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Characters / Tokimeki Poke Live And Twinbee Villains

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As with any great series, there are villains to compliment the heroes and heroines, and these villains are no different.

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    Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik 
The main baddie of this universe, bar none!

The famous arch rival to Sonic the Hedgehog who is also a robotics genius and dreams of a planet wide Eggman Empire where everyone praises him and his visage though his dreams are constantly shattered by the aforementioned hedgehog and his friends as well as various Pokémon Trainers who also oppose him.

Here are the tropes that apply to this version of Eggman:

  • Affably Evil:While some of his plans are indeed cunning and He comes dangerously close to killing his nephew as well as Sonic in "The Ideal Hero", Eggman mainly wants to establish Eggmanland worldwide by beating Sonic in battle and proving he's better than him.
  • Arch-Enemy:To practically everyone in this universe, but especially to Sonic, N (Once N defects from the Eggman Empire.), Hilbert, Coco, Hilda, Shizuku, Shiori and Pastel.
  • Evil Uncle:This version of the doctor is this to this universe's N, despite only warping N's ideals at first, but becomes this to an extent after N's defection from the Eggman Empire.
  • Weapon of Choice:While he prefers using his badniks against Sonic as well as the Pokemon Trainers who are his rivals/enemies, when it comes to Pokémon, a Kyurem is this if "The Ideal Hero" is anything to go by.

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