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Note: for the video game cast, see here.

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Voiced by: Yuki Takao
The heroine of the series, an assassin from the Clan of the Sword who seeks revenge on Jin Varrel for murdering her master, Master Hong. She kills her victims by slashing their throats. She is on the run from the Palam Empire, who have framed her for the murder of her master and placed a massive bounty on her head.

  • Emotionless Girl: to the point where other characters constantly comment on it. She rarely speaks or smiles. Dan calls her and Jin Varrel 'monsters' who are 'dead on the inside' because of it. Later on, she begins to thaw out, especially after Yuu dies.
  • Freak Out!: has a major one in Episode 9, triggered by Karen revealing that Alka killed her lover, when she hallucinates that she's surrounded by the zombified corpses of people she's killed, or who've died because of her, and that they're taking it in turns to stab her.
  • Knife Nut: her weapon of choice.
  • Not So Different: with Jin Varrel. When the two meet again in Episode 12, Alka tells Jin this and urges her to find her own path and live her own life, just like Alka herself did.
  • Power Tattoo: the butterfly tattoo on her arm absorbs the impurity and protects her from being vaporised by it. In Episode 12, it even gives her an 11th-Hour Superpower.


    Allies and Friends 

In General:

  • Action Girl: All three of them are pretty badass. Karen even manages to hold her own against Alka in a fight.
  • Boobs of Steel: Like pretty much every adult woman in this anime, they're pretty well-endowed.

Jin Hazuki

Voiced by: Sora Amamiya
An alcoholic bounty hunter who initially wants to kill Alka, in the hope of collecting the enormous bounty placed on her. Her counterpart in the game is Soha.

  • Dual Wielding: like Revy, she duel wields a pair of pistols and is very handy with them, with Improbable Aiming Skills. It says a lot about Alka's badassery that she's able to dodge Hazuki's bullets.
  • Lady Drunk: she spends about half her screentime getting plastered in Karen's inn.

Karen Elle

Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara
The beautiful proprietor of the Komon Inn. Her counterpart in the game is Yehara.

  • Cruel Mercy: instead of killing Alka, Karen decides to let her live with the guilt of killing Karen's lover. As Alka is becoming more emotional by this point, this hits her hard.
  • Evil Laugh: like a certain other character voiced by Sayaka Ohara, she has a very distinctive one. She's borderline hysterical after kicking Alka's arse.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Karen is softly-spoken and ladylike, but you do not want to get on her bad side. Alka finds this out the hard way. She's able to break up fights without raising her voice, and with a carefully placed fan.

Dan Roana

Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki
The female leader of the Pleasure Gang, a group of male bandits devoted to serving her every whim. Her counterpart in the game is Juwol.

     Antagonists and Enemies 

Jin Varrel

Voiced by: Aoi Yuuki (anime)
The Big Bad of the series. She is the captain of the Flower Monks, a group of soldiers who suppress the enemies of the Palam Empire, so called because their Impurity attacks look like black flowers. She is responsible for the murder of Alka's master, and she and Alka clash several times throughout the series. Her counterpart in the game is Jinsoyun.

  • Animal Motifs: birds. Feathers appear in her hallucinations and a feather is used in the ritual to resurrect her, and the high priest calls her 'the black bird'.
  • Back from the Dead: in Episode 11. And she's very pissed off.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: is responsible for many of these. If Jin is around, expect the body count to shoot up. She and her minions slaughter all but two of the Pleasure Gang in Episode 3, and she single-handedly wipes out both the rebel army and the treacherous soldiers from the Palam Empire in Episode 6.
  • Emotionless Girl: she's up there with Alka when it comes to lack of emotion. She talks in a Creepy Monotone and her expression barely changes even as she's slicing up soldiers. Come Episode 11, this trope doesn't apply anymore.
  • Villain Episode: Episode 6 is almost entirely centred around Jin and her minions. It's about a gang of rebels who try to stage an insurgency against the Palam Empire, and team up with Palam soldiers who want to get rid of the Flower Monks. The key word is 'try', as Jin vaporises them in minutes.

Yu Ran

Voiced by: Shizuka Ito (anime)
An assassin who works under Jin, or so it seems. Her counterpart in the game is Yura.

  • The Dragon: Seems to be this to Jin, until...
    • The Woman Behind The Woman: Episode 11 makes it clear that Yu Ran is really the one in charge, and that to her, Jin is nothing more than a puppet and a vessel for the impurity. She's also seen reporting to the high priest of the Palam Empire behind Jin's back and in Episode 12, they talk about finding a replacement for Jin.
  • Psycho Lesbian: at least where Jin is concerned. She's more than happy to give her a wash and feel her up, and in Episode 11, she gives her a kiss and calls her 'my cute pet' before attacking her with the Impurity.

Ga Gante

Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (anime)
A scarred giant who carries an axe, uses the Impurity and communicates only in grunts. His counterpart in the game is Gubong.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: saves Jin's life in Episode 11 by grabbing hold of Yu Ran and jumping off a cliff with her, laughing all the way.
  • Stout Strength: like his game counterpart, Ga Gante is built like a brick shithouse and can easily dispatch opponents with one blow.

    Other Characters 


Voiced by: Marina Inoue
A young Lyn (a race of animal-like people with animal ears and tails). He first appears in Episode 6.

Seto and Pia

A pair of orphans who appear in Episode 4.

  • Harmful to Minors: Seto starts killing and robbing people to make money and winds up being shot dead by drug dealers right in front of Pia. Pia also witnesses Alka slicing the drug dealers' throats.
  • Heartwarming Orphans: they live on their own and have no parents. Seto gets considerably less heartwarming when he steals Alka's sword, however.

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