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Brittany: Are you crying?
Santana: It's just that I'm really happy.
— "Pot 'O Gold"

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
  • "To Sir, With Love"...just..."To Sir, With Love". Everyone is crying. Santana, Puck, Mercedes, Finn, EVERYONE. "And as I leave/I know that I am leaving/My best friend". Aww.
    • That scene was so touching that Sue had tears in her eyes.
    • Finn's speech right before the song. "I didn't have a father, someone I could look up to... model myself after. Someone who could really show me what it meant to be a man." He's talking about Mr. Schuester.
    • What Rachel says right after that: "We don't care what the judges say. We won, because we had you as a teacher."
  • Kurt's whole storyline in Episode 4, especially the scene where Finn gave Kurt advice and coaxed the helmet on him. Finn came across as so paternal in that scene, and Kurt's declaration of coolness was so genuine and different from his usual attempts at trying to flirt with Finn. Unfortunately, even with 'Furt', they would never manage to get back to that kind of place in their friendship.
  • "Keep Holding On", mainly the subtle things like Quinn's little moments with Artie and Kurt.
  • Finn's baby blanket speech.
  • Puck singing "Sweet Caroline" to Rachel in front of the whole Glee Club.
  • As of episode 7, Rachel's morning exercise motivation isn't "win a Grammy" but "Sectionals," showing her Character Development into more of a team player that no longer sees glee club as just a tool to become popular.
  • Will's Manly Tears of happiness at the thought of having a baby.
  • Everyone joining Artie in a wheelchair dance (they even dress like him in a simple button-down shirt, slacks, suspenders and wheelchair gloves) in "Wheels."
    • This is the first time the entire club has worn an entirely identical outfit without any personal touches or variations.
  • Sue's storyline in "Wheels": taking on Becky as a Cheerio and her motivation behind it.
    • What's more, Becky keeps showing up as a Cheerio and a prominent one at that! She seems almost like Sue's Dragon, though about as evil as Brittany.
  • Kurt sabotaging his own audition in "Wheels" to spare his father harassment over having a gay son and their subsequent conversation. "I'm just saying I love you more than I love being a star."
    Burt Hummel: (to Kurt) You are your mother, y'know? She was always the strong one.
  • Will helping Artie tie his shoes in "Wheels."
  • Will hugging Finn when he breaks down after finding out Quinn is pregnant.
  • Artie and Tina's date in "Wheels."
  • The entire Glee club singing "Lean on Me" to Finn and Quinn at the end of Episode 10.
    • This becomes even more heartwarming when you notice the small moments, such as Quinn and Finn's reactions and Brittany hugging Rachel.
    • Even more so when you realize those reactions were real, the actors were not allowed to watch rehearsals for "Lean On Me" and therefore had no idea what the others were going to perform, in an especially awesome example of Enforced Method Acting.
  • Finn's mom agreeing to take in Quinn after her parents find out about her pregnancy and throw her out.
  • Finn singing "I'll Stand By You" to the baby's sonogram video.
  • Ho Yay aside, pretty much every scene between Kurt and Finn in "Ballads."
  • It's a small moment, but Quinn's genuine smile when she's paired with Artie in "Ballads".
  • Brittany's friendship with Becky in "Wheels"
  • The "Imagine" number from 1x11 (Hairography). After the club tried to use the titular technique to be as flashy as they can, in comes a Glee club from a deaf school, and as they recite John Lennon's song and repeating after the lyrics in sign language, the McKinley Glee Club joins in, finally realizing that, sometimes, less is more.
  • Subtle moment but when Puck and the other two football players help carry Artie + wheelchair out of the auditorium as the Glee club all leave in outrage in "Throwdown". Keep in mind, these are the same guys that locked Artie into a Port-a-Potty in the pilot. They are likely to have been doing this every time that Artie has to go to the auditorium, so this is just one example of them helping Artie out.
  • Will selling his car to buy a minivan for his family, showing that despite some of the problems she can cause him, and for all of her flaws, he actually does love Terri and is serious about starting a family with her.
  • From 1x13, "Sectionals": Will running to catch Emma before she left, then kissing her, all against the backdrop of the Glee club singing "My Life Would Suck Without You". The performance of that song itself counts as well.
  • In the episode 13, Santana admits that the Glee Club "is the best part of my day" even if she also said that she would deny it later.
  • In "Sectionals", Rachel supports Mercedes to sing the Ballad, but what makes really heartwarming is Rachel's face when Mercedes is singing, she looks genuinely happy and proud of her friend, showing a huge Character Development since her Diva days.
  • Every single shot of Will's face while Emma has him on the phone during the "New Directions" songs at Sectionals.
  • Will and Emma's first date in "Hello".
  • Mercedes singing "Beautiful" at the latest pep rally to protest her being ordered by Sue to lose weight.
  • Finn singing a verse of "A House is not a Home" to his father's ashes.
  • April and Will singing "One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home" together and holding hands.
    • Their utterly sweet - and platonic - curling up in bed together at the end of the song.
  • Quinn sincerely telling Mercedes that she (Mercedes) is beautiful, and staying with her at the nurses office until her mom comes to get her. Later, Quinn being the first one to get up when Mercedes is singing "Beautiful".
  • Kurt reconciling with his father at the end of "Laryngitis."
  • Rachel and Shelby's duet of "I Dreamed A Dream" after Shelby is revealed to be Rachel's mother. Also Awesome Music, and a Tear Jerker.
  • All the Artie/Tina scenes in "Dream On," some more Tear Jerker than Heartwarming.
  • Will giving the lead in Les Mis to Bryan Ryan in order to save the Glee Club from losing its school funding.
  • Anytime Sue talks to her sister. She actually SEEMS HUMAN!
  • From Theatricality, after defending Kurt to Finn:
    Burt: Room looks great, son. (Holds Kurt's hand while they both tear up.)
    • Same episode, the whole club standing beside Kurt and Finn to face down a couple of bullies, decked out in full Lady Gaga and Kiss costumes (except Tina who gloriously went back to her goth style), then laughing and reveling in being "freaks".
    • Puck singing "Beth" to Quinn and his unborn daughter, and asking Quinn to reconsider letting him be there when their daughter is born.
    I know you're giving her up, but before you do, I think you should name her Beth. If you'll let me, I'd really like to be there when she's born. I'd really like to meet her.
  • In "Funk", after New Directions learn about the brutal humiliation Rachel suffered at the hands of Vocal Adrenaline, the boys are incredibly furious and don’t hesitate to go after the members of Vocal Adrenaline in her defense. Also worthy of noticing is not only that Kurt; someone who was lukewarm at best to Rachel; was one of most furious and enraged, snarling that “Rachel was one of them and only they could humiliate her” and on a secondary note, while Will’s emotion to this was subtle his sheer rage in his voice when he calls Jesse on Rachel’s cellphone is also worthy of noticing.
  • The group's 'covert jam session' in Throwdown, just for how happy and casual they look.
    • Especially considering that this scene was actually inspired by the cast goofing off between takes. The production crew asked them to do it again for the camera.
  • Pretty much all of the season 1 finale; "Journey"
    • Sue, both voting New Directions as best glee club at Regionals, and allowing Glee Club to exist for another year.
    • And when Sue stood up for New Directions and, by proxy, other underprivileged students, when she said that those kids shouldn't be discredited just because they aren't as fortunate as Vocal Adrenaline.
    • Rachel and Finn in Journey:
      Rachel: "Break a leg"
      Finn: "...I love you."
    • "We have another year!" The reaction is just as much the cast celebrating as the characters they play.
    • 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' in the season finale. Especially all the little bonding clips, like the bit in which Quinn and Mercedes hold hands across Kurt, who then smirks and grabs onto their hands with both of his. Pretty much sums up the entire show.
    • The last 20 seconds or so of "Bohemian Rhapsody" when Quinn's finally given birth and she holds Beth in her arms, saying, "Hi" with a big smile on her face.
  • Quinn reaching over and touching Artie's shoulder when he's singing 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' in 1x19.
  • When Finn puts his father's old helmet on Kurt during 1x10.
  • The scene in "Funk" where Will apologizes to Sue/convinces her to take charge of her Cheerios again.
    Will: Your girls are losing it without you out there. You say you don't have love in your life?
    Sue: My girls don't love me. They fear me.
    Will: But you love them.
  • Kurt telling his father he's gay and his father telling him he's known for years and accepts it.
  • Finn and Kurt bonding over the deaths of Finn's father and Kurt's mother.
  • In "Hairography" after Quinn decides once more to give her child to the Schuesters she hugs Will, and you get the idea that she's doing it not just because she thinks he'll be a good father to her child, but because she sees him as the father she wishes she'd had.
  • The secret performance of "Ride Wit Me" in Throwdown. Everyone is having a good time with each other, and completely happy. It tastes a little bit like diabetes, but it's also very uplifting and causal. Bonus points in that it wasn't scripted. That it was just the cast screwing around between takes.
    Season 2 
  • Ironically, Rachel singing "The Only Exception" in "Britney/Brittany". All throughout her high school life she hasn't had anybody care about her the way Finn does, and she's been fighting for him through the entirety of season one. And once Season 2 starts, she's scared that he'll leave her because she might affect his popularity. Her singing this song is her realizing that he really does love her.
  • Pretty much the entirety of Grilled Cheesus
    • The sympathy that is given to Kurt and his father.
      • Brittany's attempts to help Kurt, especially. "I made him a card that said heart attacks are just from loving too much," and giving Kurt her book report on heart attacks, which you can see him slip into his bag later.
      • Blink and you will miss, but Santana gives her a very sweet look, when she hears about the card. A subtle indicator that Santana truly loved this girl.
      • Rachel singing a chilling rendition of "Papa, Can You Hear Me" as her prayers to Burt's recovery.
    • Although his prayers get more selfish and shallow as the episode progresses, Finn's first request is actually kind of sweet. He wants God to help them win their first football game... For Artie.
    • How about Puck going to Temple with his Nana for seemingly the first time in a long time to pray for a man he's never even met.
