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Jackal Hater Squad

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    In general 
A group dedicated to the eradication of the Jackals, with the goal of inducing chaos in Jackal City.
    Hater King 
The Leader of the Haters.
  • Big Bad: He acts as the main villain that the Jackals face.
  • The Man Behind the Man: In The Movie, the other villains of the Opera TV Hero Universe are revealed to be working for him.
  • Villain Song: "The Haters are Greater", from the movie, where the other villains join in.
    Hater Underlings 
Firm believers in the Hater ideal. Each one has their own gimmick.
    Cloning Blob 
A gelatinous lifeform that impersonated the heroes' mentors as part of the Haters' master plan.



A terrorist organisation dedicated to plundering the Blastule crystals from Bastulinia.
  • Foil: Compare the peace-loving Luddites of Bastulinia to the warmongering Technomancers.

SpaceGuy Tower

    Space Guy 
The owner of SpaceGuy Tower, a legendary skyscraper that reaches to space.
  • Toxic, Inc.: His company produces large amounts of waste, making him a target of the Flame Icarus.

12 Groups

A terrorist organisation so named because of its 12 rotating factions.

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