurse but cracked under the strain and now suffers delusions like those she used to care for. Will had volunteered to work there back in high school, where he met his wife, whose attempts at breaking down his spirit caused him to crack and got him admitted to the facility. Brittany isn't The Ditz, she's actually the closest of them all to sanity and her non sequitors are either her channeling Deadpool or her faking being crazier than she is so that she can stay with her friends who, while crazy, treat her better than the people in the outside world.
  • That's...a little disturbing, but would make a bizarre kind of sense. (Not to mention, imagine the fanfic possibilities.)

Gleeverse , if you play an instrument, you lose your soul

Look at the band players. They are always on time, can always play whatever music needed exactly right, which is almost impossible to perfect when you need to eat, sleep, etc. Mr. Schue introduces a topic, the next day five kids sing complex songs. They sing songs to each other for surprises, in the theater, two people once made out in front of them! This would make perfect sense if they spent 24 hours practicing music— they are zombies. They don't eat, don't sleep, don't care about nothin' but their instruments— they have literally absorbed their souls. This is possibly a lampshade hanging when Santana tells Brittany Brad is "just a piece of furniture." Compared to her, he may as well be. He is not HUMAN.

  • Finn plays the drums, Kurt plays the piano, a few members play the guitar...
    • Singing is good for your soul. That's why they emphasize that the band members must only lip-synch. If they sing, they gain back a soul and won't be slaves to the Glee club.

Glee is in the same universe as The Monkees tv show
It would explain why they never play any of their songs,because in the show their not very successful. It's possible they could be a one-hit wonder band, which would explain why they only played part of Daydream Believer and never reference them.
  • Ultimately jossed, as "Daydream Believer" was sung in full during the series finale.

Sugar was absent from Extraordinary Merry Christmas because she was too busy hiding gifts for people under every chair in Lima.
It seems her new MO is to become Oprah. Oh, but she wouldn't have put anything under Artie's because his chair moves.

Azimio Adams and Wade Adams are related
Azimio and Wade's parents hate each other and Wade's parents decided to move away. Wade was originally supposed to go to Mckinley. His parents decided to follow up on their plan because Azimio graduated.

  • Really the only explanation for Marley being as gorgeous as she is.

Rory is Glee's Poochie.
In that he died on his way back to Ireland. That's why his last appearance is as a ghost in Artie's It's a Wonderful Plot dream sequence in "Glee, Actually", and an in-universe explanation as to why he wasn't present for the "I Lived" performance.


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