    • Kurt finally agreeing to go to church with Mercedes and the performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" that she dedicates to Burt.
    • Kurt, full stop. From his tearful performance to his father of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to the flashbacks of when Kurt was little (and still fabulous) to his speech at the end about finding something sacred in his father.
    • It's far too short, but the kids doing "One of Us" at the end of the episode, and Sue telling Will she isn't going to complain about the song or get him fired.
  • After acting like a jackass all episode and making the kids feel uncomfortable, Will agrees with Sue that Rocky Horror isn't appropriate for the school play, but lets the kids perform the songs they'd worked on just for each other— wearing exactly how much clothing they're comfortable in.
  • Rachel's talk with Kurt in "Duets", sympathizing with how hard it is for him to be alone in his sexuality in high school. And then them singing a duet of "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again." Given all the animosity between them in the past, it's even better.
    • What makes it even more better is that Streisand ("Happy Days Are Here Again") and Garland ("Get Happy") are such huge icons to Rachel and Kurt, respectfully.
  • Tina getting Mike out of his shell and performing "Sing!" in "Duets".
  • Pretty much every moment with Kurt and Blaine in "Never Been Kissed," but especially:
    • "Teenage Dream" deserves a special mention. When's the last time you've seen Kurt smile like that?
    • Of course, we can't forget Will giving Coach Beiste, the tender-hearted and sympathetic Bruiser with a Soft Center, her first kiss, calling her beautiful both inside and out.
      • It gets better, all of the Glee boys (even the ones who didn't use her as their "mailman"), beg her to stay, sing a special Mash-up of "Stop in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind" just for her, and then engage her in a Group Hug.
  • The kids going to bat to get Will his job back.
  • Burt and Carole's wedding in "Furt"
    • A small one, but Karofsky's father being a logical human being and willing to listen to both sides of the story his son told him. And then he takes Kurt's side!
    • A small one, but when Karofsky knocks Mike into Artie, Puck rushes to Artie's side to check if he was okay and you could see he wanted to join the beat down Sam was giving Dave as well, not only for Kurt but for Artie's sake as well.
    • Finn singing "Just the Way You Are" not just to Rachel, but also to his Mom and to Kurt.
    • There's also Sam's "proposal" to Quinn", Quinn tending to Sam's face after the locker room fight, Quinn showing him that she's wearing the promise ring and his Adorkable little "Yes!" afterwards.
    • Finn dancing with Kurt.
    • And Rachel dancing with Mercedes. It's nice to see that their friendship has evolved since Season 1.
    • After Kurt informs Sue that her calling him "Lady" is bullying and hurtful, she gives him a choice of new nicknames. This wouldn't have worked if it were anyone other than Sue.
      • That and it seems like her choice of nicknames were an attempt to get Kurt to laugh.
    • The blink and you'll miss it moment at the end when Kurt says "my parents" instead of, for example, "dad and Carole".
    • "Furt" also gives us a brief glance at the inside of Kurt's locker. As well as the picture of Blaine underlined with the word 'Courage', there is also a picture of Mercedes surrounded by words such as 'Immaculate' and 'Loved'. It's not much, but it's very sweet nonetheless.
  • Rachel gesturing Kurt to smile as Kurt performs among the Warblers at Sectionals.
    • And New Directions (led by Rachel and Mercedes) giving a standing ovation to the Warblers and Kurt.
  • Just about everything Mercedes and Kurt do ever.
  • Rachel and Kurt bonding in "Special Education."
  • Artie giving Brittany his "Magic Comb'' in "Special Education"
    • When Tina tells Artie that she suspects Mike and Brittany are hooking up, Artie confronts Brittany, and she's stunned and upset that Artie found out. So it seems. She thinks he's talking about the comb, which she's incredibly upset to have lost.
    • And then of course, after Artie finds out what really happened, him telling Brittany that she doesn't need a magic comb, because she is magic.
    • Rachel and Finn's make-up right before everything goes to hell.
    • Blink and you miss it, but when Puck is talking to the football team about Glee, he shuts up Karofsky with a, paraphrased, "You already forced my boy Kurt out of Glee, so you're on top of my list to go all Death Star on." Much like his moment in "Grilled Cheesus" (offhandedly mentioning praying with his Nana), Puck hides his personal emotions well but can't quite hide it all the time.
      • All of Puck's moments like that. What many people love about Puck is that he does the whole Jerkass facade thing, except it's not really a act. Maybe originally it was, but as he's grown with Glee, they've just sort of melded together, so that Puck is a good person and seems to see this as "badass". It's actually a really uplifting example of that kind of character. It's also a surprisingly realistic portrayal of how guys tend to be among each other. Guys tend to joke and tease each other in ways that seem mean to outsiders. But there is that fine line guys have with each other between joking and serious and the way Puck is written, he moves back and forth between those depending on who he's talking to without exaggeration or Flanderizing something.
    • In "Special Education", when Santana says the glee club only pretends to like Rachel, Puck pipes in saying that he actually does kind of like her.
    • Rachel giving Mercedes and Tina the celebration solo. Even if you are angry at Rachel still, the bad experience was not a complete loss.
  • "A Very Glee Christmas." The entire episode is like a warm, gooey lump of sweetness.
    • It starts with Brittany reminding Artie with complete faith and honesty to writing his letter to Santa. Yes, it's indicative of how naive Brittany is, but the warmth in which Heather Morris delivers the lines makes it seem much more heartwarming.
    • "For Christmas, I want Artie to be able to walk" and Brittany wants nothing else.
      • And the moment when he does actually walk? Priceless. For the record it isn't someone's dream sequence and he doesn't fall over after trying to take a step. It's just Artie, walking.
      • Bonus tears that, as a nod to "Dream On", Tina is the first to take notice and delight at Artie's new legs.
    • The entire club being willing to look like fools at a department store to preserve Brittany's faith in Santa Claus, and getting Beiste to dress as him and salvage the plan when she asks for Artie to walk.
    • One that doubles as Tear Jerker: Sue watching the glee club performing "Welcome, Christmas". "And what happened then? Well, in McKinley they say, that Sue Sylvester's small heart grew three sizes that day."
    Becky: Christmas came, Coach. It's beautiful.
    Sue: ...yes.
    • Kurt and Blaine singing Baby, It's Cold Outside was fantastic. Even those who usually find that song more creepy than anything else couldn't resist squeeing.
    • Sue getting into Will's apartment with the Glee kids to decorate it.
    Will: I thought you hated the holidays?
    Sue: Nah, I just hate you. [Pause]
    Will: Merry Christmas, Sue.
    Sue: Merry Christmas, Will.
  • Shipping Goggles aside, whenever Puck defends Kurt, especially considering their history. Notable examples:
    • Sam saying that they can protect Kurt against Karofsky, and Puck adding in all seriousness that they can "form a perimeter around [him], like the Secret Service."
    • Later, Puck angrily mouthing off at Karofsky:
    Puck: Don't push me, Karofsky! You forced my boy Kurt out of here and juvie or no, you're already number one on my list to go all Death Star on!
  • In "Sue Sylvester Shuffle" when Karofsky joins the rest of the team in the halftime show.
    • Even though they've had a complicated history, Finn still expresses his faith in Quinn: 'I know you. And you don't think you are, but you're strong enough to do this.' And Quinn agrees.
  • When Kurt comforts Blaine after the latter gets a taste of unrequited love in "Silly Love Songs."
  • When Sue joins the Glee club for an episode, Will talks about the Warbler's team. When he mentions their name, Sue mutters "Sweet Porcelain". That's her nickname for Kurt. Aw!
  • Will and Sue singing with a group of terminally ill kids.
  • Rachel and Mercedes' burgeoning friendship, especially when they are manipulated into an epic diva-off, yet end the song reconciled due to how much fun they had performing, and how impressed they are with each other. A bit goofy, but the genuine enthusiasm and mutual admiration is sweet.
  • Will promising the kids that if they ever get drunk (before Regionals, at least) and can't get home on their own that they can call him, and he'll pick them up.
  • Any scene between Jean Sylvester and Sue, and Becky and Sue.
  • Santana's Anguished Declaration of Love towards Brittany. This girl is finally showing an emotion other than lust or pure hate, and it makes it all the worse when Brittany turns her down.
  • Lauren's performance of I Know What Boys Want. Puck's surprisingly genuine encouragement faces are adorable.
    • Lauren and Puck's whole relationship is sprinkled with these - granted not... conventional ones, but still. Especially in "Sexy," when after calling him a nerd for joining Celibacy Club, Puck grabs her by the hand and tells her he likes her and that wooing her is his favorite part of the day. Her kissing him, telling him that if they can play footsie in Celibacy Club she'll join too, and calling him a nerd again with a decidedly more pet-name-ish tone was also adorable. (Another one for these two would also be the episode where he decides to help Lauren be Prom Queen and the way he says "Baby, you're gonna get that crown, and I'm gonna be your king." He's come a long way from his pool cleaning, dating any cougar who'll have him days.)
  • Finn mentioning in passing that Kurt has been blackmailing him after seeing his browser history. It really seemed for awhile like Kurt had ruined any chance of them being close, but by this point they're acting like completely normal brothers.
  • Burt giving The Talk to Kurt, saying all the right things and taking a big step closer to him.
  • The entirety of Kurt and Blaine's interaction in "Original Songs." Just... the whole damn thing.
    • Special mention goes to Blaine's speech to Kurt right before they kiss.
    Kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself: 'Oh. There you are. I've been looking for you forever.' Watching you do "Blackbird" this week—that was a moment for me - about you. You move me, Kurt. And this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you.
    • And during that speech, Kurt's expression grows more and more almost-tearful in the good way for once, but there's that look of caution in his face that makes it even better, because this is Kurt and we just know he can't believe it's actually happening to him, right now, in real life.
    • Blaine being the first to sing backup as Kurt sings "Blackbird," and then how he trails off as he has his Love Epiphany.
  • Rachel being voted MVP at the end of "Original Songs" and thanking her teammates for it. The group hug is too DAWWW for words!
  • Every single Warbler - including Wes - voting for Kurt to be Blaine's duet partner at Regionals.
    • Notice how everyone starts arguing when Blaine says he wants a duet—but the minute he says he wants to sing with Kurt, they're instantly fine with it. Sounds like the Warblers know what's up.
    • Everyone in New Directions' expressions when they see the duet. Puck especially came off as a Shipper on Deck.
  • When Kurt passes out the Loser Finger gloves and he's the first to stand up and cheer for his former teammates, especially when his voice cracks.
  • This one took a rewatch to even notice but when I did it really got me - Rachel's going out to do her original song, she looks off stage nervously, and of course Mr. Schue is in the foreground looking encouraging. This is sweet, but not Heartwarming material. What is? Standing in the background is Lauren Zizes who formerly said show choir was stupid and only joined for food and making out with Puck, smiling at her encouragingly as well. What a difference a season makes, huh?
  • A minor one, but Santana's soft smile and declaration of "It was more fun doing it together" right after her Badass Boast to Karofsky in "Night of Neglect."
    • Also from "Night of Neglect", Rachel convincing Mercedes to come back and perform. Also her telling Mercedes that her performance was so good that she had no intention of trying to follow it. As fans of the show know, Rachel is not generally one to acknowledge that other people can give better performances than she can, so that one is especially touching.
  • Kurt's return to McKinley, from New Directions welcoming their friend back to the Warblers' farewell serenade. Bonus points of heartwarming when you realize that Chris Colfer was going through the exact same thing as Kurt due to the Dalton arc.
    • This may be the Shipping Goggles talking, but the hug after the serenade, the "I'll never say goodbye to you," the little "My boyfriend's happy so I'm happy" look on Blaine's face as he's leaving were what really sold that scene. Extra bonus points for the fact that, if you look back, the last time Blaine took the Warblers to serenade a guy, it didn't work out so well. This time, it was made of utter adorable!
  • The "Barbara Streisand" flash mob scene - the whole fact that it was hosted by the Glee Club in order to show Rachel that she really was a beautiful person. Contrast that and the MVP award thing with the way they treated her back in season one, it's really heartwarming.
  • New Directions - including Will Schuester - finally giving Kurt the standing ovation he's long since earned from them at the close of the flawless rendition of "As If We Never Said Goodbye" that he sings for them on his return to WMHS.
  • Brittany being... well, Brittany.
    You are like the awesomest person in the school. Why would you want to hide any of that?
  • This seem may kind of small and silly compared to the above ones, but there's just something really endearing about Finn and Mike's performance of "I've Gotta Be Me." Mike doesn't sing, Finn can't dance, but they embrace their own talents and each others'. It was just so...positive. Especially just how into it Finn was. He knew he couldn't dance, and yet he was trying so hard, and having so much fun. I loved it.
    • Not to mention it seemed like they went out of their way not to use special tricks for either talent. That is, no fancy props or lighting for Mike and no auto-tune for Finn. So you can see how good they are with no ifs ands or buts.
  • Burt and Finn watching on as Kurt talks to David alone in the principal's office about returning to WHS. Burt simply says "Keep an eye on your brother." Finn simply pats Burt on the shoulder and replies "One step ahead of you."
  • Everything with Sam at the end of "Rumours". "Don't cry, Sammy." Awww!
    • Special mention to "Don't Stop." Was it cheesy? Maybe to some. But it really got across the point that, no matter how dysfunctional the Glee club can be, they put aside their differences because they care about each other so much.
  • Kurt and Quinn helping Sam out and keeping his secret in the same episode definitely qualifies.
  • The Glee club buying Sam's guitar back from the pawn shop. "We need you, Sam. And you need the music."
  • Another one from "Rumours." This one was rather minor and was sort of going on throughout the entire episode, but the general acceptance that's going on in the Glee club. Their immediate reactions aren't "Oh no Sam's gay," they're "Oh no Kurt's cheating." Especially hearing Puck say "They both have boyfriends" without skipping a beat, considering that he was throwing Kurt in dumpsters for being gay at the beginning of season 1. It's a real testament to how much Character Development everyone's had.
  • Kurt and Blaine's little dance at the end of "Prom Queen," as well as Sam telling Mercedes she looked beautiful and asking her to dance with him. Made doubly sweet when one realizes that what he said to her happened to be almost verbatim what she told Rachel she wanted to hear most.
    • Rachel had some moments as well: asking Mercedes (and later Sam) to the Prom as friends and comforting Quinn after she lost Prom Queen to Kurt are amongst the sweetest things she's done all season. This is particularly sweet considering Quinn had just slapped her across the face. Most people wouldn't be feeling particularly comforting, even after the apology.
    • And Rachel telling a very stressed-out Finn exactly what kind of corsage to get Quinn, down to the ribbon color ("Green, to match her eyes," which Quinn, who was not present at the time of the conversation, notices immediately), followed by her trying to smile sweetly at him and promptly walking away in tears.
    • Kurt and Blaine in the hallway. Also a Tear Jerker, but Kurt taking Blaine's hand once he's decided to show everyone and accept the crown. Not only that, but saying the school can all talk all they want, but that's not going to take away what he and Blaine have—it was just so sweet and positive for a guy who was going through what Kurt was going through.
    • Finn's "Gay Braveheart" comment. it may not seem like much, but consider his and Kurt's relationship over the past two years. First Kurt was a creepy stalker to Finn, and Finn finally retaliated at him. They made amends, but it was still a tentative relationship to the point that Finn could barely protect Kurt from Karofsky. And when he promised he'd be better, he never got the chance because Kurt left. But this, plus his comment in "Born This Way", makes it obvious that not only is he going to protect Kurt from anything, but also that he accepts whatever gay things Kurt does. It's made even sweeter because Burt and Blaine are against it, but Finn still thinks it's awesome.
    • This one's kind of subtle but it really showed exactly how much Finn and Kurt have grown up in a year - before the "Gay Braveheart" moment, Finn's doing something really simple, sitting watching sports with his brother's boyfriend and talking about jamming at prom together. A year ago, there was no way that would have seemed possible considering the above mentioned stalking, retaliation, and tentative relationship. But now, the both of them have matured to the point where it's just a normal family relationship, "I'll go work on my prom outfit, you guys can watch the game, you know I don't care about sports," kinda deal, that just happens to involve three guys. Couple that with Burt treating Blaine already as part of the family, getting him the deal on the tuxedo as well as Finn and Kurt, had Kurt not already been making his own outfit, and you have why many thought that scene was really adorable.
  • The ND girls and their genuine giddiness when they find out that Kurt's taking Blaine to prom - high fives, jumping up and down, squealing, the works. Just being happy for their friend and it's adorable.
  • Sam's small smile when Blaine and Kurt start to dance; it's a subtle moment showing the friendship that's been developing.
  • Karofsky sincerely apologizing to Kurt, even as he still can't bring himself to come out.
    • Kurt's forgiveness of Dave counts, too. Unprompted, he tells him that he no longer hates him and sincerely hopes the other boy will soon be free of his pain. When Dave breaks down and gives his sincere apology, Kurt gently makes it clear he accepts it and forgives him. There's no strings attached, no bitterness, or smugness on his part; he simply forgives him and continues hoping that things will soon get better for Dave. The look on Dave's face shows how powerful an act forgiveness can be.
  • "Excuse me. May I have this dance?"
    • Even more so when you remember Kurt in the beginning of the season, lamenting how he was the only openly gay kid at school and specifically asking "Why can't I slow dance at my prom?"
    • Not to mention that he was badly beaten for going to a previous dance with another boy; he's facing his fears by asking Kurt to dance.
  • The two scenes Paul Karofsky are in. He's calm, friendly, and obviously loves his son. In his first scene, he neither attacks nor defends his son; he simply asks why Kurt would make up such a thing, pointing out that Dave's current behaviour does give credence to Kurt's accusations. In his second scene, he doesn't whitewash his son's actions but does advocate for him to be given a chance to make things right, correctly pointing out that he and Burt both once held prejudices that they grew to realize were wrong.
  • Principal Figgins' reaction to the identity of the Prom Queen is powerful. "You have just humiliated a fine young person and I am disappointed in you all" it seems to say.
    • And when Kurt takes the crown and says "Eat your heart out Kate Middleton," Principal Figgins is one of the first to applaud, throw his hands into the air and pat the kid on the back - as if to say, "Kid - you're even more awesome than I thought. Way to go!"
  • Another small one, but after Kurt's Awesome Moment of Crowning, there's a shot that includes Brad the piano player smiling broadly and clapping for him. Especially given Brad's usual deadpan behavior as "part of the furniture".
  • Rachel's horrified expression when Kurt's name is announced and the fact that she's the first person to join him and Blaine on the dance floor, even as most of the students in the background give them dirty looks.
  • Brittany telling Santana to go out and be there for Kurt. "This is going to be a lot harder for him than it is for you." When did Brittany get so smart?
  • There's something quite sweet about the fact that Santana and Karofsky seem to be genuinely having a good time together at Prom. They went from grudging cooperation (based on blackmail, no less!) to what may just be a genuine friendship over the course of this arc.
  • "Funeral:"
    • Sue letting Becky back on the Cheerios, telling her she's going to be captain next year, then asking Becky to give her a hug. When her little hands wrap around Sue's waist, your heart will melt.
    • Actually? THE ENTIRE FUNERAL SCENE. Or the parts that weren't Tear Jerkers.
    • Kurt and Finn attempting to comfort Sue - as well as Kurt's reaction to Rachel's solo. "She may be difficult, but she can sing - brava!" indeed!
      • The Kurt and Finn example is especially great as it's one of the first things they do together as brothers.
    • Terri seemingly pulling off an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Getting Will first-class tickets to NYC, telling him she's moving to Miami, and just stands there while Will meets up with Emma.
  • From "New York":
    • All of the "For Good" sequence.
      • Especially the scene with the security guard.
