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The original characters and alternate versions of canon characters in Marvel: Contest of Champions. Tropes for canon characters should be taken to the Marvel Comics characters pages.


Real Name: Jeannine Sauvage

Class: Mystic

Jeannine Sauvage is the heiress of Le Fleur du Mal, a mystical, sapient sword that thirsts for blood. She's the closest thing Contest of Champions has to a main character, using her blade to defend the denizens of the Battlerealm.


  • Ambiguously Brown: Subverted. She initially appears to be this, but her in-game bio reveals her to be half-French and half-Algerian.
  • Ancestral Weapon: Le Fleur du Mal has been passed down for centuries, and grants Guillotine the power of all its previous wielders. It's been implied, though not outright stated, that its original wielder was Queen Haasen, AKA Morningstar.
  • Canon Foreigner: She was created for the game and its tie-in comic, but...
  • Canon Immigrant: ...she appeared on Earth-616 in Secret Empire.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: Though her hood usually covers it up.
  • Evil Weapon: Le Fleur du Mal speaks, and demands blood.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Of a sort. Her blade hates Klyntar symbiotes, and refuses to come into contact with them, considering them unclean. It's hesitant to ally with Venom even in an Enemy Mine context. Of course, Gameplay and Story Segregation applies; Guillotine has no issue fighting symbiotes in-game, and even has a class advantage against all of them but the Symbiote Supreme.
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  • Legacy Character: The wielders of Le Fleur du Mal have taken the name "Guillotine" for ages.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Aside from the obvious "Guillotine," her sword's name literally translates as "The Flower of Evil."
  • Rogues-Gallery Transplant: Her conflict with symbiotes frequently puts her at odds with Venom and Carnage, typical enemies of Spider-Man in the comics.
  • Shout-Out: Her sword shares its name with Les Fleurs du mal, a book of morbid poetry by the nineteenth-century French poet Charles Baudelaire. Her name and mixed-race heritage are likely a reference to Baudelaire's longtime lover, Jeanne Duval, who was half-French and half-African.


The Bloodline

Forged by the Sumerian goddess Ereshkigal from a demon's spinal cord, this ancient, living blade has had many names and many appearances.

Civil Warrior

Real Name: Steve Rogers

Class: Tech

On an alternate Earth, the Civil War devolved into a literal war, with both Captain America and Iron Man leading entire armies. In the final battle, the two former friends fought to the death, and Tony Stark fell. Traumatized by his murder of the hero, Steve Rogers took up Iron Man's suit and became the wandering Civil Warrior.

King Groot

The King of Planet X, this alternate Groot never met the Guardians of the Galaxy, becoming a Galactic Conqueror instead. He doesn't speak, so it's not clear if he ever bothered to learn any other languages.


Once upon a time, the despotic Queen Haasen was the iron-fisted ruler of the ancient kingdom of Languria. Eventually, she was overthrown by her own people, and imprisoned in a mystical iron maiden for all eternity... until Mephisto came along. He offered her a deal, promising freedom and vengeance. Now, she walks the Earth in the form of her ancient sarcophagus, stealing the souls of her victims.


I'm Deadpool... but gold! 'Nuff said.

  • Alternate Self: I'm the Deadpool for rich people.
  • Conspicuous Consumption: You've got to be one of the blubberiest whales in the game to afford me. I've got less than a one percent chance of popping out of the Pool's Gold crystal, and even then, I'm just a reskin of the basic Deadpool! Gotta show those free to play peasants you can shell out the big bucks.

Symbiote Supreme

This Doctor Strange from an alternate world merged with a Klyntar symbiote to become the Symbiote Supreme, master of symbiomancy. He has all the magical prowess of Dr. Strange, plus the power to magically control symbiotes.

Venom the Duck

The Symbiote Supreme fused Howard the Duck with a massive, twisted symbiote, creating this bizarre abomination. Howard uses the symbiote he is bonded to as a Mini-Mecha, riding around in its mouth.


When Ægon's race was enslaved by the Master of the first Contest of Champions, he defied their strict code of nonviolence to train as a gladiator. Slowly, he worked the way up the ranks, until he came to the Master. He fought there, for the freedom of his people and his lover, Kleo. After a hard battle, he managed to win, but at the loss of his arm, and Kleo's life.

Guillotine 2099

Modelled after the original Guillotine, this android was designed to be able to absorb human souls, and was deployed as an enforcer for 2099 Hydra. Surely nothing could go wrong.

  • Louis Cypher: The lead engineer for the Guillotine 2099 project was one M. Faustus. Guess who came up with that one?
Elsa Bloodstone: OK, that's pretty thinly disguised. "M. Faustus"... That's Mephisto, right?
Mephisto: Well... What's the point of creating a masterpiece, if you can't sign your handiwork?

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