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Cristin Milioti (born August 16, 1985) is an American actress/performer who got her start in Broadway shows. Her role in the musical adaptation of the 2007 film Once garnered her a Tony nomination and a Grammy win alongside soloist Steve Kazee for Best Musical Theater Album. Her popularity continued to grow throughout the early 2010s when she was given a recurring role in the ninth season of How I Met Your Mother as the elusive mother, introducing TV audiences to her iconic Puppy-Dog Eyes and impressive talent behind a ukulele despite previous small TV roles like Catherine Sacrimoni in The Sopranos and a sketch artist in The Unusuals.

2013 also allowed her to get behind the big screen through a supporting role in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, and she also received a role in the second season of the anthology crime show Fargo as Lou Solverson's wife, Betsy. In 2014, CBS greenlit the show A to Z in which Milioti played one of the leading characters, but it ended up being short-lived, lasting for one season of thirteen episodes. She's had minor roles as Whitney in The Mindy Project and Sirena in The Venture Bros..



  • Ill Girl: Unfortunately, she's played the terminally ill sweetheart in at least two of her television appearances to date. Once in Fargo as Betsy Solverson, who was Doomed by Canon to begin with, and once as Tracy McConnell in How I Met Your Mother, who's diagnosed with a vague disease and dies offscreen shortly after.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: She has big dark eyes and she can easily pull off this trope in her roles. On Conan, she recalls a time where she was mistaken for drunk and failed every sobriety test she was given, including the pupil test.
    Cristin: There's a pupil test they give you, but my pupils in their resting state look like someone's who's twice over the legal limit.


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