    Guard: Let me guess, you're from a small town in Indiana. You've got dreams of making it big, singing on a Broadway stage for the first time in your life.
    Kurt: [Nervous] Well, Ohio, actu-
    Guard: You have fifteen minutes. [walks away]
    • Even better when you remember the significance (in America) of that exact time limit: He's giving them their fifteen minutes of fame.
    • Right before that, Will saying he's going to stay with the kids no matter what. Followed by the group hug initiated by, of all people, Puck.
      • In particular his line "I love my kids." He doesn't sound like their teacher, he sounds like their father.
      • Just expanding on the group hug. Will's just made his choice and told the kids that he'd rather stick with them than go for fame. He goes into teacher mode and is starting to outline a game plan for nationals, and Puck just wordlessly walks over and hugs him. Then everyone else joins in, and the expression on Will's face says that he's definitely made the right choice.
    • Santana and Brittany comforting Quinn during her breakdown at the hotel. It really shows how, even with all the crap they went through, they're still as close as they were when the show started.
    • Rachel apologizing to Sunshine and stopping her from going back home hit home for quite a few Filipino viewers.
    • From the end of the episode:
      Kurt: *babbling about New York*
      Blaine: "I love you."
      Kurt: "... I love you too."
      • Then again, Kurt is perfectly capable of rearranging his priorities. "I love you [Burt] more than I love being a star," anyone? And he just told Rachel to take Finn with her while she goes for her Broadway career.
      • Kurt then follows up his "I love you too," by reflecting, "If you think about it, Kurt Hummel's had a pretty good year." Considering all the phenomenally crappy things that have happened to him this season, it's quite the statement of how happy having Blaine in his life makes him.
      • Kurt had taken Rachel to the Wicked stage to sort out her confusion, and Rachel alone comes to the conclusion that Broadway is her one true love. Considering what Kurt had just told Rachel about he and Blaine's plans for after graduation, it's safe to say that his relationship with Blaine is not in danger, and that the hesitation was from shock.
      • Yeah, when he and Rachel were talking about it, he said "Blaine is on board as well" or something similar. Either way, since Blaine wants to be a performer too, their relationship doesn't have the same issues as Finchel's.
    • "Graduation is a year away, got any plans until then?" Cue Finn and Rachel kissing.
    • Brittany saying that she loves Santana more then she's ever loved anyone else and Santana calling Brittany her best friend. Also when she said that she would be there when Tina and Mike get married and when Artie recover the movement of his legs.
    • Simply the opening scene. We pan around Times Square seeing all the advertisements for Broadway shows, taking in the entire atmosphere, and end on Rachel with a biggest grin ever. "I made it" indeed.
    • Sam and Mercedes together. Squee!
      • Made even cuter by his earlier comment about what he would do if he were in New York, in love with a girl and not homeless... Looks like he didn't let the homelessness stop him! Squee!]]
      • It works on so many levels. Mercedes FINALLY got a boyfriend (and without some lame Token Minority Couple), and Sam finally got with a girl who genuinely likes him, as opposed to Quinn and Santana only dating him to improve their social standing.
    • The "Breakfast at Tiffany's" scene for many reasons, but one reason really stood out, particularly after the "I love you" ending- Kurt pointing out that he's already talked to Blaine about moving to New York and they're planning to go together. One True Pairing all the way.
  • Jesse telling Finn that he sings and dances like a zombie who has to poop is in itself more of a CMOF, but directly afterwards you can see Puck reacting to that statement by putting his fist against his mouth to keep from laughing and leaning over to kind of affectionately put his head on Kurt's shoulder. This is a far cry from the person Puck was in the beginning of the first season, when he was one of Kurt's main bullies.
  • The whole scene where Blaine sings Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" to Kurt.
  • As of Season 2, every member of New Directions proudly declares that they're all family.
  • Puck being the ONLY one of the glee clubbers to admit to (kind of) liking Rachel in "Special Education".
  • In Blame It On The Alcohol, at the end Will gives the Glee club his phone number, just in case they ever over indulge in drink again they can call him and he will come and drive them home, no matter the time or place, because they need someone who's able to do that for them.
    Season 3 
  • Kurt's excitement when Blaine reveals that he's transferred to McKinley.
    • Special mention for that scene goes to the look of absolute adoration on Blaine's face when Kurt throws himself into his arms for what can only be described as a tackle hug and his explanation that he "can't stand to be apart from the person he loves." Excuse me while I go melt!
  • The Rachel and Kurt self-described "pity party" in the car. As soon as Kurt starts trying to cheer Rachel up it goes from Tear Jerker to "awwwwww..." in about 3.5 seconds. Rachel's "You're making me want to be your boyfriend," and then reminding him she's not the only fierce one and that he can get into the school too was what really sealed the deal though - considering this is the girl who formerly referred to him as "the only real competition" and now she's comforting him, it really shows how much these two's relationship has matured.
  • This one's kinda small-seeming - but considering what the two of them have gone through it's really adorable. When Kurt announces his candidacy for president of the class, the entire time Blaine's grinning with a "My boyfriend's awesome, I'm so proud!" on his face, and then when Kurt sits back down either pats him on the leg or on the back, couldn't quite tell - either way it was adorable, considering the two of them have never had anybody to do coupley stuff with like that!
  • Puck reconnecting with his biological daughter, in his own dim but entirely sweet and well-meaning way.
    • Seconded. The fact that he willingly cleaned up his act, got a sworn statement of sixty days of good behavior, and researched things on the internet to impress Shelby says a lot. Most teenage boys would not make the effort. But when he sees Beth, his eyes just light up, and you can see he'll do anything to be even just a tiny part of his daughter's life.
    • The drawing of the clown pig. He just wants to make Beth happy, and he was so cute asking if Shelby thought it would scare her and then putting it up on the fridge for her so that he can have some kind of connection to her until Shelby's ready for him to have a bigger part in her life.
    • Quinn tells Puck that they're going to get full custody of Beth back from Shelby. Not the entire statement (it sounds more like a threat), but she says "we're getting full custody". Not I, we.
      • Possibly subverted in-universe as her team-player facade is intended to be a temporary act until she gets custody. Her clingy maternal desires may be selfish as she care only for something/someone to solve her misery, not to support the Club and even her own baby.
  • Many people have observed Puck being adorable covertly on this page - "I Am Unicorn" has another instance. In the scene where Finn is dancing with Mr. Schue and Mike by himself, Puck's standing in the background with Kurt and Mercedes. As the steps get more difficult he has grabbed a hold of Kurt's arm with a look on his face like "Oh my god my boy's doing it!" and then at the end, throws both of his arms and Kurt's that he's still holding onto into the air while yelling excitedly for Finn. Yeah, Puck's adorable!
  • In "I Am Unicorn," Kurt's diva tendencies and desire to be Tony in West Side Story are on full display for most of the episode, so the proud "That's my boyfriend and he's awesome!" smile while he's up in the balcony watching Blaine audition with "Something's Coming" really hit all the right notes. (Which made it even more heartbreaking a minute or two later when we found out Blaine had decided not to try out for Tony because he wants Kurt to get it.)
  • Brittany's speech to Kurt at the beginning of 'I Am Unicorn'. Despite its weirdness, Kurt does seem genuinely touched. As well as Kurt's reply at the end, beginning in Brittany walking over to see Kurt putting up his own unicorn posters in the hallway.
  • Mike's mother telling him she wants him to go after his dreams no matter what they are. And then she shared her own crushed childhood dream of being a dancer, so Mike offers to teach her.
  • Kurt giving Blaine a bunch of flowers in "Asian F" to congratulate him on doing so well in his audition. Blaine looks happy enough to burst but, not wanting to kiss Kurt in front of everyone walking by, instead puts an arm around him and smiles.
    • Kurt, who's clearly not having a good day after the "Run the World (Girls)" flash mob incident with Brittany, is still willing to swallow his pride - something that we've seen Kurt doesn't like to do, and say "You killed your audition, Blaine. If anyone else got Tony, including me, the wrath of Sondheim would descend on William McKinley like a plague of Schubert Alley locusts." Knowing Kurt, that can't be easy for him to say, but he's crazy about Blaine, so he's willing to eat humble pie. The way Blaine buries his face in his roses like the love struck teenager he is is also completely adorable!
  • Boyfriend Finn in "Asian F". From the celebration with the coin toss to sticking up for her during Mercedes' Diva Moment. This is the Finn I love.
    • Also, Brother Finn. Rachel asks him who he's voting for and he can't answer, even being slightly disappointed to her back-stabbing Kurt. He loves his brother and that shows how far the two of them have come.
  • Quinn's return to New Directions, complete with her admission that she needs Will to help her brush up her dance moves. Although, the fact that she flat-out admits to Puck that she's only doing it to get full custody of Beth and that her heart really isn't in it (In her words, she's only "pretending" to be special at something) kind of cheapens the moment.
  • Will calling out Emma's parents on their bad attitude.
    • When Emma takes his hand as a silent "thank you" it was particularly sweet.
  • Rachel telling Quinn that New Directions "needs her" when asking her to rejoin in "The Purple Piano Project". Especially when you consider how hard it must have been for Rachel to admit that she couldn't carry the club by herself.
  • Santana quitting New Directions may have started because she wasn't getting enough focus, but she really doesn't care which club she's in, as long as Brittany is with her.
    • That whole episode was one big Heartwarming Moment on the Brittany subject. All those little things, the drawing Santana had in her locker, the not wanting to leave Brittany alone, "I wish you'd hold my hand" - than sadly covering it up... It made it all the more heartwarming and heartbreaking.
  • Puck singing "Waiting for a Girl Like You" to his daughter Beth to calm her was probably the most soulful, sweet song we've ever heard him do. (Bonus points for Puck losing a chance with a cougar earlier in the episode for pulling out his cellphone to show off pictures of his little girl. He's such a proud papa, and it's adorable!)
