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Characters / The Super Mario Adventures Crossover Clash Cutieverse Heroes

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Cooking Cuties

    In general 
A family of restaurant owners.
The "serious sister".
The "silly sister".
    Nudie Foodie 
Initially a guest chef, Nudie Foodie quickly joined the Cuties as a mainstay.
    Spirit of Sweet 
A mysterious spirit that represents sweetness.
  • Heel–Face Turn: She joined the Cuties after having the sourness purged from her.
  • Villain Song: As the Spirit of Sour, she sang a self-titled song.


Miracle Petals

    In general 
Living flowers that reside in a garden.
    Daffy Daisy 
A Miracle Petal that loves to sing and dance.
    Walter Wallflower 
Daffy's boyfriend, later husband.
    Taylor Tulip 
Daffy's rival.
  • Grumpy Bear: She always has a distaste for whatever new thing Daffy finds.
    Great Sunflower 
The centrepiece of the garden, and leader of the Miracle Petals.
  • Disney Death: He dies from being poisoned in The Movie, but Wither Rose comes to his aid and revives him.
  • The Mentor: He acts as one to Daffy, giving her advice.
    Magic Hat Friends 
Whenever Daffy needs to prove a point, she jumps into her magic hat and selects two friends to join her.
    Young Peter 
An adventurous opera-loving boy who accompanies Daffy and Walter on a perilous journey.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: He knows how destructive opera can be, and uses this to his advantage to escape a mirror maze.
    Wither Rose 
A once-extinct species of flower, the last remaining Wither Rose was brought to the garden to save Great Sunflower's life.
  • Healing Hands: The wither rose has the ability to heal the sick.

Treasure Divers

    In general 
An agency of divers dedicated to finding artifacts in the lake by Grohum Cove.
  • Color Motif: All three divers have blue somewhere on their person.
    • Demott wears blue clothes.
    • Lilly has blue glasses.
    • Quomi has blue hair.
  • Power Trio
A man who came to Grohum Cove for the adventure.
A young woman who has lived in Grohum Cove for just under a year.
Lilly's brother, who moved to Grohum Cove to see his sister.
The Leader of the Treasure Divers Agency.

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