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Triple J (JJJ) is a youth radio station in Australia. Due to its spread through the Internet, It has become the most famous radio station in Australia. It is well-known for its large Periphery Demographic past the 18-30 range of listeners and for being the only radio station in the country allowed to drop the f-bomb during the day.

Though it has no format per se, Triple J leans more alternative rock with some rap. It hosted the Big Day Out music festival yearly from 1992 to 2014, which has attracted big names such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean.

Since 1993, it has hosted the annual Hottest 100 poll for the most popular songs of that year. With approximately a million votes cast from all seven continents each year (with 2019's vote setting a new record of three million), it is the largest radio poll in the world. Such popular artists as Kings of Leon, Oasis, Muse, and even Macklemore have won in the past.

Since The New '10s began, Triple J has become somewhat of a Colbert Bump for indie artists. Mumford and Sons got an alt-rock hit after their Hottest 100 victory. Gotye and Macklemore both had #1 hits globally shortly after they won the poll, and Vance Joy even got a record deal out of his own victory. Unfortunately, after that, it (usually) does them no good.

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Winners of the Hottest 100: