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The playable mechs in-game.

A class mechs

General tropes:

Prosk's mid-range all purpose light mech. Its ability is Ballistic Barrage, which temporarily increases its attack damage for a short duration.

  • The Berserker: Averted somewhat. Unlike what its namesake suggests, you are encouraged to avoid head-on fights like any other A-classes.

Prosk's mid-range stealth mech. Its Camouflage can renders Infiltrator invisible until it runs out of fuel, fire a weapon or use an item.

Dubbed "Versatile mobile assassin", this Prosk's A-class mech can use Precision Overdrive to greatly enhances its long range weapons accuracy.

Prosk's scraps-made close-range fast moving mech infamous for its insanely high mortality rate in battlefield. Carries Fuel Reserves, allowing Scout to boost longer.

  • We Have Reserves: They're made from abundant scrap material because they die so often.

Close-range repair mech build by Prosk. Its Amplification ability boosts repair and damage rate of the mech's repair torch for a duration.

  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: The Technician's basic primary, the Redox-02, deals fairly low damage - but temporarily weakens the defenses of those it hits.
  • The Medic: The Technician's secondary, the Helix Repair Torch, repairs allies and the Technician in its standard mode. In its alternate mode, it strips away the armour of enemies to repair the user.
  • Support Party Member


B class mechs

General tropes:

     Assault / G2-Assault 
Sentium's mid-range all purpose mech. Its ability is Weapon Coolant which removes weapons' heat buildup and stop further heating for a short time. (The same ability CR-T Recruit possesses.)

The G2 version comes with two Point-D Vulcans instead of customizable weapon choice.

  • Boring, but Practical: With the TOW Launcher and Assault Rifle, the basic Assault is a fairly capable combatant at any range. The Submachine Cannon and Point-D Vulcan make it more lethal at close range, but less powerful from afar.
  • Jackof All Stats
  • Lightning Bruiser: Of all the B-class Mediums, the G2 Assault has the highest health, the highest walk/run speed (just a hair ahead of the Predator), and packs two Point-D Vulcans for murderous amounts of Gatling Good flavored More Dakka. It suffers for being an aggressive knife-fighter by having very poor long-range power and accuracy, and the lack of splash damage from any explosive weaponry places means only direct hits count. The spin up time of the Vulcans, restarted with any boosting, also eats into precious firing time and they overheat easily.
  • More Dakka: In full force with the G2, which fits two Point-D Vulcans and has no other primary/secondary options whatsoever.

Prosk's all-range mixed damage mech. It can activate Damage Absorb to lessen the damage it takes for a duration.

    CR-T Recruit 
Prosk's mid-range all purpose mech. Starting mech of every new player. Its ability is Weapon Coolant which removes weapons' heat buildup and stop further heating for a short time.

Prosk's "ambush vehicle". Its Stalker Mode turns the mech invisible to both visual and from radar, allows it to see through walls at the cost of limited vision range.

  • Invisibility: The Predator can shift into 'Stalker Mode', which allows for sustained invisibility and wall-penetrating sight at the cost of limited vision range. Boosting, dodging, and attacking break it for a few seconds - taking damage breaks it completely.

Sentium's mech built for short-range burst damage. Originally used by freelance pilots for escorting energy corporation shipments. Its ability Blitz temporary boosts its movement speed while still allowing the mech to attack during boosting.

  • Glass Cannon: The Raider is very fast and can put out a lot of hurt at close range, but it has fairly low health for a B-class mech.
  • Grenade Launcher: The Raider's Corsair-KLA lobs grenades in its primary mode, allowing the Raider to suppress and harass enemies before moving in for the kill.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics
  • Short-Range Shotgun: The Raider's default ReFLAK-35 and alternate T32-Bolt primaries are both shotgun-type weapons, and the 'alt mode' of its secondary Corsair-KLA shoots a spray of small explosive charges.

Sentium's long-range high accuracy mech. It can increase its attack damage of all weapons with Power Shot.

C class mechs

General tropes:

Prosk's close-range combat mech. Its Fortified Turret mode converts the mech to heavy defense mode, slowly regenerates armor at the expense of mobility.

  • Stone Wall: It has the highest HP in the entire game, can be out paced by every other mech, and at low levels doesn't do much damage beyond close quarters.

A product of Sentium's covert R&D Project Phoenix. Incinerator was designed to absorb surrounding heat and use them to damage enemies. Its ability Heat Dispersion immediately uses up all heat stored inside the mech to create an explosion around itself.

  • Charged Attack: Heat Dispersion creates an explosion around itself. The damage it causes depends on how much heat you have on board.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Incinerator passively absorbs heat from all nearby mechs, be they friend or foe. A mech that generates a lot of heat fuels the Incinerator but can also overheat it, whilst a mech that generates little means the Incinerator cannot efficiently power its stronger secondary weapon.
  • More Dakka: All of the Incinerator's primaries are rotary cannons. Gatling Good!
    • Its secondary SAARE Launcher uses heat as ammunition. Keep firing both your guns and you'll be firing non-stop.
  • Playing with Fire: The Incinerator's gimmick is fire, fire, fire. Both fire, and actual weapons fire, given the above. Its secondary weapon and special ability convert built-up heat into explosive charges and a radial blast respectively.
  • Punny Name: Its primary weapons are all named in L33t L1ng0 - Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and Mama Bear.

Sentium's explosive specialist mech. Its ability used to be Artillery Turret which turned it into a slow moving turret with increased defense and damage, it was changed to Artillery Shot after G2-Raider patch, which increases Grenadier's damage and explosive radius for a short duration.

Sentium's missile boat. Its ability Targeting Turret allows Rocketeer to spam missile even more. Notable for being a fast C-class mech that can boost while in turret mode.

  • Macross Missile Massacre: Its default primary weapon is a missile launcher. Its secondary weapon is a missile launcher. It comes pre-equipped with a TOW launcher turret.

Prosk's close-range high-defense mech. Its Vanguard Turret provides higher mobility than most C-class mechs' turret mode while giving Vanguard increased protection.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Despite its high mobility for a C-class, its primary weapons and its secondary Grenade Launcher doesn't really play well with each other due to effective range difference.
  • Extreme Mêlée Revenge: How the game suggest you to play it.

Prosk's own counter to its Sentium counterpart using mech parts and information gathered from battlefield, instead building on C-class chassis. Its ability G2-Blitz drains fuel in exchange for increased movement speed.

Like other G2 mechs, its weapons cannot be customized.

  • Lightning Bruiser: The new G2 Raider has a variant of the G1 Raider's 'Blitz' ability instead of having a Turret mode. Whilst it has a lower base speed than the B-class mechs and is fairly slow for a C-class, it can still put on a sudden burst of speed if it needs to.


Characters in Hawken universe.


One of the Mega-Corp known for being the biggest employer of blue-collar workers and mass-manufacturer of low-cost low-quality products.


Another significant Mega-Corp known for high quality products with costly price. Largely use automated workforce handled by trained personnel.



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