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Characters / Avenger Penguins

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The characters in Avenger Penguins.

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    The Avenger Penguins 


Voiced by: Mike McShane

The leader of the Avenger Penguins.


Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw

The largest of the Avenger Penguins and not very bright.

  • The Big Guy: He's the largest and strongest of the Avenger Penguins.
  • Dumb Muscle: He's the strongest of the group and not very bright.
  • Embarrassing First Name: "Mommy's Boy" reveals that his first name is actually Rockville. He's not very proud of it.
  • Interspecies Romance: He's a penguin and he's in love with the human Dolores Divine.
  • Simpleton Voice: He talks with the typical deep, goofy voice used to indicate idiocy.


Voiced by: Jimmy Hibbert

The third Avenger Penguin.

    Slush City 


Voiced by: Jimmy Hibbert

A female penguin allied with the Avenger Penguins who works at the Slush City malt shop.

The Doc from Saskatoon

Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw

One of the regular patrons at Slush City.

  • Companion Cube: He hangs around with a cactus that he regards as his best friend.

TV Joe

Voiced by: Mike McShane

Another patron of Slush City.

  • Non-Human Head: He has a television set for a head, though a normal head is displayed on the screen.

The Badly Drawn Brothers

Voiced by: Mike McShane (Blue Badly Drawn Brother), Jimmy Hibbert (Brown Badly Drawn Brother)

A pair of brothers who live up to their name by being unfinished doodles.

    The Stink Brothers 

Barracuda Stink

Voiced by: Mike McShane

The muscle of the Stink Brothers.

Cecil Stink

Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw

The leader of the Stink Brothers.

Poodle Stink

Voiced by: Jimmy Hibbert

The third member of the Stink Brothers.


Dr. Caractacus P. Doom

Voiced by: Mike McShane

The main foe of the Avenger Penguins.

Harry Slime

Voiced by: Jimmy Hibbert

Caractacus P. Doom's right-hand man.

  • Bald of Evil: Like his boss, he's a bad guy who lacks hair.
  • The Dragon: He's second-in-command to Caractacus P. Doom.
  • The Igor: He's a short and deformed assistant.

    Other Characters 

Dolores Divine

Voiced by: Lorelei King

An actress who's not very bright.

Miss Leatherclad Fullarain

Voiced by: Lorelei King

A female secret agent Rocky encounters in "Fishfinger".


Voiced by: Rob Rackstraw

The Avenger Penguins' mechanic.

The Sweetheart Fairy Angel

Voiced by: Lorelei King