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A subpage for the Vocaloid awesome music page.

  • "Bullet for Prisoner", one of Luka's saddest songs.
  • Luka's cover of "Call Me When You're Sober" is great!
  • "Caoin". Everything that Seiko writes is beautiful, but check out this song, one of her beautiful fictional-language operatic pieces. Wow, Luka.
  • "Circus Monster" is a creepy but beautiful song about a monster who's abused by her captors in a circus.
  • Erase My Story by Katakuna-P, a stylish electro-house song with an upbeat tempo. Luka's vocals are clear, well-tuned and easy to understand, perfectly complementing the pristine-sounding instrumental.
  • Her cover of "-Error", with nice acoustic effects.
  • Her cover of Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters". Complete with a very fetish-worthy fanart of Luka.
  • "Goodbye", a melancholic song.
  • EZFG's "Glucagon" is an intense electro-rock track, coupled with awesome visuals.
  • "Gravity=Reality" has been spotted to be an extremely catchy song.
  • "Heart Beats", by emon, a catchy pop song.
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  • "Hello/How Are You", as covered in English by Luka, shows her English at its best.
  • "Identify your 愛Dee" by ColorfulHorizonsP is a parody of MitchieP's "Ai Dee", in which Luka manages to do a good impression of GlaDOS.
  • "If You Really Know" is a very soothing original English Luka song.
  • "Into the Old Forest -Poem of the End-", a beautifully ethereal, fantasy-like song.
  • "Itineranting Diva's Dance Music". Also one of the first of Luka's songs to capitalise on her sex appeal.
  • "Japanese Ninja no.1". A cute song with a great shamisen solo.
  • "Just Be Friends" It's really notorious, for both good and bad reasons. The lyrics are just one big Tear Jerker. "Answer" is the response to this particular song, which treads a fine line between catharsis and heartache.
  • Try "Just Close Your Eyes". Anything by metal band MentaiRocker is excellent, heavy with great riffs. The softness in Luka's voice blends beautifully with the smooth distortion of the guitarwork. The choruses are just gorgeous, whereas the intros and verses contain a gritty, dirty guitar tone that just plain works with Luka's voice: opposites very much attract. Plus, this band has outstanding programming, with the only indications of her artificial nature - beyond the inhuman beauty of her voice - occuring when she sharply changes pitch.
  • "King Lear of California" has an easygoing swing and casually erotic lyrics, showcasing liam and Lo-Fi Suicide's ample talent.
  • "Knife" is a very nice rock piece.
  • This cover of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" is so amazingly well done you'd think that wasn't even Luka's voice.
  • "My Night", a catchy English song with rather, suggestive lyrics.
  • Her cover of Limahl's "The Never Ending Story" with Hatsune Miku on backing vocals.
  • "NEXT STAGE", a fast-paced techno beat and technological lyrics. (In)Famously known for a certain boss in I Wanna Kill the Kamilla 3.
  • "No Logic" is a motivating and realistic song which is just addicting.
  • "Nightbird", a song that's also an arrange of Mystia Lorelei's theme, "Deaf to all but the Song". The dark tone fits well both Luka's voice and Mystia's character.
  • Empath P has created a beautiful work of art with Luka's V4x English capabilities in the short version of "Parallel Lines".
  • "Parasuteraru" by emon has Luka singing in a higher pitch for a sweeter song.
  • Hyurno, the person that brought us the Miku/Luka cover of "Suki, Kirai", brings another excellent use of Luka V4x in this cover of "Renai Saiban".
  • "Russian Roulette". No, not a Rihanna cover, but an original song that plays up Luka's sex appeal.
  • "Sakura Graffiti" has a nice traditional sound, and makes good use of Luka's higher vocal range.
  • "stoy" by powapowa-P. Like the above song, "Caoin", it's sung in a made-up language.
  • "Sugarvine" is another Dixie Flatline hit, using Luka's brand new V4x update!
  • Powapowa-P's "Zinnia and Meme". Apart of his series "Story of 'Zinnia and Meme'", it's a sad yet heartwarming song about the titular Zinnia bidding farewell. The song is an ambient, downtempo track with gentle tuning and instrumentation. Even more awesome is its Remodel version, in which Luka's voice is completely retuned and the instrumental is remastered.

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