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Johann Graves

Mayor of Jackal City.

Arguing Couple

A pair of civilians who constantly argue over the possibility of having sex.

Blade's Parents

Sword Masters of the former Blade Crew, the parents of Bruno Bennett were killed on New Years' Eve by the 12 Groups.
  • Famous Last Words:
    • Blade's mother: "We've taken you on before, and we'll take you on again!"
    • Blade's father: "Bruno. Listen to me. When you're 15, go to the villa on the highest hill! The owner will know I sent you. Please, Bruno. Become a Sword Master! Make the 12 Groups pay..."
  • Shared Family Quirks: They passed on their love of feet to Bruno.

Johnathan S. Platt

A member of Jackal City's elite who dislikes the Blade Crew.


Zax'az Bespaloni

An alien mechanic/bartender who befriends the Jackal City Hero Agency.

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