  • "The First Time": Sebastian expressing interest in Blaine and Blaine saying he already has Kurt as a boyfriend, that he really cares about him, and that he's really great. Blaine telling Kurt that Sebastian doesn't mean anything to him and saying that their first time shouldn't have been when he was drunk. And then Kurt's squeaky little, "You take my breath away," and telling Blaine he's proud of him, to which Blaine, fighting tears, can only say, "I hope so. I want you to be." Also, both cuddling in bed mirroring Rachel and Finn cuddling in bed.
    • "I don't look the way pretty girls look." "But I just date beautiful woman like you."
    • On a non-romantic but still decidedly adorable note, just as he's worrying that he's been a bad director, the cast of West Side Story shows up with a giant bouquet of yellow roses to tell Artie that he's been awesome. Even better when you know that yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and they're being handed over by Santana of all people, his former romantic rival, who is being entirely sincere in her niceness.
    • When Tina talks about Their First Time.
    • Two more from "The First Time"
      • Seeing Karofsky starting to accept himself and apologizing to Kurt.
      • That scene looked so... right, it sounded like all what Kurt and Karofsky went through in the last season was worth it, and about each other they earned their happy ending.
      • When Rachel needs advice about whether to sleep with Finn she goes to Santana, Brittany, Tina, and Quinn for advice, even though all of them except Tina and Quinn have left to join a competing choir, some quite acrimoniously. Despite that, they still trust and rely upon each other enough to offer support.
      • Mercedes isn't there... which is just depressing considering Santana and Quinn are there to give advice and one of the girls she has slumber parties with isn't...
    • Mercedes showing up to the opening night of West Side Story. Considering it broke apart the entire glee club, I really wasn't expecting it, but there she was and it was really sweet!
  • In The Purple Piano Project, Blaine transferred to McKinley to be with Kurt, claiming he "couldn't stand to be away from the person he loves". Also, before that in the cafe their heartwarming moment shared together and holding hands.
  • From Mash Off: Rachel and Kurt making up and hugging.
    • Blaine quickly swallowing his pride and genuinely encouraging Rory to do the solo. The guy really is a sweetheart.
    • Blaine smiling at Kurt when Kurt says he "refuses to let anyone be bullied." Kurt's taking a stand in the way he never could.
    • On that note, Kurt defending Rory after the dodgeball game. It's a little heartbreaking how obviously upsetting seeing people bullied is for Kurt (and considering last year, this is a striking bit of continuity), but it's definitely heartwarming that Kurt is reaching out to help other underdogs instead of just keeping his head down.
    • Burt "wouldn't miss" his son's speech for class president.
    • Burt and Will reaching out to Santana after she's outed. She's been a brat to Will the entire season, but she's one of his kids and he's a caring teacher. Burt has no reason to help her, considering she's one of Sue's minions and borderline bullies both his sons, but he even offers to speak to her parents because he's genuinely concerned for her.
    • Mercedes tells Santana to stop bullying the New Directions kids.
    • Any scene with Puck and Beth. Even though he wants to hook up with Shelby, he genuinely loves his daughter and is glad that she's with Shelby.
      • The fact that one of his reasons for pursuing Shelby is so that the three of them can be a family is bizarrely heartwarming, as well.
    • Rachel dropping out of the race for school president. Especially her admission that Kurt deserved to win, even over her.
    • Brittany telling Santana to stop the violence, and later on her commenting that she thinks Santana should be less harsh with Finn.
  • "I Kissed A Girl" Puck telling Quinn she doesn't need a baby or any of that stuff to be special. He tells her that if there's one person he thinks is gonna get out of this town and make something of themselves its her.
    • Coach Beiste confessing her love for Cooter.
      • Though sadly subverted later on when it's revealed Cooter abuses her.
    • Kurt being very gracious to Brittany about her presidential win.
      • Brittany's response is to walk over to Kurt, hug him, and tell him that he's "still the most unicorn of all." It's heartwarming in that weird, nonsensical, but straight from the bottom of the heart way that only Brittany can manage.
    • Blaine telling Kurt to not give up hope.
      • Blaine patting Kurt on the back while he's filling out his NYADA application also was really sweet.
      • Also, Kurt and Blaine singing "Perfect" to Santana with the mention that they often sing it to each other. Considering everything Kurt has been through, Blaine telling him (in a song) that he's "perfect" is just really, really sweet.
    • The rival glee clubs rallying behind Santana.
    • "[B]onus fun points going to Sugar for her surprise hug on Mercedes at the end of the scene [where Finn sings to Santana]. Sugar is quietly putting on the kind of performance that made Brittany so endearing in the first season."
    • Santana's enthusiasm for Brittany's presidential campaign.
      • Complete with casting her ballot by drawing a heart in the box by Brittany's name and kissing it before putting it in the box. That is a girl in love and it's adorable!
    • Kind of a small one but Kurt and Blaine singing "Perfect" to Santana, and each other, was so cute - particularly when you find out that they sing it to each other in the car.
    • Finn singing "Girl's Just Want to Have Fun."
  • "Red Solo Cup." It's adorable to see Sam jamming with the Glee kids again like old times, but the best part is at the end where Santana walks into the choir room, welcomes Trouty Mouth back, and starts reading off a list of mouth jokes/insults. And the whole time Sam can't stop smiling! And then when she finishes, he responds with "I missed you too, Santana," and gives her a hug.
    • Don't know if I misread the scene, but did she manage to be mean AND sweet at the same time...?
    • The fact she had a list prepared in advance is also a Heartwarming Moment: It means that she'd been hoping he would come back for some time before the episode.
  • "Hold On To Sixteen": Michael's dad showing up to watch him perform and saying he supports him in his dream. Also, Quinn saying she loves Glee club and wants to be in it with the other girls. Also, Finn and Santana hugging and Santana and Brittany intertwining fingers.
    • Mike tells his dad that he missed the application deadlines for the dance colleges. Tina then tells him that she already sent them all in just in case his dad changed his mind. Though she kinda had to forge his signature. Mike's heartfelt "I love you so much" turns a Crack Pairing into a justified ship.
    • New Directions welcoming back Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes, along with Sugar. Rachel taking Santana's hand was a particularly sweet touch considering that they used to hate each other.
    • The fact that it is Quinn that is the first to welcome them back, and she dances with Mercedes, is also particularly sweet.
    • This:
    Rachel: Are we friends?
    Quinn: We kinda are, aren't we?
  • "Extraordinary Merry Christmas": Finn's Christmas gift to Rachel.
    • Especially when explains why he named the star after himself instead of her: "There's already a star named Rachel Berry. She's right here on Earth."
    • Rory going off-script during the special in order to remind the rest of the club what Christmas is really about, and then joining Sam in ringing Salvation Army bells downtown to collect money for charity.
      • Sam taking Rory home for Christmas since he's without his parents.
    • "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Enough said.
  • In "Yes/No" Will announces to the Glee club that he's gonna propose to Emma and says that this is the sort of thing you're supposed to tell your family and the Glee Club is Will's family.
    • Mercedes helping clean up Sam after he got a slushie thrown in his face.
    • Rachel cheering up Mercedes in the bathroom.
    • Sue giving Emma a white rose for her bridal bouquet while smiling.
    • Will's Love Confession and proposal to Emma and how Emma says yes and they kiss.
    • "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", giving us clips of the first time Rachel met Finn, Tina met Mike, Mercedes met Sam, and Santana met Brittany.
    • When Rachel performs "Without You", both Kurt and Blaine, and Santana and Brittany give each other looks and hold hands.
    • Sue comforting Becky after Artie turns her down.
    • Coach Beiste's reveal that she and Cooter eloped. What made it even better was Sue's congratulatory "I have been bested; I'll just have to call David Boreanaz," speech.
  • In "Michael," Blaine, in bed nursing an injured eye from his shoving Kurt out of the way of a rock salt laden slushy thrown by Sebastian sitting in his room with Kurt, Finn and Rachel who proceed to sing "Ben" to him to make him feel better as he and Kurt hold hands. Particularly the adorable albeit one eyed stares of devotion at Kurt during the "now it's us, now it's we," and Finn doing the last verse, given their only recently cleared up problems.
    • Also in "Michael" when Kurt receives his NYADA letter. Say what you will about Burt Hummel, but he *loves* his son, and he wants the entire world to know it.
      • There was also something really cute about the fact that Burt was the first one who mentioned telling Blaine about Kurt being a finalist. He really seems to see him as part of the family already, and it's kind of adorable.
      • Especially when Kurt worries that the excitement will be bad for Burt's heart and Burt answers "Screw my heart, you did it!" It's just amazing seeing him be so happy for his son.
  • From "The Spanish Teacher": Any time somebody tells Sue she'd make a good mom, and when she admits that she wants her child to be as kind and determined as Will is.
    • Another cute one from "The Spanish Teacher:" Kurt giving Finn the "stop being down on yourself, you are awesome" talk. Particularly adorable because, while we know the two of them are close, we've more often seen on screen Finn doing brother stuff for Kurt so this is a nice change of pace.
    • Sam's bunking at the Hudmels'. Cue the friendship fic.
  • In "The Spanish Teacher", Sam tweets that Mercedes smells good and that he "won't stop until it's trending", complete with a lovable smile. It's absolutely Adorkable.
  • Mike and Tina's duet of "L-O-V-E" in "Heart". It might have started out as a Crack Pairing, but damn if Jenna Ushkowitz and Harry Shum don't sell it with everything they've got.
    • Figgins informs Brittany and Santana about receiving a complaint from somebody who saw them kissing in public. Santana knows exactly which kiss he's talking about. Santana remembers every kiss she shares with Brittany. Also her crusade to be able to kiss Brittany at all, and declaring her her girlfriend to everybody, are quite heartwarming.
      • Pretty much every scene Brittany and Santana have together in "Heart" is this.
  • In On My Way, all of the support for Dave Karofsky after he tries to kill himself is awesome, considering his past history with the Glee Club.
    • The fact that Sebastian gets in on supporting him and donating to charity makes it even sweeter.
    • Kurt visiting Dave in the hospital, and he tries to get Dave to think of his life in ten years.
