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Trivia / Avenger Penguins

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  • Talking to Himself: The voice actors (and the voice actress) in this series, including Whose Line Is It Anyway? regular Mike McShane and Cosgrove Hall regulars Rob Rackstraw, Jimmy Hibbert and Lorelei King, all provide the main voices.
  • What Could Have Been: The series was originally going to be called "Hell's Penguins", and would have had a fourth penguin called Scoot, who was going to be Marlon's nephew. A pilot was made under this title, but for the series itself, the title was changed because Brian Cosgrove was worried as to how the religious audience in the USA would react. It's unknown why Scoot was removed.
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  • Written by Cast Member: Voice actors Jimmy Hibbert and Rob Rackstraw co-wrote some episodes.

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