    Kurt: You're sitting . . . in a fantastic office. You're some kind of successful professional- a lawyer, maybe-
    Dave: *tentative* . . . Can I be a sports agent?
    Kurt: *smiling* . . . Sure. You're a big sport's agent living in the city of your dreams because you left Lima and never looked back. Your handsome partner comes to visit your office and brings along your son. You're taking the day off work because you're taking your son to his first football game. You lean over to your partner and you say-
    Dave: -I'm so happy right now.
    • And the thing Dave says after that:
    Dave: You- uh, you said last week you wanted to be friends? . . . I'd like that.
    Kurt: *takes his hand* Me too.
  • From "The Spanish Teacher", when Will asks Santana who the "great teacher" is who taught her that you can do anything if you have passion:
    Santana: You did. And you do every day when you teach Glee.
  • Sugar casually handing over $250 for the Glee clubs costumes and hairspray. Slightly lessened by the fact that she's...well, Sugar.
  • Finn's "Stereo Hearts" valentine to Rachel, delivered by The God Squad. Say what you like about Finn, the guy knows how to show his love.
  • When Rory tells the Glee club that they made a place three thousand miles away from Ireland feel like home.
  • In "On My Way", Sue telling Quinn that she admired her because of all the ways she's isn't like her.
  • "Big Brother":
    • Quinn telling Rachel that the car accident she was in, wasn't her fault followed by a hug and holding hands.
    • Blaine and Cooper’s reunion plot-line turns into this pretty fast near the end. “Somebody That I Used To Know” shows Cooper patiently listening to every word Blaine is singing, looking genuinely shocked at how sad his brother is, because of him! He is literally apologising with his eyes in the final verse.
      • The hug.
      Cooper: [genuinely crying] Hold on a second...I just, uh..I want to remember this emotion so I can use it in a scene later.
      Blaine [laughs] You're ridiculous
      Cooper: [also laughing] You never know, right?
  • In "Saturday Night Glee-ver," the "More than a Woman" number is absolutely adorable. Here's Finn, singing to Rachel; but not only that, all of the other long term and or stable couples from the Glee club are there dancing too - Mike and Tina, Kurt and Blaine, and Brittany and Santana, all grinning, twirling and dipping one another around the dance floor.
    • It's even more heartwarming because this is Finn's fantasy and in his fantasy world, all of these couples are as happy as him. Keep in mind, Finn spent a lot of season 1 slightly homophobic, so the fact that there's two same-sex couples that Finn sees as completely equal really illustrates his Character Development.
  • Near the end of "Dance With Somebody", Santana is upset because she won't have another opportunity to sing with Rachel and Rachel tells her that even if they never sing another duet, they still have 42 days they can spend being friends. That may well be one of the sweetest things Rachel has ever said to anyone.
  • "You’re right. I have been distant. And I’m sorry. But I’m just—trying to practice what life is going to be like without you. You are the love of my life, Kurt. And I’m pissed off that I have to learn, for the next year, what being alone is going to be like."
    • Kurt's reaction to the above - pointing out "But you're not going to be alone!" in the most how-could-you-think-such-a-thing tone imaginable and telling Blaine that as far as Kurt's concerned, Blaine will be up in New York every weekend and that they'll be Skyping every day. Those two boys love each other. And say so. Passionately.
  • For three years, Kurt Hummel has been trying desperately to break out of Rachel Berry's shadow and get some recognition for his phenomenal talent as a performer. He finally gets it - from the head of NYADA, after a showstopping performance of "Not the Boy Next Door". The look of stunned joy on his face has to be seen to be believed.
  • Santana, Tina, and Mercedes singing "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine to Beiste to comfort her after learning about Cooter's abuse of her.
    • Sue and Roz already showed that they take the subject of domestic abuse very seriously, but when they find out that Cooter hitting Beiste turned out to be true, Sue doesn't hesitate to offer Beiste to stay at her place.
  • Kurt comforting Rachel after she chokes on her audition. "Can I just say for the record that Carmen Tibodeaux is a total bitch?" Just so we're clear on how sweet this moment is, he called a major theatre star whom he idolizes a bitch out of indignation on Rachel's behalf.
    • Not just that he idolizes - a star that he idolizes and that praised him! The "I love you, Rachel Berry," is just the icing on the cake for that scene.
    • A smaller comforting-Rachel scene, but heartwarming nonetheless: the short scene in which we see Rachel sobbing while Finn holds her tightly. Knowing just how comforting it feels know that, even though your heart is shattered? At least someone is there who's willing to help you through.
  • After all the tear jerker scenes involved with Kurt leaving for NYADA in Dance with Somebody, seeing Blaine not only at Kurt's audition, watching with pride (and distinctly glazed eyes when the gold lame pants first come out, but that's another matter), but being there for his rehearsal too. The entire time he just looks so proud, like "That's my man, and he's doing this, and it's awesome!"
  • Promasaurus: Santana and Quinn letting Rachel and Finn be Prom Queen and King.
    • Puck crowning himself and Becky King and Queen of the Anti-Prom, and then Becky helping him achieve his dream of spiking the punch bowl.
    • Santana doesn't want to be queen if Brittany isn't king.
  • Props: Beiste reveals that she "left him." Sue wordlessly stands up and gives her a hug. Excuse me, I have Sand In My Eyes...
  • New Directions singing "We Are The Champions" to Schuester after he wins the Teacher of the Year award.
    • And Sue before the reveal that Will is the winner: She makes a big grandstand about how she's deserving of the award to Will and Emma, acting like, well, Sue. When Will's name is called, she reveals that she knew the whole time and smiles at him:
    "Way to go, buddy."
  • Jesse St James attempting to persuade Carmen Tibideaux to accept Rachel into the NYADA programme next year. This is a girl that he hasn't seen in over a year; even after a messy break-up and her rejection of him at last years Nationals, Jesse still cares enough to chase after a talent scout for Rachel.
  • Burt Hummel's graduation present to Kurt. His explanation of how much he's glad that their relationship finally got as close as it is again, all because he caught Kurt doing the Single Ladies dance in the basement, and then proceeding to do the dance himself with Brittany and Tina was was absolutely adorable. It was also hysterical, considering this is Burt, the flannel wearing Grease Monkey.
  • The seniors performing "You Get What You Give" to the underclassmen.
    Finn: This is your Glee club! Take care of it. It will take care of you.
    • The underclassmen then perform later "In My Life" by The Beatles - they say it's for Finn, but really it goes out to all of the upperclassmen. All the hugs and everything are just so sweet. Particularly adorable - and this may be shipping tendencies talking - are the looks between Blaine and Kurt, especially when you think about the fact that they originally got together because of a Beatles song.
  • The look on Rachel's dads' faces when she's performing "Here's to Us" at Regionals. They are so proud of their daughter and it is written all over their faces.
  • Quinn's goodbye to Sue Sylvester in the last episode of the season, which also could be construed as Dianna Agron saying goodbye to Jane Lynch, as this was Dianna's final episode as a regular cast member.
    Sue: You are gonna go far, kid, and I am gonna have the best time watching you do it. And I'll get to say, "Hey, I remember her from way back when she was getting Ryan Seacrest tattoos, and lying about who the father of her unborn child was."
    Quinn bursts into tears and hugs Sue.
    Quinn: (sobbing) I'm gonna miss you.
    Sue: (tearing up)I don't see how that's possible... but thank you.
    Season 4 

  • Marley's mom taking the time to sew name-brand tags on Walmart clothes, and keeping it a secret that she's her mother, so that her daughter wouldn't feel alienated. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
  • Burt and Kurt's heartfelt goodbye as Burt drops Kurt off at the airport to go to New York. Also a Tear Jerker, with how close these two are, but you can't help but get warm fuzzies from how encouraging Burt is and Kurt's "You know you're the world's greatest dad?" Just a really sweet moment.
  • The average teenager would probably be embarrassed to have the lunch lady as their mother. Marley Rose is decidedly not the average teenager. She even makes a Moment of Awesome out of it when she publicly admits to being the lunch lady's daughter, without a single hint of shame.
  • Rachel and Kurt's reunion at the end of "The New Rachel".
  • The part where Puck follows his Badass Boast to Jake by saying that all of that didn't make him a man, but being in Glee did.
  • Isabelle Wright is watching Kurt affectionately as he raves to her about Rachel's makeover and how it worked wonders for her. When he finishes:
    Isabelle: I hope you never lose that.
    Kurt: Lose what?
    Isabelle: That unbridled, Lima Ohio enthusiasm.
    • In fact, many of the scenes with these two are Heartwarming Moment material, because it's clear that she loves Kurt and is acting as a mentor for him in ways that go beyond the expected.
  • Sam helping Blaine feel better at the presidential election after party because Blaine is feeling really alone - the only reason he's at the school in the first place is Kurt, now he's gone, and he just doesn't seem to feel like he belongs there. Sam assuring him that he has friends there and referring to him as a "bro" really was sweet.
  • While the rest of the episode is pure Tear Jerker material, Finn and Kurt talking the morning after their disastrous double date/fight with Rachel and Blaine, where both Rachel and Blaine admitted to cheating, is actually really sweet. Both of them try really hard to comfort the other even though they're both feeling like they've been punched in the gut, and Finn even asks for a hug before he leaves. They really have come a long way since season 1!
    • Also, Finn being a brother when he gets back to McKinley and, when he sees Blaine, asking him why he did that to his brother. Particularly the mature way he handled it - he didn't yell or punch him out or confront him in front of people as some brothers (or even Finn in the past) might have, he just asked him, privately, and heard him out. Not that he isn't mad on his brother's behalf, but still, he knows that sometimes people screw up, and seeing Finn not just be a brother but a mature, level headed adult is really nice.
  • Although for most of "The Role You Were Born to Play" episode, Jake behaves in an incredibly immature way, during the "Born to Hand Jive" song, there is a moment where Kitty sees him and Marley together, and she looks viciously towards Marley, and moves over like she's going to hit her or something... cue Jake doing the dance with her going over his head. Even at his most Jerkass behaviour, he still has some concern for Marley's safety.
  • Ryder talking Marley out of making herself puke. However you feel about how the show actually handled the whole "eating disorder" issue, this was a really sweet moment.
  • The end of "Dynamic Duets" where the Glee club, in a moment of actual heroism, help clean up graffiti and collect canned goods for the poor.
    • There was a brief shot during the cleaning up graffiti montage where Blaine is beaming as Brittany smears paint on his face, and then plants a kiss on his cheek. Considering that Blaine was doubtful of his place in the New Directions and it's Brittany doing this, of all people, the girl who competed against him for senior class president and who genuinely seems to believe his last name is Warbler, it was a wonderfully fuzzy moment. It calls back the sense of the New Directions being a huge family that was so wonderful in the earlier seasons.
    • Kitty helping Marley figure out her superhero identity. Especially considering that she was doing it (seemingly) without some sinister ulterior motive. Of course, it becomes less of one later on when you discover Kitty's plan to manipulate Marley.
  • "Swan Song"
    • The glee club after having been disbanded, coming back together to sing "Don't Dream It's Over"
    • This deleted scene. Going out of her way to make sure the person directly responsible for her potentially life-threatening condition is okay? Marley Rose is officially a saint.
    • A minor one when Sue, having claimed the choir room for her Cheerios, is getting rid of everything the New Directions owns. They're shredding posters and sheet music and even getting rid of trophies, and yet the first thing Finn takes back is the plaque of Lillian Adler. He never knew Lillian, so the only reason he gets it is because he knows what it means to Will. He doesn't even put it down whilst fighting over the Nationals trophy with Sue note .
  • "Glee, Actually":
    • Millie is willing to use the little money she makes to help pay for therapy for Marley, despite the fact that it means forgoing a traditional Christmas celebration, all so her daughter will realize "what a beautiful miracle she is." All she wants is a song from her daughter, who gladly obliges with a stunning rendition of "The First Noel."
    • Sue, having drawn for Millie as her Secret Santa recipient, witnesses the above scene and sells a valuable Christmas tree that she purchased and leaves the money, along with all of the gifts she bought for Becky note  in the Rose household.
    • "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and the accompanying montage.
    • Kurt and Blaine finally making amends and promising to always be there for each other, regardless of where they may be in their relationship.
    • All the Puckermans getting together for dinner after MANY years of animosity, and finally admitting the boys' dad is the one they're mad at.
  • "Sadie Hawkins":
    • Say what you like about Kitty, but her telling Puck that she liked his screenplay was pretty sweet.
  • "Naked":
    • The "A Thousand Years" duet between Jake and Marley. Basically every feeling they had for each other came out in that one single song.
    • The video that the past and present New Directions members made about Sam, describing the positive ways in which he affected their lives.
  • "Diva:"
    • A small moment, but when Rachel's "gang of sycophants" are sucking up to her about how she's going to beat Kurt at Midnight Madness, they begin insulting him and saying that he only got in because he's Carmen's "pet turtleface." Rachel promptly responds that Kurt earned his place at NYADA, same as them. Keep in mind, Rachel and Kurt are barely even speaking to each other at this point, but Rachel still sticks up for him.
    • Brittany tells Santana that she's not breaking up with Sam - but also that she's Santana's best friend ("that part is already taken").
  • "I Do:"
    • After having sex that Kurt (clearly confused about his feelings) tries to minimize it by saying it "was fun", Blaine promptly tells him that it isn't a coincidence that they keep coming together and that he firmly believes they'll be together again soon and for a long time. All to the tune of their Leitmotif. Blaine isn't just telling Kurt they'll be together forever, he's telling him that he's willing to wait for him for as long as Kurt needs.
    • At the end of "We've Got Tonight", everyone going to their rooms together.
  • "Girls (and Boys) on Film:"
    • Adam telling Kurt that they're going to create new romantic memories together. That boy is so genuinely smitten with Kurt and despite the fact that helping Kurt get over Blaine is a losing battle, it was really sweet to watch him try.
    • While watching Rachel cry over the fact that she's most likely pregnant in her freshman year of college by her new boyfriend who she now has reservations might be a drug dealer (or more accurately a hooker) is more of a Tear Jerker, the fact that Santana immediately went into cradling her and assuring her it would all be okay when the two of them have never exactly been close and Santana had been acting as the queen of the alpha bitches the entire rest of the episode was nice; Santana really does care, even if it takes very specific circumstances for her to show it.
      • The shocked expression on Santana's face. She was so surprised that Rachel was breaking down in front of her. Their growing relationship is so nice to watch.
  • "Feud:"
    • After Unique reveals that she was ganged up on by a bunch of popular girls for walking home dressed as a girl, the whole group sticks up for her in all their True Companions glory, but the absolute icing on the cake is Kitty walking in, telling them she's joining their plan to walk Unique home every day, and saying that if those girls go to McKinley, then she wants their names so she can make them pay.
    • It's very small but when Santana is confronting Brody, she outright says that Kurt and Rachel are her family.
  • "Guilty Pleasures":
    • Sam tracking Blaine down and tries to get him to take ownership of the feelings Blaine has for him. He's not doing it to make anyone uncomfortable. He's doing it because they're best friends and Sam can see how much Blaine is torturing himself over it and because he wants him to be happy again. Blaine is mortified and waiting for Sam to flip out and waiting to hear their friendship is over, but Sam tells him he's known for months, isn't uncomfortable or freaked out about it, quite flattered by it, and that it doesn't change anything about their epic friendship and that they're still bros. Then they hug it out in a nice long hug. Aw!
  • "Shooting Star":
    • The entire Glee Club comforting each other in the aftermath of a gun going off at school.
    • Kitty admitting all the times she's wronged Marley, and Marley being perfectly okay with it.
    • Sue covers for Becky when it turns out she had brought the gun to school. It costs Sue her job. She doesn't care, so long as Becky is protected.
    • In the video Artie made during the lockdown when the students feared they would die, most of their last messages included something about their love for their family and/or something about how much they love the members of the Glee club.
  • "Lights Out":
    • Kitty inviting Ryder to dinner and telling him about her own experience with sexual abuse after he revealed his molestation by a babysitter as a child.
  • "Wonder-ful":
    • Artie gets accepted to film school in New York, but doesn't want to go because his Mom is freaking out over him living in a place like that. He confides in Kitty about it and tells her to keep quiet about it. Naturally, she doesn't, and when he confronts her about it, she reminds him that going to film school is his dream and encourages him to go for it. Even though she's still being vaguely Alpha Bitchy about it, the fact that she cares at all just shows how far she's come.
    • Kurt is back in Lima to find out the results of his dad's latest cancer tests that will determine if the treatment has been successful. Mercedes, Mike and Blaine are completely there for Kurt, grounding him when he's going nuts with his OCD tendencies.
    • Later, Burt finds out he's in remission. Kurt, Burt and Carole's reactions are priceless.
    • Rachel's dance midterm.
  • "All or Nothing":
    • A little one, but during the performance of the titular song, Kurt starts crying. Santana, wordlessly or without even turning around to see Kurt, immediately hands him a tissue.
    • The scene where Blaine goes ring shopping. His decision to marry Kurt may have been terrible and hasty, but the scene where he's looking for his engagement ring is incredibly sweet. The old lady behind the counter assumes somebody's pregnant, and Blaine reveals that it's for his boyfriend, who he loves very much and wants to marry. You're holding your breath the whole time, expecting the old lady to kick him out, and then she smiles up at him and says, "Tell me about your man. Is he your soulmate?" And that's before Sam shows up, declaring that even if he doesn't agree with what Blaine's doing, he loves Blaine and wants to support him. It's just made of sweet.
    Season 5 
  • "Love Love Love":
    • Early in the episode, Kitty tells Artie that they can only date if they keep it a secret. When called out on it by Tina, she explains (in her usual Alpha Bitch style) that she didn't want to risk her social status or the stability of the McKinley High social hierarchy by making their relationship public until she was absolutely sure that she loved him. She then proceeds to freely admit that she's sure now and passionately kisses Artie, declaring them officially "a thing."
    • Blaine's proposal to Kurt. The whole scene is overflowing with callbacks to the first time they met, but the speech takes the cake:
      Blaine: My soul knew something that my body and my mind didn’t know. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each other fearlessly and forever. Which is why it’s never really felt like I was getting to know you, it’s always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if in every lifetime you and I have ever lived we’ve chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over again for all eternity. And I just feel so lucky that I’ve found you so soon in this lifetime because all I want to do, all I’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, Will you marry me?
  • "Tina In The Sky With Diamonds":
    • Kitty not only abjectly refuses to campaign against Tina for Prom Queen, but she joins in comforting Tina after Bree's prank and cheers and smiles when Tina goes back to declare that she accepts the crown.
      • She doesn't just join in comforting her - she's the first one to offer her her dress to wear back in, because Tina deserves to spend her Senior Prom in a prom dress and goes back into the prom with Artie wearing a t-shirt and capris, having not only loaned Tina her dress, but redone her hair with her own hair pins. For the girl who started out helping a girl develop an eating disorder out of spite, Kitty seems to have really grown.
    • Rachel, Kurt & Santana pinky-swearing to stick together for the next two years to make their dreams true. The fact that, by the end of the episode, not only is Kurt engaged from the previous episode, but Rachel has gotten the role she's dreamed of all her life and Santana has a sweet new girlfriend makes me think it's not gonna take that long before the three of them absolutely own New York.
    • Rachel finding out she got the role of Fanny Brice. The shocked look on her face was truly priceless. And then her friends were hugging her and the whole diner was hugging her? Beautiful.
    • Seeing Santana being comfortable enough with herself to be openly giddy over a cute girl is amazing. This is the girl who once needed the cover of a napkin in order to dare to hold her girlfriend's hand for christ sake.
    • Seeing Santana squeal over a cute girl openly is good - seeing her do it to Rachel, a person she used to be openly hostile toward, was amazing! And Rachel is clearly giddy and eager to help in any way she can, which is equally adorable. Just seeing the two of them be friends is incredible.
  • "The Quarterback":
    • Finn kept the "faggy lamp".
      • The entire scene where the Hudson-Hummels are going through Finn's stuff is a heartwarming moment when you get past the tears. Kurt wanting to hold onto the letterman jacket, and the fact that Finn kept not only the lamp, but the football from Kurt's one and only game on the team were exceptionally sweet.
      • Also, Burt wanting to keep the lamp - Finn was just as much his son as Kurt, and he wants the lamp to remember him. Even though Carole says it's hideous and to toss it, he stands firm that he needs a lamp for his office at the tire shop - and any viewer who knows Burt Hummel knows that the lamp is not his style at all, but he wants the reminder of Finn.
    • According to Santana, when she and Finn had sex he kept asking her the whole time if she was okay and he meant it. That's really sweet, especially when you remember that it was his first time and she had had sex with many other guys.
    • When Sam breaks down during Rachel's song, who holds him while he cries? None other than she who always calls him Trouty Mouth, Santana. Just shows what the glee club is all about - they may not always get along, but they care, and they're always going to be there.
    • After running off in grief, Kurt tries to cheer Santana up after she reads part of her letter. She's too upset to listen to him so he leaves. Shortly before he does, he slowly puts Finn's jacket on her.
  • "Movin' Out":
    • It's sweet how Artie and Sue, though in conflict, are looking out for Becky. Artie finds a bunch of schools with good programs for Downs student and takes her to tour one, and though Sue resists, before Artie can leave, she tells him to ask tough questions, like whether there's wi-fi on campus.
  • "100":
    • Puck's love confession to Quinn. Afterwards, she runs after him, and they have a Big Damn Kiss.
    • Rachel and Mercedes' scene in the bathroom, making up and both agreeing to forget about their Diva-Off.
    • Santana helping Brittany get her love of dancing back after the latter became obsessed with focusing on all the tasks the people at MIT gave her.
  • "New Directions":
    • The whole scene for "Just Give Me a Reason." Even the way Quinn and Puck looked at each other was so sweet!
    • Santana making peace with Rachel after giving up her understudy spot. Even though Santana says that she didn't do it for Rachel. Rachel thanks her anyway and the two sing a beautiful duet.
    • Also a bit of a Tear Jerker - the video the New Directions, both old and new, plus Sue, make for Will and Emma's forthcoming baby is adorable. Very reminiscent of Season 1's "To Sir with Love" scene, the team lets him know that even if the club doesn't exist anymore, he had a very big, transformative effect on all their lives and they're incredibly grateful to him for it. Bonus points for then transitioning into the entire team, all generations of it, singing "Don't Stop Believin'" with Schue finally joining in.
    • Brittany finally graduating. Bonus points for Santana being the one to have made it happen.
  • "Tested"
    • Sam telling Mercedes that he respects her wishes to wait until marriage before having sex and that he's going to stay by her side because he loves her more than he loves sex.
  • "Opening Night"
    • Part Tear Jerker too, but Schue calling Rachel and the gang to see how Rachel's opening night went and let them know that he and Emma have welcomed a bouncing baby boy that they've named "Daniel Finn Schuester."
    • ALL of Rachel's friends banding together to help her get her confidence up for her opening night, surrounding her with love. Plus, their obvious elation over how well she did.
    • The fact that all the alumni who couldn't be there to see her opening night sent her flowers, including Puck, Quinn, Mike, and Figgins.
    • Rachel's obvious delight when Will gets a call that Emma is going into labor. To clarify, this means that Will must leave without seeing Rachel's opening night performance. One would expect that this would make Rachel have one of her classic diva moments, but she doesn't. Instead, she cheerfully urges Will to go be with Emma.
  • "The Back Up Plan"
    • Kurt's unyielding support of Blaine in his success, even though his own rejection must have really stung.
     Season 6 
  • After Roderick tells the alumni that Sue often calls him "white Precious", Puck totally unironically says that he is precious, and helps him to his feet.
  • The reunion of the original New Directions.
  • "Jagged Little Tapestry"
    • Santana proposing to Brittany is a simple, yet incredibly sweet moment. For these two characters, they don't do a big romantic gesture like Blaine or Will pulled, just being together in the place they fell in love in around their closest friends. And considering the absolute hell these two went through to be together at that moment, the tears were plentiful.
    • Although Brittany suggesting "You Oughta Know" on its own to Santana for a mash-up assignment might just seem like the typical ditzy Brittany moment, one just needs to think back to "Original Song" in which Santana lists the number as her favorite song, in which it becomes a lot more sweeter.
  • Sue may have it out for the Glee Club again, but she is delighted about the prospect of Becky having a boyfriend. She blatantly squees when she's about to be introduced to him and seems to delight in the opportunity to twerp sweat him.
    • And then the boyfriend Darrell gets his own moment when he stands up for Becky, pointing out that he loves her for who she is and pointing out that Sue's belief that he's trying to take advantage of her is more insulting to Becky than it is to him.
  • Kitty tells the new club members that she expects to make fun of all of them at some point, but that she doesn't ever want to hear them disparage what they do in the choir room.
  • During "What The World Needs Now", an episode of which Brittany and Santana go through some tough times by Brittany trying and not succeeding in getting Santana's homophobic abuela to come to their wedding, the New Directions dedicate the titled song of the episode towards the two of them. In the meantime, of course inviting themselves along to their wedding.
    • Brittany and Santana in general this episode as well. The two affirm their love for one another, and any arguments that occur between the two of them are resolved in a much mature manner, Brittany stands up for Santana in a moment surprisingly powerful coming from her and at the end they might not have someone Santana always envisioned at her wedding there, but they do have each other and their friends- who are family in more ways than one- will be attending.
  • "Transitioning":
    • Alex Newell reprising his role as Unique, leading a choir of 100 trans people (including the newly transitioned Beiste) in a rendition of "I Know Where I've Been".
    • Rachel and Sam's duet on Time After Time (itself a nice heartwarming song) hits the right notes as well.
  • "A Wedding":
    • Pretty much the entirety of the episode. Since it is a wedding episode, everything was heartwarming. From the brides' pre-wedding declarations of love to the couples (yes two!) walking down the aisle to the joint vows, the entire thing was very sweet. Sue dancing with Beiste in the final wedding number is particularly adorable.
    • During the couple's dance, Sam invites Rachel to the floor, and she hesitates, glancing over at Carole and Burt. They give her the sweetest smiles in the world and nod for her to go ahead. They'll all always remember Finn, but his parents know that he'd want Rachel to be happy.
  • "Dreams Come True". Never has the title of a Grand Finale been so apropos:
    • New Directions wins Nationals 2015.
    • McKinley High becomes a performing arts school, with Will as principal.
    • Mercedes becomes the opening act for Beyonce, exiting McKinley as only she could, full choir and all.
    • Artie made a film that got entered in a film festival, with Tina in the lead role, the two of them having gotten back together.
    • Sue becomes Vice President.
    • Kurt & Blaine become theatre actors who also visit schools and spread messages of acceptance and equality.
    • Rachel becomes the surrogate for Blaine & Kurt's child, has married Jesse St. James and wins a Tony Award.
    • And the final number of the series, every main cast member coming together for OneRepublic's "I Lived".
    • It's all especially heartwarming when we see how far they have come, which is why the flashback episode "2009" aired right before (and was created as a companion to) "Dreams Come True".

  • The fact that Afterellen, a site whose writers made their hatred of Finn known, published an article after Cory Monteith's death praising his acting ability.
  • This video that Mark Salling made for the Glee cast and crew.
  • It's already been mentioned on the Awesome page and the Funny page, but the Kurt/Blaine skit from the final leg of the Glee Live tour in Dublin also belongs here for several reasons: 1) Brittany saying "I love her" about Santana and the two of them leaving holding hands; 2) Blaine calling Kurt "my man and my inspiration," when Blaine has so obviously been an inspiration for Kurt the entire season, even before he was the Love Interest and one half of the Official Couple; 3) Do the Brittany/Santana and Kurt/Blaine kisses even need to be mentioned?
  • When Chris Colfer (Kurt) was named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in 2011, his section was written by Dianna Agron (Quinn). Enjoy.
  • Max Adler (Karofsky) did a video trying to reach out to kids who are being bullied for and the Trevor Project. Seeing Adler who plays the bully out of character, being, as one commenter put it "a giant teddy bear," trying to help kids embrace who they are and get help is just inspiring.
  • In December 2016, Jane Lynch officiated Becca Tobin's wedding, showing they were still super close almost 2 years after the show ended. Awww. Also in attendance? Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Michael Hitchcock, and Jenna Ushkowitz. Look at them!
  • Glee was Anvilicious and a little too obvious with their morals, but how many gay kids or "freaks" found solace and acceptance by simply watching this show?
  • When the show wrapped, many of the cast members got to take home props from the show. That is heartwarming in itself, but it really gets heartwarming when you find out that Lea Michele took Finn's jersey home with her, and Mark Salling hung Finn's memorial plaque in his house.
  • Glee tackled such dark and deep subjects that no other show dared to portray, let alone one centred for teens. From the very beginning, the show never shyed away from depicting real issues that teens and adults face, and did so with generally the right amount of nuance and sensitivity. Say what you will about the uneven writing, but there's a reason why years after it ended, Glee remains one of Ryan Murphy's most well-known and loved shows.
  • When Mark Salling killed himself after pleading guilty to child pornography, the cast and crew generally said that his later actions weren't forgivable, but they would still remember and miss the sweet kid he was at the start of the show.
  • The showrunners started a college fund for Naya Rivera's young son after she died (saving him) in 2020.
  • Even though Lea Michele and Naya Rivera didn't get along by the end of the show, when Naya was found dead on the 7th anniversary of Cory's death, Lea posted tributes to both of them. In fact, the entire cast and crew and even Cory's mother shared tributes to Naya despite the show being over for five years, many of them paragraphs or pages long. A group of them even came together on the day she was found - amidst a global pandemic - to pray together with her family.


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